Monday, April 23, 2012

War Declaration - The Glory War Dec

War Declaration - The Glory War Dec

OMGROFLSTOMP vs Children of the Abyss

Location - New Eden - Verge Vender - Obray Constellation

Duration - 7 days

Approximate Number of Aggressors - 8

Ships Used;

Stabber Fleet Issue

More miners illegally feeding upon the helpless asteroids of raneilles, with two wars already active, I was on the verge of collapse. I decided it was my duty to push through it though, if I didn't, who would?

Papers filed, 24 hour cool down period over, time to smash.

Popped a retriever on the undock of my targets home station and dispatched the pod. Scenes of the Iluminati war flash in my mind. Would this be another noob corp getting their miners thrashed about as they mined away helplessly? The answer (soft of) came an hour later. Same pilot, same system, undocks in a typhoon. Spirited aren't we? Takes a while but smash the rusted cylinder of matari engineering and dispatch the pod again. That's the last I see of that gentleman.

Three hours later engage his corpmates scorpion. I can't break is shield regen, he can't hit me. I warp, he warps. Comes back in a mach. WAIT WHAT. Mach is 30 off station and I'm still in my SFI. Overload and head straight for him, taking two salvos from 800mm repeating artillery. Suddenly I'm in hull. Kill the MWD when I land my scram and increase transversal, overloading the afterburner (yup) just in case. Slowly rep back the armor. Drones hitting, but not hard, guns can't hit me at all. Mach aligns out. A full compliment of RF EMP and RF Phased plasma later (plus a game of, lets kill each others drones, and me losing) his cap charges finally run out. Which is nice, because I'm now shooting fusion at a shield tanking BS. Shields buckle, armor folds into hull, and I try to get him to eject. He tells me no. He explodes and OMG MONEYZ! Loot the wreck and dock. He comes back out in an ashimmu, I figure I'll give him a change and drop a hurricane on him. He melts, I loot again. Sell the dropped modules back to him for 1.45 billion isk.

Decides 15 minutes later to send his meatshield minions in frigates to tackle my tempest. They succeed. He lands in a scorpion. Uh oh. Neut the points, mwd away, splatter the frigs, then do the same thing to the scorpion. Splatter a pod at some point too.

Didn't hear from any of his corp for two days.

Friday comes and its back to cotaniss fighting for his E-Honoure. Tackles my ever useful SFI in his dramiel. Guns can't hit, but drones work fine. Come back out in a maller? What? Decides tengu may be a better choice, and after another drawn out battle of him refusing to eject, he loses his T3. I am totally confused at that point. Will this stop? What is he thinking. Drops another scorpion on me while I ponder the situation. Kill it. Drake now? Kill that too before he finally gives up. When I ask him what he was thinking, he declares he just wanted to beat me, and that was his last ship.

Good man, good fights, thanks for the lootz!

Final tally

Kills - 4,912,100,000 ISK


Losses - 0

War Dec - Intimidating Space Boats

War Declaration

OMGROFLSTOMP vs Intimidating Space Boats

Location - New Eden -Domain - Norgoh Constellation

Duration - 7 days

Approximate Number of Aggressors - 17

Ships Used;

Stabber Fleet Issue

It all started out innocently enough, me patrolling the asteroid belts of raneilles, looking for war targets and criminals alike. Found a small mining fleet rather quickly. Seemed odd to me though, older capsuleers, T2 ships, an orca for heavens sake, who in their right mind continues on with mining years into their career? Something had to be going on, so I decided to take a closer look.

Sure enough, their corp had a can jettisoned, filled with illegally mined ore. That struck a nerve with me, as I remember reading the memoirs of a certain capsuleer about a month after graduating flight school, and even though his corporation is still in tact, the CEO is no longer within our universe, I feel as though I must pick up the flaming torch and defend Verge Vendor from such indiscretions.

Filed the paperwork, added the pilots to the watch list. Could get kinda tricky, some of their pilots have more seat timethen me, and I have seen some expensive ships around. Wait the 24 hours. Log in with a few hours to spare. Run some locators, seems they just got their asses handed to them in lowsec. Make about 50 jumps trying to catch someone running back home. Nothing. They're reshipping in Raneilles, perfect. Get there and they are no where to be found. Fleeing. 15 jumps into Amarr highsec. Make the call, pursue them. Seems they moved all their assets to another destination. More pilots, better equipment, running from one matari fighter. Pathetic.

Get to their home system, keep ever watchful. Have a few in system, more plugged in in unknown locations. Harbinger undocks and starts shooting my SFI. Try to drag him off station. Either he doesn't have a prop mod, is incredibly stupid and doesn't realize that he can not hold a point (or hit, me at all) past 28KM, or thinks (correctly) that I'll rip him to pieces with my 350 DPS and prefers to stay in dock range. Hurricane coming in as well. Another pilot trickles in. By the time their ready to fight, the binger switches to a paladin, someone else is in a hurricane, and theres even some idiot flying a vagabond with a web. That just webbed me. With the paladin in his optimal and firing. With my sig bloomed because my MWD is on. And the cane is closing in. Scram the vaga and overload the MWD. paladin puts me into 1/4 armor immediately. Break the web range and align out, still need to get out of warp disruptor range. second shot and I'm in 3/4 hull, reps cycle and I gain some armor. Pilot is overloading his point but I'm quicker. break range and hit the warp. Third shot and I'm now in 1/4 hull, WARP DAMN YOU. "Warp drive active". Phweeew. Compliment the Paladins DPS in local. They compliment my reps.

Like I said, could be tricky. Ponder what to do as I unplug, tomorrow is another day.

Log back in, some of their pilots in local. Make some food, take some shots, get in the undock queue. Undock into a thorax. Tackled. Burn away from him casually. His dps is nil. Decide its a tarp, go for it anyway. Ishtar lands but I keep on the thorax. Taking too long. Finally explodes, turn my attention to the ishtar. Hes holding shield, has to be SPR fit. Align and burn. I leave the field, he docks up. I wait for him to undock about 30 clicks off the station. Eventually he comes back out. Runs right at me. Different ammo this time makes the difference, hes losing shields way quicker but they have as new pilot in warp to the fight. Spam D-scan. Hurricane. Frack. Align and overload DPS. Cane lands first. Ishtar explodes and I warp before cane gets a lock. Could have been bad. warp back in and cane is scooping loot. I burn for him, he burns for me. Scratch that, he was burning for the station. Docks.

They don't come back out.

Chase them around for a few more days before I realize they're cowards and won't fight. Somehow found a probing caracal at the sun with faction gear. BOOM.

 Let the dec go to the end in case they want to find me. 

They don't.

Total kills - 271 million ISK 

Losses - 0

Next post: The Glory War Dec

Monday, April 16, 2012

War Dec - The Iluminati Secret Society

War Declaration

OMGROFLSTOMP vs The Iluminati Secret Society

New Eden - Verge Vendor - Obray Constellation

Duration - 7 Days

Approximate Number of Aggressors - 10
# of Named ships killed - All

Ships used;

Stabber Fleet Issue

A few hours before the start of the war and I moved several ships in. Mostly Nano, some borrowed. 15 minutes before the start of the war and criminals begin filling up the system. Watch the clock. Silently count down. See red stars in local and undock into them. Scorpion, arbitrator, thrasher, and vexor verses my stabber fleet. They better have back up. Drag the thrasher off the rest and make quick work of em. Dispatch the pod. Overload towards the arbitrator and he explodes before you can say "wheres your point?". Dispatch that pod. Look over towards the vexor and hes aligning out, scorpion then. Scorpion is sitting on station though, and not jamming me, weird. Oh well, MWD bump @ 3kms and hes off, I think, well, sorta anyway. Peppering me with cruises and his tank is falling slowly. Boosting? Terrific. I've been MWD all over the station for about 3 minutes and damage starts mounting. 30% armor. 20% armor. Scorpions shields starting to wilt. CCC rigs not working anymore? Into armor and hes freefalling. He explodes and insta warps the pod. I'm at 7% armor. Check the wreck (crap) and casually hit the 2 armor reppers I ignored for five minutes to fix my ship. No need to waste the cap boosters amiright? Dock, dump the charges, loot the field. GFs in local.

Poor Joe TFTF. AFK mining (or, flying completely untanked miners and not being completely on the ball) during a war is bad. Dispatched two of his retrievers, his procurer, and his pod on three seperate occasions. Left the corporation after that one. Dunno what he was doing, but the SFI one-volleyed his ship each time. No good man.

Dispatched a unlucky indy+pod that I accidentally jumped into that was apparently on autopilot.

Brought out the cynabal for the flashy kill. Popped coolme897's hulk with it. Pod lived though. He even mailed me saying he completely forgot about the war. good chap.

All in all was a good dip into the New Eden war mechanics. Targets were completely incompetent, which made me feel like a bully. At the same time, I DID offer their CEO exemption from the war for the cost of one deimos. He declined. After 344M ISK of damage dealt to his corporation, I think he made the wrong choice.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Just a little statement -

I know my blogs kind of, trail off and I start things and don't continue them, (IE vacation home in amamake, went out twice, lost i think all my ships but an armor cane hull, etc.) so I am going to like, try not to do that anymore.

In any case, I may do some more Vlad-like "audit" posts as I have been war deccing random corps with the alt for a while - I really do like the tuskers but sometimes it just nice to fight people without link alts, falcons, and getting exploded by gatecamps in lowsec. At the moment I pretty much log both toons in, and keep them logged in until something interesting happens on one or the other toon.

Wedding in 19 days, FML.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


So I figured I'd do some nice highsec warring with newports, So i put him back in my holding corp (OMGROFLSTOMP) and check out some targets.

TLDR One corp has been dying, a lot, and should have just bought me a diemost, like I offered.

The other corp I originally decced joined "dec shield" alliance, which is something I'd never heard of, and is REALLY REALLY lame. However, when they declared the war mutual (dec shield, not the lame ass wanna be pvp corp that joined them) and I started getting random "xxx corp surrenders" etc. etc. I found it kind of hilarious how many PVP friendly corps run and hide, so I figured I'd share their names and corp bios with you, (some for humor, some for "seriously? and you Joined dec shield?"

The Swarm Empire - 33 members

We will keep coming, wave after wave.
Fearless zealots all.
We know no pain, we know no mercy.
Our Numbers will blot out the sun.

Bacon Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sammich - 4 members

mmmm bacon

Instant Reaction Corp - 11 members

We make things that go BOOM!

Angels Academy - 56 members (this is the corp that hid under decshield against my one man corp)
Welcome to Angels Academy,
a sister corp of Hendrix Angels

meet us in our ingame recruiting channel: Hendrix Heaven
or online at

Angels Academy is Hendrix Angels little sister and the best way to learn the basics of EVE,  make new friends and enjoy the challenging environment in EVE.
 It also is the stepping stone for a full membership at Hendrix Angels once some basic experience is gained.

■ Enlist in 220member strong and growing gaming environment with experienced Players all around the globe who are happy to help you making your way in EVE
■ Collaborate with friends to gain experience, make ISK, or PVP.
■ Participate in lucrative mining and industrial operations.
■ Become a part of our active community in EVE-Online and beyond (TS, own Forum and WIKI)

Get your wings! Join ◄ A N G E L S - A C A D E M Y ► today.

We offer:

■ Lots of active members in high & lowsec
■ Great game community on Teamspeak, Forum and Wiki

■ PVE:
- Teams for daily LVL 3 and 4 Missions
- Incusion OPs, LVL5 (late once u have the skills)
- Only 4% tax

■ Mining and Industry:
- Mining OPs on a daily basis
- Full ORCA Support
- Sophisticated ORE system to get the max out of your mining, paid in ISK or Minerals
- Freighters and lots of BPs available.

■ PVP:
- Experienced and top ranked FCs
- Willing to teach
- PVP training OPs
- Tournaments
- Low sec OPs
- Extensive ship program to finance your PVP

■ For more info on what we offer:

We require:

■ No minimum level of participation (RL is first)
■ Mature & friendly players
■ Use of TS

How to apply:

■ Join Hendrix Heaven channel if you have a question or
■ Send us a application right away
■ come to Bereye
■ and have fun!

I've been decced with decshield for 3.5 days, and to date, 23 corporations have surrendered to me.