Friday, February 17, 2012

Summer home pt. 3

This investment has started producing at least SOME dividends. While i still haven't recouped the losses of my lemming-ed hurricane loss, I managed to at least have some ISK (rather modules) tucked neatly in one of my hangers gathered from target losses. Lets start at the beginning. In char time!!!!

"Fuck! Fucking Amarrian bullshit. Stupid fucking hurricane computer. Why the hell would it warp my ass off the field and into enemy targeting range. Fucking minmatar hulls. Always broken, parts falling off, blue fucking screens. Fuck you, I'm grabbing the drake. Time to pay some old friends a visit. Off to Auner solar system."

 Set my destination and jump out of the derelict Amamake system. I move slowly, checking all the hidden nooks, the abandoned stations, the barren asteroid belts, behind that tiny moon over there. It's slow going but I eventually jump through and my camera drones start broadcasting. Dead quiet. Three people in system, one ex-corpie, myself, and some random. Warp to the republic fleet station, random in a vagabond. Docks as I land. Undocks a few seconds later in a maelstrom. Interesting choice. He Targets me and I warp off. This drake don't like arty. Hit my scanner, maelstrom off scan, jag now replacing it.

I sit, unmoving, in an asteroid belt. He lands and moves to tackle. In the time it takes me to drop my drones and chuckle at his stupidity, hes dead. Hail? Against a drake? Are you mad? Tryed to ransom the mans capsule, but he lowballed me, so I killed that too. Another ex corpie begins broadcasting in local. Shows up in an ares, keeps his distance. He opens a comm with me and asks for an arranged duel, then shows up in a myrmidon. I politely decline as a curse and anathema uncloak 10KM from me. Hes scram fit and neuts me out, I keep range and we trade some pot shots, then I leave the field. After the curse leaves local I tackle the ex corpies myrm at the sun and calmly volley through his shield tank abomination and kill off his ogres. I then let him leave the field. Don't need any more friends yelling at me.

Asmy GCC cools down  a few familiar faces start popping into local, a few ex-corpies, a few people said corp runs around killing innocent pirates with. Me and Mr. Rico have a quick chat, and I prepare to leave system When Neon-Green comes into local.

Neon is a pompous, arrogant, and idiotic individual, needless to say I wanted to wave good-bye first. Land on the station and there he is, sitting on the undock in a shitty Tempest Fleet. Never understood why people bought those, they're less then useless. In any case, he targets me. I prepare to lose shields and wait. And wait. And wait.

Seems even in his home system with only one pirate in local (and none for backup) in a bigger, tankier ship with more damage capability, oh also ON A STATION, he will not engage. Feh, I move on.

The next 60 minutes consist of me trying to engage a 6 man frigate/destroyer gang and then running like a girl when 10 of the new battlecruisers land on top of me, followed by me hiding from a nasty shadow cartel gang full of recons and logistics and more of those shiny new battlecruisers, followed by me being camped in my a faction war gang over near hjof. Decided to take a break for a full course Matari dinner. 14oz of meat that turned 2 days ago, a nice glass of home-brewed watered down drink that tasted like a typical matari bathroom floor (don't ask), and some vegetables I found in the trash. Solid.

My dinner was cut short when I noticed  an ex-CEO of mine broadcasting in my public channel. Seems he was in a cruiser and wanted to have some fun, so we met up and flew around the faction war zone, which my ex-CEO is now apart of.

Despite my being a pirate, because of my past experiences I would rather not kill any of my Matari Brother. After I first graduated Republic University and a short stint in some dead end corps, I joined Ushra Khan (U'K) and commanded fleets aimed at pushing back Amarrs slow and steady push outwards, then, when I felt that U'K was not following the path I felt it should, we split ways.

I had a short stint in a friends corp and then joined the Matari militia to see if I could help the brethren on that front, and did that for awhile before my mental breakdown. Months sitting in station. No one cared. No one wants to fight. It's all bullshit.

That leads me to where I am today, acting for me, and only me, and If i can blow up some slavers? Excellent. I'd still prefer not to shoot my people for my own gain, and only do so in defense. 

In any case, me and Jessie spread out and began looking all over the cluster until I found a Hurricane and Caracal on scan. Then off. Then on again. Midwarp safe? Turns out they picked a belt that was JUST out of scan from the gate and I decided to check it out. Caracal there, cane not. Point the cruiser and proceeed to aggressively rip it apart. Hurricane appears out of nowhere, I pull range and jessie grabs point. Afterburner fit? For serious? I ask Jessie where he came from, cuz he was NOT on my scan. His wreck explained it. 

Me and jessie call good fight across local comms, divvy up the loot, and split up again.

I little while later I find a domi running a mission in Egg and call jess in to probe. One of Jessies buddies had met up with us at that point andshows up just as jessie gets a hit. I land first and tackle, destroy his tank and wait for jessie and his buddy to show up. We ask him to eject once he hit hull, but his aggression with the Angel cartel was too much for his tank to bear, and he exploded.

All in all a very positive night on the isk front, as well as me having some modules stashed away for future selling/trading.

For this night I am [+217,090,128] in damage bringing my total isk for this campaign to [+389,791,128].

When I sell off all the modules me and jessie split I will tally that up with the inital cost and factor that in.


Lets congratulate Gravitic on breaking his cherry and getting his first kill.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Well, If you can't figure out from the title, my first day in my summer location didn't start out QUITE like I planned.

After sorting through the modules, I started running around looking for things to pew.

Linked frigates in Amamake calling me a scrub for not engaging their ares doing 10k m/s + griffin + megathron? Moving on.

Amarr militia running a linked cynabal moving 7.5k m/s perched on the undock of the minnie militia station? Moving on.

Apotheosis autopiloting through one of the most dangerous pockets of lowsec? Not on my watch. Podded too.

I wandered around the neighborhood for about 1/2 hour until I had some hope. Sitting on a perch on the Auga gate in Kourmonen, I see some combat scanner probes. I sit there for about 5 minutes until I start blatantly running my MWD to blow up my sig, therefore making me easier to scan down. Mind you, I'm sitting, visible, off the stargate.

Step one, warp in. Step two, see me. Step three, drop probes @ .5 AU from gate, make nice plus sign.
Step four, get perfect hit first scan, warp in.

But nooooooo.

Literally 20 or so minutes of me waiting and I'm getting bored, so I initiate warp to the gate. Literally as soon as I do that an Amarr Arazu lands on top of me. Oh hello! 

Approach, scram, neuts, guns, drones, YOU SO DEAD. Local explodes, proteus, 2x cynabal, some other junk, I'm about 2 cycles in and the arazu is out of shields and hasn't even locked yet, then suddenly I warp? WTF.

[ 2012.02.16 06:45:26 ] (notify) For initiating combat your security status has been adjusted by -0.1197.
[ 2012.02.16 06:45:26 ] (notify) You cannot do that while warping.
[ 2012.02.16 06:45:26 ] (notify) Approaching what?

WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN APPROACH WHAT? Suddenly I'm at the gate surrounded by very excited Amarr blob Infantry. Not the best position I've ever been. Proteus + cynabal rip into me, I tank like Empress Jamyl dies with honor, IE not well.

Half armor and I jump-
into the cynabal and arazu that didn't agress. Point damp arties gateguns, POP. Warp the pod off.

Though I'm [+172,701,000] on the isk report for the night, I didn't scoop any loot, I'm down a ship, and the slavers have taken a noble vessel sheepishly and without any sort of class. As always.

With the Insurance received (24,674,940.00) I have lessened my investment in the summer home to [94,702,408.34], though I am currently down a ship. Whoops.

Not a good start.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Starting a Summer Home in Dal

I decided that 14 jumps in a pod was worth a fresh perspective, a few ISK, and some alternative grounds to stomp when VV is a little slow, or, you know, I just want a vaca.

I figured I would track my income/losses here to
A.) have something to blog about (hopefully this works)
B.) Track my progress to see If I will actually make any money
C.) Hopefully entertain some of the three people who sometimes read this blog.

As of right now I've spent [119,374,348.34] on:

a fully fit Nano A/C Hurricane + Insurance
a fully fit podla Drake + Insurance
a Hurricane hull with trimarks
Various ammo + fittings I needed to fill out my ships.

As I've bought them on contract I do have a few leftover modules that, once I (hopefully) start killing people and stacking up my loots, will offset (eventually) the initial buy-in price.