Monday, October 17, 2011

Tuskers go smash smash in caldari lowsec.

We found yet another wormhole in THE SAME DAMNED SYSTEM close to our base in Hevrice. This makes three - The WH we popped the legion in, the WH we popped the scorpion in, and now a straight-thru type of WH leading us into the caldari lowsec region of the forge, meaning we enter the WH in lowsec, and come out in another lowsec, with no scary wormhole space in between.

We fought three different times in the area. Eve-Kill is terrible and jumbled fight 1 + 2 together, and I wasn't around for fight three so I will not comment on that.... looking at the killboard though, fight two was where its at.

Fight one -

After trying unsuccessfully to have a 6-7 man BC gang engage our hurricane and two drakes (as well as a cynabal and three vagabonds still on the other side of the wormhole, but shh) the FC has us all jump in and warp to a gate. As we land another fleet lands as well - bigger, better ships, and logistics support. CRAP CRAP CRAP.

As a recap -

Our gang
3x vagabonds
2x drakes
2x Hurricanes

Their gang
5x Hurricanes
3x cynabals
2x scimitars

We jumped in and immediately started overloading our MWDs towards the sun while shooting a vagabond in the face. BOOM he dead, I'm getting shot at by a few guys and warp as a malediction gets within 20km. Maras drake gets tackled as well as smokes vagabond as the rest of our fleet pulls range, I warp back just as the FC calls for everyone to warp, OH GOOD. I land @ on the malediction which explodes right next to me as I come out of warp, thank you jeebus. I enter warp and the enemy fleet moves on. FC also pops a salvaging helios while the rest of us are safed up, bringing our efficiency to just around 50 percent.


An hour or so later we return.

Our gang
5x hurricanes
5x drakes
2x scimitars
1 arazu

There are no less then three gangs hunting us (or running from us) in system.
one is approximately
2x machs
2x cynabals
2x dramiels
2x scimitars.
Some more nano garbage I forget. It doesn't matter, we trade pot shots and they run.

ARSE (hee hee), Volta, and thundercats stay and fight though. They live to regret it.
Over the next six minutes of warp ins and warp outs intermittently from the three gangs fighting us, we manage to kill:
- malediction, stabber, 2x scimitars, hurricane, curse, ishtar, tengu -
While we took no additional losses.

The tuskers ( i was not here for this) also managed to blow up a Maelstrom and Megathron in the area.

Report on fights one and two combined (it included the megathron, and an ibis, whatever)

Kills: 14
Losses: 2
Damage done (ISK): 2.63B - 2632.41M
Damage received (ISK): 0.23B - 230.79M
Efficiency: 91.94%

Best part of the fight (for me) was our arazu tackling the last scimitar on the field, and me warping to a random spot at an approximate range and landing @ 12KM of him, immediately locking him, overloading my MWD and web, hitting approach and landing the web as my fleet warped to me or the now very close gate to kill him within 10KMs of it. Was crazy lucky, but made me feel like a badass none the less.

The third fight I was not involved in, so I'll just link the battle report. I'm assuming they had more that ran, as we have no losses and I doubt they would engage the same fleet that spanked them so bad before with lesser numbers. Maybe another tusker could help out with this report?

I love having good fights like this, screw the blobbing, the baiting, come on, lets just brawl eachothers faces off ok?


  1. Yeh, the final fight they had about 3 or 4 more than us, mostly BCs with a couple of Machs thrown in for good measure. Landed on us at 0 so we insta popped their logi while burning to range. A couple of BCs later they started trying to warp off and left the poor drake that had apparently been pointed by half our gang.

    At that point the system was glowing red on the star map and there was a gang of 11 drakes, 6 logi, falcon, rapier and 7 pests coming to see what was going down, so we went home for tea and crumpets.

  2. They had no Machs in the last fight but we were fairly evenly matched - we had the same essential gang composition (BCs were Canes + Drakes, they had equal number of Scimitars but a Lachesis instead of my Arazu). Saying that, they did have about 2-3 more BCs.

  3. Aaah, my bad. It all went into a slightly tired red mist after the second fight.

  4. I like your reports over the past few days. Glad you're having fun and kicking butt.