Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Finally an update - A few AARs in a combined post.

Hey, I have been lazy and not posting. I suck at life.

But I have shiny KMs to show, and a few videos as well.


A video made by the same corpy whos video I posted during the last update. First few fights are the ones I was not involved with. If you watch his "watchlist" you can see when I'm actually with the fleet, because I'm taking fire and usually have a broken tank.

This is the battlereport for a really awesome engagement we had on a COA roam two weeks ago. 
I have SOME fraps of the fight but am stupid and have to figure out how to actually upload it to youtube.
Props to the FC, calm/cool headed, and we killed mostly everything on field with minimal losses.

This was an engagement where we had a small gang consisting of

Ham drake (me)
WTF thrasher
Hurricane (kinda late)
Hurricane (late)

VS what appeared to be

Nanodrake x2 (confirmed, cuz like, they died)
an additional nano drake
a nano hurricane

the ever present tengu booster (convoed their guys after the gf)
boosting point range (at least 40km)
web (at least 18km)
shield resists/speed etc

One of the best fights I've had in quite some time, complete with us switching back and forth between target callers as we warped out, me burning out 1/2 my med slots, and them leroying repeatedly into our nano drake w/ 2x web.

I also killed an Ex corpie of Azn during an honored 1v1 (caught him with web, scram followed shortly after)
And 1v1ed (a few times) a WT from sepherabellum or something like that.
Turns out he had slaves from the get-go and one of my alliance mates accidentally whored on the 1v1, however he was dead so it did not matter. I dropped point and DPS in an attempt to let him leave field however my last salvo of missiles destroyed his (pretty costly) BC.

Me, Xirin, and one additional other  found a Mach/cyna/other gang (approx 10 strong)  and consequentially leroyed into it, losing one of our BCs (drake i think, not showing up on report yet), the other in 70% structure (myrm), and an unagressed me with a broken tank (nano drake) jumping through the gate once fleet jumped system. The cruisers left field but both machs were tackled and (more importantly) whored upon by myself. Pity the loot was earmarked for alliance, didn't even bother scooping.  Video of mach kills

And the most recent kill on newports happened when I was actually hunting a 6ish man BC gang that happened to go GCC in system. I was on a gate when a neutral nighthawk jumped through and proceeded to shoot me, I shot back, gained range by webbing the shit out of him (didn't matter, he did not even fit a point) and kept long point on him as two more typhoons started shooting me (they actually had long points and webs, which got a little interesting).

So who suddenly appears? The 6 man BC gang, not engaging, but instead GTFO of system for some reason and neither helping nor killing me, which was odd.

In any case my gang arrived just before I would have had to leave field, but I got repped and stayed on field to burn them all. Video of NH + 2 phoon kills

I like the range of T2 HMLs (ive never used them before, on either toon) but the speed/tank/dps on my nano drake leave a little to be desired. Must be because I have 2x webs fit instead of 2 invuls, only one BCU, am using HMLs, but I do have  2xnanos. Ehh w/e.

Azns AAR to follow shortly.

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