Thursday, December 6, 2012

Finally an update

I don't know if anyone actually reads this or follows this blog, but after a few months of being away from EVE, (irl, WOT, etc.) I am back.

Poor, shipless, and rusty, but back none the less.

More to follow, but suffice it to say the first few days did not go well ( multiple hundreds of millions of ships lost, 1 dessie kill, lol)

For the people who DO read this blog, I am trying to start up a new thing -

If you have mothballed ships, hidden anywhere in new eden (except for undockable nulsec) that you never plan on using, contract them to me!

I don't much care what they are, just that they're (semi) pvp fit and accessable.

Will be posting reports on what the ship has done, and how it was lost, on this blog.
I plan to name the ship after the person who contracted it to me, and give people shout outs and thanks on this blog.

This is only for people who want to/ are willing to/ and won't give me shit about it.
I will not beg or plead, and if need be will just fly around in t1 fit rifters and rebuild , but I figured this may be more fun.

The only ships neither of my toons can fly are T2 BS and up. 

Hell, maybe if I find a little more time, I will even do a little PVP video.


Thanks in advance!

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