Monday, March 28, 2011

Who runs outta cap boosters first (OOC)

Someone PMed me asking for 1v1 in BC, I asked what ship and he said "BC". Knowing that people generally say this when they are using a weird fit, or something they think is OP, I said ok whatever can is outside station.

TLDR this

85k EHP taken with a battlecruiser is awesome. He even gave me my loot back. There was a cyclone on contract with an anti-em, anti-therm, and extender rig 3 jumps away for 16 mil, so with my insurance money (14.2 mil) i went and bought it. I had leftover mods and the loot that he contracted back to me for fitting, So I lost about 2.5 mil on the deal after repping overheated mods. Not bad for a cool lookin mail.

Saturday, March 26, 2011

Flex a little muscle, the russians fall like dominos.

It has recently come to my attention that their is a system bearing the name of azn. I want it. I Therefore sent a message to the CEO (big bas) of the Red Overlord Alliance (ROL, also, Russians) Corporation that is currently holding the system.


From: Aznwithbeard
Sent: 2011.03.26 16:17
To: big bas, 

To whom it may concern;

I would like to hold soverently in your system of AZN-D2. please forfit your station and sov to my corporation at your earliest convenience. thank you.

From: big bas
Sent: 2011.03.26 19:30
To: Aznwithbeard, 

Ok, but give us 3 days for transfer our assets to empire

please, we are askink only 3 days


Re: re-
From: Aznwithbeard
Sent: 2011.03.26 20:22
To: big bas, 

Three days is acceptable. I will be waiting for the SOV change by the end of the 30th.

Also, may I suggest you just move your assets to a neighboring systems station and not all the way back to empire?

I would also declare that red overlord will get blue standing from my corporation, and the station will be a freeport, so that may appease your worried minds.


From: big bas
Sent: 2011.03.26 22:06
To: Aznwithbeard, 

oh, nice, blue standings will be good, tnx m8. i think that in one week we can evacuate all assets from feithabolis and paragon soul


Re: -
From: Aznwithbeard
Sent: 2011.03.26 22:10
To: big bas, 

That is not nessessary, I only want the AZN-D2 system. I am not trying to take command your your entire region(s), thank you for the opportunity though, I fear that may be too much for me to handle. I will be making moves in preperation for the sov transfer on the 30th, thank you again.


From: big bas
Sent: 2011.03.26 23:30
To: Aznwithbeard, 

ok, bring freighter with tcu and i-hub to AZN at 20:00 30th of marth and we will transfer soverenity to your corporation.


Re: -
From: Aznwithbeard
Sent: 2011.03.27 00:03
To: big bas, 

Already have jump freightor logged off in system as well as cyno alt. 20:00 is a fine time. Will see you there.


Presumably more edits to follow.

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Back to the front!

After messing around in curse for a day, catching up with some old friends and new potential enemies, it was time to head back. Some associates of mine bit off a bit more then they could chew last week when a pilot accepted a level five mission from one of the agents he does some work for. I got an eve-mail asking for some help (along with a few of their other out of corporation associates) and jumped into my body stationed in Auga. As soon as I regained my motor functions ( I will never get over the feeling of moving from body to body, its like I am dead) I jumped into a hound I had laying around and made the twelve jumps to help some buddies, glad I brought the hound, had to jump through three gate camps and cloaks are win.

After that was all finished up I unplugged and did some patch-welding (I used some duct tape) on my cyclone, shes seen a lot of use lately and its showing. Last time I undocked her I got in a fight with some BCs and a command ship and overloaded my guns on a Myrm and a Drake, so I'm glad I finally had time to repair it.  I even got around to repairing some armor damage on it and repopulated the drone bay, let the engines run for a while and declared it in service.

A call went out over all intelligence channels asking for pilots to help save a few brothers in a system near my home, and I immediately jumped into the cyclone, I had a hurricane as well but that ship is usually my backup, and I am enjoying the cyclone a bit more these days. The enemy fleet bailed and as I was trying to find them, I got caught by those pirate bastards Heretic Army and they obliterated my newly refurbished battlecruiser. Almost got out too, was about 3700 meters from the gate when she finally folded.

My fleet started chasing the war targets as the pirates slithered back into their home system, and as I rebuilt a new cyclone. As soon as this was accomplished the war target fleet was found by me on the Kourmonen gate in Auga engaging a lone brother in a battleship. I kind of took over the fleet (sorry bout that FC) as I was the only one in visual range and started burning for the arazu holding down our brothers abaddon, requesting fire on him. He was MWD away from me and not pointed but after about 30 seconds, a badly overheated MWD and an overloaded warp scrambler, I prompty shut down his engines and called for the fleet to tackle anything near them as I overloaded my guns on the recon.

The fleet managed to grab a hurricane, drake, sacrilege, and harbinger during the destruction of the arazu, and wasted the hurricane as I was overheating my microwarp for one last burst to get myself back into range quickly. The fleet declared the hurricane dead and moved onto the harbinger, which I only pot-shotted as I put another warp scrambler on the command ship.  The pilot holding the drake was far away and actually lost his point on the drake, after which the pilot disengaged from the fight. I told the fleet to overheat on the last remaining vessel and for someone to deagress so we could catch him on the other side of the gate, but the call was made to late and the pilot escaped with severe structure damage.

A little while later I had taken over the fleet as the previous FC had unplugged from his interface and left me in command. We decided to just mess around in mostly frigates and destroyers with myself in the ever more popular bellicose. There was an enemy battlecruiser fleet on its way home and we wanted to get some eyes and ears on them, but while we waited we figured we would hang out on the Huola gate in Kourmonen and attempt to pick a fight.

At this point the enemy fleet was just two jumps away, when a lone enemy in a myrmidon entered system, at which point I called the fleet off the gate, thinking they were attempting to bait us into fighting with lesser numbers and ship classes. Apparently my broadcast was not received, and as the myrmidon landed I still had 4 or 5 pilots on the gate. A brother not in fleet in a destroyer aggressed the battlecruiser, and initiated the pilots in fleet to follow his lead. I again called for the fleet to disengage, but as the destroyer blew up the myrmidon tackled a fleet members dramiel, at which point I called for all available pilots to engage the battlecruiser in a suicide run, as I did not want to lose a faction frigate.

Just as the battlecruiser exploded, I told the fleet to get safe as the enemy fleet had just entered system. I scouted my fleet back and immediately asked the pilots to reship into battlecruisers, which they mostly did. We undocked our fleet and engaged the enemies with less damage ships but some E-war on the field. I called out primaries, secondaries, and tertiaries as our falcons attempted to jam the radars of the overwhelming force. Sadly we lost a battlecruiser and a cruiser pilot rather quickly and the enemies started to turn their guns on me as their first battlecruiser exploded. I restated the targets in order of importance and switched fire to the new target as my shields fell and I attempted to pull range on the fleet. My armor plating was thick but it wasn't going to hold out forever, and with 7 battlecruisers attacking me my tank was breaking rather fast. Disrupted, Damped, Tracking disrupted, and in 1/4 armor, I knew I needed to go. I overheated my Microwarp and aligned for a planet, threw some energy neutralizers on the harbinger nearby and hoped to get enough range from the drakes warp disruptor.

The second enemy battlecruiser fell ( their FC, I think) and I started shooting the new primary. My armor finally broke and the drake pilot still had me pinned down. 75% structure and I see incoming missiles coming right for me, my ship on fire and its guns badly overloaded. At the last possible second I was finally I was in the clear and initiated warp to a nearby asteroid belt. 53% structure, was a very close call. I immediately turned around and rewarped myself to the fight as I heard the fleet cry for a new primary as the last one disintegrated  and that the enemies were disengaging, and to tackle anything they could. As I was landing a final cruiser blew up and my fleet held the field.

My shield was regenerating but I was badly damaged, I called for immediate looting of downed enemy and friendly vessels and to align themselves to our home station. As soon as that was done, we initiated warp together and docked up to fix our ships. Salvaged modules were given to the pilots who lost vessels, and the fleet took a break.

I decided a suicide frigate roam was in the cards, and grabbed a rifter and ran around low security space for about an hour, finding nothing. We eventually got back to our home systems, and decided to check out the enemies system one last time before unplugging for the night and falling into our beds. I attempted to get some enemies to engage me off the station, but they would not, thinking we would drop a supercarrier on them, or some other cowardly tactic they would use on us. I told my gang to warp on me to show them what we were willing to fight them with, safely at range from station. They still would not engage and sent my fleet back to the stargate. Suddenly one of their pilots in a slicer caught one of my pilots in an (uncloaked?why) stealth bomber and started tearing into him, and I called for the fleet to warp to said pilot. The pilot in the stealth pilot told us he was going down and not to warp in, but to hell with it, I gave the go-ahead, we were in suicide frigates for a reason. I landed first and initiated hostilities on the slicer, and as my fleet landed the FC from the previous fight attempted to kill me with his destroyer.

Knowing that Coercers only have one midslot, and he sure as hell wasn't scrambling my engines, I calmly warped from the fight and the enemies lost both their frigate and their destroyer. I warped at range from the fight and scooped the loot from my pilots wreck, taking fire from an enemy battleship before warping out to drop it off at the stargate where my fleet was. I then warped back as I repaired my armor damage and took the loot of the remaining wrecks while taking further volleys from two enemy battleships.

I got my fleet home safe, gave the salvaged modules to the pilot who lost his ship, and unplugged.

Approx 545 million isk destroyed in just a few hours, a bunch of close calls, and minimal losses, it was quite a fun night.

Wednesday, March 23, 2011

A Strange Occurrence and some Lost Honor

 (OOC - this wasn't really a big deal, it was just confusing why they would shoot me after exchanging hellos and recognizing who I was, figured a good chance to RP it up tho)

So I decided to go kill some Angel cartel members out in the nul-sec region of Curse today. I have some ships and modules out there already, but alas no clone to jump to, as the previous one was violently disposed of at some point in the past. I fitted up a rifter with stabs ( I know, kitten death, etc.) and a MWD, as I wouldn't need much else to get out there, and di not want to fly anything too expensive in case I was caught. I jumped into an empty clone of mine and started to make my way out there, 24 jumps, almost exclusively through nul-sec.

I jumped myself through Ammatar Mandates region, and then jumped into the Great Wildlands. That part of space was kind of quiet, though a Buzzard was following me for a while. As soon as I hit the Curse region the population and number of stations dramatically increased, which is not a good sign when you are flying around by yourself in nul.

Getting to within five jumps of my destination, I spotted someone with blue standings to my corporation, and that can only mean one thing, Ushra'Khan. I immediately broadcasted on the open local communications channel a friendly hello, and asked how the pilot was doing (he was after all once a fellow brother during my time in MSCS) and was received by a friendly hello as well. Wanting to get to my destination and not sure of my current standing with Ushra"Khan, I said goodbye and jumped into the next system.

As soon as my systems cleared I was greeted by a wall of blue ships of every kind. Again I waved hello, and now I was a bit nervous as I haven't really communicated with these pilots for quite some time. Two pilots I knew quite well said hello but it did nto make me any less nervous. I was pretty well aligned to an asteroid belt and hit the warp button hoping the three warp core stabs would get me out and they almost did, except the pilot from the previous system dropped a warp bubble from his interdictor which killed my warp drive immediately.

I was instantly targeted and shot by a few pilots while I attempted to Microwarp out of the bubble, but it was futile, Engines were scrambled and they almost instantly popped my Rifter as well as my pod. After I awoke in Rens and updated my clone, I looked at my lossmail and set out to open a communications with one pilot whom I know quite well and even paid the 1mil ISK CSPA charge. The pilot declined my communication and I sat there stunned.

What had I done to make Ushra"Khan angry with me. What made them want to fire on my vessel AND capsule after Broadcasting on open channels? I haven't attacked them, I still fight for my brothers, even more now as I am in the Minmatar Militia. Why would a player I used to converse with decline a conversation? What makes an alliance turn its back on one of its past members?

It doesn't really matter anymore.  I got back to curse and went around them, threw some minerals and a Hurricane BPC in the cooker, should be out in two hours. Have the modules in my hanger already. Bought a rupture and fit it out with dropped loot for the time being.

My heart breaks at your lost honor Ushra'Khan.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Whats in my hanger(s)?

From time to time I do read various other blogs and sometimes thieve other peoples posts that they've thieved from other people. Gotta let the cycle continue, ya dig? This one comes from HANDS OFF, MY LOOTS!

So because my alt has less boats, I'll start with him.


Maelstrom is for PVE and was traded over from azn. Has been the only Maelstrom Either toon has ever owned and I have had it since azn was a 45 day old toon. I had to refit it a bit as azn can't use T2 large and my alt has shit for support skills, but it does about 900 DPS as it were and works pretty good for grinding standings (need to get this guy into a JC stat). I know I can go out to null and create jump clones but to be honest, hes in +5s and I don't feel like risking it, plus, sometimes I could actually use the ISK. PVP is difficult for someone with no indy/trading/other forms of isk-making alts.


Pretty much a rape-caging phoon with neuts and upwards of 1200 DPS. Fully fit and made for the soul purpose of raping people. Will work nicely when I get the above stated jump clone capabilities and throw the slave set I have laying around in it.


Another ship traded over from azn that was left in my mission area. Salvage fitted and theirfore completely useless as:

1. the alt can not use salvagers yet and
2. I am far too lazy to salvage missions, hell I am too lazy to mission most of the time.


Set up as a tankier shuttle, with nanos/overdrives, a MWD, and a ship scanner. Used to get them skillbooks from the nearest school and to scan down idiotic fits. (worked well during the war)


Set up as a bumping stabber, speeds hit approximately 9k with the overheated BS MWD. Fun for bumping hulks 100KM off the Abudban icefield, as well as stationary ships off the Rens undock.

Thats it for the alt.

Azn has most of his ships either in his FW lowsec home of Auga, or in his highsec home of Rens.

Vagabond, Cynabal, Muninn, Sleipnir

All are fit except the Muninn, and I've had them all for a WHILE. Every once in a while I undock and speed around in the vaga/cyna, but I am not really sure why I bought them to begin with. I'm not really much of a speed/range type of guy, hell most of the Hurricanes I've ever fit were armored. Just not my style of PVP tbh, and I'm pretty terrible with them. My first Muninn was actually fit and used with NOIR, but when I left, I stripped it and contracted it out. This one was actually given to me by a friend and I am currently toying with the idea to nano it and attempt to kill something shiny.

The Sleipnir is pretty much my flagship at the moment, but definitely not fully faction fitted, as I am WAY to cheap and poor to do that. Another thing I bought for no good reason while I had the ISK and the back-up ( I was in NOIR at the time). Took it on a few roams, ganked some war targets, and yet another expensive ship just collecting dust in my hanger. 800 DPS with 1300 DPS tank isn't nothing to laugh at though.


Purchased during my time in NOIR, as they asked me to fit that out instead of the Rapier I already owned because it is a bit tankier. Been parked in Rens ever since, Haven't really had a yearning to fly it. Liked the rapier more, cloaks are win, but sadly that popped a few weeks ago.

Dramiel / Jaguar / Wolf / Claw / Rifter or six.

never really been much of a frigate pilot, way to fragile for my taste, plus, a rupture costing 20 mil fully fit > 30-35 mil T2 Frig. Or in the Dramiels instance, 80 mil. Still every once in a while I'll fly around in them if I am in a frigate gang, or someone wants to go to nulsec, etc. Rifters are fun for cheap DIAF tackle though.

Cheetah / Hound x2

Not a fan of frigates, as I stated above, but I do LOVE cloaks, which I stated a little furthur above, so those two ideals sort of negate eachother, and I like bombers, a lot. They aren't as awesome on gates/stations as they are catching people in plexs, but their decent DPS, price, range, and GTFO ability keep them high on my list of ships I enjoy flying.


  Yea, I have a wreathe, its even rigged. Mostly stored crap and hasn't undocked in months upon months.

Thrasher x600

Not really 600, but I have them in massive quantities in various places. Use them for hauling with stabs and a cloak, low/nulsec salvaging with stabs, and even PVP with them a bit (don't rig the none PVP ones tho, ofc). I happen to love the thrasher, always have. Prefer the armor tank variant but every once in a while I'll feel a little squirrelly and run a shield/gank fit.

Rupture x A few

Good all around cruiser. Can do either shield or armor. Like to fit it kinda cheaply and ganky. Full flight of drones and some decent DPS. Good speed and range as well as decent GTFO ability. Once I decided canes were too expensive as a nub in nulsec, I started flying these bad boys. Decided that trimarks on a cruiser were too much, and as I said earlier, started gank fitting them.

Hurricane x2

One of the ships that has ALWAYS been in at least one of my hangers. Generally armor tank it, but I do nano every now and again. Mostly with neuts, sometimes HMLs or HAMs. Has been a go-to ship for me since I started PVPing, but has been falling out of interest as I explore active tanking. One is currently armor, and one is nano fit.

Cyclone x2

A ship I am really enjoying as of late, as it can tank quite well (with crystals it just gets ridiculous), rarely gets primaried, and is CHEAP. Have one in lowsec, and one in highsec with a similar fit. Both are active tanked, because I am not a douche.


Triple-repped, with some ECCM and autocannons for good measure. Tanks like hell and probably one of the better solo BCs around, actually quicker then an armor tanking Hurricane.

Stabber Fleet Issue

Another one of my exploratory active tanking ships. Very quick ship with a small sig-radius and ability to dual prop, do approx 350 DPS, and tank quite a bit makes it pretty sexy, if somewhat expensive. Definitely a contender for my favorite ship tho.


Basic T1 logi, works decently, good range, built to help a friend but never actually needed it. Currently collecting dust.

And thats about it. I used to have a lot of modules/ammo/useless junk in station containers, but I pretty much sold everything I didn't use for PVP or had too many of. I've been trying to condense all my crap for some time now and am happy to report that all my crap is now in only 14 stations in 12 systems. WHEEEE.

Saturday, March 19, 2011


Signed in - got a few PMs from previous  war targets, only thing of interest was this -

PRIVATE CHAT---------------------------------------------------------------------

[02:49:48] Black Ivy > lmfao
[02:49:56] Aznwithbeard > ?
[02:50:00] Black Ivy > did u relle pay oldskool and lam to kill gyzbo ??
[02:50:26] Aznwithbeard > uhhh, what? no?
[02:50:34] Aznwithbeard > /emote checks kb
[02:50:37] Black Ivy > oh ok lmao they just killed his nh
[02:50:53] Black Ivy > and saying they were payed 1b ea from u lol
[02:51:18] Aznwithbeard > yea, like id waste isk on you idiots. lol
[02:51:48] Black Ivy > lol fair enough personally i didnt know life wether u would of for a laugh or not lol
[02:52:00] Black Ivy > i find it kinda funny lol
[02:52:08] Aznwithbeard > nah, if i had a bil, id use it on more useful things.
[02:52:15] Black Ivy > true lol
[02:52:22] Aznwithbeard > wow, u guys just keep getting corp ganked, fecking hilarious tbh
[02:52:22] Black Ivy > 2b lol apparently they each got 1b lol
[02:52:29] Black Ivy > lol
[02:52:42] Black Ivy > i relle dont think staying is a good idea lol
[02:52:49] Aznwithbeard > h/o
[02:52:58] Aznwithbeard > link ur ceo again? i deleted u all from contacts
[02:54:02] Black Ivy > lol gyzbo (I invite gyzbo into the chat)
[02:54:18] Aznwithbeard > yea so, i didnt pay them to do shit.
[02:54:36] Aznwithbeard > im far too cheap for that, just figured id tell you.
[02:54:47] GyZb0 > black .. i know .. and azn also know .. they were after my faction mods after i put the nighthawk fittings in corp chat
[02:55:15] Black Ivy > lol
[02:55:29] Aznwithbeard > u seem to have issues with people corp ganking.
[02:55:36] Black Ivy > its kl lol wow corp killing never used to be this fucking high in numbers lol
[02:55:39] Aznwithbeard > id stop recruiting everyone from off the street.
[02:55:48] Aznwithbeard > anyway. have a fun evening

END PRIVATE CHAT------------------------------------------------------------------------

TLDR if you look at FODTs KB, half of their kills are corp on corp gank kills. seriously. look around.

ADDITIONAL EDIT: Just got an evemail from the bumping machariel pilot, seems Iam whatshisface as well as OLD SKOOL were both in the corp for the sole purpose of ganking the members, which apparently they did AFTER the war was over. interesting. CEO managed to lose a 1bil isk NH, as well as a broadsword and pod, while a few of his other members lost some BCs and pods as well. What kind of a moron just picks up random people up for his corp and doesn't research them a bit?

Final War report + etc (OOC sorry Vlad)

Well first and foremost I haven't been logging into eve much, as I have had awesome weather in New Jersey (where I live) and love to be outside when its nice.

Seems Rodensteiner  got himself popped in a cane and a rupture while I've been semi-afk. It's cool, we still raped them isk-wise, moral wise ( their corporation numbers have dropped 35% since we originally declared war) and TBH, everyone who I wanted to kill left the corporation (Urian, the ferox dude, the idiot in the passive cyclone, the HAM drake pilot, etc.) other then the idiot Black Ivy, who went back and forth several times after I allowed him to keep his drake.

As of now We have destroyed about 192 Mil ISK more then them,  squeeking by with an efficiency of about 62%. Their CEO didn't take my bait demanding 200Mil for us not paying for another week of war, which sucks, but its cool, I am not renewing it.

It's kind of sad to see how crappy people are both with ship fitting, piloting, general know-how of the game, and the use of neutral support (especially when your corporation has 25x the number of pilots then the corp that wardecced you) and the like to gain the upper hand. I still can not believe their CEO deaggroed and docked his BS while getting neutral RR to save his ass. I have never seen a hyperion tank that badly, and I know he had a good fit, must just be the pilot.

In the end though, we won the fight, killed or forced out most of the ganking pilots, and TBH the nice weather and being outside > trying to fight 4v1 odds + their neut RR.

So yesterday I took out my punching bag and hung it outside, fired up all my landscaping equipment and went on a job interview. I also scrubbed down the picnic table I made with some bleach (it was super dirty, coincidentally it made the stain look pretty cool, think I'll just reclear-coat it  this year and leave it look kinda worn in), cleaned up the grill, fired it up cooked some burgers and had some beers with a few friends + my lady.

We later went out to a country style bar, where I got wasted and rode a mechanical bull after my GF did. The guy operating it took it easy on her despite my pleas to chuck her off and she held out for the full minute. While I was getting on he then asked how far I wanted to fly and I pointed to the general direction of the bar while laughing in a drunken stuper. He wasn't kidding.

Held on for about 45 seconds while he attempted to buck me tho, got a little cocky and started slapping the bulls ass with my free hand and calling it my bitch. I then got FLUNG about 10 feet away from the bull and laughed manically as the crowd erupted in applause. The operator was really impressed with how long I held out despite it being my first time ever on a bull, and shook my hand. As i was going back to where my friends were I was getting back patted and congratulated on a good show.

Always make the crowd happy, is what I say. Anyway, Probably won't be flying around on EVE too much today as my girl is going to be at my apartment in about 30 minutes, and its a nice day. Also, seems I now have black and blues as well as scraped skin on both knees, my thighs are incredibly sore, and the hand holding the rope is REALLY REALLY sore/stiff.

Have a new WT selected and the votes are in, I can push through at any time and more then likely will do this tomorrow night. Smacking in local with this in your profile

"I am not your standard idiotic douche bag, I am not nice, niether am I your bitch. Treating me as such may result in the utter destruction of your ship, assets, and, most likely, DEATH . Do not underestimate my capabilities, as you will be faced with an unatural Tactical skill, resulting in further destruction of your assets. Time is not of the essence, as I have several years to repay the death and destruction that I owe to you.

----Pay close attention to this, as this may be the last thing you read in this lifetime----

^_^ ""

and with only 21 kills to your name and 33 losses, and about double isk lost/destroyed,  makes me want to shoot you. And anyone you associate with. Many times. Not gunna take this one as seriously, as I am missing low-sec + FW a bit. In any case, that is about it for this update, if its nice out, go outside, have some fun, call some friends etc. Don't be on EVE :)

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

The time for honor is gone

Why would I waste my time being honorable against a Corporation that has none.

At this point, I think I've given it a valiant effort, but the time for that has come and past. New tactics, new ways for them to die. Even Got my brother involved. Bit of a noob, but I think he'll do okay.

I really should have just destroyed the drake, wouldn't be the first time I have preyed upon the "innocent"  Anyway, after dinner I undocked and saw the officer spawn yet again. Gyzmo, this time in a hyperion. Intel suggested active tanking with blasters, and I instinctively shut down his warp engines with my Hurricane and threw some drones on him. He still didn't aggress, so I moved closer and threw some guns on him as well. I knew he had back up, he knew I did as well. He agresses and I call for Rod to undock his cane. He calls for some  old school guy in a heavy buffer fitted myrm with lolsmallblasters to undock. The fight is on. Our neuts and guns are doing a pretty decent job on the battleship, I start to pull range because battleship blasters HURT.  The hype starts to deaggress and we overload. Hes going down before his aggression expires, but then a neutral oneiros pilot starts repping him and he docks in 1/2 structure with some armor repped up.

At that point I kiss my Hurricane goodbye, tell smith to eject and align for a podwarp. The Myrm and his lolsmallblasters are right on top of me and hes getting repped up, My neuts are burnt out so no hope of killing his cap, Rodensteiners neuts not enough. I'm at about 1/4 armor and there is no way we'll kill him in time while hes getting repped. BOOOOOM my hurricane detonates in a fiery explosion, but my pod is safe.

I tell them good fight in local, shame about the unaffiliated remote repairs. Two can play at that game. My interface gets a little fuzzy after I dock, so I unplugged it to clean off the terminal and left Rod on his own. When I regained corporate communications Rod told he he just blew up an enemies cyclone and sprayed the pod goo across the station. Coincidentally, it seems that the criminal IMMEDIATELY found the error in his ways and dropped himself into a new capsuleer corporation immediately after Rod dispatched his clone.

That reminds me, I never did clean off the Myrms viewing window. It's probably coated on now something fierce. Whatever, I'll just have Smith scream at someone until they do it.

FODT account shows a credit of - 368,340,000 ISK to be held against further transgressions of the moral code.

Bonus: they also blew up Rodensteiners cyclone and put My brothers Typhoon to low armor before he docked. Would have had the Myrm but they decided that they needed TWO neutral remote reppers now.

Seems that Old Skool jump corps a bit and has recruited 2 Neutral RR buddies from his one day old previous corp "Big Top Mining", interesting. Just when you think the enemies can't stoop any lower, they do. I pity them really, trying to blob to pack kills, recruiting meatshields that die needlessly, and then the smack in local and attempt to bait me into whining. Dropped a good fight in local comms and wandered off to watch some halo-vids.

The weak get weaker

Ahhh well so this is just how it goes, once a criminal always a criminal. Begging and pleading for his life when he gets caught, then turning back to his life of crime. Just got this in my mailbox.

From: Black Ivy
Sent: 2011.03.16 22:41
To: Aznwithbeard, 

ok im gunna have to break this i dont like ganking ppl im try not to do it but i miss pvp too much lol im gunna pay in rl if i can so this is on i geuss lol sorry :P just thought i'd tell you so you dont leave me alone randomly and istart hitting u lol just thought i'd play fairly


Seems when their numbers get reinforced, the criminal mind forgets the bad and just remember the puppys and sunshine and rainbows. I'll show them. I'll show them all. Knew I should have ganked his drake, can't let my mind show pity, or understanding, or allow for even a sliver of compassion, they have never shown me any.  Time to HTFU AZN.

Alternatively I may jump to lowsec tomorrow, I am kind of missing the explosions of the Amarrian loyalists space ships.

Either way, someone gun die.

Edit - Plus 1 hour.

fuck this
From: Black Ivy
Sent: 2011.03.16 23:50
To: Aznwithbeard, 

lmao fuck this there all talking about ganking people im quitting this gay shiz corp lol


I can't remember the last time a played with a yo-yo. Quite entertaining.

Another Soul Saved

The past few days have been pretty uneventful, with FODT building numbers one night, and failing at trapping us in 2 different locations with double our numbers. As a bonus, we did get an officer spawn, their CEO came out and apparently FODTs flagship is a Passively tanked, neuting RR dominix. Feck could they get any more fail?  Ceo then gets into a rail megathron and sits on the undock... so, yea, I guess they can.

Early this morning a wartarget named Iam and his remote repping life partner ashley logged in. Iam tried several ways to bait me, first being the old "shoot my dramiel while my RR waits for the warp in", followed by "I'll just leave this orca on tucked in a corner by the undock and sick drones on you until you try to aggro it in your 300ish DPS Stabber fleet issue., then I'll have Iam warp to me and grab his Ishtar from my ships bay and have him melt you". I think he got frustrated as he was raging in local comms quite hard as I called out his moves in local, because finally he just undocked his Alpha artillery tempest and attempted to one shot my cruiser. Close call to be honest, think I docked with 54% structure. Seriously though, I expected more from him. Good killboard, been around a while, was in a few decent corps.....whatever.

This morning I found Black Ivy running around in a drake in the region. Now, I have talked to this pilot before, and he stated he didn't like what his corporation was doing (the can baiting/ganking thing) and didn't want any part of the war. I told him not to mission in the area, and their would be no problems. Well, look who it is, missioning in the area.

With me being bored and not a lot of war targets on, I decided it was time to mess with him. Caught Him on the avesbar gate (hes in a passive drake w/ no prop mod) in Frarn with a long point and double webbing hurricane with neuts. His shields are melting and he opens up a comm window with me. Time to mess with the missioners;

PRIVATE COMMS----------------------------------------------------------------

[ 2011.03.16 19:12:25 ] Aznwithbeard > 60 mil (my first ransom, albeit a fake, sweet)
 Black Ivy > hey u said i werent gunna get attacked mate ?
 Black Ivy > i havent tried to attk u i held my side of the bargain im even leaving this stupid corp
Aznwithbeard > u tryed to gank ( I can feel the sweat trickling down his back)
 Aznwithbeard > 60 mil
Black Ivy > no i was talking with them
 Aznwithbeard > no 60 mil then?
 Black Ivy > they wanted me to join in i said nah thats my lvl 3 mission runnin caracal
 Black Ivy > i was runnin 3s out of rens for a bit i was just outside and also someone wanted me to fight him i was saying no
 Black Ivy > ive held up my side im even not attacking u
 Black Ivy > ok fine 50m is all i got
 Black Ivy > stop
 Aznwithbeard > .......
 Black Ivy > 50000000
Black Ivy > promise u wont kill me
 Aznwithbeard > 60, quick
 Black Ivy > ive only got 55m honest i pay for gtc's
 Black Ivy > i just bought one
Black Ivy > there wont be any decent loot
 Aznwithbeard > 55 mil then. go
Black Ivy > look come on seriously ive held up my side
 Black Ivy > pormise u wont finish me
 Aznwithbeard > and stop moving
Black Ivy > im at 20 m/s
 Black Ivy > like ill get any where
 Aznwithbeard > you have 30 seconds
Aznwithbeard > 55 mil or boom boom
Black Ivy > ok you sure
Black Ivy > u promise
Aznwithbeard > mhm
Aznwithbeard > send it, i wont kill you
Black Ivy > even tho i have kept my side ?
Aznwithbeard > 55 mil
Black Ivy > even check my kb ??
 Aznwithbeard > SEND IT ( at this point ive pushed him into low armor, and killed his shield regen about 3 times)
Black Ivy > ok ok im lagging i dont do well in pvp
 Black Ivy > turn off guns and il ltransfer
 Aznwithbeard > PAY ME  NOW OR DIE (directly taken from one of Vlads audits)
Aznwithbeard > 5
 Aznwithbeard > 4
Aznwithbeard > 3
 Aznwithbeard > 2
 Aznwithbeard > 1
 Black Ivy > wait
[ 2011.03.16 19:17:20 ] Black Ivy > dickhead (he jumps through)
 Aznwithbeard > lol
Aznwithbeard > nice
Black Ivy > fuck u i kept my side (here comes the smack)
 Black Ivy > now get lost froob (wats a froob?)
 Aznwithbeard > kk
Black Ivy > should of killed me
 Black Ivy > even tho i kept my side
 Aznwithbeard > probably, but i like to be honorable
Black Ivy > ur jsut as bad as my corp
 Black Ivy > i keep my word and u break urs
Aznwithbeard > i didnt break it.
Black Ivy > check my kill stats
 Aznwithbeard > i said stop missioning in the area.
 Black Ivy > u promised u wouldnt attack me if i stayed out of it
Aznwithbeard > also, its fun scaring the shit out of people
Black Ivy > oh yeah and how am i gunna pay for plexs
 Black Ivy > im not scared i got a b in drama (this may make my bio, tbh)
Aznwithbeard > and u would have gotten ur isk back, i was just freaking u out :)
Black Ivy > i know how to keep someone distracted
 Black Ivy > yeh ok
Aznwithbeard > but see.... ^^ you just said that, so... now its on. lol
Black Ivy > u speak about my corp being dishonourable
Black Ivy > and you break your word
Aznwithbeard > i didnt break my word, again
Black Ivy > i wouldnt of paid you for shit
 Black Ivy > its what 50m for a new drake
 Black Ivy > ...
Aznwithbeard > lol, kk m8. ur just diggin ur grave now.
Aznwithbeard > like i said, just wanted to see u gimme the money then let you go, then give it back, fun making ppl piss themselves
Black Ivy > i have that much on me i mean seriously why even try to scare me i thought u were a decent guy also have fun war dec a noob corp (boredom?)
 Aznwithbeard > im just gunna put this out there.
 Aznwithbeard > so read for a sec.
 Black Ivy > i mean i even had a row out with them
Black Ivy > i was out there shouting them down telling them to cut it out
Aznwithbeard > i dont need the money, i obviously only want to make ur corp look like shit.
Black Ivy > its not right
Aznwithbeard > if i wanted to do that, i would have just popped you.
Black Ivy > lol i geussed that
Aznwithbeard > so, like i said, i was just fucking with you.
 Aznwithbeard > and you go all fly off the handle calling me a dickhead. etc
 Black Ivy > but ok yeh u had me worried cus i would of had to giveup eve cus i gotta make the money for new plex in 30 days lol no lvl 4 no money (at this point he finally realizes Im messing with him)
Black Ivy > yeh cus ok ill be honest i was scared no point in lying lol ( perfect compliment to his above statement)
Black Ivy > and then i saw that you was shooting me again and i thought u had broken it lol
Black Ivy > cus i had and still have no armor on me lol
 Black Ivy > i also wanna leave this corp but it feels good to feel a part of something again
Aznwithbeard > notice how i didnt put u into structure, thinking you have no dcu and id accidentally pop you?
Black Ivy > lol i thought u were really just gunna hold me for ransom lol i didnt think id make it to gate lmao (double webs, mwd, and long point? if I didnt want you to make it to gate you wouldnt have, also the whole 4 minutes and 55 seconds of me holding you should have been the other tip off)
Aznwithbeard > plus, its seriously fun saying PAY ME NOW OR DIE, idk if you've ever tried it.
Black Ivy > look im sorry but i was worried and pissed that i'd thought you had broken ur word lol and that ticked me off lol
Black Ivy > no i never had the chance the froobs allways pop em to quik lol
 Aznwithbeard > then my work here is done

 Black Ivy > lol i allready knew i didnt stand a chance against ur cane dunno what tank u got but i knew u'd rip me to bits lol wrong tank on lol
Aznwithbeard > its easy to pop missioners, and not so fun

 Aznwithbeard > so yea, just....try to stay away from rens, and if rodensteiner attacks, he will kill you. I have no control over who he shoots.
Black Ivy > so we good now ?? lol
Aznwithbeard > yup, u get to be featured in the blog..
 Aznwithbeard > also, u only have 2 wts, might as well add them 2 ur watchlist to see if theyre on.
 Black Ivy > oh lmao
Black Ivy > yeah but dunno what ur corp mates name is i havent seen him yet been away since monday morning in a cooking competition lol
 Aznwithbeard > look on ur corps KB, see whos killed you other then me? lol come on man, when u get wardecced you should be doing certain things. (giving more wartargets advice, what is wrong with me?)
 Black Ivy > but i only said it cus i thought u were gunna pop me before i jumped

Aznwithbeard > in any case, once u leave gyng, get ur ass to rens, pick up anything u need, and stay the hell outta rens for 3 days
 Black Ivy > so ur corpie not online atm right ?
Aznwithbeard > no
Black Ivy > and is it just rens or frarn too ?
Aznwithbeard > hense im telling u to get ur stuff in rens and gtfo
Aznwithbeard > tbh id stay away from the entire area, go to like, emolgranlan if u have repub sec standings
Black Ivy > i have shit standings with all elsewhere i suppose if i just stay docked for a bit ill be fine cus im leaving lol
Aznwithbeard > leaving corp?
 Black Ivy > yeah i cant make the money i need like , also too many corp members killing each other
 Aznwithbeard > good call on leavin, able killer did too. just join npc corp til u find a suitable corporation
Black Ivy > so im geussing u dont normaly hang around rens lol
 Aznwithbeard > nah (sometimes, when we're not in lowsec, good place for 1v1)
 Black Ivy > lol
 Black Ivy > so u guys made this war cus they were ganking ppl right ?
 Aznwithbeard > yup
Black Ivy > i told them this would happen lmao
 Black Ivy > im sick of how inactive our ceo is too
Aznwithbeard > theres way better corporations to be apart of then a shitty ganky corp
Aznwithbeard > anyway, hope to see you out of ur corp soon, and try to learn how to protect urself from future wardecs. (sweet, I save another soul)
 Aznwithbeard > lol
 Black Ivy > lol i know how its just i didnt expect that :P (obviously not proteceted well then, ehh?)
 Black Ivy > i though u only really sat in rens havent seen u anywhere ese lol
 Aznwithbeard > and yea, mostly in rens, again, on principle. stopping ur guys from ganking ppl.

 Aznwithbeard > anyway, ur safe, dont smack me anymore, gtfo outta that shit corp, research ur opposition, research ur next corp, and for the life of your hull, dont aggro me. lol
Aznwithbeard > i hate drakes, flew one once, felt dirty.
 Aznwithbeard > later man, and welcome to a feature in my blog. hahaha

END PRIVATE COMMS---------------------------------------------------------------

No harm no foul, mission accomplished on all fronts.
In retrospect I should have probably just ganked him, but I would have felt really bad.  Plus, then I wouldn't have had that hilarious conversation

Private communications log edited for length, things the WT would probably not want communicated, and SOME of the spelling errors.

Monday, March 14, 2011

A moment of Silence

It seems while I was "playing scrabble" with smith Rodensteiner got himself killed in not only a dramiel (not affiliated with war targets) but a drake as well (to war targets), a moment of silence if you will.

I look at my corporations loss mails and instantly I JIHAD and hit the undock in the trusty cyclone. Sensors clear and theres a criminal Ferox and Cyclone pounding on some chap in a drake, who is tanking them surprisingly well. I open up on the ferox because I haven't shot a ferox in a while and figured I should remedy that. Both of the scum deaggro and the ferox hits armor before he docks like a coward.

I hit the repair station and immediately head right back to 6-8 Brutor stations undock and see them shooting the same guys drake. Cyclone this time and I am their new primary. Idiot in a crapracal undocks and as I chew through half the cyclones shield and I can tell the cyclone pilot is getting jumpy. Decide to bait a bit and let them think they're winning, click off the booster but no luck, hes either to dumb to realize or too frightened to care. DAMMIT he docks in hull and undocks again (So does a war target in a dramiel but I think he just bails.) Stupid free shields. Whatever the ferox is still aggroed and so is the crapracal? At point plant range? NEW PRIMARY and his shields melt as the two battlecruiser pilots bail or dock and nothing else is destroyed.

I look at smith with wild eyes and I can tell she wasn't even paying attention. Too busy with her halo-vids to notice we just took on two battle-cruisers and a cruiser solo and made them run. Twice. Feck, women.

Outnumbered? check
2 of same ship class vs 1? check
They dock first? check
Stuff went boom? check
Enemy smacking in local? check.

Love these Local Comms logs, hope you do too.  (starts as the caracal starts melting)

LOCAL COMMS---------------------------------------------------------------

[ 2011.03.15 03:52:46 ] Zephyyr > caracal should not have aggressed that close lmao
[ 2011.03.15 03:53:01 ] Aznwithbeard > BITCHES
[ 2011.03.15 03:53:10 ] Aznwithbeard > IS THERE NO ONE ELSE?
[ 2011.03.15 03:53:12 ] Zephyyr > they dun goofed
[ 2011.03.15 03:53:20 ] ion496 > ReNS is SCARY
[ 2011.03.15 03:53:33 ] Urian Kandor > Woot
[ 2011.03.15 03:53:37 ] Aznwithbeard > YOUR FUCKING WEAK BOYS
[ 2011.03.15 03:53:39 ] Urian Kandor > Last ship gone
[ 2011.03.15 03:53:56 ] Urian Kandor > /emote high fives Rens local
[ 2011.03.15 03:54:00 ] Zephyyr > AZN i locked you to see if i needed to get reps for you.... sorry for doubting lmao
[ 2011.03.15 03:54:01 ] Escort Zodiak > we like our ships
[ 2011.03.15 03:54:06 ] Aznwithbeard > NOW GET THE FECK OFF MY LAWN
[ 2011.03.15 03:54:12 ] Urian Kandor > ^^^ That
[ 2011.03.15 03:54:20 ] Urian Kandor > And azn see you do get RR
[ 2011.03.15 03:54:23 ] Urian Kandor > So dont deny it
[ 2011.03.15 03:54:28 ] Aznwithbeard > i didnt get rr you jackass
[ 2011.03.15 03:54:29 ] Urian Kandor > When it's posted in local
[ 2011.03.15 03:54:30 ] Aznwithbeard > i was boosting.
[ 2011.03.15 03:54:31 ] Zephyyr > he didnt need rr
[ 2011.03.15 03:54:36 ] Urian Kandor > Zephyr had you locked
[ 2011.03.15 03:54:41 ] Urian Kandor > So in case you needed it
[ 2011.03.15 03:54:43 ] Urian Kandor > You had it
[ 2011.03.15 03:54:44 ] Zephyyr > im in a legion fool
[ 2011.03.15 03:54:45 ] Urian Kandor > :)
[ 2011.03.15 03:54:50 ] Urian Kandor > You just said above
[ 2011.03.15 03:54:52 ] Aznwithbeard > lolololol ur sucha fucking clown
[ 2011.03.15 03:54:55 ] Zephyyr > i was checking if he needed it
[ 2011.03.15 03:54:56 ] Urian Kandor > My god
[ 2011.03.15 03:54:56 ] Zephyyr > he didnt
[ 2011.03.15 03:55:04 ] Urian Kandor > Well why were you checking in the first place?
[ 2011.03.15 03:55:09 ] Aznwithbeard > i just tanked 2 bcs and ur cruiser BY MYSELF, put ur cyclone in hull before be docked up and killed ur caracal
[ 2011.03.15 03:55:11 ] Urian Kandor > Nothing fair about that
[ 2011.03.15 03:55:11 ] Zephyyr > cause i like him, not you
[ 2011.03.15 03:55:18 ] Urian Kandor > Ahh
[ 2011.03.15 03:55:19 ] Urian Kandor > Well
[ 2011.03.15 03:55:20 ] Urian Kandor > G4u
[ 2011.03.15 03:55:23 ] Urian Kandor > :)

[ 2011.03.15 04:00:14 ] Aznwithbeard > DAMN that was a good fight
[ 2011.03.15 04:00:23 ] Urian Kandor > It was
[ 2011.03.15 04:00:26 ] Urian Kandor > Good job man
[ 2011.03.15 04:00:28 ] Urian Kandor > Props to you
[ 2011.03.15 04:00:35 ] Aznwithbeard > wish i was in my crystal clone
[ 2011.03.15 04:00:36 ] Urian Kandor > And i am being serious

[ 2011.03.15 04:05:58 ] Aznwithbeard > not comin down escort?
[ 2011.03.15 04:07:01 ] Escort Zodiak > gimmi 2mins
[ 2011.03.15 04:07:46 ] Aznwithbeard > so thats a no then?
[ 2011.03.15 04:09:46 ] Escort Zodiak > so AZN you coming out ?
[ 2011.03.15 04:10:00 ] Aznwithbeard > ermm, i was just out
[ 2011.03.15 04:10:06 ] Aznwithbeard > u were at a safe
[ 2011.03.15 04:10:20 ] Escort Zodiak > yeah so ?
[ 2011.03.15 04:10:59 ] Aznwithbeard > ur intelect confuses me
[ 2011.03.15 04:11:11 ] Escort Zodiak > hahahah my what ?
[ 2011.03.15 04:11:35 ] Aznwithbeard > intellect.
[ 2011.03.15 04:11:39 ] HomigoshZur > sir
[ 2011.03.15 04:11:42 ] HomigoshZur > come out in a shuttle
[ 2011.03.15 04:11:47 ] HomigoshZur > i dont trust you in anything else
[ 2011.03.15 04:12:03 ] Kuroth Neidra > I do believe it's a capital offense to misspell "intellect" while talking down at someone else. (definitely correct, sorry I was super excited)
[ 2011.03.15 04:12:04 ] Escort Zodiak > well since your not coming out, im gonna turn in...
[ 2011.03.15 04:12:11 ] Escort Zodiak > might see ya tommorow
[ 2011.03.15 04:12:27 ] Aznwithbeard > k bye ( at this point I am outside, waiting for them to attempt again)
[ 2011.03.15 04:12:31 ] Escort Zodiak > gn gentlemen
[ 2011.03.15 04:12:38 ] HomigoshZur > THAT (I am outside, as you can see from this comment)
[ 2011.03.15 04:12:42 ] Aznwithbeard > lol
[ 2011.03.15 04:12:45 ] HomigoshZur > DOESNT LOOK LIKE SHUTL TO ME
[ 2011.03.15 04:13:02 ] Aznwithbeard > would u prefer me in something squishie?
[ 2011.03.15 04:13:07 ] HomigoshZur > SHUTL
[ 2011.03.15 04:13:15 ] HomigoshZur > WE CAN PLAY SHULTES AND DRAMS TOGEATHER
[ 2011.03.15 04:13:18 ] HomigoshZur > I BE DRAM
[ 2011.03.15 04:13:21 ] HomigoshZur > U BE SHUTL

END LOCAL COMMS-------------------------------------------------------------------

Okay so I admit, I smacked a bit myself, but that rush man, it was something else. I haven't had a fight like that for some time in a solo engagement (if ever) and I just REALLY needed to mock them. I feel really good about that fight despite them being newer capsuleers. Alas, its time for me to unplug now.

FODT account shows a credit of - 410,340,000 ISK to be held against further transgressions of the moral code.

I think I'm steamrolling children

""""Just a quick update for something I found hilarious.""""

So, I plug into my interface after some sort of interference disrupts in and immediately get a private comm channel open with a war target;

HomigoshZur > (war target) okay i want you to be completely honest with me
Aznwithbeard > sure hold on ( I invite my only corp member, Rodensteiner, into channel)
Aznwithbeard > ok go
rodensteiner > ?
HomigoshZur > who do you think is better: selena gomez or justin bieber
HomigoshZur > and dont lie to me
 HomigoshZur > to save your mancard
Aznwithbeard > who the fuck are those people?
rodensteiner > i don't know who either of them are, sorry
HomigoshZur > holy cripes you must be old
 rodensteiner > are they in game?
 HomigoshZur > if you dont know
HomigoshZur > oh my god
HomigoshZur > im ashamed you're my wartargets
Aznwithbeard > selena gomez ? ( I linked a capsuleer by that name )
rodensteiner > i'm confused
HomigoshZur > I HATE LIFE. ( at this point he drops from chat)
rodensteiner > haha
Aznwithbeard > fuck that was awesome
rodensteiner > i actually do know who those 2 ppl are....vaguely
Aznwithbeard > saving that for the blog.
Aznwithbeard > yea me too
rodensteiner > i know bieber is that faggot kid
rodensteiner > and the selena chick....actres, yeah?
Aznwithbeard > that guy who looks like a girl , and that girl from the disney channel

War Log pt 3

War Log - 2011-03-14 01:45

I come back from lazily daydreaming and sleeping away to find 8 war targets in system, and none of them in station. I send out my unaffiliated brother to check the undock and what do we have here? Seems with only one of their 2 war targets ( my 2 corporation members) online, they're feeling feisty and brave. They have a Sleipnir class command ship, Moa, Rupture, Caracal, Punisher, onyx,  and an Orca (?!?) on the undock. Seems their boy Iam wants blood for my recent molestation of their corp. Hes gunna have to wait, Smith just told me if i don't watch a certain holo-vid with her shes going to stab me. Damn this woman is scary, glad shes the one that deals with most of the diplomatic obligations and ship maintenance.  Most people just do what she says and I am never hassled.

Oh whoopee, Some Intaki whore with a troubled background took her pants off and won the heart of the Archura man with the strong jaw line and dashing good looks. I'm glad I wasted 30 minutes of my life watching that, damn you smith.

Quick scan of local, seems the herd has thinned a bit. Quick undock in my cyclone to be surrounded by criminals, mostly a few cruisers,  but a frig floating around as well.  Scoot up towards the top of the station while they pound on me. Shut down one of the cruisers engines just to get them all excited. Let them put me into low armor before i decide to start boosting again, then dock. Crush spirits first, then ship hulls. I should have probably just killed all of them so I could eat my dinner in peace, but the rage in local comms was filling enough as an appetizer to get me by, plus, smith ordered us some food and it had arrived.


[ 2011.03.14 02:27:59 ] Urian Kandor > Really azn?
[ 2011.03.14 02:28:03 ] Aznwithbeard > sup?
[ 2011.03.14 02:28:09 ] Urian Kandor > docked
[ 2011.03.14 02:28:13 ] Aznwithbeard > lol
[ 2011.03.14 02:28:14 ] Urian Kandor > Not very fair
[ 2011.03.14 02:28:15 ] Urian Kandor > :)
[ 2011.03.14 02:28:17 ] Aznwithbeard > oh u wanted me to play?
[ 2011.03.14 02:28:29 ] CAAN0N > urian want me to bump him off for u?
[ 2011.03.14 02:28:29 ] Aznwithbeard > i figured id just do what you do.
[ 2011.03.14 02:28:40 ] Urian Kandor > Hehe
[ 2011.03.14 02:28:44 ] Urian Kandor > Sure CANNON why not
[ 2011.03.14 02:28:49 ] CAAN0N > i choose not tbh
[ 2011.03.14 02:28:50 ] Urian Kandor > Since youve done it to me so many times
[ 2011.03.14 02:28:53 ] Urian Kandor > :)

[ 2011.03.14 02:32:15 ] Aznwithbeard > so what you got out there urian?
[ 2011.03.14 02:32:29 ] Escort Zodiak > (new angry wt) same as before
[ 2011.03.14 02:32:30 ] Urian Kandor > A Tempest a maelstrom a vindicator and my Caracal
[ 2011.03.14 02:32:36 ] Urian Kandor > And a punisher
[ 2011.03.14 02:32:38 ] Urian Kandor > And a moa
[ 2011.03.14 02:32:41 ] Urian Kandor > And a  rupture
[ 2011.03.14 02:32:45 ] Urian Kandor > And some neut RR
[ 2011.03.14 02:32:51 ] Urian Kandor > And 2 avatars and an erebus
[ 2011.03.14 02:32:52 ] Urian Kandor > That's it
[ 2011.03.14 02:33:09 ] Newports Indeed > neut RR ehh? seems like too much for a cyclone

[ 2011.03.14 02:41:07 ] Aznwithbeard > well, i was gunna engage you 4, but now ya got too many.
[ 2011.03.14 02:41:16 ] Urian Kandor > Theres still 4 of us
[ 2011.03.14 02:41:19 ] Escort Zodiak > where ?
[ 2011.03.14 02:41:28 ] Urian Kandor > And I thought you were gunna fight us on any terms azn
[ 2011.03.14 02:41:35 ] Urian Kandor > This is after all a war
[ 2011.03.14 02:41:41 ] Urian Kandor > that you started
[ 2011.03.14 02:41:52 ] Aznwithbeard > ^ and am currently winning :)
[ 2011.03.14 02:41:57 ] Urian Kandor > Currently
[ 2011.03.14 02:41:58 ] Urian Kandor > Yes
[ 2011.03.14 02:42:02 ] Urian Kandor > But not for long
[ 2011.03.14 02:42:03 ] Urian Kandor > :)
[ 2011.03.14 02:42:04 ] Aznwithbeard > ill just go mission on my alt til ur herd thins. :)
[ 2011.03.14 02:42:11 ] Urian Kandor > Aight have fun
[ 2011.03.14 02:42:15 ] Urian Kandor > o/
[ 2011.03.14 02:42:26 ] Escort Zodiak > Grow a pair
[ 2011.03.14 02:42:36 ] Urian Kandor > That too
[ 2011.03.14 02:42:45 ] Urian Kandor > But i have his pants
[ 2011.03.14 02:42:47 ] Urian Kandor > So he cant
[ 2011.03.14 02:43:03 ] Escort Zodiak > i joined to kill you, and all you do is sit in that stupid station scratching your balls
[ 2011.03.14 02:43:21 ] Aznwithbeard > lol, grow a pair? to the guy sitting on undock with 3 buds w/  2 people in station?
[ 2011.03.14 02:43:29 ] Khorant > Escort, if you guys want a fight, dec us
[ 2011.03.14 02:43:34 ] Urian Kandor > Again this is a war
[ 2011.03.14 02:43:40 ] Urian Kandor > THat you chose
[ 2011.03.14 02:43:49 ] Escort Zodiak > how many SPs you got ?
[ 2011.03.14 02:43:52 ] Urian Kandor > can't help what happeneds
[ 2011.03.14 02:44:36 ] Aznwithbeard > theyre getting a fight khorant. also, hush child. and approx 20mil sp.
[ 2011.03.14 02:45:02 ] Escort Zodiak > so thats about 5noobs
[ 2011.03.14 02:45:05 ] Escort Zodiak > which we are
[ 2011.03.14 02:45:08 ] Escort Zodiak > so i say fair fight
[ 2011.03.14 02:45:21 ] Aznwithbeard > and i say change ur tampons, ill be out in a while
[ 2011.03.14 02:45:54 ] Escort Zodiak > well if your just gonna pussy in there, then just end the damn war
[ 2011.03.14 02:46:07 ] Aznwithbeard > nah, i like it, i think ill keep it around.
[ 2011.03.14 02:46:30 ] Urian Kandor > Then dont complain when we blob you
[ 2011.03.14 02:46:37 ] Urian Kandor > Thanks and have a pleasant night
[ 2011.03.14 02:46:40 ] Urian Kandor > o/
[ 2011.03.14 02:47:02 ] Aznwithbeard > u as well sir.


Anyway, I eat my dinner and replug back into my ships interface. Seems my brother is still in system playing on the undock. Tells me my war targets have gone back to their old tricks, dropping cans for some random to scoop and ganking him for it. Very interesting.

People say patience is a virtue, and its definitely something I lack, I'm getting antsy playing the waiting game. Luckily, someone in a Hurricane grabbed one of my war targets cans so I didn't have to wait long. SUCCESS. My patience pay off and the criminals are aggressed to the Hurricane. I bump everyone waiting to undock with my battle-cruiser hull and threaten to open fire on the bay doors if the docking manager doesn't let me out.

My interface clears and I see 3 criminals in a Caracal, a Punisher, and a Heavy Interdictor class Onyx. Point the onyx, lock the punisher, throw some drones on it, apparently the cane pretty much alphas it. Caracal bails but that's no biggie. I get bumped by some furious capsuleer and almost lose point. Onyx deagressed the second I undocked and hes moving for the station. Overload the rack and his shields start melting. We're getting dangerously close to docking range and hes been deaggressed for long enough. 1400m, 1300m, 1150m, hits armor and its all over. Someone scoops the loot but I don't give a damn, I'm to busy serving justice. Point on pod? With a battlecruiser? Spray the pod goo all over about 10 ships, seems they were excited for death and I'm getting the crap bumped out of me.

Post the mail to a concord related killboard as local demands it.  Criminals keep quiet in local communications, they know they've done wrong.

The rest of the night passes by with some random cruisers undocking and refusing to shoot me, then my giving up and watching holo-vids of concord released fights all across New Eden by some very amazing pilots.

FODT account shows a credit of - 457,800,000 ISK to be held against further transgressions of the moral code.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Wardec log #2 cont.

War Log - 2011-03-13 03:40 cont.

Wake up on the floor of my cyclones cargo bay, not sure what that was about. Plug in to my ship and get in line to undock, seems to take forever. A couple of war targets are online, some random guy and the ever present Urian.

Get outside the station and looks all clear. Hang out for a bit, chat up some friends in local  comms, Smith makes me some breakfast, girl is a wiz with the microwave. Urian undocks in his hurricane, again. I lock him up, again. I kill his engines, again. Difference is this time a pilot in a Machariel  bumping him off the station careening him into the black void of space. Think its the same pilot that was flying the Bhaalgorn trying to kill them on the first night of the wardec. Keeps manically bumping him, I keep losing point, more bumps, more lost points, Urian finally figures out he should fight back because hes not going to be able to cover the 30km to the station. Doesn't really matter though, as my 220s rip through the last of his hull and destroy the Minmatar vessel.

Urian whines in open comms channels, I laugh. Explain its his own fault, that his corporation made itself to be outcast by ganking pilots for no good reason because they don't know any other way. Typical criminal cowardice. Urian can't seem to wrap his head around the fact that I am not in control of the pilots in Rens, and that I am not asking them to help. They do it because they hate you.

Rodensteiner shows up and attempts to do some dueling, blasts apart a random pilots rifter while  I'm in station. Dual reps, unrigged, no cap injector or nos? Must have melted something fierce.

Afterwords a war target undocks in a drake while I am at range and I ask Rod to shut his engines down until I get into range. Rodensteiners mighty merlin holds point long enough for me to get a secondary point, at which point Rod bails to get a more useful ship. Drake fires on me just as the crazy machariel pilot goes for his manic bump again and thros me, Rod, and the war target off station. I lose point again, Rod grabs it, I grab it, Rod bails to dock.

Rod at least 30 seconds out of the fight, me in a Stabber Fleet Issue (maybe defending my home turf DOES come with some rewards other then a job well done and death to amarr.) and oh look, another war target in a drake undocks. Same guy from last night, HAMs are hitting hard, I'm bouncing around 50%  armor but the other drake is dying, Rod trying to get back out but we're 40km off station so its gunna be a while.

Rod outside station, coming to the rescue in his newly purchased Claymore class command ship, hot damn we're feeling shiny today aren't we? I'm Eyeballing the station, 35km off and I'm thinking about leaving the field.

Rod in range, criminals start getting random remote repair again, I overheat and try to rabbit a bit on them, Finally pull range on the HAM drake, only rods point holding the other drake down. I'm switching ammo to help, go help Rod little drones! HAM drake keeping pace, but at least hes off Rod. Someone randomly reps Rod, who is tanking fine, Ammo loaded and I start unloading on the criminals again. Criminal drake pops, HAM drake deaggroed and on the station, no use trying to bump so that damn HAM drake gets to live another day.

I go to repair my badly overheated ship and  then return to the trade hub. There are reports of Urian outside station in a Caracal class cruiser. I don't even bother undocking. Hes run out of money and is resorting to flying garbage. More shameful to leave him flying it then to kill it.  I unplug for a bit and catch a movie with smith.

FODT account shows a credit of -163,480,000 ISK to be held against further transgressions of the moral code.


I come back after dinner and I see a new criminal in local. I quickly undock and have a tempest greet me outside of the station. I lock him up, and he warps to the Abudban gate. I warp after him and lock him up on the gate. I attempt to bump him off but my little SFI (Stabber Fleet Issue) just can't do it. I wait hoping the pilot will jump through, but Alas he just warps off to the station. I warp to the undock and see a criminal in a rupture and lock him up just as the tempest lands a ways off, around the other side of the station. The rupture docks and I make my way over to the tempest, which is still sitting on the station. I try to bump him again and do it kind of decently, when the criminal opens up on me. Bating are we? Okay I'll bite, lets see how this turns out. I keep my eyes on the overview waiting for some stragglers to undock, but they never come. I look back, and I am at 90% shields and the tempest has exploded. What the hell? Seems the pilot thought it was a good idea to shoot me with a completely untanked ship, with Large artillery, cruise missile launchers, and a light peppering of HAMs. Didn't work out well for him or his pod.

Local chat during/after fight;

[23:44:58] Aznwithbeard > ur tempest wont shoot me :(
[23:45:08] Able Killer > lol hes only got guns fitted
[23:45:11] Able Killer > i said not to
[23:45:22] Aznwithbeard > guna are a good thing to have fitted to a ship
[23:45:32] Able Killer > yes but no tank?

[23:46:41] wartoog > tempest down
[23:46:49] CAAN0N > hey man
[23:46:51] CAAN0N > nice bump
[23:46:54] CAAN0N > oh wait lol
[23:47:01] Aznwithbeard > u ded

[23:47:20] Able Killer > azn id say lets do a vaga vs stabber fleet issue but i just have enough isk for the ship
[23:47:22] Able Killer > wont be able to fit it
[23:47:55] Aznwithbeard > that was fun
[23:48:04] Aries Darkstar > u get the pest azn?
[23:48:07] Aznwithbeard > ya
[23:48:11] Able Killer > omg
[23:48:11] Aries Darkstar > n1
[23:48:12] Able Killer > lol
[23:48:26] Aznwithbeard > what did u wanna do able?
[23:48:58] Able Killer > its what id like to do but just lacking the isk, ive got enough for a vaga but not for the mods.... i was thinking a stabber fleet issue vs a vagabond
[23:49:28] Aznwithbeard > sell ur rupture :)
[23:49:46] Aznwithbeard > also, you're not being a smart ass like the others, keep ur isk, dont buy a vagabond, ill just kill you.
[23:49:58] Able Killer > their being smart asses?
[23:50:03] Able Killer > lol im missing all the good stuff
[23:50:21] Aznwithbeard > just urian and the dude in the ham drake

[23:50:41] Aznwithbeard > so uhhh, why didnt that pest have like... a tank?
[23:51:17] Able Killer > i dunno, he said in corp chat he thought he could take you even though he only had guns fitted, i said no way dont shoot your guns wont even hit his ship
[23:51:30] Aznwithbeard > /emote facepalms
[23:51:39] Able Killer > "DaFonz > think i can take him all  i have is weapaons on this tempest didnt get anything else yet"
[23:51:44] Able Killer > "Able Killer > i wouldnt if thats all u got"
[23:51:49] Able Killer > "Able Killer > its a fleet stabber"
[23:51:51] Aznwithbeard > erm..... tell him to update his clone.
[23:51:54] Able Killer > "Able Killer > hes fast u wont hit him"
[23:52:08] Aznwithbeard > u know... lost skill points etc.
[23:52:10] Able Killer > i think he emo raged quit, hes not online
[23:52:12] Aznwithbeard > poddage, etc
[23:52:21] Aznwithbeard > oh, can i have his stuff then?


Afterwords I get sent a mail from the ever present mach pilot.  Says something about riding off towards the sunset in a covert espionage mission. That or  he tires of molesting noobs. One of the two, can't remember. I salute him and bid him good luck in future endeavors.

After the tempest pilot logs back in I send him a message telling him to update his clone in a very non-threatening or demeaning way. When he doesn't reply I open up a channel with him and explain more thoroughly. He's too young to know what a good corporation is and I don't want another pilot leaving the pod life for joining with the wrong crowd. Doesn't mean I won't confiscate his assets tho.

FODT account shows a credit of - 254,890,000 ISK to be held against further transgressions of the moral code.

Wardec log #2

War Log - 2011-03-13 03:40

I've been messing with the a few of the war targets for quite some time, but they do not seem to want a fight until they have at least double our numbers. I decide that a nonthreatening cyclone is going to be the ship of the day, and Rodensteiner jumps into a HAM drake. Some back and forth goes with retards remote repping both my corporation and my war targets, which is annoying. I finally declare honor-duel and our war targets undock in two drakes, I hate missiles. Urian is in a HML drake with a questionable tank, other one is HAM fit with web/scram/mwd, but hes an older pilot with better skills. The HAM drake does more damage but I primary Urian. Kid talks too much and needs to lose his battlecruiser.

Both drakes open up on me, and I check my boosters and ammo. Seems I am good to go. tell Rodensteiner to kick the docking manager in the balls and do an emergency undock. Light up Urian with drones, 220's, and LOLrockets. His tank is breaking and he knows it, they both deaggro but we still get the mail. I don't even bother shooting the ham drake, waste of bullets on a deaggroed target.  Feh, his setup up could have been worse, and at least I can finally say I've tanked two battlecruisers at once.

 They get about four of their pilots online, quite a change from last nights eight, they must have eaten the brown stuff in the cafeteria and are bedridden. Tempest undocks into us and starts shooting at Rod, we shoot back and the criminals in exchange undock a hurricane, drake, and rupture on top of us.While Rod tries to pull range and deaggro while they're hammering on him, I overheat on the tempest as he hits half armor.  Suddenly red skulls appear on my overview and I know we've bought it. Unaffiliated pilots in a scimitar and a basilisk start repairing enemy vessels and we're doomed. Suddenly a new associate of mine starts repairing rodensteiner with his scimitar and we're back in! Rod stays close to station and prepares to dock, criminal drake too far away, tempest hits quarter armor and docked, can't seem to get a lock on the rupture so I burn for the hurricane and wouldn't you know it, as soon as I lock his ship and scramble his engines, he docks.

Fecking idiots all around tbh.

A little while later the war target in the tempest seems to want a fight and keeps moving himself near us at the top of the station. He starts shooting Rod with his t1 garbage dual 425 autocannons and we start lighting him up with guns and missiles of our own. We wait for more war targets to undock but they don't, and the tempest stops firing when it hits half armor. I tell rod to go for the bump and overload, which he does but not far enough. Criminal evades prosecution. Again. Shame, his armor was gone and he was into hull. At least we're fiscally destroying him by making him pay to repair his armor a few times, that ain't cheap.

Being bored and half drunk on some alcohol I found under a pile of corpses in my hanger, I decided to call out the rupture pilot to duel me. He is pretty green for a capsuleer, and when he asks me what ship I will be in, I figure I'll make it fair and tell him a bellicose. He questions my ship choice but agrees immediately and the terms are set. Outside station we open up on each other, I'm getting locked by random people all around me, and his rupture is neuting the crap out of me. I see where this is going and overload all modules and increase range. I'm at peak recharge, hes at 1/3 armor. Kill the heat before my guns burn out. I hit armor before he runs out, armor blows away in chunks, go all in and overload the rack again, he hits hull, I'm 50% hull, someone boosts my shield, I rage in open comms, unlock the rupture, and tell him to bail. He keeps firing and goes through my shields as I lay there and take it.  I will lose to this enemy before I dishonor myself.

Ehh, it's just a bellicose. Don't even know why I had it. Apparently cost somewhere between a decently fit destroyer and an inexpensive Rupture. May buy another one to be honest.

The rest of the night is pretty boring and uneventful and most of the wartargets unplug. At some point Rod solos a merlin with his own, weird, didn't even tell me. Send a general goodnight across comms channels, and unplug myself.

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Uhhh no, thats not me. (OOC)

Got an E-Mail forwarded to me today

""""""""""""From: GyZb0 (WT CEO of FODT corp)
Sent: 2011.03.12 06:57
To: Uriel Kharan, (CEO of a random corporation my or my alt have never been affiliated with)

The member mentioned has been involved in lame activities against our corp . His alt corp or main declared war at us, and his activities outside of the corp by RR their friends instead of actually joining and fighting the war .

jjust to let u know .


From: GyZb0
Sent: 2011.03.12 07:54
To: Uriel Kharan,

Well and since you are the alliance leader .. i make my other contact oficial to you .

Just wanted to let you know, has you probably dont want your alliance name associated with this kind of activities, being they known by other players or local chats . being them knowed by CAOD threads .

Best regards,
FODT CeO""""""""""""""""

Seems they think I'm an alt, and wardecced them because I couldn't wardec them with the Neutral corporation above. While it is true that I can not wardec them with that corp ( being that I am not apart, affiliated, or even know that corp) I do have an alt, his name is NEWPORTS INDEED, hes the one sitting on the undock or gates watching for blobs, that or training his little heart out logged off... kthxbye.

Tribute to Vladimir Norkoff

War log - Prologue

Hours leading up to the start of the war have been filled with reconnaissance and searching concord battle reports.. Seems criminal corporation has been busy recruiting, up 18 percent since we've last checked. Seems they're recruiting over open comms in trade hub system now, grabbing freshly recruited capsuleers as meatshields, and we have no problem cutting through the fat. Local beginning to fill with criminals. Eight of their pilots in station with us. Eight versus two, seems about right.

Get a private comms channel opened up from one of the syndicates main loud mouths, a criminal named Urian. Seems he wants to congratulate me on being their corporations first official wardec, quite surprising considering its age and blob tactics.Would like to know the reason of the wardec, to which I state that unhonored duals demand retribution.

War Log - 2011-03-12 05:47

The war has just started and is already off to a great start. Me and Rodensteiner quickly jump into our battlecruisers and get in the undock queue.We sit outside station for approximately two minutes before the first criminal undocks. Seems they intend on fighting us with industrials, which is fine with me. Pop the indy and scoop some loot just as Rodensteiner sprays pod goo all over my view screen, going to need to have that cleaned off at some point.

A few minutes later and they all start to undock. Drake, Rokh,  Myrm, Bomber, Harbinger, Kestrel, probe, and their recently activated indy pilot in a rifter. All in a days work. Me and Rodensteiner separate ourselves from eachother and the main cluster. We burn across the station, getting some range as the criminals attempt to kill us. Drake and Myrm are unloading on Rodensteiners buffer tank and I am in the clear. Seems the drake is using HAMS and the myrm has small blasters fit. Wait what? Quick redock, repair, and formation of a fleet and we're back out. I'm out first and start burning at the drake and Myrm, which instantly lock me up and unload on me. Ham drakes are nasty, better go straight to 3 reps on. I tank them for a bit while Rodensteiner pulls range on their kestrel and pops him. I dock up and Rodensteiner warps out. Insta out of the station and me and Rod warp back at range.Trying to drag the criminals off the station. Seems they're not having it.

Myrm pilot switches to a Hyperion and the Harbinger and Rokh are nowhere to be seen. Hype a good 20 km from his drake buddy, rod dips in to pull aggro and drags the Drake another 20 off. I get in close and we both start unloading on him. His shields start to break when a neutral pilot in a scimitar starts to repair him. I tell Rod to bug out while I hold the drake pilot at bay, and Rod evacuates the area. Apparently the scimitar pilot is aggroed to someone else because he is getting molested by a cruiser and gets pushed back into the station, I call Rod back and reagress the Drake, but it doesn't matter, he can tank long enough to reach the station and I fly off.

At some point afterwords Rod redistributes the indy pilots rifter and pops more pod goo, I sure hope he updated his clone. We undock one last time and see the criminals blowing up some poor chump in a Hurricane. We keep range trying to figure out what the hell is going on when the Hype pilot gets aggroed by a Bhaalgorn. drake aggros bhaalgorn, I aggro hype with drones, not sure what the hell is going on but hype is definately Active armor and his shields are going down slowly. Scimitar pilot nowhere to be seen. Chumps start aggroing bhaalgorn, bhaalgorn gets a friend with a guardian, random hurricane starts shooting hype, guardian gets scrammed, armor maintenance bots flying everywhere on both parties, and sadly, everyone is tanking.

Its late and we decide to call it a night.

FODT account shows a credit of -21,7000,000 ISK to be held against further transgressions of the moral code.

Thursday, March 10, 2011

The past 24 hours

First and foremost;

"""""OMGROFLSTOMP Declares War Against FODT
Sent: 2011.03.11 05:47

OMGROFLSTOMP has declared war on FODT.
Within 24 hours fighting can legally occur between those involved.

For your convenience we have included the appropriate CONCORD War Rules:

The weekly cost is 2,000,000.00 ISK and you will receive a bill which needs to be paid promptly to maintain the war. If the bill is not paid before it is due then the war will be cancelled. If the war is cancelled then do not pay any outstanding bills for that war.

When an active war has been cancelled, there is a 24 hour grace period during which you can still be legally attacked.

If you are at war with a corporation that joins an alliance then the war will change from being against the corporation to being against the alliance.

If you are at war with an alliance and a corporation leaves that alliance then you will still be at war with the alliance but also temporarily at war with the corporation that left. The war against the corporation that leaves an alliance lasts 24 hours during this period you can attack them until the war expires.

Should you wish to resume hostilities against such a corporation then you need to declare war again. """"""

So that's nice, concord finally allowed me to declare war against the honor-less bastards.

Well, my vacation was up so I jumped myself back into lowsec to defend my companions and liberated systems.  No fleets were active so I grabbed some pilots and chatted for a bit until local cooled down, at which point we caught wind of a frigate fleet with hurricane support in Dal on the Auga gate. We landed and prepared to battle, I called the hurricane primary and secondary was the arbitrator, however mid fight a pirate gang landed and ripped my fleet to shreds. The four dead pilots on the "friendly" side were the only friendly pilots, and yes, 15 drakes, 4 hurricanes, and a prophecy is what they chose to fight our small 5ish man frig/cruiser gang with. Good start to my day, but at least I traded a rupture for a hurricane.

Grabbed some lunch from the Auga Republic Fleet Assembly Plants cafeteria, and that was a mistake.... why do I always eat the brown stuff? A few hours later and back on my feet, I hear crackles over intel channels asking for support pilots to make their way to a system nearby to help fight some war targets mainly in battle cruisers. As I land with my fleet in Hofjaldgund on a star gate, the enemy gang decides to jump through. I am instantly warp scrambled and webbed by most of the gang, before I even get one shot off.

So... I do what anyone would do in that situation, call myself primary, tank them for about 30 seconds, and then jump through the gate, turn around, and jump right back in. I really don't know why they thought engaging our gang was a good idea as we had a few more pilots and bigger ships, though some of their tackle ships bailed before the fight started so the numbers aren't exactly correct.

Apparently the Amarrians were quite pissed at their loss, and returned to their home system in Huola to reship into battleships and attempt to use Dominix class battleships as logistics. Didn't work out well for them at all.

Afterwords they pretty much turtled up for the most part, though we did catch two Harbinger class battle-cruisers and a drake attempting (and succeeding) to blow up a friendly taranis. Friendly backup arrived and we avenged our fallen comrade by gang-banging the harbingers while their drake left them for dead and jumped out.

That was pretty much it for the day, other then my nagging twin brother, Newports. Seems he recently graduated his advanced studies and even remapped his brain to complete his studies quicker, he always was a douche-bag. I love the guy though, so as a present I gave him my (slightly) used Maelstrom class battleship, fully fit and ready to fly. I've had that damned ship for over a year and rarely fly it, (also I'm a horrible battleship pilot) so I figured what the hell. Seems he wants to follow in my footsteps so this may not be the last you hear about him.

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Highsec fun

Decided to take a vacation to my favorite R+R destination today, Rens. Jumped into a cyclone I had laying around and found a few people looking for a fight. First was a very honorable (for rens) chap in a shield fit gank brutix. Was a VERY close fight, nearly put me in hull and his  flight of medium jam drones  knocked out my lock two times. During the second jam my little warriors worked their magic and popped his ship. Decent fit with a pilot nearly double my flight time and skill knowledge, made me feel pretty good. Had a nice conversation with the guy afterwords, exchanging fits, thoughts, and ideas..... was a nice change from the usual "go to hell" or insta drop from private comms channel.

After a bit I accepted a challenge from Jimmy 15- a pilot that took out my myrm with his HAM drake pretty much because I hastily bought and fit it with a wrong module. Thermic hardener against a drake? FAILLLLL.

In any case, I was in a cyclone for this one, him in his HAM drake, and this time, AZN prevailed. Didn't even take me to armor, which is seriously impressive considering his pretty decent damage with heavy assault missiles.

Typical banter of me cheating arose, which is strange considering this guy sometimes ship scans people to get their fits and then refits (has been confirmed).

[ 2011.03.09 23:43:30 ] Aznwithbeard > take my can jim
[ 2011.03.09 23:43:40 ] jimmy 15 > where is it?
[ 2011.03.09 23:43:47 ] Aznwithbeard > 4500 away
[ 2011.03.09 23:43:57 ] Aznwithbeard > now labeled jimmy
[ 2011.03.09 23:44:02 ] jimmy 15 > ah

[ 2011.03.09 23:46:01 ] jimmy 15 > nice tank
[ 2011.03.09 23:47:58 ] Aznwithbeard > gf
[ 2011.03.09 23:48:04 ] james brooks > lol hahahahahaha
[ 2011.03.09 23:48:05 ] jimmy 15 > i see u refit for my ship
[ 2011.03.09 23:48:07 ] jimmy 15 > gf
[ 2011.03.09 23:48:39 ] Aznwithbeard > no
[ 2011.03.09 23:48:41 ] Aznwithbeard > same fit
[ 2011.03.09 23:48:42 ] Aznwithbeard > lol
[ 2011.03.09 23:48:55 ] Aznwithbeard > only thing i did was put hobs in instead of warriors
[ 2011.03.09 23:49:03 ] jimmy 15 > coming out in tengu dnt engage me
[ 2011.03.09 23:49:08 ] jimmy 15 > going after another red
[ 2011.03.09 23:49:09 ] Aznwithbeard > didnt plan on it
[ 2011.03.09 23:49:15 ] Aznwithbeard > i honor duals
[ 2011.03.09 23:49:34 ] jimmy 15 > i know
[ 2011.03.09 23:49:43 ] Aznwithbeard > close fight tho man
[ 2011.03.09 23:49:44 ] jimmy 15 > and i knew that cyclone was gonna win
[ 2011.03.09 23:49:46 ] Aznwithbeard > fuckin hams hurt
[ 2011.03.09 23:49:58 ] jimmy 15 > na u were good for a bit
[ 2011.03.09 23:50:09 ] Aznwithbeard > nah i was breaking
[ 2011.03.09 23:50:17 ] Aznwithbeard > was running outta cap pretty quickly
[ 2011.03.09 23:50:18 ] jimmy 15 > wat ammo u use?
[ 2011.03.09 23:50:43 ] Aznwithbeard > phased plasma RF
[ 2011.03.09 23:50:52 ] jimmy 15 > wat dmg is that?
[ 2011.03.09 23:50:57 ] Aznwithbeard > therm
[ 2011.03.09 23:51:10 ] jimmy 15 > u knew my lowest resist
[ 2011.03.09 23:51:20 ] jimmy 15 > how?
[ 2011.03.09 23:51:25 ] Aznwithbeard > ummm
[ 2011.03.09 23:51:30 ] Aznwithbeard > ur shield tanked lol
[ 2011.03.09 23:51:35 ] jimmy 15 > knowing all my other fights em was
[ 2011.03.09 23:51:39 ] Aznwithbeard > most people fiull their EM hole but dont do the therm hole
[ 2011.03.09 23:51:53 ] Aznwithbeard > i never use EMP
[ 2011.03.09 23:52:15 ] Aznwithbeard > u can look at all my losses, dropped ammo up top is either phased plasma, fusion or barrage
[ 2011.03.09 23:52:24 ] Aznwithbeard > i really didnt refit for you at all dude...
[ 2011.03.09 23:52:51 ] james brooks > azn just bad ass

Pretty interesting.

Some guy kept PMing me asking me to fight his typhoon with my cyclone, to which I tryed to say NO several times.... excerpts here:

[ 2011.03.09 23:48:09 ] MikilwarD > you want duel me ??
[ 2011.03.09 23:48:30 ] Aznwithbeard > wat u in?
[ 2011.03.09 23:48:36 ] MikilwarD > phoon
[ 2011.03.09 23:48:59 ] Aznwithbeard > fuck no. lol
[ 2011.03.09 23:49:04 ] MikilwarD > why
[ 2011.03.09 23:49:09 ] MikilwarD > see my date of birth
[ 2011.03.09 23:49:35 ] Aznwithbeard > dont care.

This was followed by about 3 more PMs i did not accept. Later, this;

[ 2011.03.10 02:53:31 ] Aznwithbeard > im not fighting ur phoon
[ 2011.03.10 02:53:35 ] Aznwithbeard > if u get in a bc ill fight you
[ 2011.03.10 02:54:04 ] MikilwarD > no go to hell is that only
[ 2011.03.10 02:54:46 ] Aznwithbeard > wat
[ 2011.03.10 02:55:50 ] Aznwithbeard > ?
[ 2011.03.10 02:55:52 ] MikilwarD > i typhoon or nothing
[ 2011.03.10 02:56:02 ] Aznwithbeard > ok then nothing, and stop PMing me. i dont fly battleships.

Strange dude, probably neut/bait, and I wasn't having it.

Fought a pilot about a year older then me but with similar skills, he was bringing a cane so I figured I'd dust my cane off, despite having that bad feeling. 

Ehh, I guess I was just a little nervous, I havent been liking buffer fit battle-cruisers lately, they seem a bit, fragile I guess.

Anyway, The hurricane pilot was also super nice, we had a nice chat, wants to fly with me, I'm cool with that.

Anyway, Smith wants to go to bed, and it seems my vacation is over..... Just gunna finish up with the last of my random evemails and private comms channels and unplug.

Quick edit: the wardec did not go through for some reason, even though both me and Rodensteiner took a corporate vote in favor of wardeccing them, and us both having shares, it doe not make sense. Wardec pushed back a full 24 hours because of this as we have to revote.


For crimes against OMGROFLSTOMP and the Minmatar Republic, FODT Corporation is currently in the 24 hour voting process to be wardecced.

Short story is one of their pilots did not honor a 1v1 battle against myself, which led me limping back to docking range in hull. Rodensteiner (my second in command and loyal employee) thought we should not let this dishonor go lightly, so, whenever we happen to be in highsec we will make a point to kill them with fire.

As you can see by their battleclinic report sheet, I am not the only pilot they have dishonored.  We will make them pay..... If we have time.