Thursday, November 3, 2011

Real Quick Post

Just started a new job two weeks ago, so EVE time has been pretty much zero.
Ive been averaging somewhere between 65-75 hours each week I've been there, and on top of that where I live (NJ) just got hit with a ridiculous snowstorm (october?) which, because of the previous rain, mild weather, and the fact that not a lot of leaves have not dropped (due to the mild weather) created the perfect storm of heavy water-soaked limbs snapping from their tree trunks and wreaking havoc on power lines, roads, homes, and of course, vehicles. My jeep below.

 No heat, hot water, or electricity for two days, (they were projecting 4-5 days for my area so I got very lucky) and the fact that I live in an attic apartment with non-existant insulation and old shitty windows = my apartment was 35 degrees at night. Good stuff. Next time I'll just rent a hotel room.

Actually logged in last night and helped kill a mega + hype, but they died on the other side of the gate and took my killmail :(

Other then updating my skill queue, undocking to stretch my erm.... spacelegs, thats about as much action as I've had since the 26th.

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  1. We got hit by the storm to (you know have me wondering how many hours a drive between us). We have friends who were without power for 30+ hours... and some for longer.