Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Monthly loss report -

Azn -

Traded nano cane for nano cane on top belt amamake, cane that killed me got out, but the other guy died.

Epic bait MOA fell to WT bait/blob ( kinda held up for a second, more came in but I died beforehand)

I don't remember this at all, musta been drunk.

I'm an idiot and double clicked cloak.

Newports -

Tackled by multiple WTs alone. Almost got out, but I fecked it up.

Honoered 1v1 with (slaved) WT.

Blopped without remorse, by 4 redeemers. Was originally a damn close/fair fight too.

I also lost a shuttle and ALMOST my +5s to a smartbombing BS gatecamp in rancer.

Not a bad month. Shane Wolfe I miss you.

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