Monday, January 16, 2012

Small gang fights for the past few days

So I've been trying to get back in some active tanking ships for a while now. I have a fondness for both the cyclone and ferox, so i bought one of each. A proven ferox fit I've used before but with the cyclone I tried a fit with a bit less tank and a little more DPS.

Right after fitting the two ships maia called out a cruiser gang two jumps out and heading my way. 2x thoraxs an exequror and a punisher. One of their thoraxs landed on the hevrice gate as I reapproached. The thorax opens up on me as a punisher lands, followed by their last two cruisers. I rip the first thorax apart and throw drones on the frigate. Their second thorax proves a bit more problematic as the exequror they brought is RR fit. New primary! He melts and maia lands and kills off the punisher. The last cruiser on the field tries to deagress but obviously the mighty ferox kills it.

Battle report. 

I love that newer players will attempt to fight without blobbing the hell out of people. Its a trait I wish more "pvpers" embraced. Good fights gentlemen.

Konig spots a small gang a few jumps away in heyd and eventually me and jolo head over towards him to kill everything. I am in a cyclone, jolo is in a drake and konig is in a harbinger. We set up in the system next to heyd and konig eyes another fleet in warp to my direction consisting of;

They land about 100 from my tact initially, but there is a small gallente militia gang on the gate and the cane warps to zero and takes gcc onthe passing gang, which does not aggro and jumps through. The cane then warps off the gate to his gang and starts slowboating for me. Konigs alt gives me a warpin on the cane and the fight starts.

The cane is arty, the drake is HML and the raven is cruise, everything is hitting me and damage starts building, even when I am 2k away from the hurricane. Awesome, SPRs, purgers, and full tank. Konig lands as i pop the cane and we make short work of the frigates. I don't take GCC but jolo and konig have to, and they begin taking damage as jolo moves to point the raven 80km off, konig points the drake and I lemming and burn out my invul and scram. We all start burning for the raven since the drake is brick tanked, and oh good, raven is active. Konig points the raven as jolo burns his point and eventually dies. Cruise hurt under mwd mmmk? Raven neuts out konig who has to run leaving me throwing barrage and some missiles at an active tanked raven, this won't end well. Drake rewarps on me and I start running like a girl, konig lands and tackles the drake, we kill it, but the raven warps as we burn for him.

Battle report
Dear everyone - please stop fitting brick tanks mkkk? 

Back in the ferox I find a vagabond on scan on a gate adjacent to where I am, and warp to said gate @ 70. I hang out for a second and the vaga starts flying towards me. OL MWD + Scram prepped, but he narrowly misses point range. I'm now 50 off the gate, konig is AFK and jolo is 2 jumps out. I MWD towards the gate as I am not aggroed and let him eat through my shields as he jams me with ECM drones and shoots javelin HAMS at me, wait what? I am hoping he will be stupid enough to come closer and give me another chance to tackle, so I don't boost at all. At about 15% shield stupidity commences, both his and mine. I get the scram but didn't inject a cap booster and the MWD was eating my cap for 50km, so I only got off one boost before I was capped out. Scram held and I start ripping into him, but no hes 7KM off and again its either MWD or boost. Low armor. On him at 2k and melting his shields, I'm in structure but the shields are boosting a bit (note to self, use blue pill next time) as jolo lands and grabs two webs on the vaga and helps me kill him off.  25% structure and a very gf.


I like using off brand merchandise as it gives you an engagability factor that would otherwise make people run from you, Ferox + cyclone have VERY strong tanks when used correctly (and not lemminged)

Anyway, good fights all around.

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  1. I thought of using the ferox or brutix again for this same reason, people make stupid decisions if they think your dumb for bringing a ferox. They will likely assume your under skilled and told to fly something cheep.