Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Not Starting Off Well

I decided I would start to test my merit by joining the Red Federation of RVB (Red vs. Blue), these pilots are mostly newer capsuleers and have a blood lust so fierce they fight only to fight, without reasoning. Seemed like a good place to start.

I set up a contract with Red Frog Freight (Azn told me they were quite quick generally and reliable)to move my Cyclone, 3 ruptures, a thrasher, and my flagship "Generational Transit" ( the maelstrom that was given to my by my brother for my graduation) and I flew my Typhoon out to the area where the fighting generally happens while I waited for my other ships to be delivered. A few hours later and the contract not arriving, I decided I would need something to poke aorund in, and the Typhoon just screams "KILL ME", so I built a Shield tanking long range Hurricane to pass the time and while waiting for my application to be accepted.

Shortly after I commenced my employment with the corporation, I undocked and warped to the Bereye gate at about 30km in Halle and landed on a sea of about 20 enemy frigates. Well, guess I'm not getting too much time to get my bearings and have been thrown into the fire of PVP. Thinking quickly and (at that moment) completely by myself I spun aorund and started locking the nearest frigates. One pop - two pop - three pop - four, Uh oh, I am tackled, but its okay, a friendly fleet just landed. I try neuting my way out, but its useless, I am tackled by 4 frigates and my corporation is not coming anywhere near me. Interesting. One of the guys I popped comes back in an Armageddon and rips me apart,  to which I come back in my typhoon to kill his ass, but he has disappeared. I wind up JUST BARELY killing more then I lost (about 11 ships total for the engagement).

Later in a freshly built rupture I get tackled by a Crow whos gang of about 8 jumps in and engages my solo self. Good times. I pop one of the T2 frigs, a Rifter, and a thrasher before they take me out, again just barely scraping by efficiency wise.

I build a (mostly) T1 fit rifter and get blobbed by the same gang while attempting to take out the bastard in the Crow ( but not before I got tackled by him 150 off the gate, at which point he had his gang warp on me, at which point I MWD and armor repped the full 150km while under fire from enemy destroyers and frigates, jumping out in 50% hull, repping up, and going back for seconds [yes I realize only three got on the KM, but there were eight, TRUST ME!!!]).

A little while later I build a myrmidon for the sole purpose of smashing the frig/cruiser fleet, and wind up playing bait for a friendly gang, which works, and I wind up tackling an enemy Myrm ( our fleet is 2 BCs, including myself, and 3-4 cruisers) and calling in the back up, while he calls in his backup ( a Dominix, and about 8 cruisers). Both Myrmidons die, as well as two of the enemies in ruptures, while we take no further losses. The Dominix jumps in low armor, and the Myrmidon reships to a Megathron,  but the entire gang misses tackle on BOTH battleships, and they get out safely.

Report (includes two frigates I killed later in a rifter).

I also killed a WT rifter in Halle, and lost my rifter to another rifter in Halle shortly after.

At the moment I am only at 60% efficiency despite killing 17 ships last night and losing only 5. It seems I have a lot to learn.

PS. It seems my corporation does not like giving people back loot after they lose ships. Which is fecking annoying.

Monday, May 30, 2011

A new Pilot

Having Graduated from the Republic Military School (my grades and lack of an attention span did not get me into the more prestigious Republic University like my brother, Azn)  approximately one year ago, I took some time off to see the sites, meet some women, and try to figure out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Azn has been messaging me a lot lately, telling me it was time to make a plan for my life and stop screwing around. He's a pain in the ass, always talking about "Free Matar" and all that type of shit. He has been good to me though, to be honest. He graduated a few months before I did, and after taking time off from his (then) responsibilities with Ushra'Khan he actually made it on time to my graduation, which was a nice surprise. Our parents have been dead a while now, and he is the one who put me through school.

He pulled me aside after the ceremony and handed me a sheet of paper with the start  up codes to his Maelstrom class battleship and said it was mine provided the next time I saw him I would show him Tech Two 800mm Repeating Artillery  mounted on it. He never took the time to study and train things properly, and was kind of forcing the issue on me.

The next time we met I did in fact have those mounted on my Maelstrom, and my brother gave me a hug, told me not to lose it, told me to insure it, and reminded me of its various "character flaws" (don't boost shields while loading ammo, for some reason it forces the guns to lock up, top wingy bit needs to be rewelded, etc.) He has been very cool about me going my own way, every once in a while he'll send me on an errand to Jita (He hates Jita with a passion, even before he was in the militia) to pick up modules, or a ship, or move some crap around for him. He gives me a ship every once in a while as payment, which has been nice. Currently I own the aforementioned Maelstrom, a Typhoon class battleship, a Drake class battle-cruiser, and a Stabber class cruiser.

One one of my Jita runs for Azn, I ran into a shady character in a backroom of Jitas 4-4 station while chasing after a fine piece of Gallente ass. I was looking around for her when suddenly I was cracked in the head by some humongous Civire. When I came to the Caldari asshole was sitting there, laughing at me. Seems he had a device that can monitor and copy what his target has learned and trained for, and send it to the impants in his own head, remapping them, and having him learn it instantly. The reason he was laughing was because I apparently "didn't know shit" and he just wasted 20 minutes of his (worthless) life waiting for me to wake up because he apparently hit me far harder then he should have.

Needless to say I hit him with the nearest heavy object (born and bread Minmatar Dueling), which stunned him just long enough to grab his device and run like a wild Slaverhound back to my hanger.

Needless to say when I delivered the modules to Azn, I got him extremely drunk to the point at which he passed out, and used the device on him. Knowing what he knows has fueled the fires in my heart (and taught me how to fight a lot better) and has pushed me to stop the station trading, the missioning for unknown faces in a random corporation, the tail-chasing, the lethargy, etc.

But where to start?

Friday, May 27, 2011

Finally a new post (OOC)

Damn its been a little over a week since my last post, RL has been kicking the shit out of me. 50+ hour workweeks + girlfriend and I have been looking for a new car for her (test drove a 3 series BMW last Saturday, fecking nice) and also the weather has been nice so I have been running out of work, running to play basketball, running home to eat/shower/pass out.

On the eve front I have been cross training a bit, and can now fly all races frig and everything but amarrian cruisers, which I currently have no desire to fly. Currently working on caldari cruiser 4, think I am gunna throw Med blaster 5 + Gallente cruiser 5 up next. Can't wait to fly a 800+ DPS thorax. May also do caldari cruiser 5 so I can fly a boost tengu for newports, who seriously, should just get into militia already so I can rape face.

Took my first drake out on Azn last night and GCCed on a retriever and a punisher. Retriever off a gate in lowsec + me bored = BOOM. Punisher was semi-expensively fit (meta 4 crap) but didn't even make a whimper and just rolled over and died, poor bastard followed me to an astroid belt and didn't GTFO.

Anyway just a quick update, I am going to attempt to do an IC one as soon as something interesting happens.

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sorry Smith, Order Another One

Lately I find myself running around Heimatar By myself, trying to find some Amarrians to kill without backup. Seems the Amarrians will have none of that, and I have been losing ships left and right. Smith is not pleased as she fill out all the request forms for new ships, the insurance claim paperwork, as well as letters to the dead crewmens families.

First up was the Domi. I knew the proteus was bait. I knew he had a gang with him in the vicinity. I watched a brother aggro, and when he aggroed back, I knew I should bail. I didn't, and my first dominix exploded. However 85% of the crew as well as Smith got out quickly, as there was ample time to call an evac once I saw the WT spike in system. Almost got the ship out too, damn shame.

The next day, I decided to take out the Thorax. After sucessfully helping to hold down a vagabond and one-shotting a newer pilot in a velator, I attempted to shoot a prophecy on the Huola gate in Kourmonen. I was slowly whittling down his shields when three other enemy battlecruisers as well as a battleship jumped in and attempted to pop my cruiser. I opened up local communications and demanded an answer as to why they needed four battlecruisers and a battleship to shoot my lone cruiser, and they sheepishly replied that they came in to fight the battlecruisers that had just shot killed their vagabond. I stated that it was only the two battlecruisers, why so much firepower for that and got no answer.

Anyway I was 30ish KM from them when they entered, and successfully warped to station. Furthur aggression from a WT in an ishkur ended with local spiking by 20, me seeing 20 frigate to battlecruiser hulls MWDing at me, and him screaming away in 30% structure and myself furious I did not kill him in time.

After ten minutes and the WTs out of system, I decided to take a peek in Huola and POOF, thorax down. Reshipping immediately to a Rupture in an attempt to kill SOMETHING, I jumped back in and put the Keres in hull before succumbing to the DPS.

Ahh well, cant make an omelet without breaking some eggs right?

On a side note, corp member Shane Wolfe has provided me with a link to a NOIR parody music pack, which I am currently about to download into my interface and listen to when it is convenient. Check it out here.

Tuesday, May 17, 2011

To the Fallen Brothers

When I'm frustrated and have anger in my head I think of the relative ease of the life I have led. So many have struggled and died so that I may breathe air that's free, I hope when they look upon me they deem me worthy.

Monday, May 16, 2011

Blatantly Ripping off Dukes Latest Post (OOC)

Great songs to blast when you're roaming solo as provided by Azn.

And my personal favorite -

I'll eventually post more, but this shit will get you started .

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dominating in the Dominix, drunken roams, and a Fleet fight

I have had enough of this planetside bullshit. Smith convinced me we needed a vacation and who can refuse the thought of a beautiful woman in a tiny bathing suit on the black sand beaches of Pator? Should have taken more pictures of Smith to be honest, gunna miss the visuals.

Toured the cities, swam in the crystal clear oceans, preyed at the holy sites of my tribe, visited the memorial dedicated to all the brothers who were abducted by those arrogant Amarrians oh so many years ago. After seeing that, I knew it was time to go back, my mind would not let me relax while my brothers were still in captivity.

Took the Interbus shuttle back to The Pator IV - Moon 1Station and made my way back to Auga. After a quick check of my local assets and seeing nothing missing or tampered with, I decided to undock my new Dominix and give her a shakedown run.

Jumping around for literally five minutes proved fruitful as I caught a Enemy in a Typhoon landing on the Kourmonen gate in Kamela.  I locked him up and hoped he would jump through to the other side, but instead he aligned away from the gate, and as soon as I realized he was actually off gate, I tackled him with my scrambler, Stasis webifier, and gave him a nice solid DOMIBUMP for good measure. He reacted by target painting me, and throwing torps at me. No scram? No problem. Not knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the Domi yet ( literally first time taking it off the station) and only fairly confident in its tank, I proceeded to tell the militia of my fight after getting the typhoon down to less then 50% armor (shame on the three Minmatar Militia members in stealth bombers that just passed right on through).

It appears the brothers were not needed, and as Manos Kdo pointed out, I could have pretty much soloed him.

Shame about the Ogre 1s tho.

Afterwords I formed a fleet and we went out roaming as I throttled back a few bottles of spiced wine and the like. After smashing into a few stargates and scratching up my Myrmidon, smith thought it would be best if she flew, and I pointed which direction to go, I happily agreed. Turns out I pointed to the direction of Providence, and got my Myrm blobbed to shit and a shiny new clone activated, which was okay in my book, after two weeks in Pator, that clone was far too dirty to ever be clean again.

Woke up in Rens, threw some new implants in my head, shuttled back to Auga. Took smith a little longer. Grabbed the OMGROFLSTOMP ™ (HELL YEA TRADEMARKS)  Rupture and smashed some more criminal scum around the area as well as traded a friendly Hurricane for a Drake while under heavy fire from an Amarrian BC fleet.

After that the Amarrians chased us off with logistics and battleships, so we went back to Auga and got our own battleship/logi fleet and absolutely rolled them.  Knowing the Amarrians were not coming back any time soon, and checking my watch and freaking out, I unplugged and rolled into bed.

Thursday, May 5, 2011


Sorry the updates have been short, but my EVE time is gone from a lot to very little rather quickly. I finally got a job and that's awesome, but 8-6 M-F is gunna crush my euro + aussie time zone playtime indefinitely (can't stay up til 5AM anymore).

On top of this I have several repairs I'm gunna have to make to my car, I just got home and have to do birthday shopping for my girl (her birthday is tonight, I suck at using time effectively), have to leave work and immediately go to a family thing tomorrow, then help my girls friend move on Saturday. Perhaps afterwords (unless there is pizza and beer, OFC) I can come home and play internet spaceships.

Anyway, it seems Rendeath went out in a fleet by himself last night (I am so proud, they grow up too quick) and helped to cause some mayhem, so at least the KB looks like its getting used.

Cheers to my first 2 months of paychecks going towards fixing my car/paying back my girlfriend, and the next 6 months to paying off credit card bills. Then maybe she can get her rock and I can get my house.