Thursday, February 24, 2011

(OOC) Where the Frak is my Ship?

While reading some of the newest pod-loggers posts on CrazyKinux’s blogpack, I came across a post that I wish to kind of grab and recycle into my post. Here is where the idea came from, and if you’re too lazy to click the link, I’ll just explain it for you.
Pretty much what the author has done is kind of go over what corps/individuals have made him the person (in eve) he is today. I wish to do the same, and pay homage to the people who taught me what I needed to be taught, and were kind/cool/entertaining enough ( and in one or two instances, crappy enough) to make me want to honor them today.

0rizen nation
Pretty much this alliance taught me what NOT to be in EVE. It had the structure, it had the rules, the regulations, protocols, but it did not have the follow through. Even the PVP wing of the alliance was basically insolvent and did not teach us newer players anything. I basically hung out in minmatar space by myself running level fours and messed with corp members in chat until I’d had enough and moved to bigger and better things. Though I did meet a few of my closest (EVE) friends that I sitll have a channel tab dedicated to to this day.

Another reason I left 0rizen was to start my own corp. The reason I did this was because a few people I regularly missioned with (as well as myself) kept getting harassed and baited by a corporation of ninja salvager/looters in the Heimatar region called Sect 0r. There was about 5 or 6 of us that banded together and jumped into this corporation once I advertised it. We commenced hostilities and actually WON even though they had joined the infamous alliance of Tear Extraction and Reclamation Service. This was my first real taste of PVP and there was no way I was going back. Station games, nabbing people on gates, insta-locking,  this new rush excited me and pushed me ever deeper into the grasp of EVE Online. After the war was over I spent a lot of time looking for an active PVP corp/alliance that would take a new player like me in.

Enter Ushra’Khan
First and foremost they took me, a VERY green player who hadn’t done much pvp at that time, into their alliance. It was with them I learned the basics of SOV warfare ( which I hate with a passion, but definately should know about) and small gang pvp. The CEO of my corp, MSCS, also taught me how to become a better fleet commander (FC), whether knowingly or unknowingly I know not. This is where I not only honed my general PVP skills, but also FCing small gangs, solo pvp, fleet pvp, and pretty much where I learned most of what I know now.
They also taught me of epic betrayal in EVE. (Thou who should not be named) kicking Karn out of the Executor position of our alliance, kicking all corporations out of the alliance save his own, and trying to sell the alliance to the highest bidder. EVE is a harsh place, and you should really know this from the get go. Through this betrayal ( as well as the broken NAPS and other crap we had to deal with) I also learned the real meaning of unity in EVE, and that few versus many was always where I wanted to be. There is no doubt in my mind that when I finally give away all my isk, modules, and ships away, and finally step away from EVE, either me or my corporation will be part of Ushra’Khan, and those items will be going to their pilots.

Heretic Army
One of the many, many, pirate corporations in EVE, these pilots stand out for two reasons. One, their home was my home for a time, that system being Amamake.
The second reason, well, they don’t play fair. They blob, they use fleet bonused t3s, Alt probers, camp  highsec gates with sensorboosted ships and gank ANYTHING ( shuttles, noob ships, etc) that comes through, all in the name of…. well…. ganking?
That and they are ORGANIZED.
These guys taught me how to GTFO, and I’m sure they’ll back me up on this. Not really much to say about them other then that, they taught me when I needed to leave, and when not to engage. They also taught me that some people just like to pack their killboards, and how to make PVP not fun at all, for anyone. They also love tears which, I guess everyone should/might? They can be quite hilarious and unnecessarily over the top, which makes them even more hilarious.
Oh, one more thing they taught me, never warp to a gate in lowsec without a tank, and you better make sure all your tanking modules are onlined as well….. smartbombing battleships at zero on gates can be quite a bitch.

Noir Mercenary Group
I was not with NOIR for very long, but I wanted to give them a shout out. This corporation was another one of the “few vs many” corps that I love to be in. Also, I got paid for killing people, which is nice. They kind of kicked me back into fleet mode, and taught me that 1. Bomber/interceptor fleets are DANGEROUS and I love them. 2. speed tactics against better armed, bigger foes, really can really get your heart flowing and is crazy fun and 3. Fear is demoralizing, whether it be in your corp or in the enemies. NOIR had many competent pilots, and many competent FCs, but for some reason, no one really wanted to step up to the plate and swing. I think this was partly do to alekseyev Karrde’s push for effieciency, and his firm hand with the boot button. Not that there is anything wrong with that, efficiency and idiocracy are things that need to be policed EVERYWHERE, IG and OOG, but it kinda made some people really anxious, from what I saw. Overall they’re a great group of guys, and I’d fly with them anywhere they asked me to.

Damark has been an IG friend for over a year, and its been nice. He is probably one (if not the only) player on EVE i would trust with holding my login name and password if I ever went on an extended AFC and needed someone to update my que. If he didn’t live in the backwards country known as Canada, or if he lived on my block in any case, we’d probably spend less time in front of a monitor and more time drinking beers and enjoying that dreadful sunshine.

Sparkus Volundar
Been bullshitting with him almost as long as Damark, another great guy, he can update my skill que any day no problems. We went through my corps wardec together, and I’ve been chilling in his alliance public channel forever.

Petrus Blackshell
A guy from my Ushra’Khan days, this guy taught me a bit about the science of EVE, through his blog, and just through talking with him. Not as active anymore, but a good IG friend. Also taught me how not to fly frigates hahaha.

My loyal corpmate Rodensteiner
Another of the people I know from back in the UK days, hes always given me tips on how to PVP better, and tells me when i fail. Somehow wins battles against retarded odds, and I do not know how. Rodensteiner is the only person I have actually offered to be in my corp thus far, as I do not want failures destroying my (free) killboard and making me look crappy.  One of the best solo dudes I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

Vladimir Norkoff
Don’t personally or even in game know the guy, but I absolutely LOVE his writing style, and his audits themselves. If you have never read them, please do.

Ancy Denaries
Spoke to this guy once, taught me how to move where my selected targets showed up on my overview.
Also, his videos on youtube kind of opened the door to watch PVP,  and pushed me in the direction of watching things like the garmonations, the alliance tournaments, the kessa domi action, Fmercury, The free flights, etc. I did not know that these things existed until I stumbled into his blog. So thanks for that, other random guy I don’t actually know IG.

To anyone I forgot, poke me IG and i’ll come up with something sappy to say about you.
Ferg, shane, smacky, tc, Eli, dew,darc, DMC, The mode alt army, burly, tyc, chow, all you other beer tent fags, I <3 you.

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