Monday, April 16, 2012

War Dec - The Iluminati Secret Society

War Declaration

OMGROFLSTOMP vs The Iluminati Secret Society

New Eden - Verge Vendor - Obray Constellation

Duration - 7 Days

Approximate Number of Aggressors - 10
# of Named ships killed - All

Ships used;

Stabber Fleet Issue

A few hours before the start of the war and I moved several ships in. Mostly Nano, some borrowed. 15 minutes before the start of the war and criminals begin filling up the system. Watch the clock. Silently count down. See red stars in local and undock into them. Scorpion, arbitrator, thrasher, and vexor verses my stabber fleet. They better have back up. Drag the thrasher off the rest and make quick work of em. Dispatch the pod. Overload towards the arbitrator and he explodes before you can say "wheres your point?". Dispatch that pod. Look over towards the vexor and hes aligning out, scorpion then. Scorpion is sitting on station though, and not jamming me, weird. Oh well, MWD bump @ 3kms and hes off, I think, well, sorta anyway. Peppering me with cruises and his tank is falling slowly. Boosting? Terrific. I've been MWD all over the station for about 3 minutes and damage starts mounting. 30% armor. 20% armor. Scorpions shields starting to wilt. CCC rigs not working anymore? Into armor and hes freefalling. He explodes and insta warps the pod. I'm at 7% armor. Check the wreck (crap) and casually hit the 2 armor reppers I ignored for five minutes to fix my ship. No need to waste the cap boosters amiright? Dock, dump the charges, loot the field. GFs in local.

Poor Joe TFTF. AFK mining (or, flying completely untanked miners and not being completely on the ball) during a war is bad. Dispatched two of his retrievers, his procurer, and his pod on three seperate occasions. Left the corporation after that one. Dunno what he was doing, but the SFI one-volleyed his ship each time. No good man.

Dispatched a unlucky indy+pod that I accidentally jumped into that was apparently on autopilot.

Brought out the cynabal for the flashy kill. Popped coolme897's hulk with it. Pod lived though. He even mailed me saying he completely forgot about the war. good chap.

All in all was a good dip into the New Eden war mechanics. Targets were completely incompetent, which made me feel like a bully. At the same time, I DID offer their CEO exemption from the war for the cost of one deimos. He declined. After 344M ISK of damage dealt to his corporation, I think he made the wrong choice.

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