Tuesday, May 8, 2012


Read a post by rixx a few days ago, jester and and few others followed suit, so I will too.

Mine sucks and is short - but here goes anyway.

(both my toons base out of/near each other, and share the same ship pool, FYI)

(2) Tempests - "Teh Sex" and unfitted. One is nano and the other will likely be 2xLAR fit.

(1) Maelstrom - "Not done" Fit the only way a maelstrom should be fit. Without a prop mod.

(1) Phoon -  "Needs service" Torps and neuts. Think its in hull ATM, hense the name.

(1) Domi - Passive/bait with smartbombs and neuts

(2) cyclone - one fit, one not fit. aptly named "cyclone" and "unfit. Well, its actually mostly fit. One is LSB and one is X-LSB. Stomp you down dig?

(2) Canes - "scotch" Armor and angry. dual web for friggy goodness. "Nano" cuz like, its nano.

(1) Brutix - "Shuttle" Shield gank.

(1) Ferox - XL boosting with acs. Like a cyclone, but crappier. 

(1) Sleipnir - "Jihad" Gloriously fitted for brawling. One of the oldest ships in my hanger. Haven't taken it out for a while.

(1) Cynabal - "Armor" Dual prop and not actually armor.

(2) SFI - "Julie" and "stabber" Both 2xMAR - Love these things

(2) Ruptures - "minmatar" and One that isnt yet named. Minmatar is armor.  Other one is shield.

(1) stabber. 100mn MWD fitted. Works well with snakes :)

(1) ishtar. 2x MAR and ogres

(1) Beagle - Active tanked, lika boss

(1) Vagabond. VROOM.

(1) Scimitar "Gah" - Not flown once.

(1) Arazu - "celestis" Won it off a bet with a corpmate. Been docked ever since. Armor fit, i think.

 Assorted frigs - mainly - Dramiel, 4 rifters, 2x hounds, a stiletto, and like, a prober. I've never been a fan of frigs, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do.

So, Whats in your hanger ?


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