Monday, April 23, 2012

War Declaration - The Glory War Dec

War Declaration - The Glory War Dec

OMGROFLSTOMP vs Children of the Abyss

Location - New Eden - Verge Vender - Obray Constellation

Duration - 7 days

Approximate Number of Aggressors - 8

Ships Used;

Stabber Fleet Issue

More miners illegally feeding upon the helpless asteroids of raneilles, with two wars already active, I was on the verge of collapse. I decided it was my duty to push through it though, if I didn't, who would?

Papers filed, 24 hour cool down period over, time to smash.

Popped a retriever on the undock of my targets home station and dispatched the pod. Scenes of the Iluminati war flash in my mind. Would this be another noob corp getting their miners thrashed about as they mined away helplessly? The answer (soft of) came an hour later. Same pilot, same system, undocks in a typhoon. Spirited aren't we? Takes a while but smash the rusted cylinder of matari engineering and dispatch the pod again. That's the last I see of that gentleman.

Three hours later engage his corpmates scorpion. I can't break is shield regen, he can't hit me. I warp, he warps. Comes back in a mach. WAIT WHAT. Mach is 30 off station and I'm still in my SFI. Overload and head straight for him, taking two salvos from 800mm repeating artillery. Suddenly I'm in hull. Kill the MWD when I land my scram and increase transversal, overloading the afterburner (yup) just in case. Slowly rep back the armor. Drones hitting, but not hard, guns can't hit me at all. Mach aligns out. A full compliment of RF EMP and RF Phased plasma later (plus a game of, lets kill each others drones, and me losing) his cap charges finally run out. Which is nice, because I'm now shooting fusion at a shield tanking BS. Shields buckle, armor folds into hull, and I try to get him to eject. He tells me no. He explodes and OMG MONEYZ! Loot the wreck and dock. He comes back out in an ashimmu, I figure I'll give him a change and drop a hurricane on him. He melts, I loot again. Sell the dropped modules back to him for 1.45 billion isk.

Decides 15 minutes later to send his meatshield minions in frigates to tackle my tempest. They succeed. He lands in a scorpion. Uh oh. Neut the points, mwd away, splatter the frigs, then do the same thing to the scorpion. Splatter a pod at some point too.

Didn't hear from any of his corp for two days.

Friday comes and its back to cotaniss fighting for his E-Honoure. Tackles my ever useful SFI in his dramiel. Guns can't hit, but drones work fine. Come back out in a maller? What? Decides tengu may be a better choice, and after another drawn out battle of him refusing to eject, he loses his T3. I am totally confused at that point. Will this stop? What is he thinking. Drops another scorpion on me while I ponder the situation. Kill it. Drake now? Kill that too before he finally gives up. When I ask him what he was thinking, he declares he just wanted to beat me, and that was his last ship.

Good man, good fights, thanks for the lootz!

Final tally

Kills - 4,912,100,000 ISK


Losses - 0

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