Saturday, April 30, 2011

A Day of Celebration is Upon us

 I broke 1000 Kills today. Kind of excited about it.
Isk/ship donations are welcome and appreciated.

Friday, April 29, 2011

This is your brain on drugs -

Private Communication Channel

[03:06:59] Deadalius Shadelian > theyre squirrly
[03:07:04] Aznwithbeard > huh
[03:07:14] Deadalius Shadelian > just got a 144M kill on em
[03:07:19] Aznwithbeard > nice
[03:07:24] Deadalius Shadelian > so they total 220M
[03:07:29] Deadalius Shadelian > and were at about 30
[03:07:53] Deadalius Shadelian > but they dont dip to diplomatic solutions
[03:08:13] Aznwithbeard > do u guys have a kb?
[03:08:17] Deadalius Shadelian > how much carnage is neccessary before we crush them?
[03:08:34] Deadalius Shadelian > kb?
[03:09:02] Aznwithbeard > killboard.
[03:09:07] Aznwithbeard > also, tempest. nice
[03:09:15] Deadalius Shadelian > ah
[03:09:18] Deadalius Shadelian > u can see?
[03:09:29] Aznwithbeard > i searched ur corp, what else did u kill?
[03:09:36] Deadalius Shadelian > just that
[03:09:41] Deadalius Shadelian > rest was word play
[03:09:50] Deadalius Shadelian > beer?
[03:10:06] Deadalius Shadelian > if i must SAY
[03:10:14] Aznwithbeard > huh?
[03:10:16] Deadalius Shadelian > was mostly to my guidance
[03:10:20] Aznwithbeard > also, u said killed was 220 mil
[03:10:30] Deadalius Shadelian > 44 mill for the other
[03:10:38] Deadalius Shadelian > 170 ish for the temp
[03:11:11] Aznwithbeard > oh yea, the brutix. gotcha
[03:11:15] Aznwithbeard > ur terrible at explinations
[03:11:24] Deadalius Shadelian > i would really like for you to assist, but i know u cant come into ammar
[03:11:32] Deadalius Shadelian > lol i know
[03:11:35] Deadalius Shadelian > sorr
[03:11:42] Aznwithbeard > wow, that tempest fit is fucking terrible
[03:11:56] Deadalius Shadelian > thats their ceo
[03:12:02] Deadalius Shadelian > best foot forward right?
[03:12:07] Deadalius Shadelian > bollocks
[03:12:29] Deadalius Shadelian > as a matter of fact
[03:12:36] Deadalius Shadelian > as soon as they stop the war
[03:12:54] Deadalius Shadelian > i'm thinking about picking it back up
[03:13:12] Deadalius Shadelian > been trying to bait em into it
[03:13:19] Deadalius Shadelian > long talks on the beach
[03:13:22] Deadalius Shadelian > but no bites
[03:13:37] Aznwithbeard > what the fuck are you talking about?
[03:13:56] Deadalius Shadelian > their psycey?
[03:14:03] Deadalius Shadelian > as in i go in
[03:14:08] Deadalius Shadelian > talk em up
[03:14:13] Deadalius Shadelian > diplomatic solution
[03:14:16] Deadalius Shadelian > then BAM
[03:14:22] Deadalius Shadelian > spart all over again
[03:14:32] Deadalius Shadelian > sparta*
[03:14:33] Aznwithbeard > start what over agai n
[03:14:48] Deadalius Shadelian > in laymens terms
[03:15:08] Deadalius Shadelian > i talk them into a diplomatic solution to the war effort aganst each other
[03:15:17] Deadalius Shadelian > isk, ships whatever
[03:15:24] Deadalius Shadelian > and we gather in a central location
[03:15:28] Deadalius Shadelian > then BAM
[03:15:31] Deadalius Shadelian > we kill them all
[03:15:42] Deadalius Shadelian > wam bam thank you mam
[03:16:23] Deadalius Shadelian > not working for u?
[03:16:28] Deadalius Shadelian > worked for that tempist
[03:16:40] Deadalius Shadelian > they have scorpion,and mael too
[03:16:50] Deadalius Shadelian > but i have my domi
[03:16:54] Deadalius Shadelian > so pppfffft
[03:17:02] Deadalius Shadelian > actually, its all dependent
[03:17:26] Deadalius Shadelian > its moar than just internet spaceships man
[03:17:39] Deadalius Shadelian > u can fuck with anyones mind thats conected
[03:18:02] Aznwithbeard > ok lemme read what u wrote
[03:18:29] Aznwithbeard > ok dead, you really gotta do me a favor.
[03:18:42] Aznwithbeard > say out loud what you write, then, if it makes sense, click the enter button.
[03:19:08] Deadalius Shadelian > ok
[03:19:24] Deadalius Shadelian > i'm trying to make them my aquantencise
[03:19:30] Deadalius Shadelian > my friends
[03:19:38] Deadalius Shadelian > while they are still at war
[03:19:42] Deadalius Shadelian > to null th war
[03:19:47] Deadalius Shadelian > to crush them
[03:20:21] Aznwithbeard > also, full thought process, 1 paragraph, multiple enter smashes not nessessary
[03:20:29] Deadalius Shadelian > kk
[03:20:47] Deadalius Shadelian > i'm trying to get an enemy to trust me, so we can stave a war
[03:21:17] Deadalius Shadelian > a war that were winning, and a war that they see as an obligation because of
[03:21:55] Deadalius Shadelian > they started the dec, for easy targets, but were not so easy and i want to lay the god damn hammer down to prove it
[03:22:23] Aznwithbeard > why not just declare the war mutual then?
[03:22:37] Deadalius Shadelian > ....i've been trying
[03:22:49] Aznwithbeard > ur CEO or director has to do it.
[03:22:52] Deadalius Shadelian > so much so that the corp has named me diplomatic
[03:23:49] Aznwithbeard > no, dead, directors/ceos can go into the corp window, and declare the war mutual, meaning it goes on forever until one party surrenders to the other
[03:24:05] Deadalius Shadelian > hmm
[03:24:13] Deadalius Shadelian > kk
[03:24:16] Deadalius Shadelian > i'll bring it up
[03:24:21] Deadalius Shadelian > :) ty
[03:24:27] Aznwithbeard > mhm.
[03:24:47] Deadalius Shadelian > but thats what i've been dealing with
[03:24:59] Deadalius Shadelian > i helped to coordinate that kill
[03:25:34] Aznwithbeard > you gotaa like... stay off the acid deadilious. lol

<3 you dead, please stop using :)

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Azn gets inter-militia aggro (OOC)

Private Communication log ----------------------------------------------------------------

[04:05:50] Sekret > You mad at me?"
[04:06:37] Sekret > Did I do wrong?
[04:06:46] Sekret > to you?
[04:10:01] Sekret > Did I offend you somehow?
[04:10:28] Sekret > Other than telling you the truth about what Mara and others said about you in corp chat?
[04:11:25] Sekret > Nasty is your friend so are many of them... others not so much.
[04:16:47] Sekret Well, dude, I guess you only want to talk one direction so ... you just have a nice day.  I'm not giving you shit in militia chat, unless you start it, no reason for you to handle it any other way.
[04:43:32] Aznwithbeard > was afk, what now?
[04:43:44] Sekret > Nothing, what have I done to offend you?
[04:44:00] Aznwithbeard > not today, no lol
[04:44:11] Sekret > Then the other day?
[04:44:15] Aznwithbeard > whats this stuff u speak of regarding ppl smacking me?
[04:44:48] Sekret > You read it, do you really want it said again?  I do not lie.
[04:45:28] Aznwithbeard > [04:10:28] Sekret > Other than telling you the truth about what Mara and others said about you in corp chat? is the only thing i read
[04:45:30] Sekret > There are people in TRIAD who think you drink too much, cuss too much and are a sloppy FC...
[04:45:56] Sekret > Mara does not like the way you talk when you are an FC and unbless does not trust you.
[04:46:23] Sekret > He thinks you lead fleets to their doom...  I dont know what they will tell you when you ask and really I dont give a shit.
[04:46:38] Aznwithbeard > didnt plan on asking em. lol

[04:47:32] Aznwithbeard > doesnt like the way i speak when i FC? lol
[04:47:46] Sekret > He thinks you drink too much and cuss too much.
[04:48:01] Aznwithbeard > gotta be mara.
[04:48:03] Sekret > **statement removed to protect the player**
[04:48:23] Sekret > **statement removed to protect the player**
[04:48:37] Aznwithbeard >**statement removed to protect the player**
[04:49:18] Garrmor > Course not... not without Mara pushing it and restrepo...  That corp is fighting a religious battle internally and that is fine.  **statement removed to protect the player**
[04:49:53] Garrmor >**statement removed to protect the player**
[04:50:09] Garrmor >**statement removed to protect the player**
[04:50:52] Aznwithbeard > uhh
[04:51:14] Aznwithbeard > i said "**statement removed to protect the player**" i just knew it was comin from the other day.
[04:52:46] Sekret > Umm, ok, my bad, well it got you information you might not have gotten. **statement removed to protect the player**
[04:53:20] Aznwithbeard > gotcha.
[04:53:22] Sekret >**statement removed to protect the player**
[04:53:46] Sekret > but what I told you is what was said in corp chat
[04:54:06] Aznwithbeard > it happens.
[04:54:14] Sekret > Unbless is definately not your friend, Anya is... Mara is not...
[04:54:47] Sekret > Me, I hold your whole corp suspect but I think it is a vetting issue more than anything else.
[04:54:58] Sekret > Im just being honest.
[04:55:02] Aznwithbeard > vetting?
[04:55:03] Aznwithbeard > suspect?
[04:55:06] Aznwithbeard > huh?
[04:55:12] Sekret > Yeah, pirates slip into every corp.
[04:55:18] Sekret > TRIAD included.
[04:55:28] Aznwithbeard > lol
[04:55:53] Sekret > The other evening they were pissed at you because you advertised fleet in the fleet window.  Me I think that is hardly reason to get an attitude... they do.
[04:56:14] Sekret > Way I see it you advertize fleet but not comp.
[04:56:35] Sekret > You want pilots you advertize, but folks are vetted by the FC and those he knows best.
[04:56:52] Aznwithbeard > lets see, me + the other guy that started the corp with me are EX Ushra khan. I have an EX NOIR pilot i flew with for awhile,, someone ive known for a year, and one random dude thats kind of new  [to pvp]. i think my corp is OK. lol
[04:56:55] Sekret > They dont think that way and that is why they are getting there asses kicked in Vard.
[04:57:31] Aznwithbeard > wat is "vetted"?
[04:57:34] Sekret > Well that and Unbless has a plan to take Vard and stage it to take Ama from the pirates?
[04:58:01] Sekret > Vetted means, "identified by a trusted person as another trusted person."
[04:58:37] Aznwithbeard > gotcha.
[04:58:49] Sekre t> You use your trusted friends to identify their trusted friends... thereby minimizing the risk of untrustworthy joiners.
[04:59:08] Sekret > Well anyway it is late for me...  Sleep well.

* Random quotes taken from Militia as I was AFK and not responding to private comms channel*

[ 2011.04.28 03:55:57 ] Sekret > You should have heard the things they said about you in fleet chat,  Azn, the stuff you could not hear.  Sekret LOLS at Azn.
[ 2011.04.28 03:56:24 ] Sekret > Drunk, strong language, all that crap Azn.
[ 2011.04.28 03:58:47 ] Sekret > But Azn, don't give me shit here when they say the same things about you behind your back.
[ 2011.04.28 04:02:37 ] Sekret > Guess Azn gave up on me.
[ 2011.04.28 04:20:17 ] Sekret > But yes, that is exactly what I heard in that corp chat channel...  The night you took over for nitro and told everyone to STFU... *** [ I had still not responded in any channels at this point, he just thought he should reinforce his point 20 minutes later I guess] ***

I drink too much, curse too much, and yell at people when I FC. Goddamn is there any other mother fuckin way to live? Free beers on me. Lets drink til gallente trollops look hot.

<3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3 <3

On a side note, a special welcome to Shane Wolfe, our newest member,  over one year known IG and trusted leader of our ever expanding (lol) carebear detachment.

Aznwithbeards Quote of the something #1

If women really want you to last all night in the bedroom, why do they get so damned angry when you come home drunk?

Monday, April 25, 2011

Some Random Questions (ooc)

I sent out some eve-mails asking people to send me some questions they may have about me, FW, PVP, etc. I got a decent number of replies, and a few duplicate answers.  Without further adieu;

Are you really Asian? - No, 1/2 Italian and 1/2 a euro mutt.

Do you have a beard? Yea, my girl hates it when I shave my face.

Y U NO FLY FRIGATES ANYMOAR!?  I feel as though frigates are way too fragile for my type of flying. If I am flying a frigate, Its generally T1, as T2 Frig prices are just dumb. (20-25 mil for T2 frig, or 20-30 mil for t2 Fit cruiser, which outdps and outtanks the frigs)

What is your vision of a "good fight"? A fight where you do not know who is going to win before the engagement begins. Where we know what they have, they know what we have, no one hot drops, no one brings in reinforcements, just a good old fashioned slug-fest (preferably with no ewar or logistics)

Male or female in real life? Male

Male or female toon i game? 2 toons, both male. My gf has a toon on my alts account, which is female (and she never plays), and has never had an active training queue.

Why did you pick what you picked? I have always been drawn to being the underdog, though, as I now have 2 minmatar pvp toons, i really wish one was either gallente or amarrian (for the battleships)

What do you think of people who play the opposite sex in Eve (or any game)? If they like playing it, let em play it. It has no bearing on me to be honest. I do hate that men drool over females playing MMORGS or FPS etc. You guys need to leave your house more.

Martial status? On and off with my girl for 4.5 years, who is currently pushing for marriage and children.

If you are in a relationship, what does your partner think about eve and the time you spend on eve?  Its definitely been a problem since day one. When I play console games it does not bother her, hell sometimes shell take the controller from me (she loves call of duty) but for some reason, she HATES EVE WITH A PASSION. The only reason she has a toon was for when she was living at her parents, and I didn't pick up the phone. She would log in eve and PM me. However, in her defense, I play this stupid game way too much and should (and have been trying to) log off when she gets home from work.

If you were to get married, would your eve playing habits change? If so, how? That, my friend, is a good question. THBI currently live with the girlfriend, so I don't think marriage would change it too much, I think children would, though.

If you were to get married, if your spouse played eve, do you think that would help or hurt your marriage? Why? I think it would be awesome to be able to fly around with my lady blowing shit up. That could be construed as "her and me" time right?

Does any member of your family play eve? I know absolutely no one IRL who plays eve.

Why Minmatar FW? Some of the other corps/alliances I was in had "scheduled" PVP or CTAs. I didn't really want to do that anymore. I want to log in, shoot stuff, and log off. Logging in at 4am to shoot a POS tower or fight an enemy BS fleet is just kind of.... stupid/obsessive to me.

What do you like best of FW? an endless amount of bible-thumpers to kill.

What do you like the least of FW? The fact that our side (as well as our enemies) feel the need to outclass/number their targets before engaging, almost every time.

What would be your ultimate adventure for one night of fw? To where? flying what? Against whom or for what purpose? A night long battle royale, just fighting across a few systems for several hours. Constant explosions on both sides, you died? reship and get back into the fight. No cap drops, no blobs, just good old fashioned brawling all night.

How do you finance or make isk for continued PvP? Since joining my first nulsec alliance ( that would also be the time I started PVPing) I generally made money by scooping the loot of downed enemy ships, saving them up, and selling it in highsec, which I still do to this day. Every once in a while I'll get lucky and find an offlined pos (or ridiculously stupid person in a faction fitted ship)  with officer/deadspace/faction mods in it, which is always nice. I have never actually bought a plex or GTC, which I am kind of proud of.

Does being in Factional Warfare handicap or enhance your ability to finance the continued PvP? Ehh, I have been in it for about 3 months, and I have about the same amount of ISK I had when I started so I'd say about the same. Maybe a little more of a pain as I die more regularly. However I could do some FW missions and make massive isk (apparently) if I need to.

Is the amount of isk earned from doing Factional Warfare missions equal to regular missions? you get A LOT of LP for doing almost nothing in FW missions, also, certain items from the TLF ( tribal liberation force [the main entity of fw] ) store are discounted GREATLY giving you a lot more isk/LP. For example, a stabber fleet issue costs only 45k LP from the TLF store whereas its 90k (100k?) LP from somewhere like Brutor Tribe.

While in Factional Warfare, can Player Corporations not involved with Factional Warfare declare war on your Corporation? Yes, and Vice versa. I can wardec any corporation I want at the moment, just as they can wardec me.

Is there a lot of Pod kill's in Factional Warfare? All the time ( ive been lucky so far)

Do you use Jump Clones? yea, but mostly to move between the implants I have installed, not to relocate

Attribute and Hardwiring Implants installed? Both usually.

What level or type of implants? Between my toons I have +2s, +3s,+4s,+5s, LG slaves, LG crystals. I think everything but the +2s have hardwiring installed as well.

Favorite Fight? Without a doubt this.  I Used to take out small cruiser gangs like that all the time just looking for fights, and for some reason, That has always just been like, my favorite fight, 3 cruisers, a bomber, and a (very new player who was way too close) dictor vs a recon, a BC, and a bomber where everything dies but me and two bombers? Awesome fun. I remember being at like 15% structure when the brutix finally went down, trying to loot the field with around 10 hostiles in the station we just fought on; Was all good fun though.

Favorite ship? I don't really have one. I have my own flavors of the month (bellicose at the moment). If I had to pick I would say Cyclone or rupture. Theyre both REALLY awesome ships that can be fit quite cheaply and put the hurt on. (another favorite is myrmidon, but to be honest it costs about double what the cyclone does, and I am cheap IG and IRL.)

Favorite Previous Corp? MSCS, part of UK. Only Corp that really made me feel like I was part of a family.

If I missed a question, or have some of your own, feel free to drop me a line.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Their God keeps them dumb

Having just killed two dominix, I dock up and repair my cyclone for the fifth time in a little more then 12 hours. Poor little buggers bulkheads already have hairline cracks, shes gunna die soon. I report back to the Huola gate and jump in to find a hurricane at range about to get tackled by a friendly frigate, and proceed to hold cloak until I get that confirmation on my HUD.

A friendly firetail lands point on the Hurricane, at which point a few friendly frigates joining in the fight, but as I am not in fleet with anyone, I am unsure of our numbers and getting into neut range of a Hurricane is always bad news for a Cyclone. Throwing caution to the wind, I MWD the 50km and provide heavy tackle on the target. Resigned to his fate he doesn't even try to target be, and his shields are dropping rather quick.

At this point a enemy rapier lands on the gate 50km away and now I am a little nervous. The Hurricane is dying but I am unsure if my ship will make it back to the gate in time if they have a gang en route. The Rapier starts moving at MWD speeds towards me and I know I am a goner. 45km, 38km, 30km and I lock him up. 25km, 18km (wait what? drop point on hurricane) 15km (overload warp scrambler and MWD and fly towards rapier) 10km and SCRAMMMMM. Leave the drones on the Hurricane in hull and focus fire on the rapier. Full overload, I don't care if you're in a gang you're dead mate. Hurricane explodes (artillery? you fail at life), Rapier shortly after.  No one comes to help, though a few enemies jump out of the system during and after the fight. Seems we lost the hero tackling firetail. Loot the field, dock up to repair my top slots, and give the firetail pilot his share of the loot.

Apparently a friendly BC helps out a little bit, and the falcon explains the lack of locks on my hull (opens the question of why did the firetail die, however, or why the rapier pilot decided fighting in scram range was a good idea).

The pilot begins broadcasting in local communications that we shouldn't have used the ECM boat (which, seriously, arty cane and rapier? We definitely did not need his help, though appreciated) I point out that the ECM pilot did not really matter, as he stupidly brought himself into the scram range of a MWD battlecruiser.  This starts a debate.

::: Uploading Log of Huola Local Communications - Starting [ 2011.04.19 18:06:21 ] Ending [ 2011.04.19 18:29:05 ] :::

[ 2011.04.19 18:06:21 ] Aznwithbeard > gf
[ 2011.04.19 18:06:25 ] Hissan > gf but gay ecm usage :P
[ 2011.04.19 18:06:50 ] Aznwithbeard > wouldnt have mattered.
[ 2011.04.19 18:06:54 ] Aznwithbeard > u came in scram range
[ 2011.04.19 18:06:55 ] Maglor Shaye > ecm's always gay when not yours
[ 2011.04.19 18:07:00 ] Wynning Blodtann > gf hissan
[ 2011.04.19 18:07:05 ] Hissan > it wud of been a better fight for everyone if that falcon hadnt come in
[ 2011.04.19 18:07:25 ] Hissan > more challenging for every1, ud of been fucked whoever scrambed me if i wasnt jammed :P
[ 2011.04.19 18:07:52 ] Hissan > so yes it wud have mattered :P
[ 2011.04.19 18:08:30 ] Zenton Karvash > lol well thats not a whole hell of alot of incentive for them to not jam you is it?
[ 2011.04.19 18:08:43 ] Maglor Shaye > Confirmed, we love to lose
[ 2011.04.19 18:08:57 ] Hissan > true :P however they had more on the field
[ 2011.04.19 18:09:00 ] Maglor Shaye > I'll just go reproc my falcon
[ 2011.04.19 18:09:17 ] Hissan > if u have more on the field than enemy, dont be gay and bring in ewar
[ 2011.04.19 18:09:28 ] Hissan > as well :P
[ 2011.04.19 18:10:04 ] Aznwithbeard > ehhh
[ 2011.04.19 18:10:11 ] Aznwithbeard > tmk we had my BC and some frigs.
[ 2011.04.19 18:10:28 ] Aznwithbeard > u had an arty cane which got tackled = he was dead without ecm, u got within scram range of me = ur dead too.
[ 2011.04.19 18:10:32 ] Aznwithbeard > ecm didnt matter.
[ 2011.04.19 18:10:59 ] Hissan > lmao u had 2 bcs, and whoever scrambed me would of died if i wasnt jammed :P
[ 2011.04.19 18:11:04 ] Kiki LeBoutier > perfect plan
[ 2011.04.19 18:11:16 ] Aznwithbeard > that was me hissan, and.... uhhh... no
[ 2011.04.19 18:11:26 ] Hissan > u have parkinsons?
[ 2011.04.19 18:11:33 ] Kiki LeBoutier > u guys need to 1v1
[ 2011.04.19 18:11:38 ] Kiki LeBoutier > thats the only way i see of resolving this
[ 2011.04.19 18:11:44 ] Aznwithbeard > do u really think a rapier is gunna solo a cyclone man?
[ 2011.04.19 18:11:44 ] Hissan > because i pretty sure if u wanna bring a scrambing ship against another rapier
[ 2011.04.19 18:11:44 ] Zenton Karvash > Confirmed.
[ 2011.04.19 18:11:47 ] Hissan > id own it :P
[ 2011.04.19 18:11:53 ] Zenton Karvash > ...
[ 2011.04.19 18:11:54 ] Zenton Karvash > lololol
[ 2011.04.19 18:12:12 ] Zenton Karvash > Anz you better back off m8 this guy seems pro :P
[ 2011.04.19 18:12:13 ] Kiki LeBoutier > can a rapier even break a typical active-tanked cyclone?
[ 2011.04.19 18:12:15 ] Maglor Shaye > rapiers are win soloboats
[ 2011.04.19 18:12:22 ] Maglor Shaye > with mad deeps
[ 2011.04.19 18:12:25 ] Kiki LeBoutier > lol
[ 2011.04.19 18:12:29 ] Aznwithbeard > yea man confirming his 200ish DPS would rape my cyclone
[ 2011.04.19 18:12:44 ] Hissan > no cudnt of broke a cyclones tank tbf, but i cud of got to a range where u cudnt do jack but i cud keep shooting :P
[ 2011.04.19 18:13:06 ] Hissan > u think u mwd is goin to go that fast when ur double webbed :P
[ 2011.04.19 18:13:20 ] Kiki LeBoutier > double web = fail
[ 2011.04.19 18:13:23 ] Kiki LeBoutier > triple web rapier ftw
[ 2011.04.19 18:13:27 ] Zenton Karvash > So how were you going to kill him?
[ 2011.04.19 18:13:33 ] Zenton Karvash > when you ran out of ammo.
[ 2011.04.19 18:13:35 ] Maglor Shaye > with webs duh
[ 2011.04.19 18:13:37 ] Hissan > the hurricane :P
[ 2011.04.19 18:13:37 ] Cicevo > I hear that MWDs work really well when scrammed
[ 2011.04.19 18:13:41 ] Maglor Shaye > they do mad deeps
[ 2011.04.19 18:13:56 ] Hissan > i thought the hurricane cud of taken the other bc/bcs while i help control movement on the field :P
[ 2011.04.19 18:14:00 ] Hissan > and take out support
[ 2011.04.19 18:14:09 ] Aznwithbeard > i hear he thinks he could outrange me once hes scrammed provided his webs work
[ 2011.04.19 18:14:10 ] Wynning Blodtann > you went too close
[ 2011.04.19 18:14:36 ] Hissan > if u get scrammed in a rapier, u can get away easy
[ 2011.04.19 18:14:39 ] Hissan > with the webs
[ 2011.04.19 18:14:41 ] Aznwithbeard > no u cant
[ 2011.04.19 18:14:46 ] Hesir Volund > no you cant
[ 2011.04.19 18:14:47 ] Hesir Volund > lol
[ 2011.04.19 18:14:51 ] Aznwithbeard > ur dual web will NOT outrun my mwd while ur scrammed
[ 2011.04.19 18:14:54 ] Hesir Volund > you die if you get scrammed by a frig
[ 2011.04.19 18:15:07 ] Maglor Shaye > or let's say a scramweb harbi?
[ 2011.04.19 18:15:08 ] Hissan > ye a frig something like a dram :P
[ 2011.04.19 18:15:15 ] Hissan > but not a bc :P
[ 2011.04.19 18:15:40 ] Maglor Shaye > bcs can fit webs noob
[ 2011.04.19 18:15:45 ] Aznwithbeard > ok go get another rapier, come into my scram range, and well see.
[ 2011.04.19 18:15:54 ] Hissan > ....... i wasnt getting webbed tho?
[ 2011.04.19 18:15:55 ] Aznwithbeard > ill 1v1 under those conditions
[ 2011.04.19 18:16:07 ] Hissan > oh ye and get blobbed?
[ 2011.04.19 18:16:13 ] Aznwithbeard > i just said id 1v1
[ 2011.04.19 18:16:19 ] Maglor Shaye > Yeah but it traches your I'm immune to BCs argument
[ 2011.04.19 18:16:21 ] Hissan > 1v1 dont end well in militia fights :P
[ 2011.04.19 18:16:26 ] Aznwithbeard > sure they do
[ 2011.04.19 18:16:40 ] Hissan > no they don't lol ive done them before
[ 2011.04.19 18:16:50 ] Aznwithbeard >
[ 2011.04.19 18:16:51 ] Aznwithbeard > see?
[ 2011.04.19 18:16:57 ] Aznwithbeard > honored 1v1 on both ends
[ 2011.04.19 18:17:43 ] Hissan > lol :P gud luck with that
[ 2011.04.19 18:18:13 ] Aznwithbeard > so.. what ur saying is, ur not gunna prove me wrong despite my linking of honored 1v1s cuz u know ur wrong c/d?
[ 2011.04.19 18:18:36 ] Kiki LeBoutier > CDFE on active tanked cyclone?
[ 2011.04.19 18:18:38 ] Kiki LeBoutier > wut?
[ 2011.04.19 18:18:52 ] Aznwithbeard > contract.
[ 2011.04.19 18:18:56 ] Hissan > no im not gonna prove u wrong, because a) i'll get blobbed b) i won't kill you c) i need to go a buy another rapier first
[ 2011.04.19 18:19:05 ] Aznwithbeard > 13 mil kiki, isk counts!
[ 2011.04.19 18:19:27 ] Aznwithbeard > also, again, ill 1v1 you, why would I want a blob wrecking a perfectly hilarious KM
[ 2011.04.19 18:19:53 ] Hissan > because ur a minmatard :)
[ 2011.04.19 18:19:54 ] Zenton Karvash > Hes not going to 1v1 you he knows he'll lose be is unwilling to conceed the argument.
[ 2011.04.19 18:20:03 ] Aznwithbeard > lololololololololol i know
[ 2011.04.19 18:20:05 ] Aznwithbeard > its just hilarious
[ 2011.04.19 18:20:11 ] Aznwithbeard > welcome to my blog post hissan
[ 2011.04.19 18:20:14 ] Kiki LeBoutier > what was that about 13 mil isk? also i wanted to say nice fit
[ 2011.04.19 18:20:21 ] Kiki LeBoutier > i like x-l boosted cyclones
[ 2011.04.19 18:20:27 ] Aznwithbeard > i bought the cyclone on contract for 13 mil isk. lol
[ 2011.04.19 18:20:31 ] Aznwithbeard > or 16 actually.
[ 2011.04.19 18:20:32 ] Kiki LeBoutier > oh shit
[ 2011.04.19 18:20:32 ] Maglor Shaye > I never concede arguments. Too much fun arguing
[ 2011.04.19 18:20:33 ] Kiki LeBoutier > nice one!!!
[ 2011.04.19 18:20:46 ] Aznwithbeard > not fit, just rigged, so i was like, feh... good enough
[ 2011.04.19 18:20:52 ] Kiki LeBoutier > still, doesnt hurt to change 1 rig lol, particularly that cheap
[ 2011.04.19 18:20:54 ] Kiki LeBoutier > but w/e
[ 2011.04.19 18:21:00 ] Aznwithbeard > i know, i prob just forgot
[ 2011.04.19 18:21:27 ] Hissan > im not gonna be able to kill him - the debate is whether i can get out of range
[ 2011.04.19 18:21:41 ] Hissan > and brb food - we will continue this when i get back ;)
[ 2011.04.19 18:21:44 ] Maglor Shaye > under scram, maybe, slowly
[ 2011.04.19 18:22:05 ] Kiki LeBoutier > hissan try a loki
[ 2011.04.19 18:22:20 ] Aznwithbeard > if he has 2x web and a LP, and i have scram and a mwd, hes dead.
[ 2011.04.19 18:22:24 ] Kiki LeBoutier > webs of a rapier + deeps of a BC
[ 2011.04.19 18:22:40 ] Aznwithbeard > the rapier is doing like 250 dps max tbh kiki
[ 2011.04.19 18:22:44 ] Kiki LeBoutier > also confirming what azn said
[ 2011.04.19 18:23:29 ] Aznwithbeard > hell man, i wont even kill u if u want. you can just see im right. shame to lose an epic minmatar hull to stupidity.
[ 2011.04.19 18:27:14 ] Kiki LeBoutier > i dont like rapier
[ 2011.04.19 18:27:21 ] Kiki LeBoutier > i think huginn is better
[ 2011.04.19 18:28:20 ] Aznwithbeard > huginn is tankier, rapier is better
[ 2011.04.19 18:28:31 ] Aznwithbeard > cuz it just appears and you go, shit im fucked
[ 2011.04.19 18:28:58 ] Cicevo > Unless it MWDs into a fight
[ 2011.04.19 18:29:05 ] Aznwithbeard > lololololololoololol

::: Ending Log of Huola Local Communications :::

The pilot is under the assumption that given no jamming ships present and scrambled by a shield tanking battlecruiser capable of over 1700 M/S, his (now MWDless) Rapier with its 2x stasis webifiers could eventually gain enough range (before dying) to get himself clear of the fight.

Things to consider;

1. He has no speed modifications to his ship other then his MWD. At full power with decent skills and a shut down MWD he is moving (with average skills) approximately 240m/s.

Assuming my calculations are correct (top speed no heat = 1266 x .4 (1 web) = 506.4 x .4 (2nd web) I am going around 202m/s, which is (albeit only slightly) slower then his rapier. However, using the same formula with my MWD overheated (his DPS is piss poor, so I don't really need to worry about running the booster too much and I am cap stable until out of boosters, which I will not be any time soon), I am going approximately 287m/s, enough to keep pace with the rapier.

2. I am in a battlecruiser capable of approximately 500 DPS. He is in a lightly tanked Recon Cruiser at point blank range. Argument is now invalid.

3. his webs outreach his long points range of 24KM somewhere around completion of the training program "Recon Ships Level 3". Why was he anywhere NEAR warp scrambler range?

4. He is Amarrian. He preyed to his god to help him win this fight. His god failed him. Better read more Pax Amarria until your god loves you.

5. Matar victor.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Sleepless night # 2

I wake up to Smith shaking me awake, seems I was screaming in my sleep again. I feel bad, this is the fourth night in a month I've woken her up, somethings got to give.

Unable to sleep I make my way down to my hanger, maybe the deadness of space with soothe me. Perform various system checks, plus in my engineering and gunnery chips, will have to pilot and micromanage the drones manually. Can't lose another crew. Won't lose another crew. Cracks in the cyclone beginning to show, brought her in from Rens and shes been in structure quite a few times. Technician says if I drop below 75% structure, the middle of the ship will rip apart, he can't reinforce the bulkheads anymore, there's nothing left to reinforce.

Seems pretty quiet, head to vard system, HTH scum have been hanging out there as of late. Lot of docking games, but nothing better to do. Seems they've aggressed Mara Abrahams Hurricane, and I move in to help. Couple of BCs and a BS are ripping his tank to pieces, friendly falcon lands, lands some jams, Mara bails. I am not in range to tackle anything, no one dies.... shame. Poke on of their older pilots in a Harbinger to duel, he declines. Pussies, all of them. Finally get a capsuleer that graduated a month after me to bite, but hes in a shield hurricane and wants to play at a safespot. I am in a cyclone. Confirming it did not end well. 50% armor remaining on him when I exploded. Might have had him but a comms panel exploded, causing temporary blindness and I did not have the ability to click the injector in time. Almost lost the pod.

Head back to Rens and build two more, turn around and motor back towards Auga. En route to faction space there are some friendlies asking for pilots to join fleet. I oblige and get to he Huola gate just as one of the members gets aggressed by a harbinger. Shameful pilot that refused to duel me.  Would have taken me with that fit, shame he has no balls. Intel says there are two WTs in Arzad, just 5 jumps away. Most of the fleet go one way, I go the shorter way.

Jump into Roushzar, Neutral pilot in a Tengu. Tackles me and opens fire. My systems are pretty well warmed up and this ship has just been assembled, so I shoot back. He is not doing significant damage to me, but the length of the battle is starting to take its toll. My cap is emptying and the cap injector can't keep up, my armor is all but gone, and I have some structure bleed. Mechanic is gunna punch me in the face when he sees this.

Friendly bomber shows up at some point, paints the target for me and damps the tengu (not really needed, HAMs won't hit his bomber, and I'm nose to nose with him). A fleet member in a tackler shows up but the tengu starts deaggressing hoping to jump out of the system, so I tell him to jump to the other side and overload my guns. My shields are back up to full HP, my guns are mostly burnt out and hes jumping out at any second. Risk more heat, fleet members finally start to land in system, another friendly bomber launches a salv of missiles and that ends the tengu.

Did I really just (mostly) solo a GCCed tengu in a Cyclone? Did one of the bombers seriously get the killmail? SO MUCH RAGE. I was so angry and excited I accidentally the local channel after he exploded. -

[ 2011.04.18 06:18:55 ] Aznwithbeard > fuck you
[ 2011.04.18 06:19:52 ] Aznwithbeard > sorry i got excited. gf
[ 2011.04.18 06:19:59 ] triplesol69 > gf
[ 2011.04.18 06:20:56 ] CazbonC26 > gf guys

Shame it wasn't a solo kill though, I'd have bragging rights for days if it was.

Docked back up in Huola to spot repair my ship. Fleet member in a bomber went to go scout Arzad, seemed to take him a while. Intel says the WT is in a drake and almost just took down one of our brothers ships. Fleet is en route, but the WT docks up when I jump into system to bait.Warp around a bit, find a neutral pilot in a tengu on the gate with me. He jumps, I jump. I'm feeling lucky even thought we really only have 2 or 3 DPS ships and a bunch of frigates, so I scramble its engines. At that same moment, the WT drake undocks and aggresses one of our fleet members hurricane. I tell everyone to not worry bout the tengu and go kill the drake, but at this point the tengu has aggressed one of  our frig pilots (who GCCed in a taranis) as I warp off. One of our harbingers opens fire on him and it seems the drake is a non-issue, I spin around and help the binger pilot take down the MIGHTY T3.  Two T3 kills in one night, and neither is faction fit.... shame. We lose a sabre, taranis, and bomber in the fight however (why are frigates shooting neutral T3s on gates?), my thoughts go out to the crews who lost their lives. Dock back up and send loot to the downed pilots, rep my completely overheated mods (once again) and prepare to undock.

Smith opens up a channel and demands I come back to Auga and sleep, or no nookie for a month. I'm quite tired anyway, and nookie is nookie. Make my way back and our FC crossjumps a Hurricane, I miss the scram and the rest of fleet is behind me. He docks and I start motoring back home. He eventually lands at range from our FC and engages. I am only one jump out and eventually get in on the action. Its the Hurricane pilot I dueled earlier in the night. A chance at redemption, sort of. I overheat my MWD and eventually land a scrambler on the damned thing, at which point it melts under BC, Navy cruiser, and frigate fire. 

Scoop the loot and motor back to Auga. Dock the ship, write down the cyclones launch codes and hand it to the on-duty mechanic, who promptly throws a box of Phased Plasma S at my face.

Mechanic - " You literally got this ship three hours ago, its already been in hull twice, its invul burnt out once, two guns and all its rockets are currently offlined, and your entire midslot rack is 90% burnt out!!!"

I turn to the mechanic, smile at him, turn on the view screen and load up the current list of ships killed in the past three hours. His eyes open real wide, his jaw gapes wide open, and I calmly state "all in a days work for The Republic."

New member for OMGROFLSTOMP

We've recently accepted our fourth member into OMGROFLSTOMP, Duke Thunderhorse. I flew with him a bit in NOIR. He has his own blog found here. Bit of a noob, pretty much on par with rendeath. but we shall mold them into epic pilots.

Sleepless night #1

Wake up shaking from the nights latest nightmare, thankfully didn't wake Smith. Browse the intel channels as I walk to the hanger deck. Militia member wants some support, fast skirmish ships that can get out easily. My crew leader asks who I want roused out of bed? I say let them sleep. Ask him if he can man the few vital systems I can not by himself. He says he'll try. We jump in a freshly build Stabber Class Cruiser.

Meet up with the fleet and we head towards providence, the region is pretty quiet these days but I hope one day Ushra'Khan can secure the region once again and return it to its slave-less roots. Tea kills himself a dramiel and a malediction in 4B- as on of our pilots asks for help in KBP. We make haste, but he loses his Caracal Navy Issue to a few neutral pilots in pirate hulls en route. We attempt to engage again, but they run to highsec.

Militia member reporting a BC gang of 5 in a lowsec system nearby, Kamela, and we make haste for the system. We tell the pilot (who has a fleet of his own, but can not take the gang by themselves) to aggress the gang, but the communication comes to late and we are forced to jump into Kamela by the Amarr navy, and the enemy gang scatters into space like rats.

We kill of a slaver as he attempts to meet up with his gang, then move back into Kourmonen and spread out in attempt to find more. After a while, I start attacking a Hurricane on a nearby station, which does not agress me. I go back to the Huola stargate by myself to hold the gate while the fleet runs around. Hurricane pilot lands on top of me, starts shooting. I'm scrambled and my tank is breaking, but I do not want to leave the field until the fleet has a confirmed point. Someone in fleet jumps into me, gets point, and I jump into Huola, spin around, and jump back into Kourm. Seems a Harbinger has landed as well, Kill the cane, Point the harbinger,  pop the hurricane pilots capsule, and destroy the Harbinger. Almost lost one of our frigs, but he lasted longer then the Harbinger.

Another Hurricane lands shortly after, Tea gets a scram on it and it dies, but  we lose teaearlgrays dramiel in the process.

A bit later I dock up to find some crewmen awake, and ask them If they'd like a chance to help fly a battlecruiser from the bridge with the captain. They agree. Its not very often that you see mere crewmen running gunnery, engineering, and propulsion systems, right place right time, and a good story for them, If they make it out alive. We undock a cyclone and make our way back to the huola stargate.

A fleet member finds a Legion at range in a complex in Huola, and warps to his safespot near the legion as the legion warps to the beacon at zero. Seems the legion pilot want to play and our harbinger pilot warps back down and aggress the enemys legion. Points called, I jump in, not sure if we have enough to take him. Harbinger pilot starts getting jumpy on comms, seems his tank is failing and he needs to bail. One of our frigates land, gets point and the Harbinger pulls out. I land and grab secondary point, tell frigate pilot to pull range. Legion starts opening up on me, and he hurts. Some stragglers ask me to wait to kill him, so we can all share the glory, and I do for a moment. Legion is shortly after repped back up to full health and my tank is starting to break, I can not wait any longer and tell everyone to destroy it. I am not losing crewmen and ship for another capsuleers glory.

I scoop the faction/deadspace loot and hurry back to Kourmonen. As the crew and I repair my ships badly overheated modules, the fleet discusses what to do with the modules. We finally decide that I would buy them out, and sell off the looted items whenever I got the chance. (it was gone in 30 minutes). Seems a wartarget in a harbinger wanted A fight in Huola, and agresses one of our pilots. Fleet member aggresses back, and a neutral in a guardian starts repping the war target. I land last, the guardian is too far off so I call for overload at which point the Harbinger dies. Don't know if he would have died had we not overloaded TBH.

A friend of mine then tells me of a fleet on the Dital gate in KBP of approximately 6 BC and 2 BS (including a Bhaalgorn). We quickly get in BCs and end up being 6 BCs and a neutral buddy in a thorax. We take pretty long to reship, and now a gang of wartarget BCs are in the area.

One of our fleet aggresses a lone Hurricane on the huola gate, at which point I decide to go help, even though its a trap. Almost kill the hurricane before his gang arrives, pretty much 10 BCs with 2 guardians. Fun. I'm webbed, neuted, and scrammed, but not primary. Another Pilot has a long point on me. I look at my crewmens faces as I drop some jam drones and aggress the pilot shooting me. Tell my crewmember at gunnery to overload all guns, tell propulsion to ready the overheat of the MWD if we can get it, and tell engineering to make sure that cap injects perfectly.  Align to the Lamaa gate, Jam hits, overload the MWD, 1k, 4k, 6k, 7k and my jams miss. Webbed again but inertia gives me the range i need. Quickly move out of long point range and warp away. We lost a drake and a hurricane, they lost nothing.

Takes us a bit for the pilots who lost ships to get into other ones, but it eventually gets done. Bait drakes go into KBP first and start firing, the neutral fleet begins to.... jump out? WHAT? At this point I am tired, head back to Auga, shaking my head the whole way back at the pilots who would run from a gang smaller and outclassed. Hit the station, tell the crew members to get some shut eye, and roll into bed.

The Past Few Days

Haven't been able to sleep much lately, nightmares of ships lost and dead crewmens faces have been taking their toll. It's impossible for me to remember them all now, too many ships lost, too many pods killed, I don't feel like a person anymore.

It's all second nature now. Try to get as many crew members off the ship when I know it will not be coming out alive, try to have the ship live long enough for a few of the escape pods to get away, close my eyes and think of free Pator.

Wake up out of breath and screaming with no idea how I got there, what I lost, or if Smith is still alive. Worker flushes out the synthetic amniotic fluid. I fall to my knees from the stasis capsule gasping for air. The memories hit me. Open up a communication channel with the station computer and attempt in vain to contact Smith while I sprint to the elevator to my hangers deck.

Sprint to the old iron casing that was given to me by my mother, and jam some hardwiring implants, my communications chip, and maybe some boosts to my neural net straight into my head. Shake off the pain. Jump in the nearest ship and check the log. Always a new message. Always Smith assuring me shes safe, followed always by her screaming about my tactics, my failure, and how we can not keep throwing ISK away by losing ships, insurance just doesn't keep up anymore. Lastly she always says a prayer for the lost lives of the crewmen who did not escape.

I then wait for Smith to return while I ponder my past transgressions. I stare out the viewing window the station and watch the ships undock, waiting for smith to return. The crew members of those ships I see undocking may not survive the day, and for them, I prey. They are dying for the freedom of their people, for which I have the utmost respect for, simply because I will never have that honor as an immortal capsuleer.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Some Militia Chat Lulz (OOC)

[ 2011.04.14 04:55:57 ] CAPITAN SEREGA > Vard Звездная система  huruicane enemy
[ 2011.04.14 04:56:09 ] Aznwithbeard > u gunna get a point on him? if so ill come
[ 2011.04.14 04:57:09 ] Aznwithbeard > ok moving on then
[ 2011.04.14 04:57:14 ] CAPITAN SEREGA > i need help
[ 2011.04.14 04:57:23 ] Aznwithbeard > FFS then say it, what are you in?
[ 2011.04.14 04:57:43 ] Aznwithbeard > where are u etc.
[ 2011.04.14 04:57:46 ] Aznwithbeard > you know, intel
[ 2011.04.14 04:57:55 ] CAPITAN SEREGA > nasty1  let's kill him
[ 2011.04.14 04:58:01 ] Aznwithbeard > OMFG u dumb?
[ 2011.04.14 04:58:35 ] are34 > lol
[ 2011.04.14 04:58:43 ] Aznwithbeard > WHERE ARE YOU IN VARD DUMB DUMB
[ 2011.04.14 04:59:08 ] CAPITAN SEREGA > eee
[ 2011.04.14 04:59:21 ] Aznwithbeard > EEE DOE NOT HELP ME
[ 2011.04.14 05:00:43 ] CAPITAN SEREGA > why?
[ 2011.04.14 05:00:54 ] Aznwithbeard > youre fuckin retarded arent you?
[ 2011.04.14 05:02:09 ] Aznwithbeard > im pretty sure ur getting wardecced on principal capitan
[ 2011.04.14 05:03:06 ] CAPITAN SEREGA > i don't underst, what meen the word fucking?
[ 2011.04.14 05:03:35 ] Roderak Pleem > what we have here... is a failure to communicate..
[ 2011.04.14 05:03:49 ] Bella Liquor > lol
[ 2011.04.14 05:06:54 ] Aznwithbeard > yup youre an idiot.
[ 2011.04.14 05:08:11 ] Roderak Pleem > very ummm.. consistent in the low slots
[ 2011.04.14 05:08:33 ] CAPITAN SEREGA > why are you so angre
[ 2011.04.14 05:08:55 ] Bella Liquor > why would u take on 4 to 1 in a cynbal lol
[ 2011.04.14 05:09:09 ] Aznwithbeard > cuz you dont give intel well, go EEEE, have a terrible killboard, and you spell captain the french way.
[ 2011.04.14 05:09:18 ] Bella Liquor > azn
[ 2011.04.14 05:09:24 ] Bella Liquor > get in a cane or something
[ 2011.04.14 05:09:30 ] Bella Liquor > i wanna test dps on this ship
[ 2011.04.14 05:09:33 ] Vasor Mag > cynabal can take on 4
[ 2011.04.14 05:09:34 ] Aznwithbeard > k
[ 2011.04.14 05:09:54 ] Bella Liquor > not his lol
[ 2011.04.14 05:10:28 ] Aznwithbeard > drop a can bella
[ 2011.04.14 05:10:28 ] Bella Liquor > so u get a stabber lol
[ 2011.04.14 05:10:39 ] Aznwithbeard > lol it will tank ur astarte
[ 2011.04.14 05:10:49 ] Aznwithbeard > maybe
[ 2011.04.14 05:12:25 ] Aznwithbeard > link ur fit?
[ 2011.04.14 05:12:36 ] Bella Liquor > trying to find best range as well
[ 2011.04.14 05:12:49 ] Aznwithbeard > ur gallente, 1m
[ 2011.04.14 05:13:29 ] Aznwithbeard > link fit?
[ 2011.04.14 05:14:06 ] Dragon Rider1 > hey militia
[ 2011.04.14 05:14:27 ] Dragon Rider1 > just activated my account with hours fer plex anyone wanna do me a favor and help me get a plex
[ 2011.04.14 05:14:33 ] Dragon Rider1 > ill pay ya back i swear :)
[ 2011.04.14 05:14:40 ] Aznwithbeard > no
[ 2011.04.14 05:14:43 ] Aznwithbeard > stop scamming
[ 2011.04.14 05:14:46 ] Aznwithbeard > go away now
[ 2011.04.14 05:14:51 ] Dragon Rider1 > im not scamming
[ 2011.04.14 05:15:02 ] Dragon Rider1 > aznwithbeard you seem upset
[ 2011.04.14 05:15:13 ] Dragon Rider1 > is there anything you wanna tell everyone??
[ 2011.04.14 05:15:19 ] Aznwithbeard > no i just dont like when militia members attempt to scam militia members.
[ 2011.04.14 05:15:27 ] Aznwithbeard > go scam rens like u usually do and be done with it
[ 2011.04.14 05:15:30 ] Dragon Rider1 > im actualy not
[ 2011.04.14 05:15:34 ] Dragon Rider1 > rens?
[ 2011.04.14 05:16:07 ] Aznwithbeard > ive watched u guys scam rens.
[ 2011.04.14 05:16:12 ] Dragon Rider1 > im not scamming lol
[ 2011.04.14 05:16:17 ] Dragon Rider1 > whos guys?
[ 2011.04.14 05:16:22 ] Aznwithbeard > tempest legion
[ 2011.04.14 05:16:30 ] stella blu > doin the rens rag; spam that scam
[ 2011.04.14 05:16:36 ] Dragon Rider1 > i dont affiliate with them lol
[ 2011.04.14 05:16:52 ] Dragon Rider1 > i just joined them cause i know one o their people in rl
[ 2011.04.14 05:18:12 ] Aznwithbeard > dont ask here, ask in corp if anything.
[ 2011.04.14 05:18:29 ] Dragon Rider1 > already have no resonse
[ 2011.04.14 05:18:34 ] Dragon Rider1 > response
[ 2011.04.14 05:19:45 ] Vasor Mag > it's fine to ask here.  Azn is just being aggressive.
[ 2011.04.14 05:19:58 ] Dragon Rider1 > lol
[ 2011.04.14 05:20:08 ] Dragon Rider1 > im gettin some mixed feelings from everyone
[ 2011.04.14 05:20:21 ] Bella Liquor > dragon
[ 2011.04.14 05:20:23 ] Dragon Rider1 > i been afk for like a month and i come back im in a militia
[ 2011.04.14 05:20:30 ] Aznwithbeard > also, im not being aggresive, asking random militia members for a plex is scammish
[ 2011.04.14 05:20:44 ] Bella Liquor > a bit
[ 2011.04.14 05:21:01 ] Dragon Rider1 > im sorry it seems scammish
[ 2011.04.14 05:21:08 ] Dragon Rider1 > but honestly im not tryin to scam
[ 2011.04.14 05:21:13 ] Dragon Rider1 > i just dont know who to ask
[ 2011.04.14 05:21:21 ] Dragon Rider1 > im desperate :X
[ 2011.04.14 05:21:29 ] Aznwithbeard > better get 15 bucks, or mission ur face off.
[ 2011.04.14 05:21:36 ] Dragon Rider1 > lol
[ 2011.04.14 05:21:42 ] Dragon Rider1 > i used hours for plex
[ 2011.04.14 05:21:45 ] Dragon Rider1 > i get 4 hours
[ 2011.04.14 05:21:53 ] Vasor Mag > just pvp for isk
[ 2011.04.14 05:22:00 ] Dragon Rider1 > where at?
[ 2011.04.14 05:22:07 ] stella blu > 47 toons in your corp and no help from them?
[ 2011.04.14 05:22:10 ] Aznwithbeard > well, then u better go buy a plex.
[ 2011.04.14 05:22:21 ] Dragon Rider1 > i asked and noone responded
[ 2011.04.14 05:22:26 ] Dragon Rider1 > i think theyre all afk
[ 2011.04.14 05:24:05 ] are34 > Aznwithbeard
[ 2011.04.14 05:24:10 ] are34 > wheres my friend scamming what now?
[ 2011.04.14 05:24:13 ] are34 > was afk
[ 2011.04.14 05:24:17 ] are34 > missed something i think lol
[ 2011.04.14 05:24:21 ] Aznwithbeard > scroll up
[ 2011.04.14 05:25:04 ] are34 > wtf is a dragon rider
[ 2011.04.14 05:25:17 ] are34 > wtf lol
[ 2011.04.14 05:25:22 ] are34 > been inc orp for 22 days?
[ 2011.04.14 05:25:40 ] Dragon Rider1 > yep
[ 2011.04.14 05:25:52 ] Dragon Rider1 > been off of sub for a while too
[ 2011.04.14 05:26:00 ] Dragon Rider1 > lost internet came back as soon as i could
[ 2011.04.14 05:26:02 ] are34 > who recruited you?
[ 2011.04.14 05:26:09 ] Dragon Rider1 > icer
[ 2011.04.14 05:26:26 ] are34 > i hope you have a nice killboard or something
[ 2011.04.14 05:26:47 ] Silence iKillYouu > check it
[ 2011.04.14 05:26:53 ] are34 > oh dea
[ 2011.04.14 05:26:54 ] are34 > r
[ 2011.04.14 05:26:55 ] Silence iKillYouu > lets eat him
[ 2011.04.14 05:26:56 ] Aznwithbeard > /emote loves causing drama
[ 2011.04.14 05:26:57 ] are34 > thats tragic
[ 2011.04.14 05:27:00 ] are34 > lol
[ 2011.04.14 05:27:01 ] Silence iKillYouu > eat the imposter
[ 2011.04.14 05:27:02 ] are34 > yeah sorry guys
[ 2011.04.14 05:27:11 ] are34 > for this dragon guy trying to scam
[ 2011.04.14 05:27:19 ] Dragon Rider1 > /emote facepalms
[ 2011.04.14 05:27:19 ] are34 > this is the first time ive seen him lol
[ 2011.04.14 05:27:30 ] Dragon Rider1 > i am not a scammer :(
[ 2011.04.14 05:28:11 ] are34 > do you have friends in tempest?
[ 2011.04.14 05:28:16 ] are34 > or someones alt?
[ 2011.04.14 05:28:16 ] Dragon Rider1 > yep
[ 2011.04.14 05:28:24 ] are34 > who do you know in corp lol
[ 2011.04.14 05:28:26 ] Dragon Rider1 > icers a friend o mine
[ 2011.04.14 05:28:40 ] are34 > [05:27:19] Dragon Rider1 > /emote facepalms
[ 2011.04.14 05:28:42 ] are34 > ^^this
[ 2011.04.14 05:28:51 ] slevik > lmao..this is like watching a kindergarden yard fight!
[ 2011.04.14 05:28:59 ] are34 > well lol
[ 2011.04.14 05:29:09 ] are34 > people convoing me lol
[ 2011.04.14 05:29:14 ] are34 > telling me my guys scamming in militia
[ 2011.04.14 05:29:21 ] Dragon Rider1 > im not scamming
[ 2011.04.14 05:29:24 ] are34 > and i dont even know who this guy is lol
[ 2011.04.14 05:29:24 ] Dragon Rider1 > im sorry i asked
[ 2011.04.14 05:29:29 ] Aznwithbeard > hey man, i justtold u in ur pub, not PM
[ 2011.04.14 05:29:29 ] Dragon Rider1 > but noone in corp answered me
[ 2011.04.14 05:29:30 ] are34 > lol
[ 2011.04.14 05:29:40 ] are34 > no yeah you didnt pm me haha
[ 2011.04.14 05:29:42 ] slevik > now let's all play nice shall we?
[ 2011.04.14 05:29:44 ] Dragon Rider1 > so i figured id ask militia its like alliance i thot
[ 2011.04.14 05:29:45 ] slevik > lol
[ 2011.04.14 05:29:54 ] Aznwithbeard > I WILL NOT PLAY NICE IM SEMI DRUNK
[ 2011.04.14 05:29:58 ] are34 > LOLOLOL
[ 2011.04.14 05:30:00 ] Chimaira wolf > slevik Pirate alt
[ 2011.04.14 05:30:06 ] are34 > slevik this is us playing nice LOL
[ 2011.04.14 05:30:07 ] slevik > uhoh...we got a fighter
[ 2011.04.14 05:30:15 ] slevik > :p
[ 2011.04.14 05:30:28 ] Bella Liquor > this vigil out side auga 3rd is pissing me off scanning all minny ships
[ 2011.04.14 05:30:50 ] Ganks Alot > Not scanning :)
[ 2011.04.14 05:31:02 ] Bella Liquor > whats it doing
[ 2011.04.14 05:31:23 ] Ganks Alot > Boosting
[ 2011.04.14 05:31:34 ] Bella Liquor > oh ur lucky i was about to pop the bitch
[ 2011.04.14 05:31:40 ] Chimaira wolf > hahah

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

What websites I surf (ooc) [eve related]

I don't give you guys much in this other then battles, trolling, and some loosely pirated ideas from other blogs, so, like.... sorry?

I am pretty much doing this like I do in game, I PVP, I mess with people in locals, and every once in a hwile I try to help out a noob. I don't really PVE, and I for damned sure don't sit down with a pen and paper trying to figure out what my best ISK per LP is, or figure out how to play the market to make my ISK, I am not that patient, business savvy, or have any desire to. 90% of all my isk (since I started pvping) has been made by killing, looting, and salvaging. If I ever get low enough isk wise, I can always PVE with my alt or use cheaper (ok IDK how I can fly any cheaper, T1 fit thrashers again 4tw?).

Okay enough explanations, I don't really have too many people reading this (i guess? drop me a comment every once in a while if your reading this!)  and they all pretty much know me, what I am about, and what I do.

I figured I would drop some links from websites I surf when I am not actively trying to shoot someones face off, why I do them, and (sometimes) why they help me.

First and foremost this

Youtube with eve online "solo" PVP in the search field. Not too many awesome/freshly posted vids, but a LOT of good older stuff. I like seeing the different tactics, ships, and fights that people have done, and wish I had a computer able enough for me to do this. Maybe someday.

Ancy denaries podlog

Hes not really blogging atm, but his was the first I really liked as he does some IC stuffthat can be kind of funny. Good stuff if you go back to last year.

Mara Abrahams blog

A newer blogger (like me) but hes updating pretty regularly, and has some interesting RP stuff mixed in as well. Some strange stuff too, but hes kinda trying to do the same thing I am ( I think? ) without the profanity and laziness.  Hes FW and I support his attempt!

Declarations of War (NOIR blog)

Posts are pretty much monthly, kind of a radio show vibe and keeps me updated on what is going on in the EVE community, as I am generally to lazy and do not care enough to research on my own.

Bearing stuff

Eve mission reports

found a wormhole? need to see what its good for? Use this.

Want pricechecks in all regions. Use this  Slow to update and not 100% accurate, but good to use if you have no friends and want to buy things as cheap as possible.

Killboards -

My own
Minni Militia

Yes, it is a pain to keep all four updated. Thankfully eve-kill and my corps are on the same API pull, so I really don't look at eve-kill too much atm.

Dotlan - Irreplaceable while I am running a fleet in an area where I have no idea where I am. gives NPC kills, Jumped, ship/pod kills, sec status, sovereignty, etc. VERY nice. Only other option (tmk) Is to tape maps to my wall, and I am pretty sure that would REALLY upset my Mrs.

Combat Analyzer  Shown to me by Mara, gives an accurate reading of both your and enemy DPS throughout an engagement. Pretty cool graphing as well - example - last nights fight.

Don't care how many times I read it Vlad audits are ALWAYS entertaining to me.Hes got a great writing style which I (poorly) attempted to use for my own highsec war.

List of download-able PVP videos - Pretty self explanatory



This can be addicting

Awesome way of showing whats been goin on in EVE nulsec for three years

^ but that isn't EVE related.

Other then that just search the forums, try to find new things, I very rarely BM things unless I find them COMPLETELY useful, hilarious, or has lots of streaming vaginas.


AAR 04/13/11

I plugged into my neural interface to see in one of our intel communication channels that a brother was asking for people to gather in Auga to fight an enemy fleet that had decided to run a blockade on our undock for about an hour. As our pilots were gathering the enemy fleet decided to leave the system but we were going to try to hunt them down regardless. The FC called for shield tanking battlecruisers or smaller, and as the only shield tanking ship I had was a freshly bought and fit stabber, I decided to take my Bellicose of Doom ™. This Marvel of engineering is a (poorly) armor tanked E-War platform with no rigs welded on or point fit.

As a scout attempted to find the Amarrian gang, a brother suggested through type (I guess he is having communication implant issues like I was last month) that we go and attempt to bait Heretic Army into a fight on the Ossagur gate in Amamake. They were NOT having it as they had a scout in system, and our scout had found nothing of note in any surrounding systems except for Huola, the hoodieheads home system. We attempted to bait there as well, and one of our Drake pilots actually got aggression from a WT wolf on their undock, alas he warped off (either stabbed or got out of range of our drakes short point) and left the field. I called for fleet not to help the drake pilot as, well, it was just a wolf shooting at him.

No need for blobbing tbqfh.

The intel channel lit up with sightings of a pirate fleet in our area, and I suggested to the FC that we go fight it. He agreed and we moved at speed to engage. I decided to start scouting as our previous scout was ALSO having communication implant issues, and I wanted to fight them with our FC having full knowledge of what was happening. I had found the pirate fleet, they were somewhere in system but not on any of the stargates. As I was searching for them a WT fleet that had been reported had also jumped into system. (this was mostly the same fleet that had blockaded our system previously, seems they reformed after they got some intel on us, and grabbed some bigger ships). I decided to check the gate from which they came from at range, and landed right on top of a WT in a bomber. How embarrassing for him, he got blown up by someone without a way to keep him on the field.

Anyway the WT fleet was engaging the pirate fleet, so as I was blowing up the bomber and throwing various E-war at anyone in range, I called for the fleet to land at range. As the fleet landed the pirates had all but given up, and we were unable to catch anyone in time as our war targets fleet-warped off the field. Our FCs fatigue was starting to show, and he asked me to take over. I agreed and had the fleet fall back to the system of Vard. The war targets jumped into Ezzara and landed on the Vard gate, at which point I had our fleet jump in to engage. Apparently the WTs were not feeling good enough about their higher ship classes and bigger numbers, and instantly warped off the field, save one harbinger which we managed to point, which melted rather quickly.

We kept attempting to fight them, and they would not engage us. After a bit of warping around and getting quite agitated, as FC I finally decided that we were going to stay on the Auga gate in Dal, Drones out and wait for the battle. The Amarrians (after 30 minutes of yelling at their scout to engage in local) finally showed up on the other side of the gate, but at range. I did not want to jump into a outclassed/numbered gang at range, (our 2 logis would just get murdered and everything would die quickly afterwords). On one of the other intel channels a brother said he would be taking in a small gang to engage them on the other side, and if we would jump in after. Distraction is a good thing, and I agreed.  Our brothers landed and engaged the hostiles, and I called the fleet to jump. I called the nearest battlecruisers as targets and the fight began. Our logis both had a few flights of ECM drones on them and kept getting jammed, but we were beginning to work through them.

They started shooting at my bellicose as the last close battlecruiser was going down, and I aligned for the sun. Eran Mintors tempest was the new primary and I called an apoc, and a close by hyperion to be killed afterwords. My shields were stripped in one volley, half armor in another, logis each got a rep off of me and my shields went back to full, then immediately gone. Armor gone with some structure damage, another shield rep. Shields gone, more structure gone. Mintor dies, I warp. Oh, did I forget to mention no one was pointing me?  I tell the fleet I am off field and will be returning, and to keep firing on the previously stated targets. I spin around, ask for shield when I land and return to see the enemies apoc and hyperion were down. As I land I see enemies starting to flee, and which point I ask for all points spread. Alas we only catch a Abaddon, which dies without even a wimper. 

Good fights were exchanged in local, and we looted the field. I asked to be contracted all loot to spread it out for the pilots who lost ships, and got (most) of it. I looked through the logs and noticed some pilots did not give up all they had looted, which is sad, but what can you do. The smaller gang that initially aggressed the enemies had only lost a battlecruiser, which i promptly traded all fittings back (comparatively speaking).

The battle report.

The enyo and manticore on our side as well as the ishkur on the enemies were not part of the main fight, but otherwise it shows what we lost and what we killed.  We killed pretty much double what we lost, which is a good time for me, PLUS we actually got a real fight for once, which is always appreciated. Even though it looks like we had a lot more numbers then them, a few of our pilots reshipped and came back, or were just not involved in the main fight.

In any case, it was a good time.

Monday, April 11, 2011

So like wait, what?

OMGROFLSTOMP had its first corp roam today. We were all (3) actually online and able to fly around, so we decided to hit providence. We each grabbed some shield tanked Hurricanes and flew through provi. It was completely dead.

Rod flys in provi a lot and gave us a destination leading out into the Catch region. After a few empty systems we ran into systems with 20+ in local and large mobile warp disruptors around the inbound and outbound gates.  We moved through a few and took a brief moment to blow one of them up, holy crap do they have some tank on them. As we were blowing it up a neutral pilot in a noob ship jumped into the system, whom we instantly locked, killed, and podded.

We moved up a few more packed systems with more bubbles and as I landed on the destination system, another pilot jumped in. In a dominix. I quickly pointed and had Rod and Ren warp to me, as they landed another pilot in a drake did as well. The dominix wound up being pretty much bait fitted and completely emptied my capacitor with his neuts. The drake was not in point range yet and the domi only had a short point and I was keeping range, I could have warped out but decided that the domi was almost dead and my gang would rape the Drake. He webbed and scrammed me and quickly was right next to me launching salv after salv of missiles on top of me. Then all of a sudden multiple (now) hostile people landed and I told rod and ren to bail, as I was screwed.

The drake was actually into armor when I popped, Rod managed to solo A dramiel before being perma jammed, and we all died in glorious battle.

Here is the battle report.

Seriously though? 5 Battleships, 5 Battlecruisers, 3 Recons, and some tacklers to kill a three man BC fleet?


Was a fun time, I haven't been deep in nulsec for quite a while, definately planning to do this again.

Friday, April 8, 2011

Random Pub channel Chat (OOC)

 Figured it may be fun to just drop in a random log from a channel that I was participating in.

Seriously, drop a comment with a funny one. If its too long PM me in game and I'll post it.

[00:29:15] EVE System > Channel MOTD: Fuck you your paying for your own god damned beer.
[00:29:38] Rendeath > o/ azn
[00:30:51] Petrus Blackshell > \o/
[00:31:17] Rendeath > go frigates
[00:31:20] Rendeath > incursion site?
[00:31:24] Petrus Blackshell > no
[00:31:36] Rendeath > ah just saw the sanshas
[00:32:13] Petrus Blackshell > no, gate rats :)
[00:32:15] Aznwithbeard > burp
[00:32:30] Rendeath > lol funny petrus
[00:33:42] Aznwithbeard > hi
[00:33:47] Rendeath > hey
[00:38:31] Rendeath > wow that looks like a massive fight i just missed
[00:38:37] Dewgong > \o
[00:39:36] Petrus Blackshell > o/
[00:39:53] Aznwithbeard > yea me 2 ren
[00:39:58] Aznwithbeard > go scoop loot dammit!
[00:40:04] Aznwithbeard > earn your non existant paycheck!
[00:40:36] Rendeath > :) had to unload missiles
[00:40:38] Rendeath > was full
[00:40:42] Aznwithbeard > lol
[00:41:02] Rendeath > buy a salvager asap
[00:43:37] Rendeath > nice got a t2 cloak
[00:43:42] Rendeath > looted a hound :)
[00:49:12] Dewgong > don't remind me abou tnonexistant paychecks D:
[00:49:37] Aznwithbeard > nice
[00:49:43] Aznwithbeard > now put that in the bank!
[00:49:54] Rendeath > :)
[00:49:55] Aznwithbeard > also, my girlfriend continues to gank me IRL.
[00:50:00] Rendeath > sell it in auga later tonight
[00:50:25] Rendeath > yeah same for me....gotta run an errand bbl
[00:51:06] Aznwithbeard > after spending 6 hours painting my grandmothers bathroom some sorta fucking orage, and then her requesting I paint her doors white, I come home to my gf saying "were watching this tonight" and hands me a package which TLDR is apparently about families
[00:51:10] Aznwithbeard > going on RV trips.
[00:51:13] Aznwithbeard > FML
[00:51:45] Dewgong > you mean the movie 'RV'?
[00:51:59] Dewgong > with uhhhh, Robin Williams I think  it was, or was it Tim allen?
[00:52:03] Aznwithbeard > no
[00:52:15] Aznwithbeard > its a fucking promotional video. that my gf requested, in the mail.
[00:52:28] Aznwithbeard > theyre trying to sell you RVs by making videos about families enjoying them
[00:52:29] Dewgong > ew wtf is that shit
[00:52:30] Dewgong > no
[00:52:56] Aznwithbeard > FUCK now ive been informed that Im helping her friend move in early may. SHE LIVES IN THE FUCKING STICKS.
[00:53:54] Dewgong > =/
[00:55:58] Aznwithbeard > god dammit.
[00:56:07] Aznwithbeard > and i told her aunt Id help her move last week too.
[00:56:07] Dewgong > SAY NO FOO
[00:56:09] Aznwithbeard > im an idiot.
[00:56:12] Dewgong > GROW A PAIR
[00:56:23] Aznwithbeard > there will be beer tho.
[00:56:27] Dewgong > oh
[00:56:28] Dewgong > nvm then
[00:56:29] Aznwithbeard > and possibly a party afterwords.
[00:56:31] Dewgong > you're good
[00:56:35] Aznwithbeard > agreed,
[00:57:46] Dewgong > woah wait
[00:57:56] Dewgong > you got to known what kind of beer you'll be getting
[00:58:03] Dewgong > you can't have crappy beer here
[00:58:10] Dewgong > unless pizza is included as well
[00:58:13] Aznwithbeard > tru
[00:59:02] Aznwithbeard > it will probably be a keg of coors light tbh
[01:00:05] Ferijin > All for yourself
[01:00:40] Dewgong > oh
[01:00:47] Dewgong > it being a keg of anything makes it better
[01:00:57] Aznwithbeard > lol
[01:01:03] Dewgong > CARRY ON
[01:01:22] Dewgong > also, I saw like among the most impressive things the other day
[01:01:31] Aznwithbeard > my penis?
[01:01:33] Dewgong > a theater entirely man spaced
[01:01:42] Aznwithbeard > pan spaced?
[01:01:48] Ferijin > Hhahahaha Azn
[01:01:56] Aznwithbeard > *man sized
[01:08:31] Aznwithbeard > ffs dew wtf do u mean by man spaced you jack ass.
[01:08:47] Dewgong > man space
[01:08:58] Dewgong > you know, when you leave a seat between yourself and another dude
[01:09:05] Dewgong > it's known manlaw!
[01:09:06] Aznwithbeard > oh.
[01:09:39] Dewgong > like when using urinals, you don't just go up and use the one next to one being used, you leave at least one between you and someone else
[01:09:50] Dewgong > I wish ):
[01:10:06] Dewgong > shit would be so much better out here if all the fridges had nothing but beer
[01:11:36] Aznwithbeard > nah, id always have a headache, and my chick would always be vomiting.

I feel like such a scrub

Plugged in my interface and decided it was time to take out my cyclone for it's last roam. I've had it for about two weeks and for an active tanking battle-cruiser that sees heavy use (also, its minmatar), that's a long time. Smith says the hull plating is about to rot through, the engine is on its last legs, the headlight bulb is burnt out, and I might have rammed her into another ship last week, bending the shit out of the left sides front fin thingy.

Anyway, I look everywhere and find nothing, and as I am getting near Auga, my corpmates start chatting in the public comms channel and I tell them that I am looking around and not finding anything. Rod says he'll grab a nano-hurricane and catch up, Ren says he'll probably show up, then I find a criminal in a Gila.

I've seen gilas around before, know they're generally shield tanking drone boats sprinkled with some missile spam. I figure his DPS won't kick the crap out of my active tank, and with Rod in a nano cane, we should be alright. Criminal wants to play, and tells me to warp to the sun. At that moment some war targets enter the area. Too late, I'm in warp, land 100km from the gila. Friendly aries arrives as I slowboat towards the gila. He drops curatorIIs, I cross myself. Get to about 30km and hit the microwarp, Call Rod in and barely miss scrambling the criminal (was in range, I just didn't hit the buttion in time) as he volleys the friendly inty. War targets start showing up in some cruisers and I overheat the MWD to get some range, Rods still got a point and I'm figuring the gila is gunna die.

WTs are chasing me, Gila is 70KM from me, look down and see my mwd is almost burnt out, let off the heat, she starts slowing down and I spin around to get back into the fight. mid the mwd and start burning back, goes for one cycle then shuts down and I drop back down to 200m/s. What the hell, I wasn't over heating, why did it..... STUPID DAMNED INVULNERABILITY FIELD. I forgot to turn off the heat on that, and it killed the MWD. Stupid rookie mistake, I'm not pointed, theres a station here, line up and warp myself to the station.  Wartargets follow me. Rendeath helping rod as I dock, not sure whats going on. Repair the MWD, turn it online, undock and only one wt outside, oh now two, other one docks/undocks to follow me out.

Rod says he needs to bail soon, wait what? Warp to him and land approximately 50km from the Gila. I get closer but Rod needs to go, not sure what Rendeath is doing. As I get close to the gila, WTs start to land, stiletto first, then three cruisers. Gila bails, Rods off the field, Ren is....... doing something? I'm not sure but I figure what the hell, I'll take on these guys, Rod can come back in the cane and help me rape them. Align to station and MWD. stiletto is at 70km, 50, 30, disrupting my engines.Start loading up barrage and locking the rupture thats flying in incredibly fast. Spin around and overload the MW and the scram..... 15km... 14..... 12.... 14...... 16. FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU. Didn't inject cap quick enough, MWD cut out, rupture got away.

I've been chewing boosters for a solid minute running the MWD and the shield booster, and screwed up again. Rupture stays at range and the vexor gets close. Vexor gets scrammed. I get scrammedand webbed. Vexor has 1600mm plate and small guns. GREATTTT. Gila shows up again, omen comes in close too, but I'm already looking to spam warp. Overload everything and prey the vexor goes down. Not gunna happen, he hits about 50% armor and I'm bleeding structure, single booster can not keep up, explosions. Rod lands as I wave goodbye to the wreck, I'm busy making sure smiths okay, all the while cursing incessantly.

(OOC - at this point I am fuming, soo many mistakes, on so many levels, I walk away from keyboard and screw around for 10 minutes before I come back to EVE)

Screw ups - why they happened, and how to fix them.

First and formost, Rod was in a malediction, not a nano cane. He was gunna grab it, but when I said "gila" he just came in what he was flying already. His bad for not telling me, my bad for not looking (fleet comp ftw). I wouldn't have engaged the gila if I knew he was in a inty, and I wouldn't have let the WTs tackle me either. Live and learn.

We formed up rather quickly, didn't join voice or ts3 or anything, that that probably would have fixed the whole "oh your in a malediction" problem. Hell I was already engaging the gila and rendeath wasn't even in fleet yet. Also, if I hadn't been busy typing I'd have caught the scram on the gila/rupture and might have noticed that my invul was still heated.

Seriously though, I was so pissed off after this because I failed so hard. I should have been able to kill the WTs (or at least most of them) by myself. Shield Ruptures melt, Omens are MEH, and Vexors with small guns are quite easily tankable. I like to think of myself as generally a good pvper, and this one sent me back to kindergarten.

Here is the loss of my precious cyclone. Rod got alphaed by the gilas sentries, and all in all we lost about 55 mil. The gila pilot ( very good pilot, go watch his vids) proceeded to help kill me, kill rod, then kill the WTs in the omen and vexor. Nuts, but at least our isk/loss/destroyed improved.

At the end of the day we all make mistakes, but I really really really played that one badly. Live and learn I guess.

Just one more thing
From: Don Pellegrino
Sent: 2011.04.08 03:32
To: Aznwithbeard, 

[03:26:43] Aznwithbeard > nice dude thanks. good fight, next time ill try not to be such a scrub.

Don't worry, you clearly didn't fight like a scrub.
I'm used to fighting people that never fight outside of fleets of 50-1500 people and totally FREEZE whenever they get into a smaller scale fight where their targets are actually shooting back.

I'll be using that clip after another one where I fight a Typhoon, Brutix and Drake and kill the Drake, then watch them run. Your piloting won't be looking bad at all!

thanks again for the cool fight, cya


Oh good, now I get to watch myself being beaten over and over in a nice new video. DAMMIT.

Tuesday, April 5, 2011


[02:46:06] Aznwithbeard > my gf just showed me her wedding dress and her bridesmaid dresses.
[02:46:12] rodensteiner > what
[02:46:15] Shane Wolfe > uh oh
[02:46:19] Rendeath > oh boy you're in for it now
[02:46:27] rodensteiner > why does she have that....?
[02:46:27] Dewgong > dead man walking
[02:46:40] Dewgong > QUICK, EJECT EJECT!
[02:46:43] Aznwithbeard > online, not at the apt.
[02:46:54] rodensteiner > but she's already got it all picked out....?
[02:46:57] Dewgong > 'ship is no longer under your control'
[02:47:06] rodensteiner > 'your capacitor is empty'
[02:47:13] Aznwithbeard > OH SHIT IM JAMMED
[02:47:19] rodensteiner > instalock
[02:47:24] Dewgong > * makes those buzzing noises when youre tank fails
[02:47:25] rodensteiner > err
[02:47:30] Erus Fatum > can i have your stuff ?
[02:47:36] Aznwithbeard > FUUUUUUUUUUUUU

Monday, April 4, 2011

(OOC) Come on guys, Its just a video game

I haven't been logging in Azn much as

1.) hes training cov ops 5 and I have no need to update queue and
2.) I've been (blech) mission running with newports to get the required standings for a jump clone (finally complete)

I know I can just make a clone at any number of nulsec stations, however TBH hes already in +5s and I can't afford to replace them, I don't need a JC in nul, and I could use the ISK.

Wound up with like 100K LP for Brutor Tribe, made about 200k worth of RF ammo and have had to log newports in a few times daily to modify the price (market pvp ftw) and to throw new things on his queue (got a LOT of support skills to catch up on)

Okay now that explanations are over I decided to post something related to the pure blobbing I have seen as of late. I spent TWO hours last night and a few hours today running around lowsec looking for a GF in my myrm. Found a gang that wanted to fight and quickly recruited some numbers, but the gang REFUSED to jump into us, or let us jump into them (kept themselves around 50KM  from gate and had a lachesis). My question is, what good is a seven man arty/LR BC gang with ONE lachesis good for other then ganking one slow moving ship (ab/mwdless etc). Are you that much of a pansy that you need  6 other BCs to help you alpha the ONE target your going to MAYBE hold point on?

Today as I was looking for a fight solo I had a gang of frigs/dessis run away from me TWICE, as well as a few lone BCs. I saw another (friendly) solo Pilot in a Stabber Fleet Issue (sfi), asking for help in the system which gate I was currently sitting on as he had a Rapier tackled. I quickly jumped in and entered the fight when all of a sudden Their gang landed. Now, before I continue I am going to ask/state a few obvious observations/questions.

1. Why was your bait ship a rapier?
2. Did you really need a claymore, scimitar, falcon, curse, rapier, maller, drake, and incursus to take out a stabber fleet issue? 
3. How did it feel to lose your baiting rapier to 4 non fleeted militia members and not kill anything.
4. Do you think that it was really necessary/smart to drop seven points (no scrams, all points) on the Active tanking, MWDing Myrm 10KM from the gate and burning back when your DPS was probably around 800?
5. If you intended to fight me, why perma-jam the now unaggressed heavily tanked battlecruiser? 
6. Why did you have no one holding aggro/on the other side of the gate, allowing me to jump through and warp away to safety?

There are probably more questions I need answered, but it's futile, they never will be :(

Seriously tho, EVE is a video game, you will not ACTUALLY DIE if you lose a ship. I am MORE THEN WILLING to fight just for a GF, even if I lose, as long as I don't get blobbed. People need to look down, remember what gender they are, and try to actually fight more, and not blob.

If you are the evil gender, then please get off of EVE, Make me a sandwich, also I have laundry that needs to get done.