Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Monthly loss report -

Azn -

Traded nano cane for nano cane on top belt amamake, cane that killed me got out, but the other guy died.

Epic bait MOA fell to WT bait/blob ( kinda held up for a second, more came in but I died beforehand)

I don't remember this at all, musta been drunk.

I'm an idiot and double clicked cloak.

Newports -

Tackled by multiple WTs alone. Almost got out, but I fecked it up.

Honoered 1v1 with (slaved) WT.

Blopped without remorse, by 4 redeemers. Was originally a damn close/fair fight too.

I also lost a shuttle and ALMOST my +5s to a smartbombing BS gatecamp in rancer.

Not a bad month. Shane Wolfe I miss you.

Some More AARs from Azn.

If you read the last post, then you know this is a continuance. If you didn't go read it.

For Azn -

As always with the Minnie Militia kill reports, the different battle reports are all kinda linked into one blob.

I'll try to separate them as best as I can. 
First engagement was a few BCs vs a few other BCs, however we apparently had some abbadons land as well, and a neutral proteus helping us out by shooting one of the pirate amarr. He then proceeded to shoot one of OUR pilots who was pirate and so we GCCed and killed him for it. He had a falcon as well as another t2 cruiser with him as well, but they jumped.

 Second engagement was pretty much our same fleet, and the Amarr coming back with a pilgrim, vaga, proteus, as well as some support BCs. We baited and they sprung the trap. I decloaked 15KM from the vagabond and immediately overloaded my entire mid-rack to get scram/web on him. I called on comms and other people pointed other things, mainly the SFI, protues, a frig or two, etc. SFI died about when the vaga did, then we all focused fire on the brick of a proteus, and at some point someone popped a frig or two.

The last fight was a slugfest, with amarr bringing somewhere between 15 and 20 bcs, a loki, and 3x guardians. We came back with 6 BS, a few BCs, and a triaged carrier. I was primed first but carrier saved me, we lost 2 of our canes and additional reinforcements in the way of a few BS came to help us. A bit blobby and overkill but they have a tendency to do it to us so W/e. They reformed and came up with 24 BS and no loki (tarp much?), and we couldn't get the numbers to fight, so we blueballed.

Finally an update - A few AARs in a combined post.

Hey, I have been lazy and not posting. I suck at life.

But I have shiny KMs to show, and a few videos as well.


A video made by the same corpy whos video I posted during the last update. First few fights are the ones I was not involved with. If you watch his "watchlist" you can see when I'm actually with the fleet, because I'm taking fire and usually have a broken tank.

This is the battlereport for a really awesome engagement we had on a COA roam two weeks ago. 
I have SOME fraps of the fight but am stupid and have to figure out how to actually upload it to youtube.
Props to the FC, calm/cool headed, and we killed mostly everything on field with minimal losses.

This was an engagement where we had a small gang consisting of

Ham drake (me)
WTF thrasher
Hurricane (kinda late)
Hurricane (late)

VS what appeared to be

Nanodrake x2 (confirmed, cuz like, they died)
an additional nano drake
a nano hurricane

the ever present tengu booster (convoed their guys after the gf)
boosting point range (at least 40km)
web (at least 18km)
shield resists/speed etc

One of the best fights I've had in quite some time, complete with us switching back and forth between target callers as we warped out, me burning out 1/2 my med slots, and them leroying repeatedly into our nano drake w/ 2x web.

I also killed an Ex corpie of Azn during an honored 1v1 (caught him with web, scram followed shortly after)
And 1v1ed (a few times) a WT from sepherabellum or something like that.
Turns out he had slaves from the get-go and one of my alliance mates accidentally whored on the 1v1, however he was dead so it did not matter. I dropped point and DPS in an attempt to let him leave field however my last salvo of missiles destroyed his (pretty costly) BC.

Me, Xirin, and one additional other  found a Mach/cyna/other gang (approx 10 strong)  and consequentially leroyed into it, losing one of our BCs (drake i think, not showing up on report yet), the other in 70% structure (myrm), and an unagressed me with a broken tank (nano drake) jumping through the gate once fleet jumped system. The cruisers left field but both machs were tackled and (more importantly) whored upon by myself. Pity the loot was earmarked for alliance, didn't even bother scooping.  Video of mach kills

And the most recent kill on newports happened when I was actually hunting a 6ish man BC gang that happened to go GCC in system. I was on a gate when a neutral nighthawk jumped through and proceeded to shoot me, I shot back, gained range by webbing the shit out of him (didn't matter, he did not even fit a point) and kept long point on him as two more typhoons started shooting me (they actually had long points and webs, which got a little interesting).

So who suddenly appears? The 6 man BC gang, not engaging, but instead GTFO of system for some reason and neither helping nor killing me, which was odd.

In any case my gang arrived just before I would have had to leave field, but I got repped and stayed on field to burn them all. Video of NH + 2 phoon kills

I like the range of T2 HMLs (ive never used them before, on either toon) but the speed/tank/dps on my nano drake leave a little to be desired. Must be because I have 2x webs fit instead of 2 invuls, only one BCU, am using HMLs, but I do have  2xnanos. Ehh w/e.

Azns AAR to follow shortly.

Sunday, August 14, 2011

WT engagement - Newports first cameo appearance.

I was FCing a fleet in an attempt to get a fight out of our station hugging neutral rep using WTs "The God Squad".  I was also baiting in a nano, slightly tanked tempest and went for bumps to get his ass off the station.

Little clip of me (newports indeed) slightly paniced on the mic as I go into deep hull.


Was burning out to warp but bassis saved me in time to stay in the fight.
I fail for not Frapsing my view of the fight. :(

Saturday, August 6, 2011

AAR - 16:00 Tempest is a BC roam

Logged into EVE an hour before my scheduled PVP roam with COA (something about anti-pirating, idk, i don't pay attention to that shit) and found myself in lowsec- where Azn is deployed. During the three jumps to highsec, I got it into my head that as I was FCing the fleet, I should be in an almighty battleship, and it had to be a tempest for two reasons;

A: It had to be armor, so maelstrom was out.
B: I fly phoons on Azn, and wanted to use them shiny T2 BS guns.
3: I've never really flown a tempest - and wanted to.

So with that thought process in mind (and, coincidentally, 12 T2 BS guns in my cargo-expanded frigate coming out of low-sec) I asked around in corp  if someone had a Tempest I could borrow ( I really didn't have the money to fully fit, rig, and insure a BS, which makes this idea even smarter ) and sure enough, a corpie I've known for about a year (BURLY) Lent me a pest hull with cheap shield resist rigs.

So, with 20 minutes to EFT a fit, then actually fit, insure (forgot to do that, oops), load with ammo and cap boosters and travel 6 jumps, I arrived with 3 minutes to spare.

In a rig-less, uninsured battleship that wasn't mine.

Fleet was formed up eventually and we started roaming through metropolis, heimatar, and the bleaklands.

Spark found 2 BCs on a gate that engaged his rapier, I entered in my tempest for support and called one of the squads in to help out.

Battle report

Getting flack from Squads 2-3 for not letting them shoot things in an attempt to escalate, A few criminal t3s are found on a station. I once again bait and engage 2x tengus and a proteus. They dock. Feh. Not much activity around, comms are nice and relaxed, I eventually lead us to Mother Amamake. I jump in and find a criminal daredevil, and yes, it dies to my tempest. (thanks spying crow for holding point for the two seconds I lost mine, and feck you for scooping the loot.)

As I'm pillaging the DD an Omen Navy issue (ONI), Pilgrim, and Mach (only ship at range) land on me. I point the ONI. The machs @ 172Km. I hit my reps, tank, and he warps off. The pilgrim sits their like a pregnant gorilla not doing anything while I molest his friend. Mach warps in and out a while doing shit for damage. ONI jumps into my fleet to save himself from dying to me. How'd that work M8?  I shoot the pilgrim through armor, then it jumps as well. Lucky little shit gets away.

We fly out to Sahtogas and attempt to bait some piratess, who then land on me with about 10-15 BS - T3 and 4-5 guardians, who (for some reason) decide to all point THE SAME GUY and our fleet (save two pilots, the agressed, pointed one, and burly, for trying to bump a stargate? or something?) all leave system.

Pirates really are retarded.

Then we called the fleet, got everyone back to Auga, which was camped by the ONI pilots corporation. They enter Amamake, we enter after scout gives us all clear. Fleet warps, me and spark are behind the rest (me cuz like, I'm in an armor BS, and spark cuz hes rear scout). I get tackled by one of their abaddons, then overheat the MWD and align for my outbound while spark dual webbed it with his rapier (I'm assuming the abaddon would NEVER keep up with a pest, but it was a nice gesture regardless) and I continue to be pointed @ 30+ KM ranges, when his ENTIRE fleet lands 10-20 KM from me. I literally warp out SECONDS before I'd have likely been alphaed.

The end :)