Thursday, December 6, 2012

First (and second) Donation Loss

So Kmelx (ex corpie, fellow PVPer) gave me a jaguar and a thorax today and while I was fleet fighting all night and I lost about 6 ships, but none of them were donated. Until The thorax.

Towards the end of the night, a cruiser gang was formed (t1, with t1 logi) to fight some dreadnaughts that were seen a few stations away. Suddenly a friendly small gang caught a gang a few jumps away and tackled a raven with 6-8 naga/oracle/etc supporting it. No, I am not joking. I was the first to arrive (in an armor thorax, with frigs and SFIs in fleet with me) and called point on raven right before the last of the friendly gang exploded, as their whole gang ran away, one naga (and obviously the pointed raven) hammered into me as my gang mates arrive. I explode before logi can get reps on me, and the raven warps out from under my entire fleet, none of which bothered to point him.

They chased him to station after he landed next to me at the same station, and somehow bumped and killed him right off it. (they pull that off, but can't tackle him 300 km off gate, lesigh )


Edit: Figured I would roll this into one post since it happened very close together.

 Last night we had a little standing fleet in Isbra and I found an omen ( by found, I mean he landed 20km away in a medium plex) and hero tackled him in KMELX's jaguar until my fleet arrived. I died. Then he died. Then I died. Then we killed him and a buddy by dropping WAY to many ships on him. 

the end.

Finally an update

I don't know if anyone actually reads this or follows this blog, but after a few months of being away from EVE, (irl, WOT, etc.) I am back.

Poor, shipless, and rusty, but back none the less.

More to follow, but suffice it to say the first few days did not go well ( multiple hundreds of millions of ships lost, 1 dessie kill, lol)

For the people who DO read this blog, I am trying to start up a new thing -

If you have mothballed ships, hidden anywhere in new eden (except for undockable nulsec) that you never plan on using, contract them to me!

I don't much care what they are, just that they're (semi) pvp fit and accessable.

Will be posting reports on what the ship has done, and how it was lost, on this blog.
I plan to name the ship after the person who contracted it to me, and give people shout outs and thanks on this blog.

This is only for people who want to/ are willing to/ and won't give me shit about it.
I will not beg or plead, and if need be will just fly around in t1 fit rifters and rebuild , but I figured this may be more fun.

The only ships neither of my toons can fly are T2 BS and up. 

Hell, maybe if I find a little more time, I will even do a little PVP video.


Thanks in advance!

Monday, June 25, 2012

Fresh start.... Sort of.

I kind of decided that between my corpies abilities to make billions of ISK per day and me trying to kee pup with the jones, I've lost sight of this game. The most fun I ever had in this game was when I was a 5mil SP noob in nulsec in a shitfit rupture.

I'm not re-rolling or giving any of my loot away, but i HAVe shipped off 90% of my ISK, ships, and all of my modules to an alt I dont use much, and thrown it all in a storage container except for one or two ships desided for specific rolls that I like to use solo or in fleets with my mates.

These ships are -

Gank Brutix (should have been shipped tbh and probably will not see any use until it is my last ship standing)
Podla Drake (fleets) (borrowed, though I have no Idea who from)
Cynabal (solo)
Rupture (solo)
Ashimmu (fleets)
Nano Binger (solo/fleet, also I just got the lasers skill so I wanted to play with it a bit. It WILL diaf)
Vexor (solo)

I've literally got no modules not fitted to a ship or even spare ammo, and will be relying on the 44mil isk and the abysmal corporate hanger for spare ammo and fittings and of course pwning noobs in frigates for my income.

Here's to trying something a little different ayy?

So, pretty much, my MO for a while will be

A: killing people for modules
B: attempting to get idiots in decent ships that I am about to kill to eject so I can has
C: fitting whatever modules I can find to cheap frig hulls once all my ships explode and my 44mil isk runs out and starting over.
D: When all else fails, ransom attempts will be offered.

(BTW gotta ship you don't fly? don't want? Want to give me anyway?  I'm always willing to grab ships and leroy them into things when I don't have to pay for them :D )

Thursday, June 14, 2012

The thing about PVP videos

I don't know how many people share this in the EVE community, but I really enjoy watching Eve solo/small gang PVP videos, and browse the "my eve" section of the forums at least once a day.

You know that feeling you get, in the back of your throat, when you see one ship bait-tanking like 5 ships of the same class or higher, and killing them all?

Case in point, I just x'ed out of a link I was really kind of excited for. The guy was flying one of my favorite (albeit expensive) ships in eve, and for the first scene he was fighting a gang consisting of 2x bcs, 1x BS, and two frigs. halfway through the fight another two bcs show up. He bait tanks the whole time. I immediately clicked the "x" button. It's just not enjoyable to watch. Why would you have that as your intro piece?

What ever happened to videos where you're fighting outnumbered, outshipped, unlinked, and you're fighting people who (at least sort of) know how to PVP.

Garmons early stuff with the ruptures was pretty awesome, Kessas domi videos, F Mercury, kil2, ancy denaries etc. I really can not recall the last time I saw anything like them. It all seems to be faction fits w/ links now-a-days.

While some of the fights are still cool in their own right, I just wish when I see active shield tankers start bleeding armor, its cuz they may be about to die, not cuz they're baiting.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Wow, its been a while since I posted anything of actual merit.

I guess I am kind of in between a complete restructuring of my EVE life and my real life. Job hours are long, and adjusting to my new life of perpetual marriage.

In terms of EVE, I have been trying to log in whenever I can, and actually undock sometimes too.

I've been trying to mess about with a plethora of ships, Aznwithbeard just recently completed Amarr Cruiser 5 and is currently pushing for T2 Med lasers. Then on to racial frigs (can only fly T2 Minnie atm).

Newports just finished his long skill queue of leadership skilling, though I am far to lazy to actually dualbox, I think maybe, just maybe, sometime, it will be useful.

So I am kind of at a crossroads and trying to experiment with some ships I have either
A: Never flown or
B: Haven't flown in a while.

Been messing about with armor buffer cruisers, a curse, some T2 cruisers here and there, and thats about it. Debated seriously buying some T2 frigs, but at those prices,  maybe I'll just get some rifters.

I don't really like the new modules introduced in inferno. The ASB kind of gets in the way of using your propmod (once your neuted, you're done) and while they tank like crazy, there's really no defense against curses or anything nano once your neuted. Hell you can't even really keep an invul on.

I've also been on a losing streak because of my ship choices and just events in the game, and my new policy of "engage everything you have some possibility of winning" definitely is not helping the situation.

Cases in point -

Cyclone Vs 100MN Tengu - Had a gang with me (sort of) and got tackle on it, then he quickly moved away and I DIAF while the rest of my gang was making a 50AU warp.

Rupture Vs bait drake + Pilgrim - This one I was actually winning, when the pilgrim uncloaked I really should have primaried it, but with the drake under 33% shield I stupidly didn't Drake didn't have a point, pilgrim did, so a poor choice on my end.

Harpy + Thorax Vs Hurricane - Saw a corpie had a cane tackled in local, his pod warped out as I landed. Went for it anyway, dropped dishonour drones and could have gotten away, but I thought I may have had a chance. I was wrong. I didn't know people still flew armor canes (besides me, that is).

Rupture Vs Thorax + Rupture + Dramiel + Merlin + Vengence - Was just merlin and the two cruisers at first, I was kiting the vexor and trying go get the shield rupture to come in. By the time I got scram on the shield ruppy the merlin also had me tackled and when the dramiel arrived I was capped out by the opposing rupture and could not MWD back to the gate. Vexor was no where near and TBH i think I pretty much died to the dramiels drones.

SFI Vs Mach - Yea, I know. We were playing with him for an hour and I finally landed a scram on him. Back up was too far out / took too long and I lost the oldest vessel in my fleet :( 

I didn't link any blobs/ECM crap because TBH, its mostly expected at this point. PIXELS ARE EXPENSIVE etc etc. I am trying to fight the good fight, outnumbered, outgunned, etc and while its fun, its also making me lose a LOT of isk. this tends to be a problem when my only source of income is PVP and I absolutely HATE plexing/pveing for my money. If I did that EVE would no longer be a game, but a part time job.

- Azn

Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Just a small piece of advice to the fine "pvpers" of New Eden.

The people that PVP in flocks of 10 to 50 with their ever present logi, ECM, and cap support.

The people who fit cynos to battlecruisers and sit on undocks in carriers.

To the pilots who refuse to leave the system their POS and T3 link alt in a perpetual squad command (from inside their shields) position is in, the pilots who ask for 1v1s while theyre being boosted.

To the nice young chaps who don't know the meaning of "unengagable", because they can always batphone, the people who sit on highsec gates and blast noobs and haulers jumping through, and the people who, despite doing all these things, can't seem to figure out that they are playing with pixels and/or how to grow a pair, these fine words of wisdom I leave with you;

oh, but gimme all your stuff first.

Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rumors, thoughts, etc.

I'm just gunna ramble on a bit about some of the things I have seen, heard about, talked about, etc. lately.

First and foremost we have some nice blue on blue (see what I did there) love
TLDR ( actually I did, but I'm gunna give you a quick recap) Dorian Novak decided it would be a good idea to plug his RL friend and alliance mates girlfriend in the erm... ass. This corpmate found out and offlined the shield of a POS that his friends super was in while he was online and commenced destroying said super. As of now we do not know if it was an even trade as they have not posted any pics of said girlfriends ass or other parts of her anatomy at all :(

Local chatlog log during the time of destruction (unverified)

EVENEWS24 released a statement of the CEO of One of the corps in krysis attempting to do some damage control, but come on brahhhhh, we know what really happened. 

Next up @gamerchick42 linked the new Faction War Dec blog and TLDRed it for us (sort of), and there are some sexy looking proposed and actual changes being made to make FW a lot more rewarding;

Blah blah blah bunkers blah blah blah SOV, possible station lock out if your faction does not control the system, upgrades of said system that help only the controlling faction and apparently neutrals as well,  upgrades for the LP (loyalty Points) system that will actually give you more LP for PVPing instead of missioning (wheee!!!) "In the reward ladder, helping your faction in territorial warfare should reward the most, followed by PvP, and then finally PvE with missions."

Rixx Javix dropped a post about the whole T3 boosting epidemic that's going on right now, and how we need to stop it. His thoughts were well thought out, mine will not be. We have been talking about this in corp for a while, as we DO use alt boosters, a lot, and in the tuskers we have been arguing A LOT about what should be done. The ones with the boosters want to keep it off grid, the ones without the boost alts want it on grid. My thought process? I'm glad you asked.

Nerf the crap out of T3 boosting. A T3 cruiser should not be bonusing better then the dedicated command ship. At the very least swap it so that the CS gives better bonuses then the T3.

Make it impossible to boost from inside POS shields - Nothing else works inside of a POS, you can not shoot anyone in the POS, or outside the POS whilst in it, EWAR doesn't work, why should bonuses? On that note, MAKE IT ON GRID. Why should you be able to bonus your fleet 50AU away? It just doesn't make any sense whatsoever. If CCP doesn't want to get rid of it completely, then maybe lets just hit it with the nerf bat a little bit. I propose;

5% on grid for CS
3% on grid T3 / Offgrid CS
1% Offgrid T3

I've heard through the mill that CCP is releasing the ability to load cap boosters into the shield boosting module, in an attempt to help with active tanking a bit. I don't have any links as this was corpchat, but I hope its true! I've actually been hearing a lot of things about buffing active tanking,  which would be awesome.

There was a rumor flying around a while ago that CCP was toying with the idea of making shield slaves and armor crystals (mainly, implants that will make the EHP of your shields more massive like slaves do for armor, and implants that make you rep more of your armor back with the proper modules, like you can with your shields if you have crystal implants) PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS. One word, one syllable, sounds like break. And that is what you would do. Absurdly huge EHP drakes with SPRs that are impossible to kill solo. The end. I guess the armor wouldn't be so bad, but I think active armor tanking is fairly decent at the moment and doesn't need any more help.

Drackarn  just dropped a blog about supers being far to easy to leave the field (especially in lowsec) and a really cool idea that may or may not work. You can read about it here. Pretty much the idea is that your fleet has the ability to target certain supers systems (engines, guns, etc) that would take down said systems until a repair crew fixed them (star trek?). While very intriguing I don't see CCP going in that direction at all but, hey, you never know.

They announced some point/time/#of ship changes for the new alliance tourn- but that was pretty far back so I'm sure you've heard about it. If not you can find everything about it right here.


Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Read a post by rixx a few days ago, jester and and few others followed suit, so I will too.

Mine sucks and is short - but here goes anyway.

(both my toons base out of/near each other, and share the same ship pool, FYI)

(2) Tempests - "Teh Sex" and unfitted. One is nano and the other will likely be 2xLAR fit.

(1) Maelstrom - "Not done" Fit the only way a maelstrom should be fit. Without a prop mod.

(1) Phoon -  "Needs service" Torps and neuts. Think its in hull ATM, hense the name.

(1) Domi - Passive/bait with smartbombs and neuts

(2) cyclone - one fit, one not fit. aptly named "cyclone" and "unfit. Well, its actually mostly fit. One is LSB and one is X-LSB. Stomp you down dig?

(2) Canes - "scotch" Armor and angry. dual web for friggy goodness. "Nano" cuz like, its nano.

(1) Brutix - "Shuttle" Shield gank.

(1) Ferox - XL boosting with acs. Like a cyclone, but crappier. 

(1) Sleipnir - "Jihad" Gloriously fitted for brawling. One of the oldest ships in my hanger. Haven't taken it out for a while.

(1) Cynabal - "Armor" Dual prop and not actually armor.

(2) SFI - "Julie" and "stabber" Both 2xMAR - Love these things

(2) Ruptures - "minmatar" and One that isnt yet named. Minmatar is armor.  Other one is shield.

(1) stabber. 100mn MWD fitted. Works well with snakes :)

(1) ishtar. 2x MAR and ogres

(1) Beagle - Active tanked, lika boss

(1) Vagabond. VROOM.

(1) Scimitar "Gah" - Not flown once.

(1) Arazu - "celestis" Won it off a bet with a corpmate. Been docked ever since. Armor fit, i think.

 Assorted frigs - mainly - Dramiel, 4 rifters, 2x hounds, a stiletto, and like, a prober. I've never been a fan of frigs, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

So, Whats in your hanger ?


Monday, April 23, 2012

War Declaration - The Glory War Dec

War Declaration - The Glory War Dec

OMGROFLSTOMP vs Children of the Abyss

Location - New Eden - Verge Vender - Obray Constellation

Duration - 7 days

Approximate Number of Aggressors - 8

Ships Used;

Stabber Fleet Issue

More miners illegally feeding upon the helpless asteroids of raneilles, with two wars already active, I was on the verge of collapse. I decided it was my duty to push through it though, if I didn't, who would?

Papers filed, 24 hour cool down period over, time to smash.

Popped a retriever on the undock of my targets home station and dispatched the pod. Scenes of the Iluminati war flash in my mind. Would this be another noob corp getting their miners thrashed about as they mined away helplessly? The answer (soft of) came an hour later. Same pilot, same system, undocks in a typhoon. Spirited aren't we? Takes a while but smash the rusted cylinder of matari engineering and dispatch the pod again. That's the last I see of that gentleman.

Three hours later engage his corpmates scorpion. I can't break is shield regen, he can't hit me. I warp, he warps. Comes back in a mach. WAIT WHAT. Mach is 30 off station and I'm still in my SFI. Overload and head straight for him, taking two salvos from 800mm repeating artillery. Suddenly I'm in hull. Kill the MWD when I land my scram and increase transversal, overloading the afterburner (yup) just in case. Slowly rep back the armor. Drones hitting, but not hard, guns can't hit me at all. Mach aligns out. A full compliment of RF EMP and RF Phased plasma later (plus a game of, lets kill each others drones, and me losing) his cap charges finally run out. Which is nice, because I'm now shooting fusion at a shield tanking BS. Shields buckle, armor folds into hull, and I try to get him to eject. He tells me no. He explodes and OMG MONEYZ! Loot the wreck and dock. He comes back out in an ashimmu, I figure I'll give him a change and drop a hurricane on him. He melts, I loot again. Sell the dropped modules back to him for 1.45 billion isk.

Decides 15 minutes later to send his meatshield minions in frigates to tackle my tempest. They succeed. He lands in a scorpion. Uh oh. Neut the points, mwd away, splatter the frigs, then do the same thing to the scorpion. Splatter a pod at some point too.

Didn't hear from any of his corp for two days.

Friday comes and its back to cotaniss fighting for his E-Honoure. Tackles my ever useful SFI in his dramiel. Guns can't hit, but drones work fine. Come back out in a maller? What? Decides tengu may be a better choice, and after another drawn out battle of him refusing to eject, he loses his T3. I am totally confused at that point. Will this stop? What is he thinking. Drops another scorpion on me while I ponder the situation. Kill it. Drake now? Kill that too before he finally gives up. When I ask him what he was thinking, he declares he just wanted to beat me, and that was his last ship.

Good man, good fights, thanks for the lootz!

Final tally

Kills - 4,912,100,000 ISK


Losses - 0

War Dec - Intimidating Space Boats

War Declaration

OMGROFLSTOMP vs Intimidating Space Boats

Location - New Eden -Domain - Norgoh Constellation

Duration - 7 days

Approximate Number of Aggressors - 17

Ships Used;

Stabber Fleet Issue

It all started out innocently enough, me patrolling the asteroid belts of raneilles, looking for war targets and criminals alike. Found a small mining fleet rather quickly. Seemed odd to me though, older capsuleers, T2 ships, an orca for heavens sake, who in their right mind continues on with mining years into their career? Something had to be going on, so I decided to take a closer look.

Sure enough, their corp had a can jettisoned, filled with illegally mined ore. That struck a nerve with me, as I remember reading the memoirs of a certain capsuleer about a month after graduating flight school, and even though his corporation is still in tact, the CEO is no longer within our universe, I feel as though I must pick up the flaming torch and defend Verge Vendor from such indiscretions.

Filed the paperwork, added the pilots to the watch list. Could get kinda tricky, some of their pilots have more seat timethen me, and I have seen some expensive ships around. Wait the 24 hours. Log in with a few hours to spare. Run some locators, seems they just got their asses handed to them in lowsec. Make about 50 jumps trying to catch someone running back home. Nothing. They're reshipping in Raneilles, perfect. Get there and they are no where to be found. Fleeing. 15 jumps into Amarr highsec. Make the call, pursue them. Seems they moved all their assets to another destination. More pilots, better equipment, running from one matari fighter. Pathetic.

Get to their home system, keep ever watchful. Have a few in system, more plugged in in unknown locations. Harbinger undocks and starts shooting my SFI. Try to drag him off station. Either he doesn't have a prop mod, is incredibly stupid and doesn't realize that he can not hold a point (or hit, me at all) past 28KM, or thinks (correctly) that I'll rip him to pieces with my 350 DPS and prefers to stay in dock range. Hurricane coming in as well. Another pilot trickles in. By the time their ready to fight, the binger switches to a paladin, someone else is in a hurricane, and theres even some idiot flying a vagabond with a web. That just webbed me. With the paladin in his optimal and firing. With my sig bloomed because my MWD is on. And the cane is closing in. Scram the vaga and overload the MWD. paladin puts me into 1/4 armor immediately. Break the web range and align out, still need to get out of warp disruptor range. second shot and I'm in 3/4 hull, reps cycle and I gain some armor. Pilot is overloading his point but I'm quicker. break range and hit the warp. Third shot and I'm now in 1/4 hull, WARP DAMN YOU. "Warp drive active". Phweeew. Compliment the Paladins DPS in local. They compliment my reps.

Like I said, could be tricky. Ponder what to do as I unplug, tomorrow is another day.

Log back in, some of their pilots in local. Make some food, take some shots, get in the undock queue. Undock into a thorax. Tackled. Burn away from him casually. His dps is nil. Decide its a tarp, go for it anyway. Ishtar lands but I keep on the thorax. Taking too long. Finally explodes, turn my attention to the ishtar. Hes holding shield, has to be SPR fit. Align and burn. I leave the field, he docks up. I wait for him to undock about 30 clicks off the station. Eventually he comes back out. Runs right at me. Different ammo this time makes the difference, hes losing shields way quicker but they have as new pilot in warp to the fight. Spam D-scan. Hurricane. Frack. Align and overload DPS. Cane lands first. Ishtar explodes and I warp before cane gets a lock. Could have been bad. warp back in and cane is scooping loot. I burn for him, he burns for me. Scratch that, he was burning for the station. Docks.

They don't come back out.

Chase them around for a few more days before I realize they're cowards and won't fight. Somehow found a probing caracal at the sun with faction gear. BOOM.

 Let the dec go to the end in case they want to find me. 

They don't.

Total kills - 271 million ISK 

Losses - 0

Next post: The Glory War Dec

Monday, April 16, 2012

War Dec - The Iluminati Secret Society

War Declaration

OMGROFLSTOMP vs The Iluminati Secret Society

New Eden - Verge Vendor - Obray Constellation

Duration - 7 Days

Approximate Number of Aggressors - 10
# of Named ships killed - All

Ships used;

Stabber Fleet Issue

A few hours before the start of the war and I moved several ships in. Mostly Nano, some borrowed. 15 minutes before the start of the war and criminals begin filling up the system. Watch the clock. Silently count down. See red stars in local and undock into them. Scorpion, arbitrator, thrasher, and vexor verses my stabber fleet. They better have back up. Drag the thrasher off the rest and make quick work of em. Dispatch the pod. Overload towards the arbitrator and he explodes before you can say "wheres your point?". Dispatch that pod. Look over towards the vexor and hes aligning out, scorpion then. Scorpion is sitting on station though, and not jamming me, weird. Oh well, MWD bump @ 3kms and hes off, I think, well, sorta anyway. Peppering me with cruises and his tank is falling slowly. Boosting? Terrific. I've been MWD all over the station for about 3 minutes and damage starts mounting. 30% armor. 20% armor. Scorpions shields starting to wilt. CCC rigs not working anymore? Into armor and hes freefalling. He explodes and insta warps the pod. I'm at 7% armor. Check the wreck (crap) and casually hit the 2 armor reppers I ignored for five minutes to fix my ship. No need to waste the cap boosters amiright? Dock, dump the charges, loot the field. GFs in local.

Poor Joe TFTF. AFK mining (or, flying completely untanked miners and not being completely on the ball) during a war is bad. Dispatched two of his retrievers, his procurer, and his pod on three seperate occasions. Left the corporation after that one. Dunno what he was doing, but the SFI one-volleyed his ship each time. No good man.

Dispatched a unlucky indy+pod that I accidentally jumped into that was apparently on autopilot.

Brought out the cynabal for the flashy kill. Popped coolme897's hulk with it. Pod lived though. He even mailed me saying he completely forgot about the war. good chap.

All in all was a good dip into the New Eden war mechanics. Targets were completely incompetent, which made me feel like a bully. At the same time, I DID offer their CEO exemption from the war for the cost of one deimos. He declined. After 344M ISK of damage dealt to his corporation, I think he made the wrong choice.

Sunday, April 15, 2012

Just a little statement -

I know my blogs kind of, trail off and I start things and don't continue them, (IE vacation home in amamake, went out twice, lost i think all my ships but an armor cane hull, etc.) so I am going to like, try not to do that anymore.

In any case, I may do some more Vlad-like "audit" posts as I have been war deccing random corps with the alt for a while - I really do like the tuskers but sometimes it just nice to fight people without link alts, falcons, and getting exploded by gatecamps in lowsec. At the moment I pretty much log both toons in, and keep them logged in until something interesting happens on one or the other toon.

Wedding in 19 days, FML.

Thursday, April 12, 2012


So I figured I'd do some nice highsec warring with newports, So i put him back in my holding corp (OMGROFLSTOMP) and check out some targets.

TLDR One corp has been dying, a lot, and should have just bought me a diemost, like I offered.

The other corp I originally decced joined "dec shield" alliance, which is something I'd never heard of, and is REALLY REALLY lame. However, when they declared the war mutual (dec shield, not the lame ass wanna be pvp corp that joined them) and I started getting random "xxx corp surrenders" etc. etc. I found it kind of hilarious how many PVP friendly corps run and hide, so I figured I'd share their names and corp bios with you, (some for humor, some for "seriously? and you Joined dec shield?"

The Swarm Empire - 33 members

We will keep coming, wave after wave.
Fearless zealots all.
We know no pain, we know no mercy.
Our Numbers will blot out the sun.

Bacon Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sammich - 4 members

mmmm bacon

Instant Reaction Corp - 11 members

We make things that go BOOM!

Angels Academy - 56 members (this is the corp that hid under decshield against my one man corp)
Welcome to Angels Academy,
a sister corp of Hendrix Angels

meet us in our ingame recruiting channel: Hendrix Heaven
or online at

Angels Academy is Hendrix Angels little sister and the best way to learn the basics of EVE,  make new friends and enjoy the challenging environment in EVE.
 It also is the stepping stone for a full membership at Hendrix Angels once some basic experience is gained.

■ Enlist in 220member strong and growing gaming environment with experienced Players all around the globe who are happy to help you making your way in EVE
■ Collaborate with friends to gain experience, make ISK, or PVP.
■ Participate in lucrative mining and industrial operations.
■ Become a part of our active community in EVE-Online and beyond (TS, own Forum and WIKI)

Get your wings! Join ◄ A N G E L S - A C A D E M Y ► today.

We offer:

■ Lots of active members in high & lowsec
■ Great game community on Teamspeak, Forum and Wiki

■ PVE:
- Teams for daily LVL 3 and 4 Missions
- Incusion OPs, LVL5 (late once u have the skills)
- Only 4% tax

■ Mining and Industry:
- Mining OPs on a daily basis
- Full ORCA Support
- Sophisticated ORE system to get the max out of your mining, paid in ISK or Minerals
- Freighters and lots of BPs available.

■ PVP:
- Experienced and top ranked FCs
- Willing to teach
- PVP training OPs
- Tournaments
- Low sec OPs
- Extensive ship program to finance your PVP

■ For more info on what we offer:

We require:

■ No minimum level of participation (RL is first)
■ Mature & friendly players
■ Use of TS

How to apply:

■ Join Hendrix Heaven channel if you have a question or
■ Send us a application right away
■ come to Bereye
■ and have fun!

I've been decced with decshield for 3.5 days, and to date, 23 corporations have surrendered to me.

Friday, February 17, 2012

Summer home pt. 3

This investment has started producing at least SOME dividends. While i still haven't recouped the losses of my lemming-ed hurricane loss, I managed to at least have some ISK (rather modules) tucked neatly in one of my hangers gathered from target losses. Lets start at the beginning. In char time!!!!

"Fuck! Fucking Amarrian bullshit. Stupid fucking hurricane computer. Why the hell would it warp my ass off the field and into enemy targeting range. Fucking minmatar hulls. Always broken, parts falling off, blue fucking screens. Fuck you, I'm grabbing the drake. Time to pay some old friends a visit. Off to Auner solar system."

 Set my destination and jump out of the derelict Amamake system. I move slowly, checking all the hidden nooks, the abandoned stations, the barren asteroid belts, behind that tiny moon over there. It's slow going but I eventually jump through and my camera drones start broadcasting. Dead quiet. Three people in system, one ex-corpie, myself, and some random. Warp to the republic fleet station, random in a vagabond. Docks as I land. Undocks a few seconds later in a maelstrom. Interesting choice. He Targets me and I warp off. This drake don't like arty. Hit my scanner, maelstrom off scan, jag now replacing it.

I sit, unmoving, in an asteroid belt. He lands and moves to tackle. In the time it takes me to drop my drones and chuckle at his stupidity, hes dead. Hail? Against a drake? Are you mad? Tryed to ransom the mans capsule, but he lowballed me, so I killed that too. Another ex corpie begins broadcasting in local. Shows up in an ares, keeps his distance. He opens a comm with me and asks for an arranged duel, then shows up in a myrmidon. I politely decline as a curse and anathema uncloak 10KM from me. Hes scram fit and neuts me out, I keep range and we trade some pot shots, then I leave the field. After the curse leaves local I tackle the ex corpies myrm at the sun and calmly volley through his shield tank abomination and kill off his ogres. I then let him leave the field. Don't need any more friends yelling at me.

Asmy GCC cools down  a few familiar faces start popping into local, a few ex-corpies, a few people said corp runs around killing innocent pirates with. Me and Mr. Rico have a quick chat, and I prepare to leave system When Neon-Green comes into local.

Neon is a pompous, arrogant, and idiotic individual, needless to say I wanted to wave good-bye first. Land on the station and there he is, sitting on the undock in a shitty Tempest Fleet. Never understood why people bought those, they're less then useless. In any case, he targets me. I prepare to lose shields and wait. And wait. And wait.

Seems even in his home system with only one pirate in local (and none for backup) in a bigger, tankier ship with more damage capability, oh also ON A STATION, he will not engage. Feh, I move on.

The next 60 minutes consist of me trying to engage a 6 man frigate/destroyer gang and then running like a girl when 10 of the new battlecruisers land on top of me, followed by me hiding from a nasty shadow cartel gang full of recons and logistics and more of those shiny new battlecruisers, followed by me being camped in my a faction war gang over near hjof. Decided to take a break for a full course Matari dinner. 14oz of meat that turned 2 days ago, a nice glass of home-brewed watered down drink that tasted like a typical matari bathroom floor (don't ask), and some vegetables I found in the trash. Solid.

My dinner was cut short when I noticed  an ex-CEO of mine broadcasting in my public channel. Seems he was in a cruiser and wanted to have some fun, so we met up and flew around the faction war zone, which my ex-CEO is now apart of.

Despite my being a pirate, because of my past experiences I would rather not kill any of my Matari Brother. After I first graduated Republic University and a short stint in some dead end corps, I joined Ushra Khan (U'K) and commanded fleets aimed at pushing back Amarrs slow and steady push outwards, then, when I felt that U'K was not following the path I felt it should, we split ways.

I had a short stint in a friends corp and then joined the Matari militia to see if I could help the brethren on that front, and did that for awhile before my mental breakdown. Months sitting in station. No one cared. No one wants to fight. It's all bullshit.

That leads me to where I am today, acting for me, and only me, and If i can blow up some slavers? Excellent. I'd still prefer not to shoot my people for my own gain, and only do so in defense. 

In any case, me and Jessie spread out and began looking all over the cluster until I found a Hurricane and Caracal on scan. Then off. Then on again. Midwarp safe? Turns out they picked a belt that was JUST out of scan from the gate and I decided to check it out. Caracal there, cane not. Point the cruiser and proceeed to aggressively rip it apart. Hurricane appears out of nowhere, I pull range and jessie grabs point. Afterburner fit? For serious? I ask Jessie where he came from, cuz he was NOT on my scan. His wreck explained it. 

Me and jessie call good fight across local comms, divvy up the loot, and split up again.

I little while later I find a domi running a mission in Egg and call jess in to probe. One of Jessies buddies had met up with us at that point andshows up just as jessie gets a hit. I land first and tackle, destroy his tank and wait for jessie and his buddy to show up. We ask him to eject once he hit hull, but his aggression with the Angel cartel was too much for his tank to bear, and he exploded.

All in all a very positive night on the isk front, as well as me having some modules stashed away for future selling/trading.

For this night I am [+217,090,128] in damage bringing my total isk for this campaign to [+389,791,128].

When I sell off all the modules me and jessie split I will tally that up with the inital cost and factor that in.


Lets congratulate Gravitic on breaking his cherry and getting his first kill.

Thursday, February 16, 2012


Well, If you can't figure out from the title, my first day in my summer location didn't start out QUITE like I planned.

After sorting through the modules, I started running around looking for things to pew.

Linked frigates in Amamake calling me a scrub for not engaging their ares doing 10k m/s + griffin + megathron? Moving on.

Amarr militia running a linked cynabal moving 7.5k m/s perched on the undock of the minnie militia station? Moving on.

Apotheosis autopiloting through one of the most dangerous pockets of lowsec? Not on my watch. Podded too.

I wandered around the neighborhood for about 1/2 hour until I had some hope. Sitting on a perch on the Auga gate in Kourmonen, I see some combat scanner probes. I sit there for about 5 minutes until I start blatantly running my MWD to blow up my sig, therefore making me easier to scan down. Mind you, I'm sitting, visible, off the stargate.

Step one, warp in. Step two, see me. Step three, drop probes @ .5 AU from gate, make nice plus sign.
Step four, get perfect hit first scan, warp in.

But nooooooo.

Literally 20 or so minutes of me waiting and I'm getting bored, so I initiate warp to the gate. Literally as soon as I do that an Amarr Arazu lands on top of me. Oh hello! 

Approach, scram, neuts, guns, drones, YOU SO DEAD. Local explodes, proteus, 2x cynabal, some other junk, I'm about 2 cycles in and the arazu is out of shields and hasn't even locked yet, then suddenly I warp? WTF.

[ 2012.02.16 06:45:26 ] (notify) For initiating combat your security status has been adjusted by -0.1197.
[ 2012.02.16 06:45:26 ] (notify) You cannot do that while warping.
[ 2012.02.16 06:45:26 ] (notify) Approaching what?

WHAT THE HELL DO YOU MEAN APPROACH WHAT? Suddenly I'm at the gate surrounded by very excited Amarr blob Infantry. Not the best position I've ever been. Proteus + cynabal rip into me, I tank like Empress Jamyl dies with honor, IE not well.

Half armor and I jump-
into the cynabal and arazu that didn't agress. Point damp arties gateguns, POP. Warp the pod off.

Though I'm [+172,701,000] on the isk report for the night, I didn't scoop any loot, I'm down a ship, and the slavers have taken a noble vessel sheepishly and without any sort of class. As always.

With the Insurance received (24,674,940.00) I have lessened my investment in the summer home to [94,702,408.34], though I am currently down a ship. Whoops.

Not a good start.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Starting a Summer Home in Dal

I decided that 14 jumps in a pod was worth a fresh perspective, a few ISK, and some alternative grounds to stomp when VV is a little slow, or, you know, I just want a vaca.

I figured I would track my income/losses here to
A.) have something to blog about (hopefully this works)
B.) Track my progress to see If I will actually make any money
C.) Hopefully entertain some of the three people who sometimes read this blog.

As of right now I've spent [119,374,348.34] on:

a fully fit Nano A/C Hurricane + Insurance
a fully fit podla Drake + Insurance
a Hurricane hull with trimarks
Various ammo + fittings I needed to fill out my ships.

As I've bought them on contract I do have a few leftover modules that, once I (hopefully) start killing people and stacking up my loots, will offset (eventually) the initial buy-in price.

Monday, January 16, 2012

Small gang fights for the past few days

So I've been trying to get back in some active tanking ships for a while now. I have a fondness for both the cyclone and ferox, so i bought one of each. A proven ferox fit I've used before but with the cyclone I tried a fit with a bit less tank and a little more DPS.

Right after fitting the two ships maia called out a cruiser gang two jumps out and heading my way. 2x thoraxs an exequror and a punisher. One of their thoraxs landed on the hevrice gate as I reapproached. The thorax opens up on me as a punisher lands, followed by their last two cruisers. I rip the first thorax apart and throw drones on the frigate. Their second thorax proves a bit more problematic as the exequror they brought is RR fit. New primary! He melts and maia lands and kills off the punisher. The last cruiser on the field tries to deagress but obviously the mighty ferox kills it.

Battle report. 

I love that newer players will attempt to fight without blobbing the hell out of people. Its a trait I wish more "pvpers" embraced. Good fights gentlemen.

Konig spots a small gang a few jumps away in heyd and eventually me and jolo head over towards him to kill everything. I am in a cyclone, jolo is in a drake and konig is in a harbinger. We set up in the system next to heyd and konig eyes another fleet in warp to my direction consisting of;

They land about 100 from my tact initially, but there is a small gallente militia gang on the gate and the cane warps to zero and takes gcc onthe passing gang, which does not aggro and jumps through. The cane then warps off the gate to his gang and starts slowboating for me. Konigs alt gives me a warpin on the cane and the fight starts.

The cane is arty, the drake is HML and the raven is cruise, everything is hitting me and damage starts building, even when I am 2k away from the hurricane. Awesome, SPRs, purgers, and full tank. Konig lands as i pop the cane and we make short work of the frigates. I don't take GCC but jolo and konig have to, and they begin taking damage as jolo moves to point the raven 80km off, konig points the drake and I lemming and burn out my invul and scram. We all start burning for the raven since the drake is brick tanked, and oh good, raven is active. Konig points the raven as jolo burns his point and eventually dies. Cruise hurt under mwd mmmk? Raven neuts out konig who has to run leaving me throwing barrage and some missiles at an active tanked raven, this won't end well. Drake rewarps on me and I start running like a girl, konig lands and tackles the drake, we kill it, but the raven warps as we burn for him.

Battle report
Dear everyone - please stop fitting brick tanks mkkk? 

Back in the ferox I find a vagabond on scan on a gate adjacent to where I am, and warp to said gate @ 70. I hang out for a second and the vaga starts flying towards me. OL MWD + Scram prepped, but he narrowly misses point range. I'm now 50 off the gate, konig is AFK and jolo is 2 jumps out. I MWD towards the gate as I am not aggroed and let him eat through my shields as he jams me with ECM drones and shoots javelin HAMS at me, wait what? I am hoping he will be stupid enough to come closer and give me another chance to tackle, so I don't boost at all. At about 15% shield stupidity commences, both his and mine. I get the scram but didn't inject a cap booster and the MWD was eating my cap for 50km, so I only got off one boost before I was capped out. Scram held and I start ripping into him, but no hes 7KM off and again its either MWD or boost. Low armor. On him at 2k and melting his shields, I'm in structure but the shields are boosting a bit (note to self, use blue pill next time) as jolo lands and grabs two webs on the vaga and helps me kill him off.  25% structure and a very gf.


I like using off brand merchandise as it gives you an engagability factor that would otherwise make people run from you, Ferox + cyclone have VERY strong tanks when used correctly (and not lemminged)

Anyway, good fights all around.

Saturday, January 7, 2012

Funny chat.

[04:51:58] Aznwithbeard > sup
[04:52:14] Poor Lazarus > hi, i heard you might not be same azn that I may be previously acquianted with?
[04:52:21] Aznwithbeard > lol what? why
[04:52:31] Poor Lazarus > i heard this char got traded
[04:53:08] Poor Lazarus > fair enough, sorry to doubt you, master
[04:53:23] Aznwithbeard > thank you :)
[04:53:28] Aznwithbeard > lol srs tho whered u hear that
[04:53:39] Poor Lazarus > alliance chat, i forget who
[04:53:49] Poor Lazarus > if i hear it again ill squash that shit fast
[04:53:49] Aznwithbeard > ahh, no still me
[04:54:01] Poor Lazarus > Good
[04:54:21] Aznwithbeard > werid.