Sunday, June 26, 2011

CCP fucks up, players speak out (ooc)

Not down with the politics, but figured in support of the crap CCP is pulling, I would link a blog that would link various other blogs etc. etc. until your eyeballs fall out and you are filled with rage.

Or you could just read a few, get the general gist, and give the bloggers a +1 for agreement, show a little community spirit.

This blogger is very concise, to the point, and links a few very interesting articles from other bloggers. enjoy.

Something stupid, but amusing (ooc)

I love when things work out for my amusement. I was cloaked with azn on the ossagur gate in amamake getting eyes for my alt newports, who was bringing a typhoon into lowsec for azn. When I landed off the gate cloaked, there was (surprise surprise) a Bane gatecamp pwning some poor noob in a hurricane. After asking in militia if anyone wanted to fleet to kill the apoc off the gate and getting no response, I started speaking in local to the guy (admiral Lazaraus) in the apoc.

[22:54:11] Piglett > o/ azn
[22:54:18] Aznwithbeard > 0/
[22:55:02] Aznwithbeard > Admiral Lazaraus you should be aligned m8
[22:55:23] Admiral Lazaraus > i am
[22:55:31] Aznwithbeard > ur goin 0 m/s
[22:55:41] Admiral Lazaraus > plus you aint gonna do anything anyhow
[22:55:56] Aznwithbeard > love im just looking out for ur best interest.
[22:56:01] Admiral Lazaraus > i c
[22:56:06] Kush Monster > awe so sweet
[22:56:21] Admiral Lazaraus > you be surprised how fast i warp out when you uncloak
[22:56:25] Aznwithbeard > dont want my babies getting hurt. lowsec gate camping can be tough.

(local spikes by about 30, Apoc gets tackled by another pirate corporation, members of the Shadow cartel)

[22:58:51] Aznwithbeard > but do u listen.... noooooooooooooooooooo
[22:58:53] Demerz > luls, says piscis, that's ironic
[22:59:10] W0wbagger > [22:56:21] Admiral Lazaraus > you be surprised how fast i warp out when you uncloak
[22:59:21] Aznwithbeard > SUDDENLY PODDED.

(I assume you can figure out the last part)

Saturday, June 25, 2011


I took a walk down to my hanger today to take an inventory of what ships I have collected over the last few months and noticed a cargo box with the word "THORAX" stamped on the side in black ink. I bought a few of them and built a few nano/shield/autocannon thoraxs some months back to experiment with their longevity, and apparently this one never got built.

The shield/nano/AC thorax held up decently, less DPS then a rupture but able to hold a flight of ec-300s in addition to a flight of warrior drones, and longer lasting cap with MWD on, its a pretty decent trade off. However with the recent completion of the requirements needed to install and use tech2 blasters, I decided it was time to test a gallente ship with gallente weaponry. After conversing with my chief about the various pros/cons to different fittings, I selected a fit I was happy with and undocked into augas black sky.

After picking up some necessary modules and ammunition in Vard, I headed around into Kourmonen, which had a healthy amount of biblethumpers floating about. A few warps and some scans later, I had a mostly complete list of that was in the system (war target wise)


I was with two pilots in frigates and decided that the above listing was a bit too much for us. I few warps later and I noticed the drake pilot was nano-fit (MWD, nanos, capable of going 1400 m/s) and had either
A) a faction warp disruptor
B) a very healthy fleet booster or
C) both, as he was pointing me at 35 KM.

I noticed that he was also using HMLs and not HAMs, so the DPS was not very high, and I decided to ask the pilot to fight me by himself, in the same ships, away from our respective fleets.  No answer in local communications, so I attempted to open up a conversation with the pilot "Lugalzagezi666". Not allowed to contact? He blocked me? The nerve. Made fun of him and asked any Amarr capsuleer to open communications forwarding my request. 10 WT in local, all very much active, and no response. Interesting.

Checked out a beacon in the system, landed on the aforementioned pilot, who quickly warp disrupted me and opened fire. Seems that while he can not be bothered to speak, he can shoot, and my scanner looks kinda full. Hit the MWD, aligned for auga, burnt out of his (very) long point range and warped to a safe near Auga.

Opened communications with my brother, asking him to talk to the pilot. Tells me the pilot said " I tried to 1v1, but you warped off" followed by a closing of the communications channel and (more then likely, not confirmed yet, just judging by the actions of the pilot previously) an additional block.

Coward, even with bigger + tankier cowardly Caldari ships, fleet boosting, and long range weaponry, he will not engage in an arranged 1v1.


[12:35:15] Rebel marvin > ive never needed a scimi before
[12:35:36] Rebel marvin > but aprantly you cant fly one unless you have logi 5
[12:35:49] Aznwithbeard > lol
[12:35:54] Aznwithbeard > ^not fly one well
[12:36:00] Rebel marvin > which isn't what it says on the predquests
[12:36:19] Aznwithbeard > i mean think of it this way, a wolf vs a ruppy, whos winning that fight?
[12:36:34] Rebel marvin > ruppy
[12:36:38] Rebel marvin > that was easy
[12:36:39] Aznwithbeard > predquests?
[12:36:51] Aznwithbeard > wolf = more expensive then ruppy.
[12:36:54] Rebel marvin > the skill requirements
[12:36:58] Rebel marvin > doesnt matter
[12:37:03] Rebel marvin > ruppy wins
[12:37:08] Aznwithbeard > i know, and thats my point
[12:37:19] Aznwithbeard > hell a ruppy will fuck up a rapier, provided he gets a scram on it.
[12:37:25] Rebel marvin > yup
[12:37:49] Aznwithbeard > wtf is a predquest?
[12:37:55] Rebel marvin > ruppy could probablly take 5 wolfs for that matter lol
[12:38:05] Rebel marvin > ship info ->
[12:38:10] Rebel marvin > predquest tab
[12:38:47] Aznwithbeard > huh
[12:38:55] Aznwithbeard > lol
[12:38:57] Aznwithbeard > prereq.
[12:39:00] Rebel marvin > what are you a noob? lol
[12:39:11] Rebel marvin > ah well
[12:39:11] Aznwithbeard > predquest = prereq. got it
[12:39:28] Aznwithbeard > ahhhh, blogged.

Monday, June 20, 2011

Wormholes are dangerous (OOC)

A friend from an Ex corp of mine (Twin Paradox) Found a random abbadon  i nthe middle of nowhere in his wormhole. He then asked me to draft a letter to the CEO of the corporation who owned said abbadon. This is it. Not really worthy of a post but for some reason it was in my draft box (I think I typed it here and it just saved it as a draft), and I figured since it was here, and kinda funny, I would post it. This happened sometime way earlier in the year. (january - march)

While piloting around in unknown space (Wormhole Designation J134xxx) a pilot came across an Abaddon class battleship on his directional scan. Probes were launched in an effort to narrow town the targ.... pilot and escort him to safety, after all, wormhole space is dangerous. Upon a signal match of 100% ships were launched immediately to the area in an effort to do the aforementioned.

Upon landing, it had become apparent that this was a ghost ship which had your corporations ticker emblazoned on the rear quarter panel and several panels under the ship. One of our brave capsuleers decided to enter the Amarrian vessel, and upon a full systems diagnostic came to the conclusion that all systems were operational and in fact, fully functional. No crew remained on board however, and there were no capsuleers or escape pods in the surrounding area. We have taken the battleship back to our Corporate hanger array for further investigation.

Sincerely yours,

Ganking IRL pt. 2

[01:12:14] Sparkus Volundar > gn all o/
[01:14:32] Lord Kreza > nn o/
[01:15:16] Warp Darkmatta > night all im off o/
[01:16:08] Lord Kreza > nn man
[01:21:01] Newports Indeed > i just died in ur arms tonightttttttttttttttt
[01:21:14] Lord Kreza > tune
[01:22:43] Sparkus Volundar > It must have been something she said
[01:26:25] Newports Indeed > dude
[01:26:40] Newports Indeed > i just came back from my moms, apparently every electrical device she owns has turned to shit
[01:27:02] Lord Kreza > maybe her house is haunted
[01:27:07] Lord Kreza > does she have any pets?
[01:27:22] Newports Indeed > yes
[01:27:32] Lord Kreza > were they going nuts and barking at the wall
[01:28:22] Newports Indeed > but her comp got a virus, then her wireless router died with it, then the dvd/vcr combo demands a parental PW she doesnt have, then she wants me to hook up a dvd player TO A FUCKING TV WITHOUT ANY RCA HOOK UPS WTF
[01:28:46] Lord Kreza > ahh parents
[01:28:58] Newports Indeed > then suddenly her bfs laptop is broken and im covered in wires.
[01:29:00] Lord Kreza > did she ask you for a recent copy of the internet
[01:29:06] Lord Kreza > jesus
[01:29:23] Newports Indeed > im petitioning life. this shit is bullshit
[01:30:28] Lord Kreza > :P
[01:34:02] Defiles > wait time on tickets are long.
[01:34:10] Newports Indeed > mmmhm
[01:35:54] Defiles > i spent 3 hours cleaning up my mates computer he had a right nasty fucker of a virus on it. I'm more or less a complete dunce with computers. was looking shit up on mine off the internet and hoping for the best on his :)
[01:37:24] Defiles > he had no antivirus or malware protection. i put him malwarebytes/AVG free/spyboy/adaware/spywareblaster and ccleaner on...he has now :)
[01:37:32] Defiles > is that a good mix by the way^^
[01:37:42] Lord Kreza > i'm off to bed, nn all
[01:38:16] Defiles > seeing as newport is the computer guy :)
[01:38:21] Defiles > gn
[01:39:54] Newports Indeed > lol
[01:40:01] Newports Indeed > i fix cars, not computers
[01:40:12] Newports Indeed > fuck it, i do it all, with my handy dandy cell phone and an IT guy.
[01:44:09] Defiles > should have put all your learning points into mechanic and never touched electronics.
[01:44:26] Defiles > even lv1 electronics is enough to get a call from mom.

Other channel

[01:10:38] EVE System > Channel MOTD: Fuck you your paying for your own god damned beer.
[01:11:32] Newports Indeed > RENDEATH LIVESSSSSSSSSSSSS
[01:12:25] Rendeath > hey man
[01:15:01] Rendeath > pretty good man. been busy
[01:15:32] Aznwithbeard > yea but meeeee too
[01:16:00] Newports Indeed > everyone is breaking myy balls yeyyy
[01:28:10] xxx > Azn
[01:30:03] Newports Indeed > yeo
[01:30:16] xxx > So wife is being a byich again
[01:30:21] Newports Indeed > why
[01:31:21] xxx > She is mad because I told her she uses sex to control our marage
[01:31:57] xxx > WOw she was mad
[01:32:01] Newports Indeed > all women do that.
[01:32:34] xxx > ya but its bad she has some strange reward system
[01:33:20] xxx > I told he that is stupid and damn MAD
[01:33:28] Newports Indeed > tell her fuck u, i married u, u give me pussy, u dont have to like it, u just fucking do it
[01:34:45] Newports Indeed > great 100 navy cap boosters are missing, wonderful
[01:34:54] xxx > Hahahahah that will go over well
[01:36:17] xxx > I think she is pissed because she knows I no longer want to be with her
[01:36:54] Aznwithbeard > then divorce her man, u dont have kids right?>
[01:37:32] xxx > no
[01:38:43] Newports Indeed > so then fuck it, walk away if ur not happy.
[01:39:08] xxx > Ya probly what is going to happen
[01:39:19] Newports Indeed > u own a house or anything expensive/
[01:39:21] Newports Indeed > ?
[01:39:29] xxx > no
[01:39:48] xxx > its been over 5 years so she will probly ask for alimony
[01:40:24] Newports Indeed > does she work?
[01:40:33] xxx > no has not for 2 years
[01:40:44] Newports Indeed > well
[01:40:51] Newports Indeed > here is azns x step program
[01:40:54] xxx > she keeps saying she is going to get a job but doen not do anything about it
[01:41:14] Newports Indeed > step one - tell her to shut the fuck up, she doesnt have a job, and is not pulling her weight
[01:41:25] Newports Indeed > step 2 - tell her if she dont give u sex, ull get it elsewhere.
[01:41:46] Newports Indeed > step 3- tell her u have no kids, no house, and no money, and she will live in squaller if you leave her.
[01:41:58] Newports Indeed > step 4 - accept the incoming blowjob
[01:42:06] xxx > Hahhahaah
[01:42:34] Newports Indeed > no seriously fuck that shit. terll her to stop hert bitching if ur doing everything
[01:43:22] Newports Indeed > brb, my girlfriend wants me to take her to CVS so she can take a pregnancy test. FML
[01:43:36] xxx > OH Shit Azn
[01:59:18] Newports Indeed > back
[01:59:29] xxx > a test?
[01:59:38] Newports Indeed > ?
[02:00:00] xxx > the test she is going to take
[02:00:16] xxx > what do you think are the chances?
[02:00:44] Newports Indeed > 0%. but theres always my brutally horrible luck
[02:00:56] xxx > :-(
[02:01:09] Newports Indeed > well know soon!  lol

Sunday, June 19, 2011

Whats in my hangers?

Recently I've traveled all over New Eden scooping assets from various places and closing down hangers I rarely use and either brought it to Auga, reprocessed/trashed/sold or (in the case of my entire Rens hanger) transferred it over to Newports.

So currently in auga I have all my modules and most of my ships (save a new typhoon contracted over from newports since I lost Azns last nite) are there as well.

I'm a little low on ships right now but I got a little gift from a friend (love you ferg) who gave me 40 rupture hulls, so those will be smashing you in the face sometime soon.

I just completed Medium hybrid turret so I bought myself a new brutix and took it out the other day  engaging a GCC drake on a gate and it tested marginally well despite my being an idiot and burning out two of my guns, but the fleet saved my ass

Also bought A ferox for Lulz, fit it up like a cyclone, pretty much the same thing in terms of tank/DPS, with the cyclone edging out in actual tank/dps and the ferox with much better resists. I also want to fit up a passive tank ferox and an AC ferox, and will more then likely be doing that shortly.

x2 Hurricane
Battle Wreathe

And pretty much Every t1 frigate in the game except for Amarr, which, being that I trained amarr frig to 4, I guess I can buy one now? IDK well see I hate amarr ships. Soon to be in the queue is amarr cruiser (gunna go to level 4 i think). I can not be descripive on Azns fittings as there be dragons, but I'll tell you the general fit of newports ships.

Is their any particular ship you guys would like to see me fly more? Post a comment and I'll see what I can do.

In terms of newports I have

Cyclone (boosting)
Drake (HAM)
Maelstrom (boosting ofc)
Hurricane (nano)
Crapracal (AML)
x2 Rupture (shield gank doing about 650 DPS, or 700 with Hail) (Frig Killing armor tanker)

And thats that!

Commenting (OOC)

It was brought to my attention a few weeks ago that it is a pain in the ass to comment on my blog. I adjusted the settings last week and have now made it easier and with more options. You can now just go to "name/URL" type in your name and leave URL blank and thats it. You may also do it anonymously. So If you have tried commenting before and could not, try again now, should be way easier.

Hope to see some more comments from hear on out.

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Warp to the titan?

It feels like I haven't flown a ship in a week. Sure I sit in them, mainly to surf through the Galnet channels and see whos pissing who off, how the action has been, who the newest member of the "she looked like a nice Gallente girl, but now I have this rash" club is, and most importantly, if there are any fleets up.

I plugged in my chip today in the hopes of killing some biblethumpers, but got real lazy and just bullshitted with my brother for half the day. He helped me sneak my first Brutix into Auga the other night and wanted a tour of the station. He seemed a bit concerned about the lack of open shops on the market level and that the entire station smelled like piss, but I think this was his first time in lowsec and he doesn't know any better.

So we're at Slavehound's near my hanger on level four slamming back shots that I don't even know what to call, and my brother kept blabbering on about some ninja salvager he took care of the other night. He talked about his baiting, general strategy, and explained when to overheat to me like I've never flown a gank cane, what a jackass. Seems to know a lot about fighting capsuleers for someone who hasn't left highsec since he graduated, interesting.

Seems he was running a mission for some faceless corporate manager in Frarn when some guy in a hurricane took some modules from a wreck of his. Ripped him a new one too, I'm proud of him.

Suddenly my Comms chip started buzzing, and my Ocular filter projected the grizzly image of Bald Beaver (A a gallente militia member frequenting these parts) requesting me to join his fleet. I told my brother to take a few shots and keep my seat warm while I figured out what this was all about.

Seems they needed some Armor battleships for an engagement about 20 jumps away, and I was not looking forward to it. Took me a little while, but I warmed to the idea, The insurance on the Typhoon was up in a few days, I rarely use it, and since I had no idea where the fleet was actually headed and was already in my cheap clone (slow response time, shitty implants, can't boost a powergrid for a damn) I decided to go. Late last night I decided to close down my Hanger in the curse region as ratting out there just isn't practical anymore, sold off all my ships, BPOs, crappy modules, etc. loaded up my Hurricane and set destination to Auga.

Seems AAA didn't want me to go.

Suddenly I'm in Rens puking my brains out and trying to breathe, the Clone operator slapped me on the ass, threw some clothes my way, and jammed some shitty implants in my head. Makes me feel like a 30 ISK hooker every damned time. Whatever.

Anyway, got kinda sidetracked there, undocked my pod from auga and hit the kourm gate en route to get my typhoon. Landed on the station in Kourm just a little off and next to a cynabal, suddenly I wake up in rens puking my brains out and getting slapped on the ass again. FFS that clone couldn't even land on a station right? Put my pants on and kicked the clone operator in the dick, guarantee bitch, your upgrading my clone for free this time.

Got the phoon a few minutes later, dest was Villore, some shitty corner of gallente space. Hit lowsec with the fleet and now we're... warping to a titan? Great. Seems the fleet is a mix of minnie/gallente militia and some randoms who were dropping caps on some corporations POS I've never heard of. For fucks sake why did I even wake up this morning?

Dreads hit siege, Carriers hit triage, and like clockwork Enemy fleet cyno drops in, to which we counter drop our BS fleet. Targets called, torps launched, Dammit I hate fleet fights. The only saving grace is the assorted faction/navy battleships on the field, like this Four Billion ISK Bhaalgorn.
Their fleet bails or goes inside the POS, We start looting the field, when suddenly Abbadons. Tens of them. Shooting at me. Feck. Broadcast for reps, Seems the Carriers ran out of stront and bailed, wonderful . Explosions, in a pod, warp out even though home is 16 jumps away. Vomiting twice in one day is my limit. We won the fight, but they held the field. 

Forgot to tell my brother to go home, dickhead's definitely falling off the barstool by now. Mom would be so proud.

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why did I join FW?

Mara Abraham has a recent post on her blog asking pilots why they joined faction war. I am going to pretty much copy/paste and answer here in support of her blog, and to make a new blog post with at least some sort of meaning. 
Blue = Mara 
Orange = Me

Why did you join faction warfare (any faction, any branch)?  Why are you looking to join faction warfare?   What are you hoping to get out of faction warfare?

If you join faction warfare, and you are looking for a player run corporation to join, what are you looking to give to the corporation?  What are you hoping to receive from the corporation?  How closely do you want the corporation goals to follow your goals for joining (or looking to join) faction warfare?

I ponder these questions in my journal as I look at my own journey, the journey of a number of others I know and communicate with on a regular basis, and hope for positive changes in the factional warfare space.
As I ask these questions, for which if you are reading this journal entry, I do hope you take the time to comment, I ask them of myself:
  • Why did you join (or look to join) faction warfare?
To become a better pvp pilot — both in practical terms as well as being able to self fund pvp activities from solo to fleeting with others sharing the same goals.

Constant PVP without looking hard ( or at least, supposedly ) 
  • What are you hoping to get out of faction warfare?
I’m hoping to learn various pvp strategies and tactics, both solo and in fleet.  I’m hoping to learn how to be more efficient at earning ISK to pay for ships lost as well as ships to test out in pvp.

Less blobbing more PvPing. 
Explosions. (theirs, not mine)
  • What are you looking to give a player run corporation?
My time, my experience, my ships that I’ve self supplied to be used in battles for which they fight.  To help members with ship fitting, learning combat, and learning to be self sufficient to earn their own ISK to pay for their pvp.

I came in with my own corp. NPC corps have too many newer pilots I wouldn't wanna deal with, plus I like to do a little wardeccing on the side if things get stale. 
  • What are you hoping to receive from a player run corporation?
To find a group of hopefully like minded people who share similar goals — eradicate the enemy via pvp either by the freedom to run solo as well as corp run fleets or three to several members of the corporation being a part of a mixed (player and non player corporation) fleet.
A corporation that would not hinder, through high taxation or large government (so to write), the growth of individual freedom to earn one’s ISK to pay for PVP.   I.e. empower the player (not empower the corporation) to be self sufficient.

Peace and quiet? 5 man corp FTW 
its also nice to be in a smaller corpoiration because I don't (generally) have to deal with the drama of the bigger guys, or listen to what anyone has to say, or help scrubs with fitting advice. etc. I am jaded. I know.
Lastly, if you could help me by answering the following questions:

What are your thoughts of joining a faction warfare corporation whose practice is to pvp no more than six days a week (it could be less than six days, but not greater than six days)? Where one day a week, if you wanted to pvp, you would be by yourself with no corporation support?  Where that one day a week the corporation had a 75% tax rate (impacting rat bounties — which can easily run 10 million isk per hour — as well as TLF mission ISK — which can easily amount to 3 to 5 million isk per mission if you have high social skills and get the bonus ISK), and the expectation for that one day a week is that you would PvE in high security space turning in all loot and salvage to the corporation to fill the corporation coffers?  

Yes?  No?  Maybe?  Why?

Well, to be honest, I think that's a pretty decent idea. However, in EVE it would probably work out that none of the corp members would log in that day, or they would ALL just PVP. You may want to do it the other way for a primarily PVP corp. 6 days a week = 75% and 1 day a week nothing. They could bear til the cows come home for one day, while the remaining 6 days you pick up rat/mission isk (which really isn't worth it in FW, at least not as much as the loyalty points, I guess)

Would you join such a corporation or would you look for a corporation that had a seven day a week pvp plan, believed in empowering individual members, and had a more normalized tax rate seven days a week?

It wouldn't really matter to me either way TBH, I don't bear.  Guess it depends on the person. If I wanted to mission, I wouldn't be in FW, I'd be in Balginia.

Tuesday, June 14, 2011

QOTT # 4

"When your muffler falls off, stop the car, throw it in your trunk, turn your music up, and try to look as badass as possible."

Thursday, June 9, 2011

RvB = Not for me

I hoped that starting slowly in a noob-friendly corporation would help me wrap my head around my brothers [stolen] memories and experience for a little while, until I figure out what I am actually doing. Turns out RvB is nothing more then blob-happy smack talking idiots with no actual thought process to want to learn how to PVP.

Yes they offer 1v1s, (if you're in a frigate only, from what I have seen. I tried to 1v1 my rupture vs an enemys cynabal who declined immediately, my drake vs a cane, who declined immediately, etc), yes they have fleets, but its all frigates and from the jacked experiences of AZN, I now hate flying frigates too.

I would almost never join the fleets, and just try to solo in a cruiser or battlecruiser, hell sometimes a battleship, and it always ended the same way, a bunch of cruisers, BCs, and possibly BS VS my lonely ship. I get in a rifter and they blob me. Rupture? same deal. Lucky for me they don't know how to tackle worth a damn and I usually made it out alive. Close call with the Maelstrom though, 16% hull on account of 6 BS landing on me after I engaged a drake (who engaged me). Hell half of the pilots in RvB have HG slave implants because no one pods in the damned war. Whats the danger of purchasing something you will not lose anyhow? Just makes for tougher 4 year old characters (who, seriously, should have probably left RvB long ago) who smack hard, bait harder, and blob even harder then your average pirate corporation.

They always thought I was with "the fleet" or "bait" or something, and would never engage me unless they had 10 ships and/or bigger ship classes.

It just wasn't for me. Put my app in to one of my brothers friends, lets see how that goes. Hope Azn won't be too mad. I promise to keep up with the PVP.

(Note - yea, I am a little butthurt, I was really looking foward to RvB, figured less faggotry, blobbing, whining, smacking. I was wrong. I figured I would be able to have some fun fights, my BC vs like 20 frigates, etc, nope, they just ship up to kill me etc etc. Every time I opened my mouth I got screamed at by someone. Fuck that. Its just dumb. Also market is HORRIBLE   I do not suggest you check out RvB at all.)

Tuesday, June 7, 2011


Hey, just a quick statement. Upgraded my computer over the weekend, disabled the shitty internal graphics card. got a NVIDIA gt520 card and threw it in there. Threw in a 500w (or whatever) power supply and another 2mb stick of RAM ( up to four now, so probably bout 1/4 of what most of you play with) to round it off. Eve is much sexier now. I will be starting to make a PVP video as soon as I actually buy FRAPS and sony vegas movie maker thingy and figure out how to use it properly.