Thursday, May 10, 2012

Rumors, thoughts, etc.

I'm just gunna ramble on a bit about some of the things I have seen, heard about, talked about, etc. lately.

First and foremost we have some nice blue on blue (see what I did there) love
TLDR ( actually I did, but I'm gunna give you a quick recap) Dorian Novak decided it would be a good idea to plug his RL friend and alliance mates girlfriend in the erm... ass. This corpmate found out and offlined the shield of a POS that his friends super was in while he was online and commenced destroying said super. As of now we do not know if it was an even trade as they have not posted any pics of said girlfriends ass or other parts of her anatomy at all :(

Local chatlog log during the time of destruction (unverified)

EVENEWS24 released a statement of the CEO of One of the corps in krysis attempting to do some damage control, but come on brahhhhh, we know what really happened. 

Next up @gamerchick42 linked the new Faction War Dec blog and TLDRed it for us (sort of), and there are some sexy looking proposed and actual changes being made to make FW a lot more rewarding;

Blah blah blah bunkers blah blah blah SOV, possible station lock out if your faction does not control the system, upgrades of said system that help only the controlling faction and apparently neutrals as well,  upgrades for the LP (loyalty Points) system that will actually give you more LP for PVPing instead of missioning (wheee!!!) "In the reward ladder, helping your faction in territorial warfare should reward the most, followed by PvP, and then finally PvE with missions."

Rixx Javix dropped a post about the whole T3 boosting epidemic that's going on right now, and how we need to stop it. His thoughts were well thought out, mine will not be. We have been talking about this in corp for a while, as we DO use alt boosters, a lot, and in the tuskers we have been arguing A LOT about what should be done. The ones with the boosters want to keep it off grid, the ones without the boost alts want it on grid. My thought process? I'm glad you asked.

Nerf the crap out of T3 boosting. A T3 cruiser should not be bonusing better then the dedicated command ship. At the very least swap it so that the CS gives better bonuses then the T3.

Make it impossible to boost from inside POS shields - Nothing else works inside of a POS, you can not shoot anyone in the POS, or outside the POS whilst in it, EWAR doesn't work, why should bonuses? On that note, MAKE IT ON GRID. Why should you be able to bonus your fleet 50AU away? It just doesn't make any sense whatsoever. If CCP doesn't want to get rid of it completely, then maybe lets just hit it with the nerf bat a little bit. I propose;

5% on grid for CS
3% on grid T3 / Offgrid CS
1% Offgrid T3

I've heard through the mill that CCP is releasing the ability to load cap boosters into the shield boosting module, in an attempt to help with active tanking a bit. I don't have any links as this was corpchat, but I hope its true! I've actually been hearing a lot of things about buffing active tanking,  which would be awesome.

There was a rumor flying around a while ago that CCP was toying with the idea of making shield slaves and armor crystals (mainly, implants that will make the EHP of your shields more massive like slaves do for armor, and implants that make you rep more of your armor back with the proper modules, like you can with your shields if you have crystal implants) PLEASE DO NOT DO THIS. One word, one syllable, sounds like break. And that is what you would do. Absurdly huge EHP drakes with SPRs that are impossible to kill solo. The end. I guess the armor wouldn't be so bad, but I think active armor tanking is fairly decent at the moment and doesn't need any more help.

Drackarn  just dropped a blog about supers being far to easy to leave the field (especially in lowsec) and a really cool idea that may or may not work. You can read about it here. Pretty much the idea is that your fleet has the ability to target certain supers systems (engines, guns, etc) that would take down said systems until a repair crew fixed them (star trek?). While very intriguing I don't see CCP going in that direction at all but, hey, you never know.

They announced some point/time/#of ship changes for the new alliance tourn- but that was pretty far back so I'm sure you've heard about it. If not you can find everything about it right here.


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