Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Different ships, different rules, how to die gloriously -

I have been spending the last few months since I came back to eve messing with some old fits, some new fits, some borrowed fits, and some really terrible fits.


I have been LOVING my new talos, I've had t2 large blasters for forever, and I finally bit the bullet and bought one. The speed, the gankability, the tracking, this ship is pretty sick. I've used it in a few different fights, its a cookie fit with neutrons, and I have been debating whether to drop a LSE for a faction web, just to pillage the frigates. This ship is great.


I have tried few different vexor fits, them being shield gank, armor buffer, and dual MAR. I figured hey, I can fit it almost EXACTLY like an SFI, and the SFI is fucking win.

Turns out it doesnt work well, you can't dual prop it because you need a web (the sfi has amazing tracking, vexor does not) which pretty much nullifies its tankability (AB helps curb DPS) and it got destroyed aggressing only two cruisers.

The shield gank one works nicely for what it is (can get like 900 DPS OL with the right implants and skills), however, consider getting a yellowbox your queue to spam the warp button.

The buffer armor is buffer armor. I like that it can fit 1600MM plate and MWD with blasters without any fitting rigs/modules (thorax can not)  Good tank, good dps (mostly drone) but all around good ship.


Very MEH as an armor buffer, cant fit 10mn MWD and a 1600 plate, but mother of God is she fast when u shield fit her.

I have been LOVING kitey blaster thorax. Neutrons with 25KM range? BEAUTIFUL. I put a web on mine and with some skirmish links any frig that comes near you is no longer a frig at all, it magically transforms to a pod, and then a corpse, in similar fashion to what happens when you fly against a talos.


Fuck the Incursus. Its tank is to OP. its ability to hit ANYTHING without a web is shit.


Just bought and flew my first two today. DCU tank and DPS, like a proper gallente ship. They explode accordingly too, but are fun as hell to fly.Also fit up a SAR one (similar to a ranis fit), have yet to test it out.



Very quick, I like using HAMs - most people use it to fit for frig killing. Honorless. Good DPS with the HAMs as well.


Fit up a buffer moa as well as an active with a LSB. (ASBs are for the bads) Put some web drones in the active tank for help with frigs, Buffer has a web and 500DPS + a tank + a web seems like it would be awesome, though I've yet to test it.


Same problem as incursus. No web? no hit. No range? u die. Dual web armor one was kinda fun though. 


Rail cormorant that pretty much alphas things at 75km? Check and check. Ive bought a few of these needless to say. 


 Im gunna go pretty broad here. Pretty much the same shit I have always flown, mixed with some fucking nerfing. The frigs are garbage (breacher is one of the best, really? FFS) the cruisers are still great and the dessies are middle of the road (talwar is tankless but OMG alpha, thrasher is falling by the wayside to some of the other dessies but still a great ship



 = FC ship. 65k EHP? sub par dps but awesome for fleet fights.


Kinda the opposite, great dps, mediocre tank, and cant fit guns, a plate, and an 10mn MWD.


3k MS with a 400mm plate? guns + tank+ mwd with one fitting mod? I love this fucking ship. Can kill any t1 frig I come across, as long as I can catch it, can even put the hurt on some dessies as well. Slaved up with links? I'll kill a DD. This is my favorite frigate in this game, so it will probably get hit with a nerf bat.


Well, to be honest I dont really fly my slicer. I just click the orbit button. I made it cap stable with everything running and it hits to 24KM. So whenever I tackle an AB frigate I go and make myself lunch.

I am really enjoying Amarr BS as well. Stupid tanks with mid range DPS and can switch from 2k DPS ammo to 45K range ammo instantly? Just awesome. Bit stingy with the midslots and seem to get jammed a lot, but WAY better then minnie and caldari and I give a slight nod over gallente as well.Just got my first abaddon yesterday, and man, thats a beautiful ship.


Is fucking win. XL boosted with nanos and a a 30KM neut? nothing comes near me, for too long anyway. Have been tackled a few times with it, but it didnt last long.


OMGWTF DPS and tank, 90% web, and gallente. Need I say more?

You can look through my lossmails to get all my fits, or PM me in game, drop a comment here, or whatever.

(havent lost talos, mach, or vindi yet, thank god, so if you want those fits, ask for the PM)

Thanks for reading to both reader #1 and #2. have a great day.


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