Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Starting a Summer Home in Dal

I decided that 14 jumps in a pod was worth a fresh perspective, a few ISK, and some alternative grounds to stomp when VV is a little slow, or, you know, I just want a vaca.

I figured I would track my income/losses here to
A.) have something to blog about (hopefully this works)
B.) Track my progress to see If I will actually make any money
C.) Hopefully entertain some of the three people who sometimes read this blog.

As of right now I've spent [119,374,348.34] on:

a fully fit Nano A/C Hurricane + Insurance
a fully fit podla Drake + Insurance
a Hurricane hull with trimarks
Various ammo + fittings I needed to fill out my ships.

As I've bought them on contract I do have a few leftover modules that, once I (hopefully) start killing people and stacking up my loots, will offset (eventually) the initial buy-in price.

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