Monday, June 25, 2012

Fresh start.... Sort of.

I kind of decided that between my corpies abilities to make billions of ISK per day and me trying to kee pup with the jones, I've lost sight of this game. The most fun I ever had in this game was when I was a 5mil SP noob in nulsec in a shitfit rupture.

I'm not re-rolling or giving any of my loot away, but i HAVe shipped off 90% of my ISK, ships, and all of my modules to an alt I dont use much, and thrown it all in a storage container except for one or two ships desided for specific rolls that I like to use solo or in fleets with my mates.

These ships are -

Gank Brutix (should have been shipped tbh and probably will not see any use until it is my last ship standing)
Podla Drake (fleets) (borrowed, though I have no Idea who from)
Cynabal (solo)
Rupture (solo)
Ashimmu (fleets)
Nano Binger (solo/fleet, also I just got the lasers skill so I wanted to play with it a bit. It WILL diaf)
Vexor (solo)

I've literally got no modules not fitted to a ship or even spare ammo, and will be relying on the 44mil isk and the abysmal corporate hanger for spare ammo and fittings and of course pwning noobs in frigates for my income.

Here's to trying something a little different ayy?

So, pretty much, my MO for a while will be

A: killing people for modules
B: attempting to get idiots in decent ships that I am about to kill to eject so I can has
C: fitting whatever modules I can find to cheap frig hulls once all my ships explode and my 44mil isk runs out and starting over.
D: When all else fails, ransom attempts will be offered.

(BTW gotta ship you don't fly? don't want? Want to give me anyway?  I'm always willing to grab ships and leroy them into things when I don't have to pay for them :D )

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  1. Siva here. That sounds like a great re-start. I did something similar recently. After having run my 1bil wallet out dry, I was reduced to doing lvl. 1 missions. All I had was an Incursus and 500k isk, which I invested in a repper and a set of t1 rails. I had a bunch of fun putting the isk I made from the missions back into my Incursus, getting it T2 fitted, all the while trying to avoid camps. Eventually I bought a Thrasher with the ISK and t2 fitted it slowly. Flying it was really fun, as I knew just how much effort I had put into it, and how long it would take to earn another one if I died - it made things more interesting.

    So yea, I think this is a great idea. It turns EVE into even more of a primal dog-eat-dog world and introduces real consequences, as you're now fighting to survive. I imagine flying the Cyna knowing you have no way to replace it in the near future makes for a harrowing experience ;)