Tuesday, September 20, 2011

put on hold

If you haven't already kinda seen, the blog has been kinda put on hold for now.

I just havent had the motivation to do anything, hopefully that will change.


  1. Hugs Anzwithbeard:

    While it can be a pain, talk out some t1 frigates (no dramiel) and hunt destroyers and cruisers... or t2 frigates and hunt cruisers.

    http://chasingtheblueflash.blogspot.com/ -- Cable Udan -- did it, and I know you can do it...

    If you hunt towards Hevrice (be careful in Aeschee and Old Man Star), you'll get 2+ kills above class before you know it.

    The Tuskers are a good group of people; and I'm sure you would enjoy the solo to small gang activity in the area.

    Fly well.