Friday, February 25, 2011

After Action Report Saturday 2/26 GMT

Took a fleet out today. I think the militia members I invited were a little confused with how I run a fleet, like utilizing secure communications channels, and creating fleet adverts for people to see. Seems they're used to screaming at potential FCs in unsecured channels both to join fleet and while in one.

After setting up the fleet properly and made sure our comms. were in working order, we were all set to go and were just waiting on one fleet member to arrive from Dal system. We had 10 trusted pilots flying 7 cruisers and 3 interceptors. As our last pilot landed on the Auga stargate, an enemy in a Imperial Navy Slicer (Slicer) class frigate proceeded to shut off his engines and otherwise initiate hostilities. Now of course the pilot could have just jumped safely into Auga, but instead I told him to stay on the gate and ordered the fleet to undock and warp to the Dal stargate, making sure the interceptors immediately jumped upon landing and getting secondary scram/disruptor (points) on it. The enemy slicer had been joined by another enemy slicer as my fleet jumped through but quickly bailed on his comrade when he saw us coming for him. The slicer had pulled our interceptors far off the startgate but not far enough for a few of the cruisers to send our drones after it as we tryed to catch up, however we really didn't need to as his fit was horrible and he died rather quickly. We all burned back to the Auga gate as an enemy Coercer class destroyer jumped through who pretty much had no tank and was destroyed in two volleys by one of our pilots in an omen. His capsule was also quickly dispatched.

Wow, what horrible fittings on both pilots ships. I guess they didn't read my previous entry.

Entering the enemies home system of Huola  my scout found a Griffin class frigate who he quickly pointed and dispatched of, once some secondary points had landed. Seems the griffin was ECM fit, sure didn't help him that time.

We chased some other enemies around the Huola and Kourmonen systems, however they would not fight and chose to evade us. My scout then sees a Vengeance on scan, which promptly lands next to him on the Kourmonen stargate. The scout quickly points the ship in question which makes him jump into the entirety of the fleet. The pilot burns as fast as possible back to the Huola gate in an attempt to evade my gang, and promptly goes back through into his home system.

He did pretty well for a second, but me being... well... me, I had not aggressed on the other side and me and my scout absolutely melted him along with some non-fleeted friendlies.

We had been sitting on the gate for a little while, watching our scanners and seeing both Kourmonen local and Huola local comms channels build up with enemies and I had called for the fleet to align to the auga gate on a few separate occasions. Just when I was about to have our fleet warp out, Eran Mintor, Ex-Minmatar militia pilot, also the pilot of the vengeance i just killed, landed on the gate in a Zealot class assault cruiser with 4 other support cruisers and jumped through. After a quick one sided debate of whether or not we should jump in after the obvious bait was settled by me screaming "F*CK IT, jump through, point the f*cking zealot, and my entire fleet following them in.

My scout on the other side quickly pointed the zealot and held out long enough for us to get more points on it, while his buddies actually left him alone on the gate instead of fighting us off. Must have been meeting up with  the even larger gang that dropped on top of us 30 seconds later. As the Heavy assault Cruiser (HAC) gang landed I immediately called for everyone to get the hell out, with or without the zealot kill. I hate it when my fleets lose ships. Everyone had gotten out except for an awesome LEEROYYYY JIHAD pilot in a stabber, which traded his ships life for the zealots.

Seems Eran Mintor likes to die a lot, at least today. Serves him right for turning on his brothers.

I had a "meeting" with Smith so I had to turn the fleet over to another pilot and docked up to repair my overheated turrets and unplug.

Final tally -

Losses - Stiletto, Stabber
ISK lost-  - 41 Mil

Kills - Slicer, Coercer, vengeance, griffin, zealot
ISK Destroyed - 209 Mil

Nothing too awesome, but good none the less. I'd like to see more pilots stepping up to FC fleets a little bit. I'm quite lazy and probably will not be FCing many, but every once in a while, its rewarding.

Thursday, February 24, 2011


Do me a favor, if you're reading this, and you see broken links, spelling errors, paragraphs not spaced, please tell me, I rushed this pretty quick as I am kind of lazy and didn't proof-read.

Ship Fittings and What They Mean to You

Obviously there are going to be newer capsuleers or even older capsuleers new to fighting in the militia, that much is known. Its up to the veterans of war to teach these newer players how to fight and fit ships effectively to save their capsules, their crews, and their ships.

I am going to list some rules to ship fittings that every pilot in New Eden should adhere to.

Part I

Topic: Basic fitting rules

1. Never fly any faction or tech II(t2) ships that are not completely t2 fit. (unless you have to use meta items for powergrid or CPU issues)YOUR PRIMARY DPS ( guns, drones) NEED TO BE T2, DO NOT USE LESSER ITEMS

Example – fitting a Stabber Fleet Issue (SFI) you should Have T2 autocannons. Your tank should be as much T2 as possible as well.

Things you can go meta on: Warp scramblers, Stasis webifiers, Microwarp drives (T2 MWDs are next to useless, don’t use them at all), Target painters, sensor dampeners, tracking disruptors, armor plates (another thing you should never use t2, the meta4 variant tungstens are superior, and should be the only armor plating you use) energy neutralizers or nosferatus,  or any other EWAR you can think of.

If you are using a long point (warp disruptor, not scrambler) you should ALWAYS use its T2 variant. Scrams not so much.

Secondary DPS (like the missile launchers on a hurricane) may be meta variants if you
a. do not have the skills for T2 or
b. can not fit them

Why is that ok? Because it is not your primary damage dealing weapon. Its just something to compliment your already awesome turret DPS (damage per second) if you are flying a Minmatar hull.

Final thought – ALWAYS use rigs on your ships. If tanking frigs are too expensive ( trimarks, Shield extender rigs), then find something else that will fit.

Examples – locking speed rigs, DPS rigs, speed rigs, tracking rigs, etc.

All of the above mentioned rigs are cheap and may help you win a fight against an enemy. Please remember that.

Now some may say that trimarks on an armor tanked Rupture are a great addition to its tank, and I would agree with those people. However I would also say that a T2 fit, trimark rigged Rupture costs almost the same as a t2 fit shield resist rigged Cyclone class battlecruiser, which tanks MUCH more dps and also deals more. You also get more back from your insurance company in the event you lose your Cyclone.

Part II

Topic: Fitting ships the same way that another ship can do better.

Example – fitting a shield tanked long range Stabber Fleet Issue (SFI)

Why do I say this is a bad idea? Because a Vagabond class heavy assault cruiser can do the same thing, with more DPS, tank, and speed.

The SFI may have better agility and tracking, with a slightly larger drone bay, but It is also lacking a most important thing to any speedy/shield tanked ship there is, an energy neutralizer. With a combination of 425 autocannons with a problem tracking smaller targets combined with no warp scrambler or webs, or energy neutralizer to shut off an enemies propulsion module, an enemy frigate could easily hold a scrambler and orbit you for long enough to let his companions into the system you are in and blow you up.

Another ship that this ship is similar to would be the Hurricane class battlecruiser, which does roughly the same thing as the previous two ships, but with more DPS and tank, with less speed and at nearly half the cost of the Vagabond or SFI.

In conclusion, it is just a bad idea to try to use one ship in place of another that is far superior. A rifter will never be a Stiletto, no matter now many nanofibers you drop in its lowslots.

Part III

Topic: Not utilizing a ships bonuses while flying it

Example – Buffer shield tanking or (please god no) armor tanking a Cyclone class battlecruiser.

“The Cyclone was created in order to meet the increasing demand for a vessel capable of providing muscle for frigate detachments while remaining more mobile than a battleship. To this end, the Cyclone’s eight high-power slots and powerful thrusters have proved ideal.
Battlecruiser Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Medium Projectile Turret rate of fire and 7.5% bonus to shield boosting per level
99% reduction in the CPU need of Warfare Link modules.”

The above is the description for your standard Cyclone. Notice that as you level up your skills, your rate of fire (ROF) increases  as does your bonus to shield boosting.

What does this mean? It means you should use a shield booster on your Cyclone, as well as all five turret slots available to you for for projectiles. If you want to fit a passively shield tanked Minmatar battlecruiser, use the Hurricane, as stated above.

If your ship has a bonus to rockets (Vengeance class assault ship), use rockets. If it has a bonus to missiles, and an added bonus to Kinetic missile DPS (Drake class battlecruiser), then launch kinetic missiles through your missile launcher unless your enemy is shield tanked.

There’s probably more, but just some basic advice from a semi-seasoned pilot.

On another note, my Comms implant came in today, so now I can return to FCing duties

Logistics and Other Annoyances

The past few days nave not seen too much action on the front other then me trying to take some of my ships out from Rens star system and into Auga. Well, I haven’t been working too hard on that either, as the only ships I’ve actually brought in is my Cyclone class battlecruiser and a Hound class stealth bomber. I’ve also fitted a Thrasher and a Hurricane class battlecruiser as well. Maybe I should have Smith arrange transport for me, as it bores me so.

Today was a first for me, as I participated in the taking of Oyeman system from the Amarrians and claiming it as one of our own. It was not unlike the sov. war that  I was part of in nul-sec space. You have to destroy a bunch of your enemies ships/towers/SBUs/etc. until you finally take their station. A little different, we just had to blow up a bunker after destroying all their complexs  (which I obviously did not take part in) and with a fleet of about 15 stealth bombers, assorted other ships, and one dreadnaught, It only took about 30 minutes.
One the fighting front, I haven’t had as much activity. Had an enemy gang jump into our much bigger, stronger, quicker gang and rolled them. They had a few more ships that got away, so they will not show up on the battle support, but it was mostly just a turkey shoot.  I had been chasing a few Caldari militia members in a gang of about 6 assault frigates and interceptors for about an hour, with my only kill being that of a crow, which fell to my mighty rupture.  All of a sudden Missy Lorelai opened a comms channel with me and demanded i get to the Sisiede gate in Auga system, which I promptly did. He was getting shot at by the Caldari scum, and I landed along with a few more pilots to save Missys Prophecy class battlecruiser. We only downed three of their pilots, as the rest ran away, but it was a good fight none the less.

I had to replace yet another rupture yesterday after a pirate corporations cowardice attempt at PVP in the form of artillery fit battlecruisers camping the Houla jumpgate in Roushzar system destroying it. 22.5 Million lost to cowards, for I am shamed.  Ehh, I guess it really does come full circle, as I destroyed one of their pilots a few days ago supporting two of my militia members.

I guess the last thing I would like to talk about would be Amarr militias poorly laid trap/bait/blob tactics that I have seen so far. I was in my cyclone when I saw on my ships scan log that an enemy militia member was in a vagabond class heavy assault ship in Huola. I searched for a bit but gave up when he refused to creep out of his safe spot, and eventually made it into Dal system. A few minutes later, the vagabond pilot entered local, and a squick scan showed him at the Auga stargate in a hurricane. Would rather take his vagabond out,  but I was more then willing to test my tank against a more formidable foe. No sooner had I landed on gate had the hurricane pilot scrambled my engines and had a friend jump in to help him. I had not aggressed the hurricane yet, and had let my shields freefall to save cap, and jumped into Auga thinking I had evaded a trap.  However as soon as my brain resumed functioning (I get a little scrambled when I jump star-gates, I am not sure why) and I opened my eyes, I saw yet another Hurricane right in front of me, 15km off my rear. I decided I needed some range and aligned for a astroid belt in my line and overheated my microwarp drive while boosting my almost non-existence shields, but in an instant the hurricane pilot was on top of me, neutralizing my energy and tearing my shields a new one. I decided to try to take him down and spun around at about 50KM off the Dal gate to get right next to him and slug it out. Bad mistake, 2 enemy hurricanes landing on the gate with a malediction class interceptor, as well as the other pilot who originally shot at me in Dal system coming through. Time to leave. I aligned for a station and prepared to warp, switched my 5 warrior II drones for 3 EC-300 jamming drones, Capacitor was dead, I was reloading a cap booster and my armor was gone, hull starts dropping when i can finally hit my booster, one more shield cycle, overheat the Microwarp, kill the hurricanes engines with my scrambler, other hurricanes catching up, no idea what the malediction is doing but he isn’t pointing me, jam drones  hit and i screeeeeeeeeech into warp.

Fall out of warp halfway to the station, cap booster reloading, again, take a look at my modules and tank. MWD almost completely burnt, 3 drones abandoned, armor gone, 23% structure, 13 % shield.  Align for the station, pop a cap booster, rep some shield, local comm chat blowing up. I say good attempt, enemy rages about 3 small jam drones. 40% luck, 60% competence. My cyclone lives to fight another day.

Stupid Criminals, I love eating PIE.

So here I am, minding my own business trying to catch up to my fleet when an Astarte command ship jumps into Kourmonen star system and proceeds to lock my rupture up. He was a neutral pilot so i wasn’t sure what was going on until he unleashed a flight of drones on me and attacked. I was aligned to the station and he could not get a scrambler on me, but I had a tough decision to make. Do I fly in guns blazing or do I wait for backup?

It wasn’t really a tough decision to be honest. I may have lost the rupture but Smith got out (that girl is quick with the escape pods I’m tellin you) and the criminal was served justice.

A little while later I was flying around in my newly fit up rupture when one of our Non-Militia fleet members caught up with some Amarr militia assault frigates hanging out on a gate. We scramble to get there and our friend initiated an assault on the enemy assault ships while tanking the stargate defense guns. They all died for their hubris thinking we would not support him. Efficient salvaging of the ships and their modules more then made up for the previous loss of my rupture from the command ships aggression.

Less then half an hour later in the Auga star system, the same pilots come back, with the same ships. Our fleet had dwindled down as everyone had docked their ships up to get some shut eye. I find them on the Amamake stargate, and, being my communication implant has still not arrived, and no one had seen me warp into their fleet, I thought I was on my own.

No worries, I will happily JIHAD on Amarr slavers any day of the week, and I ROLLED THEM HARD. I got some help from a fellow militia member in a Caracal class cruiser, and my fleet had landed just in time to clean up some of the left over frigates. As a side note, I may not want to do that again, I left the field with only 22% structure and some broken guns. I guess that will happen when you take on 4 assault frigates pretty much solo. I give a salute to the caracal pilot though, I would not have left the field intact had it not been for him.


On another side note – I may have a potential new recruit. Long time New Eden friend Shane Wolfe has asked to have a meeting regarding his employment. I’m gunna have to check the corporation wallet but I think well be able to squeeze him in.

On one last side note – It seems the Militia is starting to see that I am with them, not against them. They have allowed me access to certain intelligence channels and this will GREATLY help in the fight against the slaver empire.

First Few Days

Damn the militia is weird….  got the silent treatment until I personally opened communications with known pilots and asked for proper intelligence channels for me and mine. Got one.  Its so loud and disorganized in here…. Lots of green pilots asking questions and lots of ships blowing up needlessly. Apparently the militia is full of spies from the enemies militia, and they trust no one. You would think my background as a freedom fighter for the Minmatar while in Ushra’khan would make me instantly accepted and promoted, and that is definately not the case. My employee is having a bit of trouble with adjusting to the militia rule and regulations and has lost a few ships, but he will make adjustments and figure it out,  I am sure.

It seems the Amarrians like to use honorless tactics such as station camping and sensor boosted Minmatar battlecruisers with artillery on stargates. I expect no less from them, as they are the bottom feeders of New Eden.  A strange sight, to see an Amarrian loyalist in a Minmatar constructed ship. Thought their gods would not allow such things.

Been flying around low security space, checking out how things work. Not too many kills but need to get my bearings so I do not die all the time. finally joined a Militia fleet, about 25 militia members strong and killed a few slavers. Not too happy on the work of the fleet commander I was acting under. Very disorganized, didn’t seem to know what was going on a lot of the time. My communications implant is messed up again, gunna need to buy a new one so I can partake in commanding fleets again.

Another problem with living in low security space is the logistics end of things. Rens system is only 4 jumps away yet a pirate corporation is always in my way, preying on the weak and stupid. Going around them is easy enough but takes me around 5 extra jumps, and that could be annoying.

Found some war targets in Lantorn trying to take out one of our nations strongholds. The acceleration gate we had to use to save the stronghold could not support the weight of battlecruisers, so our lighter cruiser and frigate hulls had to jump in without our heavy support. I was immediately aggressed and told smith to man the 220s and defend as well as possible. I was to take out the enemy frigates while everyone else focused fire on the Arbitrator class cruiser. My  armor was pretty much free-falling as I was pulling all damage from all the enemy ships. Smith does what she does and we held down the stronghold. I salvaged all the modules I could and then immediately docked for much needed repairs and then set destination to dock and drop off my full cargo bay in Auga star system.

A little while later they came back, and we stopped them yet again ( note it may look like the same battle report, as it was same system within a 20 minute time frame)
The first fight was pretty much me, a fleet stabber, a stiletto, a blackbird, and a slicer, and we engaged thrasher, ishkur, slicer, incursus, arbitrator.

Second fight was pretty much cruiser on cruiser love. There were more of them, but for some reason, they got wasted.

Ahh well, long enough post, If we get more action I’ll post it tomorrow.

I'm In!!!!!

Quick update, I woke up after a rough night in my Sleipnir class command ship, checked my mails and saw that my 24 hours had been set back by about 16 hours and that fighting had commenced. No idea what happened there, but you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Checking locations of my one and only loyal employee and opening my corporations standard comm channel, I discovered that he was being chased by enemy frigates in a system not 4 jumps from my own.

I prepped my rupture for launch, screamed at the docking manager and warped to the outbound to help come to Rodensteiners aid. Alas, before I got their rodensteiner had been caught by an enemy jaguar on the auga gate in amamake and was consequentially eliminated. I vowed revenge and warped in a few minutes after. Landing on the gate I saw a friendly zealot in need of assistance, seems that these amarrians were not fearful of the sight of me in local and had engaged. Interesting. 6 faction, tech 2 frigates against our lonely the zealot  had been taking fire but I wasnt sure if he was aggressing at that point, but honor of my corporation and revenge for Rod fueled my fire and I blasted down my enemies without remorse.

Seems they thought my rupture was a better target then a HAC worth 5 times my full fitting, and I went down mid fight. FO Smith assured me she got out in time, and as I was warping out a friendly Fleet issued stabber landed on the jumpgate to help us win the fight. Fleet issued stabber? That pilot must have done something amazing for the Minmatar community. That or stole it, or bought it off the black market. Whatever.
Anyway just my first fight against the amarrians, this should be fun.

(OOC) Where the Frak is my Ship?

While reading some of the newest pod-loggers posts on CrazyKinux’s blogpack, I came across a post that I wish to kind of grab and recycle into my post. Here is where the idea came from, and if you’re too lazy to click the link, I’ll just explain it for you.
Pretty much what the author has done is kind of go over what corps/individuals have made him the person (in eve) he is today. I wish to do the same, and pay homage to the people who taught me what I needed to be taught, and were kind/cool/entertaining enough ( and in one or two instances, crappy enough) to make me want to honor them today.

0rizen nation
Pretty much this alliance taught me what NOT to be in EVE. It had the structure, it had the rules, the regulations, protocols, but it did not have the follow through. Even the PVP wing of the alliance was basically insolvent and did not teach us newer players anything. I basically hung out in minmatar space by myself running level fours and messed with corp members in chat until I’d had enough and moved to bigger and better things. Though I did meet a few of my closest (EVE) friends that I sitll have a channel tab dedicated to to this day.

Another reason I left 0rizen was to start my own corp. The reason I did this was because a few people I regularly missioned with (as well as myself) kept getting harassed and baited by a corporation of ninja salvager/looters in the Heimatar region called Sect 0r. There was about 5 or 6 of us that banded together and jumped into this corporation once I advertised it. We commenced hostilities and actually WON even though they had joined the infamous alliance of Tear Extraction and Reclamation Service. This was my first real taste of PVP and there was no way I was going back. Station games, nabbing people on gates, insta-locking,  this new rush excited me and pushed me ever deeper into the grasp of EVE Online. After the war was over I spent a lot of time looking for an active PVP corp/alliance that would take a new player like me in.

Enter Ushra’Khan
First and foremost they took me, a VERY green player who hadn’t done much pvp at that time, into their alliance. It was with them I learned the basics of SOV warfare ( which I hate with a passion, but definately should know about) and small gang pvp. The CEO of my corp, MSCS, also taught me how to become a better fleet commander (FC), whether knowingly or unknowingly I know not. This is where I not only honed my general PVP skills, but also FCing small gangs, solo pvp, fleet pvp, and pretty much where I learned most of what I know now.
They also taught me of epic betrayal in EVE. (Thou who should not be named) kicking Karn out of the Executor position of our alliance, kicking all corporations out of the alliance save his own, and trying to sell the alliance to the highest bidder. EVE is a harsh place, and you should really know this from the get go. Through this betrayal ( as well as the broken NAPS and other crap we had to deal with) I also learned the real meaning of unity in EVE, and that few versus many was always where I wanted to be. There is no doubt in my mind that when I finally give away all my isk, modules, and ships away, and finally step away from EVE, either me or my corporation will be part of Ushra’Khan, and those items will be going to their pilots.

Heretic Army
One of the many, many, pirate corporations in EVE, these pilots stand out for two reasons. One, their home was my home for a time, that system being Amamake.
The second reason, well, they don’t play fair. They blob, they use fleet bonused t3s, Alt probers, camp  highsec gates with sensorboosted ships and gank ANYTHING ( shuttles, noob ships, etc) that comes through, all in the name of…. well…. ganking?
That and they are ORGANIZED.
These guys taught me how to GTFO, and I’m sure they’ll back me up on this. Not really much to say about them other then that, they taught me when I needed to leave, and when not to engage. They also taught me that some people just like to pack their killboards, and how to make PVP not fun at all, for anyone. They also love tears which, I guess everyone should/might? They can be quite hilarious and unnecessarily over the top, which makes them even more hilarious.
Oh, one more thing they taught me, never warp to a gate in lowsec without a tank, and you better make sure all your tanking modules are onlined as well….. smartbombing battleships at zero on gates can be quite a bitch.

Noir Mercenary Group
I was not with NOIR for very long, but I wanted to give them a shout out. This corporation was another one of the “few vs many” corps that I love to be in. Also, I got paid for killing people, which is nice. They kind of kicked me back into fleet mode, and taught me that 1. Bomber/interceptor fleets are DANGEROUS and I love them. 2. speed tactics against better armed, bigger foes, really can really get your heart flowing and is crazy fun and 3. Fear is demoralizing, whether it be in your corp or in the enemies. NOIR had many competent pilots, and many competent FCs, but for some reason, no one really wanted to step up to the plate and swing. I think this was partly do to alekseyev Karrde’s push for effieciency, and his firm hand with the boot button. Not that there is anything wrong with that, efficiency and idiocracy are things that need to be policed EVERYWHERE, IG and OOG, but it kinda made some people really anxious, from what I saw. Overall they’re a great group of guys, and I’d fly with them anywhere they asked me to.

Damark has been an IG friend for over a year, and its been nice. He is probably one (if not the only) player on EVE i would trust with holding my login name and password if I ever went on an extended AFC and needed someone to update my que. If he didn’t live in the backwards country known as Canada, or if he lived on my block in any case, we’d probably spend less time in front of a monitor and more time drinking beers and enjoying that dreadful sunshine.

Sparkus Volundar
Been bullshitting with him almost as long as Damark, another great guy, he can update my skill que any day no problems. We went through my corps wardec together, and I’ve been chilling in his alliance public channel forever.

Petrus Blackshell
A guy from my Ushra’Khan days, this guy taught me a bit about the science of EVE, through his blog, and just through talking with him. Not as active anymore, but a good IG friend. Also taught me how not to fly frigates hahaha.

My loyal corpmate Rodensteiner
Another of the people I know from back in the UK days, hes always given me tips on how to PVP better, and tells me when i fail. Somehow wins battles against retarded odds, and I do not know how. Rodensteiner is the only person I have actually offered to be in my corp thus far, as I do not want failures destroying my (free) killboard and making me look crappy.  One of the best solo dudes I’ve had the pleasure of knowing.

Vladimir Norkoff
Don’t personally or even in game know the guy, but I absolutely LOVE his writing style, and his audits themselves. If you have never read them, please do.

Ancy Denaries
Spoke to this guy once, taught me how to move where my selected targets showed up on my overview.
Also, his videos on youtube kind of opened the door to watch PVP,  and pushed me in the direction of watching things like the garmonations, the alliance tournaments, the kessa domi action, Fmercury, The free flights, etc. I did not know that these things existed until I stumbled into his blog. So thanks for that, other random guy I don’t actually know IG.

To anyone I forgot, poke me IG and i’ll come up with something sappy to say about you.
Ferg, shane, smacky, tc, Eli, dew,darc, DMC, The mode alt army, burly, tyc, chow, all you other beer tent fags, I <3 you.

Time is up

Well, the time has come.

OMGROFLSTOMP is joining Minmatar Republic
From:  Minmatar Republic
Sent: 2011.02.19 05:57
OMGROFLSTOMP is joining the Minmatar Republic faction at war. Within 24 hours all enemies of the Minmatar Republic faction will be enemies of OMGROFLSTOMP and fighting may begin.

Me and my Boy Rodensteiner will be keeping our eyes open and our modules hot and overheated. Keep your eyes open if your in lowsec, because we’ll probably be shooting a pilot near you.

Dualing, with a little bit of LOL gank economics

Haven’t been able to sleep much, nerves are shaky about going to war and the boosters stopped helping. Decided some more dogfighting in my Rupture class cruiser was the cure. Terms were set and agreed upon and we begin. Uhhh what the hell just happened? My shields were barely dented and in less then ten seconds the stabber was a pile of scrap metal. I had been using Republic Fleet EMP on him in preperation to his shield tank, however, him being armor tanked, should have…. his ship shouldn’t have folded that quickly. Anyway, a little while later, another pilot wanted to fight me, so we did. Decent fit, but they all fall to the mighty rupture. I like Minmatar ships, they’re quite open to customization. Never know whats comin.

The real reason I made this post, well, it deserves a little background.

A few monthes back I had a dual with a pilot who liked to be called “terminator”. His real name was probably Eugene, or something.  After I blew up his battlecruiser, he suggested I fight his friend. I agreed, fully knowing that Eugene still had the ability to intervene, but, he seemed like a nice enough chap. I docked up, repaired by modules, filled my cap boosters, and made sure my capacitor and shields were up to full capacity. The Hurricane class battlecruiser was not doing much damage at all, however his ECM drones were becoming a problem. A problem that quickly fixed itself when Eugene warped in another Drake class battlecruiser and dropped another set of ECM drones, at which point i promptly shut off my guns, shield booster, and damage control, and prayed to my tribal gods for the lives of my crewmembers.

Fast foward to today, (I have had the comm logs transcripted for your visual appeal. I will only upload the parts related to this post. )

Seems Eugene wanted to get a fight in his Kestrel, so naturally I went over in my salvage thrasher and stole something from him. Not happy to be outgunned (by salvagers) he docked up and came out a little while later in a Drake class battlecruiser and opened fire on my destroyer. Now, knowing that Eugene is not an honorable warrior (Caldari, what do you expect) I made sure to add his corporation to my watchlist, to make sure none of his  buddies decide to jump themselves into Rens solar system and attempt to kill me and my crew.  I undock and notice that the criminal is 355 kilometers away from me, watching me, waiting for me to make a mistake. Then I notice a flagged drake warping to the station and docking. Interesting. I dock as he undocks. I notice at this point that Eugenes corpmates can only defend him for another two minutes, while Eugene himself can free fire on me for  another four. Naturally I wait out one minute and fifty seconds, in the hopes that when I clear the docking perimeter, his friend will still attempt to shooot me and get destroyed by CONCORD defense ships and station defense guns.  No dice, he didn’t fall for it. Eugene is still here, so I light him up with my autocannons, kick on my ECM defense module ( i know your tricks you Caldari scum) and scramble his engines. He in turn drops ECM drones and shuts down my engines. Naturally, my little drones eat his alive, and I do not get jammed once. I notice he is at about 50% shields and I am happily tanking him with two of my three medium armor repair units, and naturally I think I am going to win the fight.

His flagged friend Max Hades undocks and begins repairing Eugenes shields….. with a Drake. What? Just when I think they can not stoop any lower, they do. Someone else in a typhoon opens up a comms channel with me and tells me to take him out, and that he will be repairing my shields. I decline, as I am an honor bound warrior, so I just laugh at his incoming damage, and kindly ask the docking manager to let me in after another four minutes.

No kills, no losses, just another known criminal pulling the same old tricks and me being more knowledgeable then I was the last time we encountered one another.
It is because of this type of warfare that I have decided to maintain only  a skeleton crew aboard all my vessels. I will now be handling the majority of operations, along with installing a computerized maintenance subroutine to handle what I can not. The only other soul in my ship will be First Officer Smith. Knowing that I could not do what I do without her, and also because I am this close to getting her to shed her Officers uniform, and that woman has ass for days.

[02:43:40] Aznwithbeard > anyone for a 1v1?
[02:44:00] Terminator56 > ill 1v1 till armor?
[02:44:06] Terminator56 > or tank break
[02:44:11] Aznwithbeard > lol i know how u 1v1. no.
[02:44:18] Terminator56 > what?
[02:44:29] Terminator56 > must be someone else look at my kb i havent killed anyone in months
[02:44:48] Aznwithbeard >
[02:45:06] Terminator56 > 2010-10-03 23:34:00
[02:45:18] Aznwithbeard > that was after this
[02:45:35] Terminator56 > oh you did kill me hum
[02:45:37] Aznwithbeard > your friend wanted to 1v1 me….. 10 ecm-300s later… lol
[02:45:51] Terminator56 > ah i remeber that now
[02:46:02] Terminator56 > hes inactive now
[02:46:05] Terminator56 > hasent been on for months
[02:59:52] Aznwithbeard > aww u ran away :(
[03:00:08] Terminator56 > well i dont have my ship fit corrrect :P
[03:00:30] Aznwithbeard > its not fitted correctly, but u can fire ur drakes missiles at my dessie ehh?
[03:00:40] Terminator56 > its fitted for killing frigs :P
[03:00:56] Aznwithbeard > big man you are.
[03:00:58] Terminator56 > less tank more web :P
[03:04:14] Aznwithbeard > that is a terrible insta.
[03:14:13] Aznwithbeard > wheeee rr and stuff
[03:14:55] Aznwithbeard > its ok babe. i know ur tricks ;)
[03:16:57] Terminator56 > lol
[03:16:58] Terminator56 > he was wining dude
[03:17:06] Aznwithbeard > yup.
[03:17:10] Count C > no he wasn’t
[03:17:19] Aznwithbeard > yea i was, til he got rr.
[[03:17:36] Terminator56 > lol
[03:17:39] Terminator56 > i would of still won
[03:17:50] Terminator56 > we also never agreed to anything ^^
[03:17:50] Aznwithbeard > i got scared, i almost turned my third repper on.
[03:18:17] Aznwithbeard > hah, like ur bud in the drake being on the undock etc etc. thats why i waited out ur corp aggression timer babe.
[03:18:37] Aznwithbeard > then, he figured it out, i was hoping for a concordoken, instead he just rred u.
[03:19:10] Aznwithbeard > God damn its so hard being knowledgable and better then you.
[03:19:33] Zhang ManCheng > chilling at the trade hub today, Azn? don’t i usually see you at Balg?
[03:19:45] Aznwithbeard > back in the day yea….
[03:19:48] Aznwithbeard > stop by every once in a while
[03:20:06] Zhang ManCheng > knew i recognized the name
[03:20:36] Aznwithbeard > its azn man, everyone knows me.

Time to gear up

Made all the necessary phone calls, love letters, insurance forms, and conjugal visits in preparation for my being pulled into faction warfare.  Ran around in Minmatar/Amarrian low security space for a little while, only thing of any note was the unlicensed hauler I found on autopilot. We can not allow this kind of rampant stupidity in our space if the Amarrians are ever going to take us seriously. I do not care that he was a Matari brother, he should know better. Called a friend nearby to take a look in his wreck and take whatever parts he wanted, as a token of goodwill.

Headed back to Rens star system shortly after and did another once over on ships, modules, ammunition, etc. out of sheer boredom/paranoia. Went to dinner, seems they are serving slaverhound in the cafeteria today. Went back to my hangers sleeping quarters and vomited a bit.

After my stomach was feeling better, undocked my Salvaging destroyer to look about the scraps around the Brutor Tribe Treasury. After a few minutes of searching, a pilot in a Dramiel class frigate proceeded to lock my ship up. I took a defensive posture and prepared to scream like a little girl at the docking manager until they let me inside, when the pilot opened a comm channel. It seems the pilot wanted to test his merit/ship on a more seasoned pilot, and chose me. This interested me. I told him I would grab a battle-fitted destroyer and be back out.  Terms were offered, and I let the pilot test his merit. Laughed a little inside, took his scraps into my cargohold, and docked. Station manager wouldn’t let me in at first, screaming about a glacing phased plasma round off his viewing window or something. After about a minute of arguing, he let me inside. Feeling bad for the pilot, I had him come down to my hanger and pick up all the modules I managed to salvage from his wreck.
Decided to test a few more ships out on unsuspecting pilots that night, made some friends, grabbed some salvage, it was a good time. Gallente pilots don’t seem to realize that orbiting them at 5000 meters effectually puts them out of the fight.
Decided I should go to bed, tomorrow night is the night my draft begins, and I am going to need to be well rested for the trials ahead.

Testing the waters

I figured as I am going to be running around lowsec for a while, I might as well test the waters a bit. Jumped into Bosbogger and immediately saw a stealth bomber attempting to steal someones ship modules from a wreck. We obviously can not have that and so I immediately burned towards him and showed him how we do business. Unfortunately his buddy in the rapier appeared and decided I shouldn’t have done that and held me in place long enough for the gate guns to stomp me out.  My first jump into lowsec for the day and already a small skirmish.  Its gunna be a good day. Back to Rens where I fit up another rupture, and decided the 425s were a bit much……. dropped down to 220s.
So here I am minding my own business when i notice a criminal stabber attacking a rifter on a gate in lowsec. He happens to be a Minmatar Militia member but hell, I’m not in their ranks yet, and a criminal is a criminal. He then decides its a good idea to Mail me explaining how hes awfully sorry for attacking the poor rifter, and that he was ashamed.

“”"”"”"”"”From: Glazios
Sent: 2011.02.15 23:57
To: Aznwithbeard,
anytime you wanna fight, when im not you know,killing a WT let me know. I’ll blast your shitty rupture anye day. LOL NEUTZ
Re: lul
From: Aznwithbeard
Sent: 2011.02.16
To: Glazios,
dont get so angry bud. build up ur sec and that wont be a problem anymore.
Re: Re: lul
From: Glazios
Sent: 2011.02.16 00:02
To: Aznwithbeard,
I r not mad, lol. It’s just gay for you to come in when im killing a wt with your crappy rupture. If you were man enough, You’d fight me on the side and not clai “UR SEC STATS WERE LOW SO I HAD TO SHWET U LULU” Like i said, anytime you wanna fight and wish to lose that shitty ship. Mail meh, naab.
Re: Re: Re: lul
From: Aznwithbeard
Sent: 2011.02.16 00:05
To: Glazios,
you seem to be mad about losing a 23mil isk ship. I am truly sorry for your loss, for your thoughts i will point out that you had full shields when i engaged you, and that you were aggroing a frigate in a cruiser, like a “man”. That being said, if said stabber COULD have beaten me, it should have, as obviously my cruiser was doing more DPS then that rifter, and should have been primaried.
Re: Re: Re: Re: lul
From: Glazios
Sent: 2011.02.16 00:08
To: Aznwithbeard,
lol it was a WT, i couldn’t afress you before you agressed me. Look bro, I’m not that mad about 23mil isk. Thats replaceable. it’s just the fact you jumped in like a loser. It’s chill though bro, I know your bad. And i enagged the rifter because he enagaged a mate of mine, lmfao. But you didnt see that, so you assumed. So you jsut made an ass our of yourself. Man, your fucking stupid. Let me know when you wanna lose that piece of shit. Your like an 09 char? gtfo lmfao. You got like 4mil in gunnery? I got more in gunner ythan all your sp together. BAD.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: lul
From: Aznwithbeard
Sent: 2011.02.16 00:08
To: Glazios,
you mad bro?
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: lul
From: Glazios
Sent: 2011.02.16 00:09
To: Aznwithbeard,
grrrrrrr /me Is full of so much rage and anger.
So angry. xD
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: lul
From: Aznwithbeard
Sent: 2011.02.16 00:10
To: Glazios,
prozac helps a little.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: lul
From: Glazios
Sent: 2011.02.16 00:10
To: Aznwithbeard,
your like 14? and you know about prozac. Your parents Oding on it doesnt count.
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: lul
From: Aznwithbeard
Sent: 2011.02.16 00:11
To: Glazios,
you sure youre not mad?
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: lul
From: Glazios
Sent: 2011.02.16 00:15
To: Aznwithbeard,
bro im so angry and upset and mad. you dont man. GRRRRRR “”"”"”"

I’m not sure how I feel about the Militia now. Could it really be all that bad? Do they really not teach the lesser pilots how to write or spell? Are stabbers really better then ruptures? Did my parents really OD on prozac? Ehh, I guess only time will tell.

Killed a hurricane, was kind of a gank, whatever, friends wanted to roam a bit. They’re getting a lot better at PVP, I’m quite happy about that.

I find a rupture at a station in Siseide, and warp to P7 in an attempt to get him to follow my rupture. As soon as i land I turn around and align right back for station with my MWD on. Suddenly I literally run into a bomber around 100km off the planet, and shread him. Did I mention my drones were not out? Other rupture lands right on top of me, I slam the MWD to pull range and put a point on him, and start taking him down. I have a buddy in system who I call in but lands a good 50 KM away and can’t keep up in his AB Vexor. Run outta cap and the guy leaves the field in 10% structure (estimate, more then likely less then that).  Good fights all around, with the bomber pilot telling me that the other rupture was bait, and that he was going to “bring the 900 dps fire” down on my rupture. In that fit.  Yea….. I didn’t believe him either.

And so it begins

Shit, I knew this would happen.
After I finished the last of my courses to become a capsuleer, and finishing the various tutorials laid out before me to help with my shift from civilian life to capsuleer life, I was given a letter of recommendation to enlist into the Minmatar Militia. Not giving it a second thought, I threw it in my pack and entered my last gift upon graduating; a Thrasher class destroyer.

My new life was ahead of me, in the span of a few days I had been given some ship modules, skillbooks, as well as Slasher class, Burst class, Probe class and Rifter class frigates, as well as the aforementioned Thrasher. Two days after becoming a full fledged capsuleer, and I had enough isk, ships, and modules to retire already and return to civilian life. My parents saved isk for half their lives to buy their mining burst, and mined the rest of their lives to save enough money to put me into capsuleer training. There was no turning back.

It wasn’t until much later in my life as a capsuleer, that I actually took out that letter of recommendation. It was the final sentence that had startled me – “Let it be known that you may be called upon to serve your people, at any time, for any reason, and it is with this honor that you will help your race, your tribe, and your people, for it is your responsibility as a Minmatar born capsuleer.”

Well needless to say I was in the temporary office of my new corporation the other day when I got a letter in the mail. I opened it, fully expecting to see Concord attempt to charge me more ISK for something else having to do with opening up a new corporation, but instead, it was a Minmatar Militia draft notice. Great, all this time spent setting up a nice new office, recruiting potential employee(s), and just like that, the rug is ripped out from under me. I have seven days before I need to go in, better get my affairs in order. 

Hello New Eden (OOC)

Hey whats going on guys, I am switching from my old blog website as it seems to be dead, and will be posting all previous entries, they're all going to be posted today so...... enjoy?