Friday, December 23, 2011

OK, this is just stupid.

Background, I sell cars for a living. Furthermore, I have about 4 long trail IPAs in my stomach and thought this was hilarious.

I do logistics for the tuskers, I bring in fully fit BCs for corp contracts, as well as a few modules as well as ammo placed on our home systems (hevrice) market.

[02:38:50] EVE System > Channel MOTD: The Tuskers Alts channel--TUSKER MEMBERS/ALTS ONLY!! Alts should be set blue, if not please contact Ka Jolo or a director ASAP. Non-blues subject to kick or ban.
Current Blues
Intelligence Reports

[04:12:10] Kaal Redrum > youre not being a good salesman ..
[04:12:16] GavriloPrincip > lol
[04:12:26] Kaal Redrum > better get your act together .. or else ..
[04:12:27] Aznwithbeard > seriously if its gunna be this slow i cant do this
[04:12:44] Aznwithbeard > last shipment was 15 bcs in under 24 hours, this shipment ive had 15 bcs for 6 days. lol
[04:13:13] Aznwithbeard > also, fuck u i sold grossed 6300 dollars in profit for my dealership today. haha
[04:13:16] Kaal Redrum > its christmas weekend ..
[04:15:10] GavriloPrincip > BOO YAH
[04:15:45] Kaal Redrum > now all you need is an inflatabale wavy hands thingy
[04:16:27] GavriloPrincip > Aznwithbeard the most reputable bearded salesman this side of Poitot
[04:18:35] GavriloPrincip > well im sold

CVA are STILL a bunch of pussies.

I decided to try my luck in good old Amarr lowsec, away from the FW, the hustle and bustle of the FW pipe near amamake, in  and around good old Misaba, where CVA lives. I check a few systems, Have a pilgrim jump into me, only to log off  as my drake stared at him, not even attempting to tackle.

I take land on another gate towards misaba and see a hurricane sitting there, I jump and he jumps after. I think EXCELLENT FIGHTTT, or a tarp, but other side is clear and I MWD away. The cane eventually uncloaks and (at least) yellowboxes me, but doesn't stray from the gate.

The pilgrim makes its way into system, and I find it on misaba station, as well as a drake, a stabber, and the hurricane pilot still in system.

Below is the chatlog from misaba local.  (anyone who gets the joke, thanks, it was lost on my corp and other player channels I am apart of)

[03:18:12] EVE System > Channel changed to Local : Misaba
[03:26:49] Aznwithbeard > you guys are a wild bunch. legitimately.
[03:29:11] Aznwithbeard > all rape whistles and zimas.

Seriously, What a bunch of vagoos.

Thursday, December 22, 2011

I flew a rifter?

So I had a few minutes only to actually be undocked, and someone comes into local and starts talking to a corpie of mine.

Seems hes itching for a fight and is in a rifter. I look around my hanger and find a big box spray painted "rifter", have my mechanic pop it open and out falls a bunch of rusty metal. Three minutes later and its assembled.... mostly.

I have crappy modules for frigates and have him install what I've got, some 200mm ACs, full tackle and an AB, a SAR, 200mm plate I stole off of one of Konigs frigates, and a damage control. No room for rigs, but its gunna be all gravy.

Very close fight with me holding the field at 51% structure, tackled the POD and invited him into the ransom channel.

[02:58:31] EVE System > Channel MOTD: Hello, one or more members of The Tuskers are prepared to destroy your vessel. Should you wish to pay a ransom to save your ship, please do the following immediately:

1. Turn off all modules (including guns, missile launchers, webbers, scrams, etc.) and recall all drones. Stop your ship.

2. From the time a ransom amount appears below, you will have 30 seconds to pay the amount specified. Right-click the picture of the pirate stating our demands and select "give money" to do this.

If you do not comply immediately, we will re-open fire on your vessel. If we get nervous for any reason we will re-open fire on your vessel.
Tuskers Ransom Board
[03:26:51] Plutonian > gf
[03:26:55] Aznwithbeard > tell me a joke and save ur pod :)
[03:27:03] Plutonian > Got a good one.
[03:27:23] Plutonian > A man finds his path barred by a wide lake.
[03:27:34] Plutonian > He looks to the other side and sees a blonde fishing.
[03:27:46] Plutonian > So he shouts... Hey!  How do I get to the other side?
[03:27:48] Plutonian > She says...
[03:27:56] Plutonian > You're already there!
[03:28:05] Aznwithbeard > lol, good stuff, good stuff.
[03:28:17] Aznwithbeard > ur free to go, whats in ur head if u dont mind me asking?
[03:29:04] Plutonian > Crap implants... two of them.  The ones worth about 1 mllion
[03:29:19] Plutonian > Not anywhere good enough to fly with the good stuff... yet.
[03:29:21] Aznwithbeard > haha, i figured id do a joke since ur sus's friend or something :)
[03:29:34] Aznwithbeard > erm, i think we had the same fit hahaha
[03:29:36] Plutonian > We were in Eve Uni together.
[03:29:42] Aznwithbeard > oo
[03:29:56] Plutonian > The lack of DC concerns me on it.
[03:30:14] Plutonian > Nice DPS, but not much staying power.
[03:30:18] Aznwithbeard > nah i was fit a bit differently
[03:30:46] Aznwithbeard > but in any case, good fight, thanks for the joke. come back if u want more practice!
[03:31:11] EVE System > Plutonian was kicked from the channel by Aznwithbeard
Effective until: 2011.12.23 04:01
Reason: "ransom paid"

Killmail here.


I can't believe I won. I'm really terrible with frigates, hence I did not have one fit.  The 200s did alright, but I'd have prefered 150s and a nos. Was a very close fight, and I'm glad to see people still honor themselves by not bringing their alts (his was in system) to help them out.

I've been bad

I haven't posted inna while, I dont know if I actually have people looking at this blog, but like, I'll fix it!!!

Happy holidays to everyone.

Merry Christmas to me.

Thursday, November 10, 2011


So I decided to take out a active armor megathron today.

Now, never flying previously a mega, or having any sort of T2 guns, or realistically never firing blasters more then maybe 10 times in my entire EVE career, (2 gank brutixes and 1 ferox, which promptly got some AC love after figuring out how terrible blasters were), I can not fathom why this was a good idea. However, I still stand behind it.

[Megathron, meta active]

7x Modal Mega Electron Particle Accelerator I (Caldari Navy Antimatter Charge L)
Heavy 'Gremlin' Power Core Disruptor I

Quad LiF Fueled I Booster Rockets
Warp Scrambler II
Stasis Webifier II
Heavy F-RX Prototype I Capacitor Boost (Cap Booster 800)

2x Large Armor Repairer II
Magnetic Field Stabilizer II
Armor Explosive Hardener II
Armor Kinetic Hardener II
Armor Thermic Hardener II
Damage Control II

Large Hybrid Burst Aerator I
Large Hybrid Collision Accelerator I

5x Warrior II
5x Hammerhead II
5x Vespa EC-600

So, After flying around with frigates and unsuccessfully catching a drake ( tackle got ecm droned) Sule asked for some help, the fleet switched ships, and we jumped 6 or 7 gates to get to him. He eventually caught a drake in his drake, and when we warped to him, their was also a shield harbinger there.

Not too eventful.

Then Sule suggested I go and bait the cynabal, rupture, stiletto, and some other crap on the gate. while under gateguns. excellent.

Here comes the TLDR.
Popped exile, OL the lows, went FUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUUU, and jumped out in 1/4 structure.
Did I mention the gateguns before?

My shiny new megathron took 1200 damage from guns and went bye bye.

Anyway, just thought it was humourus, I plan to try it again, though maybe not with a gang as large :) How large was the gang you ask?  Well you can't see it ( I'm not posting the mail OFC) so I'm ganna do what I usually do after a fight, look at the logs, and then tell you.

Edit: Looks like it was only a cynabal,stiletto, arazu, rifter, muninn, velator (LOL) and an anathema who fired on me. Plus the gategun, and possibly another BC.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Real Quick Post

Just started a new job two weeks ago, so EVE time has been pretty much zero.
Ive been averaging somewhere between 65-75 hours each week I've been there, and on top of that where I live (NJ) just got hit with a ridiculous snowstorm (october?) which, because of the previous rain, mild weather, and the fact that not a lot of leaves have not dropped (due to the mild weather) created the perfect storm of heavy water-soaked limbs snapping from their tree trunks and wreaking havoc on power lines, roads, homes, and of course, vehicles. My jeep below.

 No heat, hot water, or electricity for two days, (they were projecting 4-5 days for my area so I got very lucky) and the fact that I live in an attic apartment with non-existant insulation and old shitty windows = my apartment was 35 degrees at night. Good stuff. Next time I'll just rent a hotel room.

Actually logged in last night and helped kill a mega + hype, but they died on the other side of the gate and took my killmail :(

Other then updating my skill queue, undocking to stretch my erm.... spacelegs, thats about as much action as I've had since the 26th.

Friday, October 21, 2011


So many posts out right now about CCPs layoffs, monetary bindings, and general smack.

Its a game, that MOST of us blogging/reading the blogs play.
(not smacking those posters for their post, just using as examples)

If you dont play, please disassociate with it. There was a reason you stopped playing, why are you still blogging, or ranting on the forums? Or following anything EVE related?

Take a breather, get a lvoer, find a nice barstool, pick up a hobby, redecorate your apartment or catch up with the latest horrible reality TV show. Just stop whining about everything and its mother pertaining to these here internet pixels.

If you're gunna unsub, unsub, I dont care, say bye bye, and walk away. No one needs to read your rantings, reasons, or opinions. As the quote goes, "everyone has them, and you're a dickhead" or something like that.

On another note, It seems CCP IS trying to get some of their following back, subs up, accounts up, etc, with various nerfs/buffs and new ships and other various instances of sly corporation trickery, which is nice. At least theyre trying :) 

Monday, October 17, 2011

Tuskers go smash smash in caldari lowsec.

We found yet another wormhole in THE SAME DAMNED SYSTEM close to our base in Hevrice. This makes three - The WH we popped the legion in, the WH we popped the scorpion in, and now a straight-thru type of WH leading us into the caldari lowsec region of the forge, meaning we enter the WH in lowsec, and come out in another lowsec, with no scary wormhole space in between.

We fought three different times in the area. Eve-Kill is terrible and jumbled fight 1 + 2 together, and I wasn't around for fight three so I will not comment on that.... looking at the killboard though, fight two was where its at.

Fight one -

After trying unsuccessfully to have a 6-7 man BC gang engage our hurricane and two drakes (as well as a cynabal and three vagabonds still on the other side of the wormhole, but shh) the FC has us all jump in and warp to a gate. As we land another fleet lands as well - bigger, better ships, and logistics support. CRAP CRAP CRAP.

As a recap -

Our gang
3x vagabonds
2x drakes
2x Hurricanes

Their gang
5x Hurricanes
3x cynabals
2x scimitars

We jumped in and immediately started overloading our MWDs towards the sun while shooting a vagabond in the face. BOOM he dead, I'm getting shot at by a few guys and warp as a malediction gets within 20km. Maras drake gets tackled as well as smokes vagabond as the rest of our fleet pulls range, I warp back just as the FC calls for everyone to warp, OH GOOD. I land @ on the malediction which explodes right next to me as I come out of warp, thank you jeebus. I enter warp and the enemy fleet moves on. FC also pops a salvaging helios while the rest of us are safed up, bringing our efficiency to just around 50 percent.


An hour or so later we return.

Our gang
5x hurricanes
5x drakes
2x scimitars
1 arazu

There are no less then three gangs hunting us (or running from us) in system.
one is approximately
2x machs
2x cynabals
2x dramiels
2x scimitars.
Some more nano garbage I forget. It doesn't matter, we trade pot shots and they run.

ARSE (hee hee), Volta, and thundercats stay and fight though. They live to regret it.
Over the next six minutes of warp ins and warp outs intermittently from the three gangs fighting us, we manage to kill:
- malediction, stabber, 2x scimitars, hurricane, curse, ishtar, tengu -
While we took no additional losses.

The tuskers ( i was not here for this) also managed to blow up a Maelstrom and Megathron in the area.

Report on fights one and two combined (it included the megathron, and an ibis, whatever)

Kills: 14
Losses: 2
Damage done (ISK): 2.63B - 2632.41M
Damage received (ISK): 0.23B - 230.79M
Efficiency: 91.94%

Best part of the fight (for me) was our arazu tackling the last scimitar on the field, and me warping to a random spot at an approximate range and landing @ 12KM of him, immediately locking him, overloading my MWD and web, hitting approach and landing the web as my fleet warped to me or the now very close gate to kill him within 10KMs of it. Was crazy lucky, but made me feel like a badass none the less.

The third fight I was not involved in, so I'll just link the battle report. I'm assuming they had more that ran, as we have no losses and I doubt they would engage the same fleet that spanked them so bad before with lesser numbers. Maybe another tusker could help out with this report?

I love having good fights like this, screw the blobbing, the baiting, come on, lets just brawl eachothers faces off ok?

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Entrance into The tuskers.

I decided a while ago that I really didn't want to have any rules in this here video game I play, and piracy looked mighty intriguing. I knew some pirate corps, but didn't wanna go for anything lame, (bane, etc), wanted some small gang/solo pew pew, and I figured I knew just where to find it.

TLDR Now I'm in the tuskers.

Its been three days since I've joined, and my general JIHAD against anything stupid in lowsec has been pretty successful.

I passed the entrance exam by Pillaging a (Read: rediculously tanked) Raven in my newly aquired (read: given to me) Vagabond and murdering an inty with my rifter. (note evekill is on fire right now, so it will be BC KMs for this post)

I decided to scope the place out while waiting for my application to push through, and was given a hearty welcome by the tuskers upon entry VIA them attempting to kill my vagabond and me running around like a girl for a few hours in an attempt to keep it.

Background checks passed, killboard passed, vaccines injected (gallente lowsec, you just never know), ships + modules hauled, app accepted.

The first thing I did was join a pursuit gang in my hurricane, where we murdered a Russian Typhoon as it attempted to cyno in carriers on us in a closed plex, as well as his buddy in a drake.

Popped some mission runner in a tengu as well. First day, over.

In my second day as a tusker, we found a wormhole close by, and ran around trying to catch a proteus, legion and tengu.  Well, we caught the legion, the proteus bailed to another WH as we pursued his buddies legion, and the tengu cloaked up.

We then caught a GILA ratting and had to kill off a pirate rifter as he attempted to whore on the mail as we held the gila pilot at ransom. (Gangs I have been in have ransomed the same guy, with the same ship, 3 times in the first two days of my joining, resulting in a personal increase of 150 mil just by that guy.)

I decided to try my hand as a frigate pilot and popped a slicer with my dramiel, which will now collect dust in my hanger. (I HATE FRIGS)

Next day, same system, different wormhole, we see orcas and T3 in space in lowsec and attempt to kill them, they in turn reship to a falcon and two scorpions, with t3s and a zealot on scan in their WH, with their orca pilot docked. We kill off one of their scorps and his pod in the WH while the falcon runs, the other scorp jumps into lowsec (put him thru armor, he ejected, and I am the proud new owner of a shitty cruiser missile scorpion in dire need of retro fitting) and their t3s/hac never show up.

I've been quite liberal about taking GCC on stations and gates when I shouldn't, Like when I battled a cyclone on a highsec gate in my cyclone (I died, he died, my buddies landed, his buddies landed, everyone else got out) pointing a drake and later a cyclone (same guy, they never learn) on a gate in a vagabond with my help 50ish AU away. (seriously? twice? think I'd learn the first time, but I didn't die for it luckily) The second time around I held point until my backup (shield cane) landed, then the cyclone jumped out of system as did my backup, to catch him. I warped to a close celestial in 10% shield and then rewarped back and jumped/caught point as my backup died. I then (stupidly) overloaded my acs (barrage) and got scrammed by the cyclone as I neuted his cap further. He died, I warped (less then 5% shield, oh and no DCU) and we got both ships loot for the friendly loss (he made his money back, and then some).

I got into another frigate and battled off a cormorant in my mighty cookie cutter rifter as he killed one of our merlins for tusker glory. We then 2v3 battled his friends in cruisers (they had trimarks, we didn't, so like, you know what happened). We lost one rupture as I kited the crap out of them and ran like a girl, but wound up getting on the KM of their thorax as they got ganked a few minutes later by a BC/logi gang (yes, seriously).

Nothing else really sticks out as good fun up til now other then a leroying frigate roam we killed off in BCs (we weren't trying to roll them, they just landed as we did) which you can read about HERE, as the pilot we wound up ransoming (he gave a haiku FTW) has a blog and I'm going to promote a fellow blogger.

I'll be more precise and descriptive next time, but I just wanted to do a nice catch up post.

Scotch Scotch Scotch

Okay, so I really kinda planned on walking away from EVE, so the blog had taken a backseat.... well maybe a trunk TBH. I had acutally gone as far as to unsub both toons and post in my PUB channel I was leaving.

Long winded story short I didn't, and now I'm back and as violent as ever as a member of The Tuskers. (Insert blog having tusker joke here). Its been a month since my last (crappy, vague) post and a month and a half since my last real post, but its coming, promise.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

put on hold

If you haven't already kinda seen, the blog has been kinda put on hold for now.

I just havent had the motivation to do anything, hopefully that will change.

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Monthly loss report -

Azn -

Traded nano cane for nano cane on top belt amamake, cane that killed me got out, but the other guy died.

Epic bait MOA fell to WT bait/blob ( kinda held up for a second, more came in but I died beforehand)

I don't remember this at all, musta been drunk.

I'm an idiot and double clicked cloak.

Newports -

Tackled by multiple WTs alone. Almost got out, but I fecked it up.

Honoered 1v1 with (slaved) WT.

Blopped without remorse, by 4 redeemers. Was originally a damn close/fair fight too.

I also lost a shuttle and ALMOST my +5s to a smartbombing BS gatecamp in rancer.

Not a bad month. Shane Wolfe I miss you.

Some More AARs from Azn.

If you read the last post, then you know this is a continuance. If you didn't go read it.

For Azn -

As always with the Minnie Militia kill reports, the different battle reports are all kinda linked into one blob.

I'll try to separate them as best as I can. 
First engagement was a few BCs vs a few other BCs, however we apparently had some abbadons land as well, and a neutral proteus helping us out by shooting one of the pirate amarr. He then proceeded to shoot one of OUR pilots who was pirate and so we GCCed and killed him for it. He had a falcon as well as another t2 cruiser with him as well, but they jumped.

 Second engagement was pretty much our same fleet, and the Amarr coming back with a pilgrim, vaga, proteus, as well as some support BCs. We baited and they sprung the trap. I decloaked 15KM from the vagabond and immediately overloaded my entire mid-rack to get scram/web on him. I called on comms and other people pointed other things, mainly the SFI, protues, a frig or two, etc. SFI died about when the vaga did, then we all focused fire on the brick of a proteus, and at some point someone popped a frig or two.

The last fight was a slugfest, with amarr bringing somewhere between 15 and 20 bcs, a loki, and 3x guardians. We came back with 6 BS, a few BCs, and a triaged carrier. I was primed first but carrier saved me, we lost 2 of our canes and additional reinforcements in the way of a few BS came to help us. A bit blobby and overkill but they have a tendency to do it to us so W/e. They reformed and came up with 24 BS and no loki (tarp much?), and we couldn't get the numbers to fight, so we blueballed.

Finally an update - A few AARs in a combined post.

Hey, I have been lazy and not posting. I suck at life.

But I have shiny KMs to show, and a few videos as well.


A video made by the same corpy whos video I posted during the last update. First few fights are the ones I was not involved with. If you watch his "watchlist" you can see when I'm actually with the fleet, because I'm taking fire and usually have a broken tank.

This is the battlereport for a really awesome engagement we had on a COA roam two weeks ago. 
I have SOME fraps of the fight but am stupid and have to figure out how to actually upload it to youtube.
Props to the FC, calm/cool headed, and we killed mostly everything on field with minimal losses.

This was an engagement where we had a small gang consisting of

Ham drake (me)
WTF thrasher
Hurricane (kinda late)
Hurricane (late)

VS what appeared to be

Nanodrake x2 (confirmed, cuz like, they died)
an additional nano drake
a nano hurricane

the ever present tengu booster (convoed their guys after the gf)
boosting point range (at least 40km)
web (at least 18km)
shield resists/speed etc

One of the best fights I've had in quite some time, complete with us switching back and forth between target callers as we warped out, me burning out 1/2 my med slots, and them leroying repeatedly into our nano drake w/ 2x web.

I also killed an Ex corpie of Azn during an honored 1v1 (caught him with web, scram followed shortly after)
And 1v1ed (a few times) a WT from sepherabellum or something like that.
Turns out he had slaves from the get-go and one of my alliance mates accidentally whored on the 1v1, however he was dead so it did not matter. I dropped point and DPS in an attempt to let him leave field however my last salvo of missiles destroyed his (pretty costly) BC.

Me, Xirin, and one additional other  found a Mach/cyna/other gang (approx 10 strong)  and consequentially leroyed into it, losing one of our BCs (drake i think, not showing up on report yet), the other in 70% structure (myrm), and an unagressed me with a broken tank (nano drake) jumping through the gate once fleet jumped system. The cruisers left field but both machs were tackled and (more importantly) whored upon by myself. Pity the loot was earmarked for alliance, didn't even bother scooping.  Video of mach kills

And the most recent kill on newports happened when I was actually hunting a 6ish man BC gang that happened to go GCC in system. I was on a gate when a neutral nighthawk jumped through and proceeded to shoot me, I shot back, gained range by webbing the shit out of him (didn't matter, he did not even fit a point) and kept long point on him as two more typhoons started shooting me (they actually had long points and webs, which got a little interesting).

So who suddenly appears? The 6 man BC gang, not engaging, but instead GTFO of system for some reason and neither helping nor killing me, which was odd.

In any case my gang arrived just before I would have had to leave field, but I got repped and stayed on field to burn them all. Video of NH + 2 phoon kills

I like the range of T2 HMLs (ive never used them before, on either toon) but the speed/tank/dps on my nano drake leave a little to be desired. Must be because I have 2x webs fit instead of 2 invuls, only one BCU, am using HMLs, but I do have  2xnanos. Ehh w/e.

Azns AAR to follow shortly.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

WT engagement - Newports first cameo appearance.

I was FCing a fleet in an attempt to get a fight out of our station hugging neutral rep using WTs "The God Squad".  I was also baiting in a nano, slightly tanked tempest and went for bumps to get his ass off the station.

Little clip of me (newports indeed) slightly paniced on the mic as I go into deep hull.


Was burning out to warp but bassis saved me in time to stay in the fight.
I fail for not Frapsing my view of the fight. :(

Saturday, August 6, 2011

AAR - 16:00 Tempest is a BC roam

Logged into EVE an hour before my scheduled PVP roam with COA (something about anti-pirating, idk, i don't pay attention to that shit) and found myself in lowsec- where Azn is deployed. During the three jumps to highsec, I got it into my head that as I was FCing the fleet, I should be in an almighty battleship, and it had to be a tempest for two reasons;

A: It had to be armor, so maelstrom was out.
B: I fly phoons on Azn, and wanted to use them shiny T2 BS guns.
3: I've never really flown a tempest - and wanted to.

So with that thought process in mind (and, coincidentally, 12 T2 BS guns in my cargo-expanded frigate coming out of low-sec) I asked around in corp  if someone had a Tempest I could borrow ( I really didn't have the money to fully fit, rig, and insure a BS, which makes this idea even smarter ) and sure enough, a corpie I've known for about a year (BURLY) Lent me a pest hull with cheap shield resist rigs.

So, with 20 minutes to EFT a fit, then actually fit, insure (forgot to do that, oops), load with ammo and cap boosters and travel 6 jumps, I arrived with 3 minutes to spare.

In a rig-less, uninsured battleship that wasn't mine.

Fleet was formed up eventually and we started roaming through metropolis, heimatar, and the bleaklands.

Spark found 2 BCs on a gate that engaged his rapier, I entered in my tempest for support and called one of the squads in to help out.

Battle report

Getting flack from Squads 2-3 for not letting them shoot things in an attempt to escalate, A few criminal t3s are found on a station. I once again bait and engage 2x tengus and a proteus. They dock. Feh. Not much activity around, comms are nice and relaxed, I eventually lead us to Mother Amamake. I jump in and find a criminal daredevil, and yes, it dies to my tempest. (thanks spying crow for holding point for the two seconds I lost mine, and feck you for scooping the loot.)

As I'm pillaging the DD an Omen Navy issue (ONI), Pilgrim, and Mach (only ship at range) land on me. I point the ONI. The machs @ 172Km. I hit my reps, tank, and he warps off. The pilgrim sits their like a pregnant gorilla not doing anything while I molest his friend. Mach warps in and out a while doing shit for damage. ONI jumps into my fleet to save himself from dying to me. How'd that work M8?  I shoot the pilgrim through armor, then it jumps as well. Lucky little shit gets away.

We fly out to Sahtogas and attempt to bait some piratess, who then land on me with about 10-15 BS - T3 and 4-5 guardians, who (for some reason) decide to all point THE SAME GUY and our fleet (save two pilots, the agressed, pointed one, and burly, for trying to bump a stargate? or something?) all leave system.

Pirates really are retarded.

Then we called the fleet, got everyone back to Auga, which was camped by the ONI pilots corporation. They enter Amamake, we enter after scout gives us all clear. Fleet warps, me and spark are behind the rest (me cuz like, I'm in an armor BS, and spark cuz hes rear scout). I get tackled by one of their abaddons, then overheat the MWD and align for my outbound while spark dual webbed it with his rapier (I'm assuming the abaddon would NEVER keep up with a pest, but it was a nice gesture regardless) and I continue to be pointed @ 30+ KM ranges, when his ENTIRE fleet lands 10-20 KM from me. I literally warp out SECONDS before I'd have likely been alphaed.

The end :)

Sunday, July 31, 2011


WE MAD was not very active and I've went back to OMGROFLSTOMP, therefore, the crappy series of "broken" will not be continuing. Consider it like a really crappy TV show that ends its season on a cliffhanger and doesn't get brought back.

On another note, I fecking raped face today.

--- battle report ---  HAM drake FUCK YEA.

FC went down, random people started yelling, I took over target calling for a bit. We had already lost the fight, but I lived, we pushed them out, and got this :)

Switched back and forth between bomber and Drake. Killed;
caracal + pod
thrasher. (whatchu know bout my torp volleys)

Maybe I'll attempt to start recruiting again.

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

First round of wardecs retracted.

Well, the first round of wars have all been concorded or retracted and, as none of them were particularly interesting, and also the fact that at least three other corporation members were AFK for a lot of last week, I'm just gunna throw them all in one post.

The Konvergent League Final tally:

Kills - harbinger, rifter, sleipnir, harbinger, rifter.  377.5 million ISK
Losses - Hurricane, Brutix. 118 million ISK

(Props to these guys for at least INITIALLY bringing some fight, they turtled up a bit after the sleipnir loss)

Manetheren Incorporated Final Tally (Dec One day long)

Kills - Retriever + Pod 14 million ISK
Losses - None

Tear Collectors Final Tally  -

Kills - Harpy, cane, cane, manticore - 177 million ISK
Losses - None

We were also wardecced by some pseudo-merc alliance "The God Squad" Who camped the Rens BTT undock all week with BS and neutral RR. I was not around for most of this and would not have engaged them anyway due to their faggotry.

I hope the our corp gets a little more active, myself included. If you are reading the OTHER parts of my blog, that may/may not be the case.

DOP + 3

DOP (Day of Proposal) +3

She spent the first night back (last night) from vacation uploading approximately 150 pictures onto her facebook, tagging, labeling, commenting on them, and then stalking her facebook for a few hours waiting for responses. Shitshow was to be expected.

Upon walking over to her this morning I noticed she was looking at wedding dresses ALREADY, furthermore it seems a little green notebook may or may not be the bane of my existence for the next year or so, more recon is nessessary.

Approximately two hours later I was informed that we are now listed on some sort of forum/website thing pertaining to weddings called I've refused to look around.

I had a confirmation of the evilness haunting the little green book when I looked up and saw her writing an item number and address in it. I must destroy it.

wedding pvp

On July 24th 2011 I have officially gotten engaged to my girlfriend of five years. What follows as a side blog is.... what follows ?

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

back from vacation - OOC

took a little time off to go to lake george this weekend, saw the sights, took the tours, got engaged (to my girlfriend, not someone shooting at me), didnt step foot into the lake.

it was fun to be had for all, if a little expensive ($12.00 for ciggerettes wtf? )

Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Broken - continued.

"What the feck are you doing?" Newports asked Aznwithbeard over fleet comms.
"I'm hunting this war target, you scouted him for me, what the feck you think I'm doing?"
"he is never going to undock, he sees you in local, he knows you want to kill him, ermmm... why DO you want to kill him?"
"Hmm." pondered Azn. "I guess cuz the boss tells me I have to kill him, thats a good enough reason for me."
"Since when do you listen to anyone? Feck you, you're like 3 jumps out from Hek, come have a beer with me, I'm docking up now."

He couldn't resist it. Its a simple word - "beer", but the things it did to his mind made him crave it. The second his brother said "beer" he was in warp to the nearest gate.

He docked up at the hub, no war targets in system and he had an insta out of the station if the cowards actually decided to take an offensive stance and attempt to shoot him. Awww feck it, he'd just battle on the station anyway. His brother told him to go to Ingots, apparently a hole in the wall not unlike Rens Slavehounds. Walking in hew saw his brother immediately and attempted to push the table on top of him for the LULZ. Bolted tables? Literal holes in the wall? Plastic cups? This was like Republic UNiversity Parties all over again. Hopefully without the prudes. Upon the realization that the bartender did not know how to make his damn drink and consequentially flipping him over the bar, laughing, and making it himself, he noticed Duke Thunderhorse, ex-exployee, talking to some pretty little trim at the end of the bar. Azn gave a nod, Duke nodded back.

"Shame about Duke." Thought Azn. "Decent pilot jumped outta the Hurricane and into frigates, Damned hotrod kids with their 8-tracks, marachi music and flamed out murals. He'll learn one day." Thought Azn.  "Saw what looked like your malediction parked a few rows down from my BC. I'm assuming it was yours cuz it had flames all across it, emitting from it, and the hanger chief couldn't figure out how to turn  "Like a Virgin" off. Interesting music choice." "Go fuck yourself." was the only reply he got.

Newports started with the interrogation after the first beer. Where, who, why, how, when, and "what about Smith" were among his questions. Azn didn't know how to answer. He didn't have to. His escape plan arrived in the form of Trei, former docking manager at Rens Brutor Tribe Station.


Sunday, July 17, 2011

Newports WT dies again - Azn starts an E-mail chain , Team Emo reads EAP

So normally i would try to do this in-char, but its just far too funny. Newports alliance has just accepted a corporation that has been wardecced by one pilot (ninlarra), who I had a few brief encounters with right before I pulled Azn out of the militia. Instead of dropping the wardec or moving away from the alliances main area, he decided to continue hunting the entire allaince. At the moment he has lost a Rapier and Loki while only killing a rifter and a few t2 frigs. 

I decided to make fun of him on Azn as I was too lazy to do anything else. Read from bottom to top.

----------------------------START EVE-MAIL CHAIN-------------------------

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Ouch
From: Aznwithbeard
Sent: 2011.07.17 15:25
To: Ninlarra,

Ok Im done whats up? 


Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Ouch
From: Ninlarra
Sent: 2011.07.17 15:24
To: Aznwithbeard, 


I'll tell you what. I'll spam a few dozen clicks on your shitty blog no one gives a fuck about that you are always linking if you stop evemailing me. Deal?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Ouch
From: Aznwithbeard
Sent: 2011.07.17 15:23
To: Ninlarra,

the only reason im mad is becuase im trying to touch myself and you keep responding, it is quite hard typing with one hand you see!

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Ouch
From: Ninlarra
Sent: 2011.07.17 15:21
To: Aznwithbeard,

You seem a bit mad. Wanna talk bout it?

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Ouch
From: Aznwithbeard
Sent: 2011.07.17 15:20
To: Ninlarra,

sorry mate, i was hunting my wts on this toon, youre not really worth my time. WTF was that fit, a really expensive hurricane? useless. also, again, you lost like....700 mil isk to a fecking CAREBEAR ALLIANCE>

furthurmore, the last time i actually started hunting you on my other toon, u started talking to me in local while cloaked up and refused to play. i figured u were scurred and stayed away from you so that my bears had a better chance to rape u.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Ouch
From: Ninlarra
Sent: 2011.07.17 15:16
To: Aznwithbeard,

Mad that I lost 2 ships worth under 650 million isk? No. I knew the risk. Don't be afraid to lose your ship. The amount lost is less literally than 1% of my total liquid isk.

Annoyed that some random guy comments on what I do and what ships I lose when hes not even there in a sarcastic snarky douchebag way. Yes. Fire a shot then evemail me like I said.

Re: Re: Re: Re: Ouch
From: Aznwithbeard
Sent: 2011.07.17 15:12
To: Ninlarra,

you seem a bit mad. want to talk bout it?

Re: Re: Re: Ouch
From: Ninlarra
Sent: 2011.07.17 15:07
To: Aznwithbeard,

I decced applied industries, not an entire alliance of 400 ppl. IThe 17 man mining corp i decced joined this alliance and so here we are.

Not that its any of your concern, but i wouldnt fly them if i couldnt offered to lose them. Lastly how about you actually take part and then evemail me about. Until then keep your asinine remarks to yourself and keep linking your failblog some more to get your hits up.


Re: Re: Ouch
From: Aznwithbeard
Sent: 2011.07.17 15:02
To: Ninlarra,

nah, im kinda doing a storyline atm, that would fuck it up. seriously though? a rapier and a loki? ouch - thought u said u were trying to make some money on this dec?

Re: Ouch
From: Ninlarra
Sent: 2011.07.17 14:51
To: Aznwithbeard,

lol indeed.

Maybe you can write about in your blog everyone cares about.

From: Aznwithbeard
Sent: 2011.07.17 14:50
To: Ninlarra,

them carebears bite back ehh?

-------------------END EVE-MAIL CHAIN-------------------------------------

Also just a brief convo i found hilarious.

[15:22:15] Newports Indeed > WT IS IN EMOLGRANLAN
[15:22:31] Dutarro > so he is, look at that
[15:22:34] Krezly Snipes > thanks newports
[15:22:46] Newports Indeed > yup
[15:22:49] Burlysteven > team Bravo ...  ATTACK
[15:23:01] Dutarro > im here in Emol if a fleet is forming
[15:23:02] Burlysteven > *team Emo , i mean
[15:23:06] Dutarro > rofl
[15:23:58] Newports Indeed > lol
[15:24:20] Dutarro > "undock, WT, or i'll cut myself!!"
[15:24:36] Dutarro > he is docked at assembly plant
[15:24:50] Newports Indeed > TEAM EMO ATTACK - " but im feeling a little down, my father doesnt ever wanna talk about my feelings" I HAVE A POINT SHOOT HIM " this is just too violent for me, im gunna go read edgar allen poe and think about the rain."
[15:25:01] Dutarro > hahaha
[15:25:20] Dutarro > sorry didnt see what you just typed, my hair was in the way
[15:25:32] Newports Indeed > lol
[15:25:37] Newports Indeed > its cool man, just cut it yourself.
[15:25:44] Newports Indeed > watch those wrists!
[15:25:45] Dutarro > i might miss..
[15:25:48] Dutarro > :P
[15:25:59] Newports Indeed > ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh good times.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

- Broken cont.

After finishing up a nice meal of Tequila and Camel Menthols, Azn lazily stared out the window of his CQ. Or maybe that's a door, in any case it won't open. Anyway, he walked into his corporate hanger and saw his entire corporation save one member standing there. Introductions and hearty handshakes all around, then a corporate meeting consisting of evaluating player skills and ship fittings. Knew this was gunna be a PITA.

Undocked with the fleet and did a little run-about in the surrounding areas, a few targets around, but all are docked. Passed the time by making fun of eachothers mothers and trying to get Bunny to take her top off for a halo-reel. All we got was a nip-slip. As the fleet started to wind down and corporation members unplugged, Azn got wind of a war target approximately 15 jumps away, in Gallente highsec. Jumping into his Cyclone and dodging the various gate-guns and Minmatar security officers he left the Minmatar area and briskly made the jumps. It was weird not having an XO to make the jumps for him while he monitored other systems, but it was Okay, made his connection to his ship a little more tangible. Upon entering the system he looked through the local list and saw his wartarget, still in system. Warping to his last known whereabouts got Azn a visual confirmation of his target. On the station. In a retriever. Great, big waste of time.

Quick conversation with the docking manager and Azn was cleared to dock at General Hanger 0-1-2. Ignoring docking protocol Azn slammed down his MWD and knocked a Itty 5 hauler into a row of shuttles, breaking them to pieces. Oops. Sirens whaled and bay doors starting closing but the cyclone managed to squeeze past the last bay door on the level mostly intact (good bye little fin things!) and out into space face to face with the target in the retriever. At zero. Not moving. Feeling ballsy ehh? Two salvos later and the retriever exploded. Then came the locking. And locking. And more locking. Idiot got himself podded as well. Taking a piss in the back of the ship no doubt. Should learn to do that in the station, where you're marginally safe. Not an exceptional kill but not every death can be glorious... ya dig?

Two jumps to Dodixie and docked  at the hub. Damn these gallente chicks really are rediculously hot. Azn unplugs for the night. Smiths gunna be pissed.

The next morning Azn opens up a conversation with the chief, who had the honor of orbiting the seedy station with weapons primed and tanking modules active all night.

"Get the ship ready to depart ASAP. I Woke up this morning in some back room with a huge headache and the smell of urine in my nose. Not sure what thats about. Pants nowhere to be seen. Fedo running around with 3 knives stuck into it, blood and piss all over the place spread about in a sort of star shape, a test dummy with some sort of phallic instrument in its hindquarters no more then 10 feet away. We need to go RIGHT NOW, I'm stealing a shuttle. ETA 3 minutes."

He couldn't get out of Dodixie fast enough, he'd been there before but never stayed the night. Never again, never again.

I don't think you can make the jumps from Dodixie to Rens any faster then Azn did that day with his Cyclone. Didn't wait for his jumpcloak to drop, just warped immediately. Lots of pressure on the structure. Didn't even bother asking for permission to jump through the lesser traveled systems, materialized 2 Meters away from a megathron at one point. Little more to the right and they would have materialized right inside of it, that woulda hurt.

Upon getting into Rens he saw a few targets in local and decided to ignore all of Smiths eve-mails and attempts at direct communications. No time. Must get pants. Then kill. Docked, Showered twice in his new corporations hanger bathroom, grabbed the Scorp, went to BTT (Brutor Tribe Treasury, Hub of Rens). No one around. Eerie.

A few members log in. A few targets show up. A fleet is made. A plan formed. Azn undocks in his scorpion. Binger + rifter on the undock. Binger pilot is the Abaddon asshole from the other night. They both open fire, Azn sees the Sleipnir on scan. Lets do this.

Drones and web on rifter, Torps and scrambler on the binger. Sleipnir Doesn't show up. Hit the scan and when I come back the rifter had exploded. Odd, he wasn't tackled. Oh well, move web and drones to the binger. Oh, looks like hes deaggressed. Hit overload but he holds up. Docks in less then no armor. Pity. Corp member undocks from other station. Sleipnir there, not moving. AFK? Brutix and Phoon put it into low shields and then it docks. Pity. Seems Smith found a way to get into contact with me and I'm getting an earful, and so are my corp mates? She hacked our secure corporation channel?!?!? Reset the neural interface and our Brutix gets tackled. Having some issues plugging in. Finally in warp to the Brutix, locking the Sleipnir. Two bingers and a rifter land. YOU'RE ALL GUNNA DIE. They all die.  Except the previously mentioned abbadon pilot in his harbinger.  He runs into station and lets his corpmates die. Coward. Our brutix rapes the sleipnir and binger but eventually dies.  I get a second "killing frig with drones while not pointing them" medal. Apparently Jasen thought torps on it were a good idea. Gunna need to talk to him about that. Smith starts in again with the nagging, I unplug, this bitch is gunna get a beating.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Broken cont.

The day that Jasen and Azn were to converse came and went with not a message or communication of any kind between them. Azn decided to unplug and spend one last day with smith on the white sand beaches of Auga Prime since they were having wonderful weather there. By the time he got back into his CQ, showered and dressed, he was far too tired to hit the hanger or check on any communications.

The next day Azn decided to check the member count of Jasens corporation - it was at 7. Jasen held up his end, and Azn held up his. Two minutes after a brief conversation, papers were filed and Azn found himself in a new corporation, and with a shiny new button to wear on his chest to boot!

It was easier telling smith then he thought. She kinda saw it coming with the transfer of corporation ownership anyway. She sighed, promised to not close OMGROFLSTOMP as long as Azn still came to bed. Alone. He promised.

Now he had to look for a new XO. He couldn't afford to have Smith seriously wounded or dead anymore (or, ever, realistically) as if that were to happen, ownership of said corp would fall into concord hands and all ISK/standings/members were in the hands of CONCORD, and thats a dangerous game to play. But who would be up to such a task? Azn needed a constant stream of various hard liquor, cigarettes, and back massages to keep him from killing his crew. Not to mention various "trysts" on the captains chair. What to do what to do. He went back to his CQ after the documents were signed, hands were shook, and shots were.... shot? Crawled into bed and slept through the night.

One wardecced corporation immediately fled the constellation, members then dropped from said corporation and transferred to a renamed corporation to hide in the shadows of red tape and bureaucracy for a week. Fecking cowards. Fecking concord. Another corporation didn't show many members actually plugging in the first night. Yet the last, The Konvergent League, showed plugged in and active members around the Heimatar region. And they undocked! Interesting indeed, most corporations just cower in their stations for a week and choose not to fight. Seven man corporation verses a fifty man strong corporation? Doesn't matter, They usually just turtle up. These chaps show promise, and for that, I will try my very hardest to kill them all.

Once plugging into his neural interface Azn saw that he was the only member of his team online. "Shit, must have left the bar too early" he thought. "Maybe I'll just undock and see whats going on outside good old Brutor Tribe Treasury." 

Upon undocking Aznwithbeard came face to face with an enemy Sleipnir, who proceeded to initiate hostilities immediately. "Interesting bait, I accept." Azn thought as he opened fire. The previously spotted enemy hurricane lands next. Guess we know who's the new primary.  After finally locking up the Hurricane class battlecruiser SUDDENLY ABADDON. Mega pulse lasers? Not good. "Time to turtle" thought Azn as he overheated his shield booster, pulled in his drones, and unlocked his various targets.

75% structure remained on his Scorpion class battleship as he casually (awww feck it completely frantically), docked back into station, but a command ship, High DPS battlecrusier, and FECKING ABADDON shooting at you will do that..  This may prove to be an interesting war-week after all.

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Broken - Pt. 3

No sooner had he transferred his corporation to his XO, Smith, did Azn begin recieving eve-mails and private conversations regarding new employment opportunities. Sifting through them proved fruitless and Azn found himself at Slavehounds pounding back a few and contemplating his future.

Out of nowhere a duo of shady looking capsuleers by the names of Jasen Too and Destiny Grey sat down on either side of him. Azn politely told them to fuck off. Jasen then grabbed the bartender and told him to get 9 shots of whatever was in front of Azn and 3 ice-cold Gallente brews. Two shots for each of them, the other five for Azn. An offer he couldn't refuse and as he slammed down his shots exclaimed that they had ten minutes.

Seems they wanted to enlist his modest services. Saw him kicking around random wardecs and had wanted to do the same. Had a decent track record but their new corp was light on members. "A few more are on the way, looking somewhere around 8-10 pilots." stated Destiny after Azn brought it up. Destiny and Azn had bullshitted with each other a few times in the past and he and his new CEO knew Azn knew his shit. But what was in it for the now slightly intoxicated Azn?

No under the table deals were offered, no payouts and no actual agreements were made, but a wad of cash was flaunted and a holo-projection of a flagship was slid down the bar. "Nice ship" declared Azn. "Tell you what, get your corp in order by the end of the week and I'm in, now get the hell out before I sober up and change my mind."

As the two men walked out of the bar, he pondered on how to tell Smith. What was the reasoning for his decision? There were no laid out perks, he'd done the highsec war on his own and with several previous corporations already, and from what he knew, the incoming pilots didn't know shit about PVP. That meant at the very least helping to teach them, and probably commanding fleets. Fuck, he'd had enough of that already.

Whatever, They had 5 days to get their shit in order and until that time, he wouldn't even think about it.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Broken - pt. 2

Azn walked onto the balcony of his CQ and saw Smith yelling at one of the workers. He called her name and waved, she looked up, smiled and headed for the CQ door. They kissed when she walked in and Azn said they needed to talk.

"you're taking over the corp, at least for a little while."
"listen I just need some time to get my bearings and I didn't want it dissolved..... it was either you or Rodensteiner, and hes been on Auga prime for the past two months. It didn't seem wise."
"But I'm not even......."
"Don't worry about it I payed concord off. You are now recognized as a capsuleer, we can't implant you, but technically its on the books. They scanned your head at your last post-op physical and said you had approximately 56,000sp in brain capacity, and it was staying that way"
"But what do I know about running a corporation?"
"Probably about the same as me, jack shit. Don't worry about it, I still own most of the shares and will get all the notifications you get that are detrimental to the corp. If you have any problems ask my brother for help, he's not a complete idiot"
"And where are you..."
"I don't know, I just need some time." He said as he walked out the door.

End of the decs (OOC)

Sooo... that was really boring. The Mercs always sat on the station and only fought me twice. The active people in PTC pretty much jump cloned out of the area but pretty much most of them did not log in. Same goes for whatever other corporation I wardecced. I saw a few pilots here and there, but always docked. ALWAYS.

Total war cost - 12 Million ISK (for the decs)
Total amount gained - 1 myrmidon paid to me (32 million Isk)
Killed 1 bomber (From the merc corp) - (35 million ISK) = 68 Million ISK. How blah.

Broken (warning, long)

Azn jumped into Rens system and proceeded to scan through local while he waited for his jump cloak to clear. He saw a few war targets in system but proceeded to warp himself to Brutor Tribe treasury regardless, it didn't matter, he was in a covert ops frigate. Once he was within 2AU of the station he contacted the docking service manager, a pretty little Vherokior girl named Trei. They had messed around a few years back, when Azn first graduated the university, but that ended once he bought his first Hurricane and needed an XO.

"Well if it isn't Azn-with-beard" Trei said, "How have you been? I haven't seen your name off the docked list for at least a week, Thought you took a few bottles to your quarters and died, was gunna check on you after my shift." "Nah" replied Azn, " I jump cloned over to the frontlines and brought some of my leftover modules to sell here, getting kinda low on funds nowadays, I was here for a bit because....." "you started several wars, I know, I saw it on the CONCORD VALIDATED CORPORATION  WAR LIST every morning for a week. Stirring up shit again ehh? Did you even undock?" "Oh shut the fuck up and let me in Trei, I'm sitting off the station cloaked, Hit me up after your shift, maybe well get some brews." "Roger" Trei said in a huff. "Aznwithbeard docking request accepted for hanger 4-4-2, talk to you later, Rens docking manager out."

He parked his cheetah next to his old wreathe, it had been sitting there unused since the bad days. The days when he ran around as one of Brutor Tribes faceless minions usually killing whoever was on top of their shitlist. "Must have podded that Zor guy enough times to pay the salary of half the station for a month" thought Azn as he stared at the rusty hauler. "And that fucking damsel whore, always hanging around in non-sanctioned stations in the "pleasure gardens" getting gangbanged until someone got a little too rough, then its a quick call to daddy and countless people murdered just evac her dumb ass. Fuck her. Fuck that"

As he got out from the pod and put his feet on the cold metal hanger surface, he took a look around. The hanger had seen better days and it was definitely showing. He grabbed one of the idiots who worked for him and told him to get everyone on the shift to report here, now.  Normally Smith would handle this petty bullshit, but went to Balginia in a shuttle to pick up various wares from a friend she had living there.

A few minutes later Azn had 22 people standing before him. "Here's the deal" he started. "This place looks and smells like someone let loose a drunken slavehound and let it tear ass through here for a month, and I'm tired of looking at it" "Sir" said the chief "You locked a pack of slavehounds in the same container as the spiced wine you received as a gift from one of your Brutor agents a while ago. We didn't see the case because the corpse of atleastigotchicken was laying on top of it and no one wanted to touch it." Well, that explains that I guess, clean it up, NOW" The now angry Azn replied and started walking down his hanger.

As he walked down the line of ships he had in his hanger he started to get a little sad. The hanger had not even a fifth of its capacity that he had paid a premium for earlier in the year. Newports had set up shop in the hanger next door and Azn had been letting him pick through his modules for a while. In terms of ships all that was left was the newly built Scorpion, a Salvaging thrasher, I boxed up cyclone, a fit cyclone, a useless wreathe, a boxed up shuttle, and now a cheetah. The modules sorted in the station containers were even more sparse. Everything was out in Auga now, but he had no want to move everything again. He had moved so much. From here to Amarr in the bad days, then back, then to Providence when he flew under the Ushra'Khan banner, then back again. To Amamake when he was fixed on killing pirates, then all over New Eden when he flew with NOIR. When he left the mercs he moved it back here and then then joined with the militia and moved it into Auga. Azn was tired of moving. "Fuck it, I'll use what I have here, and by that time hopefully I'll have enough money to buy some more ships."

"Azn, its Trei, I'm coming down to your hanger to take you up on those brews" Azn heard as he pondered pushing the wreathe out into space. "Great, more lewd attempts to get me back into her quarters, maybe I'll call Smith.... "

Azn climbed the stairs to his Captains Quarters and from the balcony looked down at his hanger. He was tired of fighting for a cause that didn't want him. Didn't need him. He jumped into the shower and put his pants on just as Trei knocked on the door. He grabbed a shirt and threw on his boots and walked out of the hanger with her.

"No you dick we're not going to Slavehounds, its a hole in the wall."
"We're in Minmatar space, everything is a hole in the wall"
"The place is always empty, there's nothing to do there but drink"
"I don't see the problem"
"Lets go to the RUN Alumni Bar, it's bright, cheery, the drinks are good"
"I don't know...... that place is full of miners"
"They got a new barmaid with huge....."
"Fine lets go"

As they walked in he gave a nod to DMC, a pseudo-trainer still in RUN and someone with whom Azn has had some pretty interesting late night discussions with. He was at a table with the usuals, Mode, Gellic, Lynn, and some others. As he walked to the bar he saw Coronis Adair, his old CEO from Ushra'Khan. He gave a nod but it wasn't repayed, Coronis was just staring at the wall like it was melting.

"Why are you leaving?"
"The Amarrians just show up in numbers and push our forces back. Camp the station the guys STILL dock at. We form fleets to fight them head on.... Why? We have fast ships with great tracking and long range ammunition, we should be using more guerrilla tactics.... I don't understand the commanders."
"But its always been like that"
"I don't know I'm just tired of it. I've been fighting the good fight pretty much since I graduated, and what do I have to show for it? A few ships and some LP for blowing up a few ships. Great, now all I need is 750k ISK and I can buy a fecking +1 implant. Its bullshit"
"you're a noble pilot...."
"Fuck that, I'm tired of being noble, I want to be rich again. 70 Million ISK? Great, I can fit ONE FUCKING BATTLECRUISER."

The night continued on and more people started to show up. PVDN walked in with Jimmy 15 and his butt-buddy Josef, who were talking about their latest gank and claiming to be the greatest warriors since Captain Karishal Muritor. Fecking imbeciles. Then came in Menod and Miillia, and Azn knew it was time to go. The local scammers were coming in to try to pawn off some garbage and fuck with the recently graduated capsuleers.

"This is why I go to slavehounds, Miilla wouldn't even get through the door before he got punched in the face, and I'm pretty sure Jimmy would get raped in the bathroom. Lets go."

As they parted ways a worried Trei pondered how she could help. Azn seemed committed to walking away from his cause and she didn't know where he planned on going. The once proud warrior seemed broken, and she didn't know how to fix it.

Thursday, July 7, 2011

War Update - 2

Spent all night last night (15 minutes) fitting up a new ship built specifically for this war. A new ship, an untested ship. A Caldari ship. Looked good to me, made sure it was insured and unplugged.

Plugged into my neural interface, crossed my eyes and hit myself in the back of the head to get that shit sorted. Looked through local, seems the ever vigilant Regicyde is online. Gave him a poke in local. He undocked. I undocked Immediately after. His drake lights me up with a disruptor. I light him up with Torps. He deagresses and I push him to low shields before he docks.

Asks for my cyclone, I give it to him. Undock the proud Matari ship and lock him up. He just sits there like a placid cow. I throw some guns on him. He tips over, or docks, can't be sure. Ask him whats going on, he asks, I provide, and no missiles launched?

A few minutes later he finally undocks and starts shooting, I know its a trap. I scram him back and throw everything I have on him. Two bombers uncloak, Manticore and Nemesis, not good. Hit the shield booster. Seems the Nemesis has a painter and a damp on me, hes 60Km out, I don't give a shit. Manticore has..... manticore is MWDing? Towards me? Drop the point, scram the bomber. throw some drones on him and hit approach. Debate using the rockets. Yea? Nah. One cycle of the guns shows him who's boss. Point blank bomber is a dead bomber.  Rainbow setup and T1 torps? WTF was he thinking. Don't bother with the loot. Point back on drake, Nemesis bails, drake deaggros.

Drake comes back out. More bait? Great, they're not even bothering to hide their fleet members now. I hit an insta and hit the station at range. Drake lands 15km away. Hit the approach and the drake warps RIGHT as my scram gets in range. Damn. He's above station, then back near my insta. I go back out. We both engage and I begin molesting his shields. Rook undocks. Really? Rook warps to drake at zero. I go HURPA DURPA and throw my drones and attempt to get my scram on him, no luck, but at least my drones are fighting their little hearts out. Oops, lost one. Pull em back in. Relaunch when my sensors clear, Gettem back on the rook, but hes too far away for point.Guns and Scram on the drake until I get jammed. Neutral domi warps in, Ohshi. Drake bails. Sensors clear. Rook lockable..... Rook bails. FFS.

Cyclone = Owns all.

Actual Chat with Regicyde (ooc)

------------ Actual Comms Log with CEO of The Boondock Saints ---------

[ 2011.07.06 01:16:15 ] Aznwithbeard > hi u rang?
[ 2011.07.06 01:19:23 ] Aznwithbeard > which corp paid ya?
[ 2011.07.06 01:19:23 ] Regicyde > o7
[ 2011.07.06 01:19:30 ] Regicyde > for shame
[ 2011.07.06 01:19:36 ] Aznwithbeard > ?
[ 2011.07.06 01:19:38 ] Regicyde > discretion is a part of the contract
[ 2011.07.06 01:19:57 ] Regicyde > but they pay well
[ 2011.07.06 01:20:16 ] Aznwithbeard > wow shoulda just paid me 2 drop dec
[ 2011.07.06 01:20:45 ] Regicyde > would have been a viable coa
[ 2011.07.06 01:21:00 ] Regicyde > though I rarely see corps pay protection money
[ 2011.07.06 01:21:03 ] Regicyde > the smart ones anyway
[ 2011.07.06 01:21:39 ] Aznwithbeard > whatd they pay if u dont mind me asking?
[ 2011.07.06 01:22:09 ] Regicyde > weekly sum - with bonus per kill/pod and bonus when dec is dropped
[ 2011.07.06 01:22:18 ] Aznwithbeard > ahhhh
[ 2011.07.06 01:23:07 ] Regicyde > there is a blocade and harrassement sub para as well - but not additional sum for that activity
[ 2011.07.06 01:24:15 ] Aznwithbeard > that wont work well, will just jc lol
[ 2011.07.06 01:24:19 ] Aznwithbeard > u out here by urself good sir?
[ 2011.07.06 01:24:32 ] Regicyde > negative
[ 2011.07.06 01:24:48 ] Regicyde > though I'm the only one on the undock atm
[ 2011.07.06 01:24:55 ] Aznwithbeard > i know, i see ur drake
[ 2011.07.06 01:25:04 ] Aznwithbeard > figured id offer up a 1v1
[ 2011.07.06 01:25:06 ] Regicyde > god bless alts
[ 2011.07.06 01:25:14 ] Aznwithbeard > alt? nah, window in the CQ
[ 2011.07.06 01:25:20 ] Regicyde > lol
[ 2011.07.06 01:25:40 ] Aznwithbeard > was gunna offer u a friendly 1v1
[ 2011.07.06 01:26:18 ] Regicyde > apologies - but im not the duelling sort except inside my corp.  I'm not in the habit of fighting fair
[ 2011.07.06 01:26:27 ] Aznwithbeard > haha fair enough
[ 2011.07.06 01:27:03 ] Aznwithbeard > u doin the neut rr thing?
[ 2011.07.06 01:36:40 ] Aznwithbeard > guess thats a yes
[ 2011.07.06 01:36:52 ] Regicyde > negative mate
[ 2011.07.06 01:36:52 ] Regicyde > sorry
[ 2011.07.06 01:36:56 ] Regicyde > we don't do neut rr
[ 2011.07.06 01:37:09 ] Regicyde > just seemed kind of unsporting
[ 2011.07.06 01:37:11 ] Regicyde > to be blunt
[ 2011.07.06 01:39:48 ] Aznwithbeard > well thats good
[ 2011.07.06 01:39:56 ] Aznwithbeard > i still cant take 2 ham drakes and a myrm
[ 2011.07.06 01:40:13 ] Regicyde > guess it depends how fast you think you can kill me
[ 2011.07.06 01:40:21 ] Aznwithbeard > ham drake? not fast enough
[ 2011.07.06 01:41:32 ] Aznwithbeard > suppose i could just try to split ya up between gates, but then im racing the clock on 3 high tanking ships, seems no fun,k specially when im bout to get a back rupb and watch hangover!
[ 2011.07.06 01:41:47 ] Aznwithbeard > + i wanna hassle miners, not orphanage. lol
[ 2011.07.06 01:42:23 ] Regicyde > got to hand it to the miners  - hiring mercs is a viable course of action for them
[ 2011.07.06 01:42:33 ] Aznwithbeard > id definately agree.
[ 2011.07.06 01:42:36 ] Regicyde > I won't lie and say I'll 1v1 you
[ 2011.07.06 01:42:51 ] Regicyde > but we will follow you
[ 2011.07.06 01:42:54 ] Aznwithbeard > and thats honorable, will make sure to represent that in the blog.
[ 2011.07.06 01:43:30 ] Regicyde > no point in lying
[ 2011.07.06 01:43:41 ] Regicyde > professionalism goes a long way
[ 2011.07.06 01:44:02 ] Regicyde > you run a blog?
[ 2011.07.06 01:44:08 ] Regicyde > god bless strategic messaging
[ 2011.07.06 01:44:24 ] Aznwithbeard > link in bio
[ 2011.07.06 01:44:33 ] Aznwithbeard > strategic messaging?
[ 2011.07.06 01:45:00 ] Regicyde > sorry
[ 2011.07.06 01:45:05 ] Regicyde > fancy term for PR
[ 2011.07.06 01:45:12 ] Aznwithbeard > lol
[ 2011.07.06 01:45:24 ] Aznwithbeard > nah its mostly me ranting and some IC and idk wtf it is. lol
[ 2011.07.06 01:45:50 ] Regicyde > if you post my pic make sure its a good angle :)
[ 2011.07.06 01:46:11 ] Aznwithbeard > so like..... that angle?
[ 2011.07.06 01:46:12 ] Aznwithbeard > ^^
[ 2011.07.06 01:46:16 ] Regicyde > lol
[ 2011.07.06 01:46:29 ] Aznwithbeard > i know ur name from somewhere, u make a pvp vid?
[ 2011.07.06 01:46:35 ] Aznwithbeard > and whyd u kids leave orphanage?
[ 2011.07.06 01:46:36 ] Regicyde > Negative
[ 2011.07.06 01:46:51 ] Aznwithbeard > hmmm idk
[ 2011.07.06 01:47:01 ] Regicyde > we parted on great terms and maintain a healthy rapport with them.  My lads and I wanted to go back into business for ourselves.
[ 2011.07.06 01:47:13 ] Aznwithbeard > gotcha, u in the merc contracts room?
[ 2011.07.06 01:48:29 ] Regicyde > I am
[ 2011.07.06 01:48:50 ] Aznwithbeard > maybe ive seen ya in there then. ran with noir for a lil while, hung out in that channel
[ 2011.07.06 01:48:54 ] Aznwithbeard > anyway man, bed time, 07
[ 2011.07.06 01:48:58 ] Regicyde > adios mate
[ 2011.07.06 01:49:06 ] Regicyde > I'd say good hunting, but that'd be counter-productive

Seems like a decent enough guy, not really worthy of a post, but I figured it seems that this war may be the most fun out of all my decs -

The mercs show up

I unplug for a while and watch some haloreels with Smith when I heard my Comms chip bleep and a face projected in front of it. Plugged it in and was face to face with Regicyde - front runner and CEO of the mercenary corporation on my tail  - The Boondock Saints -

Poked around on my off time to do a little research, seems they're definately Ex- Orphanage, so they know rens like the back of their hand, and thats a problem, probably got some friends too. With their obvious religious tendencies I am now leaning more towards the Amarrians paying them to put pressure on me in my own highsec, for as we all know, OMGROFLSTOMP kills all.

----------- Private channel communications Log ---------

And Shepherds we shall be
For thee, my Lord, for thee.
Power hath descended forth from Thy hand
Our feet may swiftly carry out Thy commands.
So we shall flow a river forth to Thee
And teeming with souls shall it ever be. 
In Nomeni Patri, Et Fili, Spiritus Sancti

Dude wait you opened up communications with me right? 
Yes, Hello I'm Regicyde.
Why the hell are you praying?
It is what we do my son.
Me and my brother(s) are forced to murder you for your wicked soul. 
Yes, I see you have wardecced my corporation.
Now you will receive us.
We do not ask for your poor, or your hungry.
We do not want your tired and sick.
It is your corrupt we claim.
It is your evil that will be sought by us.
With every breath we shall hunt them down.
Each day, we will spill their blood till it rains down from the skies.
Do not kill, do not rape, do not steal, these are principles which every man of every faith can embrace.
These are not polite suggestions, these are codes of behavior and those of you that ignore them will pay the dearest cost.
There are varying degrees of evil, we urge you lesser forms of filth not to push the bounds and cross over, into true corruption, into our domain.
For if you do, one day you will look behind you and you will see we three. And on that day, you will reap it.
And we will send you to whatever god you wish.

(smith is hunched over my back as we both stand half ominously and half pure delight at the image on the viewscreen)

We have many Gods, I am Matari, can you calm down dude, you're freaking my lady friend out. 
It is not my words you should fear, but my Ships, my men, and for your soul. 
So... can I go back to watching Debbie does Jita now? My girl was kind of into it, and I'm not flying tonight.
My son, I pray for you this morning, for tonight, you dine in hell. 
Dude, if you pod me I just wake up in another clone. Cut the crap, I'll see you on the field.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

War update -

The war with Applied Industries has been retracted. I had a mutual friend as well as my brother open private communication channels with me to explain that the above named corporation had blue standings with my brothers alliance and was asked by him, Their CEO, and the CEO of the war target corporation to retract the dec. I did so for the small exchange of a myrmidon class battlecruiser. A gesture of good faith. I got a contract and retracted the wardec immediately through a known CONCORD friend.

I haven't seen much of Dynamic international Solutions, but perhaps I should start looking.

Pator tech corp has also evaded me for the time being. Perhaps I should undock from Rens.

The mercenary corporation has not shown itself either.

Total war cost thus far - 12 Million isk
Total amount gained - 1 myrmidon (32 million Isk)

Monday, July 4, 2011


Plugged in my chip and checked my EVE-mails, seems someone didn't like that I wardecced their corporation and sent some mercs after me. Small corporation, 12 guys, from the intelligence I've gathered (none) seem to be in fact a corporation operating in New Eden. Interesting. I just don't care to even look into them, Its not worth it. I am now involved in six wars, including the Amarrian and Caldari nations.

Noticed another mail, Rendeath decided to leave the corporation. Went to another corporation in the militia. Good luck I guess, seems OMGROFLSTOMP has lost some of its appeal. With Rendeath gone, and Duke gone, it seems I am alone again. Rod is on a semi-permenent vacation on Auga Prime, and Shane hasn't shown up for a meeting since he got his new apartment in gallente space. Seems those gallente girls just throw themselves at minmatar soldiers, can't say I blame them.

Well, someones gotta do the killing, and I guess that falls to me. Usually does anyway TBH, its how I like it.

Saturday, July 2, 2011

Russian chicks are flexible

[14:26:11] Alexander Leros > Кто поможет мне крейсера замочить за деньги ??
[14:26:24] Alexander Leros > плачу 1000000 и за них по 500000 дают ?
[14:26:26] Newports Indeed > she did what to her vagina??!?!?
[14:26:31] mattnova > bliwret
[14:26:34] legkon > тебя и абсолютно бесплатно
[14:26:36] railo > лучше на репетитора потрать деньги)
[14:26:37] Newports Indeed > a whole bowling ball!??!?!?!?!
[14:26:39] railo > по русскому)
[14:26:46] Damlone > hahahaha
[14:26:47] Damlone > no shit
[14:26:51] Kurt Flinkmann > Райло, +1
[14:26:51] Twinroads > that's... actually impressive..
[14:26:56] Damlone > very
[14:27:02] mattnova > funniest thing ive heard allday
[14:29:03] EVE System > Channel changed to Rens Local Channel

Friday, July 1, 2011

"gratz you just pissed off the wrong person"

Eve-mail and Private communications log regarding the destruction of a Retriever class mining barge. (This)

thanks buddy
From: Nyuki Veksha
Sent: 2011.07.02 06:10
To: Aznwithbeard, 

thanks for blownin me up

Re: thanks buddy
From: Aznwithbeard
Sent: 2011.07.02 06:10
To: Nyuki Veksha, 

autopiloting thru lowsec is a bad idea.

Re: Re: thanks buddy
From: Nyuki Veksha
Sent: 2011.07.02 06:11
To: Aznwithbeard, 

yep, huzzah for losing a hard days work


[06:12:00] Aznwithbeard > how is that a hard days work?
[06:13:04] Nyuki Veksha > umm i go and mine for the stuff and then buy it in rens.....sheesh its not im on 24/7 with a damn orca
[06:13:19] Aznwithbeard > you had nothing in ur cargo bay.
[06:13:38] Aznwithbeard > nothing worth anything, in any case.
[06:14:09] Aznwithbeard > 10 mil isk ship loss = a small price to pay to learn to never autopilot thru lowsec, ESPECIALLY AMAMAKE, ever again.
[06:14:11] Nyuki Veksha > sure i didnt
[06:14:35] Nyuki Veksha > lol just remember karmas a bitch buddy
[06:14:35] Aznwithbeard > you had approx 1 mil isk worth of stuff in ur cargo bay.
[06:14:46] Aznwithbeard > m8, i die in amamake all the time. lol
[06:15:03] Nyuki Veksha > gratz you just pissed off the wrong person

Something is wrong -

I got a call from my brother a few days ago asking me if I wanted to help him deal some logistics blows to the Amarrian militia, and, as I hadn't seen my brother for a while, and was not doing anything anyway, I agreed.

His plan was to hunt down potentially weakly tanked targets in amarr highsec flying in industrial ships, mining ships, lightly tanked cruisers etc., and anyone on autopilot. 

We met up in Houla and I started buzzing around Otelen to Amarr and surrounding areas looking for known Amarrian targets. A few minutes later I found him a retriever. He made the few jumps from Houla and pushed back the amarrian gate forces, made his way over to Yuhelia and promptly got rid of the ship and pod. I scooped all the loot I could carry and pressed on.

We were at it for a few more hours but everyone was mostly docked up or the system was empty, so we headed back to Auga for a few beers. We met at our usual spot, slavehound's, the last time I was there I wound up getting carried out and thrown into an empty shuttle. Azn kept me waiting for what felt like 15 minutes, but was actually 7 hours, and I sensibly passed those hours taking shots and slapping ass, I think?

Anyway, I had arrived first and ordered a round for myself and my brother that had just been passed to me by the barmaid (read: fat ugly Caldari woman) when suddenly this heavily pierced and tattooed guy grabbed me off my stool and began wrestling me to the ground. I was about to crack him in the face when I realized it was my brother, and all color began to drain from my face.

"What did you do to yourself"? 
"What do you mean?"
"Your face, those piercings, those weird marks above your eyes and across your forehead" 
"Who the fuck knows, woke up one morning with them, one hell of a night, got a little too drunk with the local pirate population"
"Pirates? Why are you hanging around with pirates?" 
"They're not too bad, some interesting ideals about New Eden, some of it made sense"
"Azn you didn't actually believe what they said right?" 
"Fuck you man, you're not my father, I'm tired of fighting for freedom, I'm a free man, what have you done lately?" 

And with that he left the bar, throwing his glass at the wall and muttering something about killing anyone in his way until he had no more ships to fly.My brother has always been a good man, I wonder what made him cause a scene like that, I hope he doesn't do anything drastic......

(starting now) Monthly Loss report - June (ooc)

I figured I would start to do a recap of monthly losses, how/why I died, and what I could have done better ( if applicable) as I do not post for every loss or kill I make in any given month. So, without further adieu;

Myrm - Had some WT activity in Vard, no one seemed too willing to fight them. They were on the undock of six kin station with a ferox and a drake, other WT was docked. Smelled a trap, shot them a few times anyway, they docked a few times. Finally engaged and I called my backup in, some of which arrived to late to save my ass, however, killed the ferox. Sometimes you just gotta throw caution to the wind and overheat your reppers.

Cane - Decided to close down shop in curse, packed all my mods into the cane, sold off everything else Got caught by -A- two jumps out. Jet-canned the loot (probably about 100 mil) so it didn't show up on the KM.

Pod x2 - Patiently waited for -A- to tackle me, +2s not worth 18 jumps. Later, landed on station next to WT cynabal not in range of dock for the win.

Phoon - Fleet engagement, killed WAY more then I lost. Worth it, wish it was insured though, haha.

Thorax - Honored 1v1 in an experimental fit. Worked well, but apparently not well enough. Will try it again though.

Vexor - Was in fleet and in largest ship, rest of fleet in frigs. Was primaried before I even aggressed, should have jumped out and burned back in, rigless cruiser loss = not really to worried about it. Curse was going down too but the frigs either died after me or had to bail :(

Ferox - Tanked 2 BCs for far longer then it should have, love the fit. Would have lived if I didn't burn out my guns with pocket in low armor. The dps of his ship + the myrm with me starting to cap out combined with my lack of DPS (because of burnt out modules) pushed the tank of the ferox too far. If pocket went down 15 seconds earlier (as he should have) I would have tanked the Myrm no problem and we'd have 2 killmails. Will definitely try that fit again.

Scrubship - I'm a moron.

Not too bad a month TBH. Until next month!

Sunday, June 26, 2011

CCP fucks up, players speak out (ooc)

Not down with the politics, but figured in support of the crap CCP is pulling, I would link a blog that would link various other blogs etc. etc. until your eyeballs fall out and you are filled with rage.

Or you could just read a few, get the general gist, and give the bloggers a +1 for agreement, show a little community spirit.

This blogger is very concise, to the point, and links a few very interesting articles from other bloggers. enjoy.

Something stupid, but amusing (ooc)

I love when things work out for my amusement. I was cloaked with azn on the ossagur gate in amamake getting eyes for my alt newports, who was bringing a typhoon into lowsec for azn. When I landed off the gate cloaked, there was (surprise surprise) a Bane gatecamp pwning some poor noob in a hurricane. After asking in militia if anyone wanted to fleet to kill the apoc off the gate and getting no response, I started speaking in local to the guy (admiral Lazaraus) in the apoc.

[22:54:11] Piglett > o/ azn
[22:54:18] Aznwithbeard > 0/
[22:55:02] Aznwithbeard > Admiral Lazaraus you should be aligned m8
[22:55:23] Admiral Lazaraus > i am
[22:55:31] Aznwithbeard > ur goin 0 m/s
[22:55:41] Admiral Lazaraus > plus you aint gonna do anything anyhow
[22:55:56] Aznwithbeard > love im just looking out for ur best interest.
[22:56:01] Admiral Lazaraus > i c
[22:56:06] Kush Monster > awe so sweet
[22:56:21] Admiral Lazaraus > you be surprised how fast i warp out when you uncloak
[22:56:25] Aznwithbeard > dont want my babies getting hurt. lowsec gate camping can be tough.

(local spikes by about 30, Apoc gets tackled by another pirate corporation, members of the Shadow cartel)

[22:58:51] Aznwithbeard > but do u listen.... noooooooooooooooooooo
[22:58:53] Demerz > luls, says piscis, that's ironic
[22:59:10] W0wbagger > [22:56:21] Admiral Lazaraus > you be surprised how fast i warp out when you uncloak
[22:59:21] Aznwithbeard > SUDDENLY PODDED.

(I assume you can figure out the last part)

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I took a walk down to my hanger today to take an inventory of what ships I have collected over the last few months and noticed a cargo box with the word "THORAX" stamped on the side in black ink. I bought a few of them and built a few nano/shield/autocannon thoraxs some months back to experiment with their longevity, and apparently this one never got built.

The shield/nano/AC thorax held up decently, less DPS then a rupture but able to hold a flight of ec-300s in addition to a flight of warrior drones, and longer lasting cap with MWD on, its a pretty decent trade off. However with the recent completion of the requirements needed to install and use tech2 blasters, I decided it was time to test a gallente ship with gallente weaponry. After conversing with my chief about the various pros/cons to different fittings, I selected a fit I was happy with and undocked into augas black sky.

After picking up some necessary modules and ammunition in Vard, I headed around into Kourmonen, which had a healthy amount of biblethumpers floating about. A few warps and some scans later, I had a mostly complete list of that was in the system (war target wise)


I was with two pilots in frigates and decided that the above listing was a bit too much for us. I few warps later and I noticed the drake pilot was nano-fit (MWD, nanos, capable of going 1400 m/s) and had either
A) a faction warp disruptor
B) a very healthy fleet booster or
C) both, as he was pointing me at 35 KM.

I noticed that he was also using HMLs and not HAMs, so the DPS was not very high, and I decided to ask the pilot to fight me by himself, in the same ships, away from our respective fleets.  No answer in local communications, so I attempted to open up a conversation with the pilot "Lugalzagezi666". Not allowed to contact? He blocked me? The nerve. Made fun of him and asked any Amarr capsuleer to open communications forwarding my request. 10 WT in local, all very much active, and no response. Interesting.

Checked out a beacon in the system, landed on the aforementioned pilot, who quickly warp disrupted me and opened fire. Seems that while he can not be bothered to speak, he can shoot, and my scanner looks kinda full. Hit the MWD, aligned for auga, burnt out of his (very) long point range and warped to a safe near Auga.

Opened communications with my brother, asking him to talk to the pilot. Tells me the pilot said " I tried to 1v1, but you warped off" followed by a closing of the communications channel and (more then likely, not confirmed yet, just judging by the actions of the pilot previously) an additional block.

Coward, even with bigger + tankier cowardly Caldari ships, fleet boosting, and long range weaponry, he will not engage in an arranged 1v1.


[12:35:15] Rebel marvin > ive never needed a scimi before
[12:35:36] Rebel marvin > but aprantly you cant fly one unless you have logi 5
[12:35:49] Aznwithbeard > lol
[12:35:54] Aznwithbeard > ^not fly one well
[12:36:00] Rebel marvin > which isn't what it says on the predquests
[12:36:19] Aznwithbeard > i mean think of it this way, a wolf vs a ruppy, whos winning that fight?
[12:36:34] Rebel marvin > ruppy
[12:36:38] Rebel marvin > that was easy
[12:36:39] Aznwithbeard > predquests?
[12:36:51] Aznwithbeard > wolf = more expensive then ruppy.
[12:36:54] Rebel marvin > the skill requirements
[12:36:58] Rebel marvin > doesnt matter
[12:37:03] Rebel marvin > ruppy wins
[12:37:08] Aznwithbeard > i know, and thats my point
[12:37:19] Aznwithbeard > hell a ruppy will fuck up a rapier, provided he gets a scram on it.
[12:37:25] Rebel marvin > yup
[12:37:49] Aznwithbeard > wtf is a predquest?
[12:37:55] Rebel marvin > ruppy could probablly take 5 wolfs for that matter lol
[12:38:05] Rebel marvin > ship info ->
[12:38:10] Rebel marvin > predquest tab
[12:38:47] Aznwithbeard > huh
[12:38:55] Aznwithbeard > lol
[12:38:57] Aznwithbeard > prereq.
[12:39:00] Rebel marvin > what are you a noob? lol
[12:39:11] Rebel marvin > ah well
[12:39:11] Aznwithbeard > predquest = prereq. got it
[12:39:28] Aznwithbeard > ahhhh, blogged.