Thursday, June 9, 2011

RvB = Not for me

I hoped that starting slowly in a noob-friendly corporation would help me wrap my head around my brothers [stolen] memories and experience for a little while, until I figure out what I am actually doing. Turns out RvB is nothing more then blob-happy smack talking idiots with no actual thought process to want to learn how to PVP.

Yes they offer 1v1s, (if you're in a frigate only, from what I have seen. I tried to 1v1 my rupture vs an enemys cynabal who declined immediately, my drake vs a cane, who declined immediately, etc), yes they have fleets, but its all frigates and from the jacked experiences of AZN, I now hate flying frigates too.

I would almost never join the fleets, and just try to solo in a cruiser or battlecruiser, hell sometimes a battleship, and it always ended the same way, a bunch of cruisers, BCs, and possibly BS VS my lonely ship. I get in a rifter and they blob me. Rupture? same deal. Lucky for me they don't know how to tackle worth a damn and I usually made it out alive. Close call with the Maelstrom though, 16% hull on account of 6 BS landing on me after I engaged a drake (who engaged me). Hell half of the pilots in RvB have HG slave implants because no one pods in the damned war. Whats the danger of purchasing something you will not lose anyhow? Just makes for tougher 4 year old characters (who, seriously, should have probably left RvB long ago) who smack hard, bait harder, and blob even harder then your average pirate corporation.

They always thought I was with "the fleet" or "bait" or something, and would never engage me unless they had 10 ships and/or bigger ship classes.

It just wasn't for me. Put my app in to one of my brothers friends, lets see how that goes. Hope Azn won't be too mad. I promise to keep up with the PVP.

(Note - yea, I am a little butthurt, I was really looking foward to RvB, figured less faggotry, blobbing, whining, smacking. I was wrong. I figured I would be able to have some fun fights, my BC vs like 20 frigates, etc, nope, they just ship up to kill me etc etc. Every time I opened my mouth I got screamed at by someone. Fuck that. Its just dumb. Also market is HORRIBLE   I do not suggest you check out RvB at all.)


  1. I'm sorry to read your RvB experience was bad; I am also glad you posted it as it justified my decision for FW over RvB (I looked at RvB a lot prior to joining FW).

    Also, thank you for opening up the comments.

  2. thanks for writing - I'm in the process of considering FW or RvB. This helps.

  3. So you went out solo in your BC, Cruiser and Battleship in the hope of ganking a couple of Noobs in their frigates and whine like a baby when said noobs gang up and gank you...

    I've been in RvB for a very short while and so far it's been a lot of fun. Yes there tends to be a lot of frigate fights, the main idea being to make it fun and cheap to PvP.

    I've seen very little if any of the smack talk you mention, it's mostly friendly banter.

    Market horrible? There's Oursaleart a couple of jumps away and the corps (at least Blue) provide free frigs and cruisers...

  4. No sir, what I am saying is if I undock a BC, they undock 5 to fight me. I undock a cruiser? its 10 frigs or 5 cruisers. BS? 5-10 BS.

    1 frig? 5 frigs, etc etc. you get the point. read the post again if you do not understand what I am saying. and yea, ours is there, and hugely priced.

    And yes, there was definately smack, just open your mouth and/or go against what anyone says openly.