Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Some More AARs from Azn.

If you read the last post, then you know this is a continuance. If you didn't go read it.

For Azn -

As always with the Minnie Militia kill reports, the different battle reports are all kinda linked into one blob.

I'll try to separate them as best as I can. 
First engagement was a few BCs vs a few other BCs, however we apparently had some abbadons land as well, and a neutral proteus helping us out by shooting one of the pirate amarr. He then proceeded to shoot one of OUR pilots who was pirate and so we GCCed and killed him for it. He had a falcon as well as another t2 cruiser with him as well, but they jumped.

 Second engagement was pretty much our same fleet, and the Amarr coming back with a pilgrim, vaga, proteus, as well as some support BCs. We baited and they sprung the trap. I decloaked 15KM from the vagabond and immediately overloaded my entire mid-rack to get scram/web on him. I called on comms and other people pointed other things, mainly the SFI, protues, a frig or two, etc. SFI died about when the vaga did, then we all focused fire on the brick of a proteus, and at some point someone popped a frig or two.

The last fight was a slugfest, with amarr bringing somewhere between 15 and 20 bcs, a loki, and 3x guardians. We came back with 6 BS, a few BCs, and a triaged carrier. I was primed first but carrier saved me, we lost 2 of our canes and additional reinforcements in the way of a few BS came to help us. A bit blobby and overkill but they have a tendency to do it to us so W/e. They reformed and came up with 24 BS and no loki (tarp much?), and we couldn't get the numbers to fight, so we blueballed.

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