Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I am so bad at updating -


Its been awhile - again, but I haven't really had time - (a lie, I have just been lazy), but I figured I would talk about what I have been doing since I resubbed in early December.

I was about to get kicked from U'K due to inactivity, but I curbed that and went on to have two VERY successful (on the killboard, at least) months. DECEMBER - JANUARY

We (U'K) were basing in isbrabata and had had about 20-30 active members at any given time, which, TBH, is not enough to hold down the 8-9 systems that were asked of us. Towards the end of December myself and Cruack Made the call to evac Isbrabata for kourmonen, while at the same time feanos (executor and CEO of MSCS) did some shady shit by deciding (against alliance votes) to pull out of FW and go to nulsec, and once declaring so, had every corporation in the alliance leave except for two. Good job m8.

I have since started recruiting for my corporation and am up to 21 members - Which is nice, but I would say only about 10-12 are actually logging in more then once a week. So yea, recruitment is open if you are looking for small gang pew and like being belittled by your corpmates. I also, for the first time ever, have a 2IC in my corp, Deloria May, an old corpie from back in the day, who has been attempting to handle some issues while I blatantly ignore them.

Once we left U'K we decided to roll in with Damu'Khonde, UKs sister(ish) corp, who then got kicked from FW due to standings issues and have not yet fixed the issue - so we're on our own and possibly looking for a new alliance to join up with. 

Isk has been sort of an issue as of late, spending money on faction BS and T3s and links and implants seem to have that effect, but I am now the proud owner of a Vindicator and Macherial, as well as some other shiny, so thats nice.

I like that eve did a cruiser/frig buff, and I am finding some ships I've never flown before quite enjoyable - (tormentor, maller, incursus, vexor, etc) What I hate is that battlecruisers have fallen by the wayside, and minmatar frigates are pretty much useless these days, other then maybe the slasher.

I think minmatar frigs need a little love, and I think CCP should consider either
A: Increasing the spawn rate on large plexs in FW or
B: Add another plex with an accel gate for battlecruisers (t1 frigs = novice, dessie down = small, t2 cruiser down = med, T2 BC down large w/ accel gate, leave large warpable large with no accel gate as it is)

I have about 10 BCs in my hanger gathering dust, and it makes me sad panda.

Well, I have nothing else to talk about, and I know most if this was just a rant, but hey, at least I posted something.

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