Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Video Number Two

Second attempt -

Check it out, I think its a little better then the first, I seem to be getting the hang of Sony Vegas slightly besster, scrolled in the fights a bit, sped up a bit, tell me what you think?


Best battle report ever -

Stompin on PL

That is all.

Friday, March 1, 2013

Month In Review - Febuary 2013

Hello all,

I had a pretty amazing month, lots of kills, lots of losses, good efficiency. Figured I would break it down a bit and check the statistics

(Template borrowed from another blogger)

February Totals:
473 kills to 59 losses
93.27% efficient (26b to 1.88b)
438 Real Kills
35 Pod Kills
62 Solo Kills
190 Top Damage

Ranked  #2,272 on BC
Total kills 2556 (evekill)

My highest month ever in actual kills, I guess I had a lot of time on my hands.

Ships I flew that registered a kill: (K/L)
Thorax (42/2)
Incursus (30/8)
Armageddon (30/1)
Tormentor (29/10)
Thrasher (27/3)
SFI (25/1)
Merlin (17/3)
Pod (16/0)
Vengeance (15/0)
Tempest (15/0)
Jaguar (14/0)
Hurricane (13/0)
Talos (13/0)
Rupture (11/4)
Vexor (11/1)
Ishkur (11/0)
Maller (11/1)
Rapier (11/0)
Moa (10/2)
Typhoon (10/1)
Enyo (9/1)
Curse (8/0)
Dominix (7/1)
Ashimuu (7/0)
Macherial (7/0)
Slicer (6/0)
Retribution (5/1)
Atron (5/2)
Drake (5/0)
Prophecy (4/1)
Coercer (4/3)
Talwar (4/0)
Wolf (3/1)
Tornado (3/0)
Vindicator (3/0)
Stiletto (3/0)
Navy Geddon (2/0)
Cyclone (2/0)

(1 kill each - Kestrel/0, Arbitrator/0, Stabber/0, blackbird/2, Brutix/0, Vherokior Probe/0, Myrmidon/1, Cormorant/1, catalyst/1, Harbinger/0)

Unaccounted for (eve-kill/battleclinic broken?) Hyena (?/1),Slasher(?/1)

Holy shit, Is there anything I don't fly? Definately the largest mix of ships I've ever flown in one month (51), I figured I'd Check some new fits/ships out. Some worked, some definately did not.

I think I cover all races pretty decently, with the exception of caldari, I just don't like most of their ships.  Also, the only thing I ever see them doing is;

Jamming someone
Kiting someone with EWAR/DAMPS and LMLs
Dying horribly
Tanking retarded amounts in a frigate.

With the exception of the last statement, I hate doing all of those things. So, sorta makes sense.

Anyway, tell me if you thought this post was interesting, and I will try to do it again next month. I dont know if people actually like looking at statistics. Ahh fuck it, this is EVE, your all reveling in it right now aren't you?