Thursday, April 12, 2012


So I figured I'd do some nice highsec warring with newports, So i put him back in my holding corp (OMGROFLSTOMP) and check out some targets.

TLDR One corp has been dying, a lot, and should have just bought me a diemost, like I offered.

The other corp I originally decced joined "dec shield" alliance, which is something I'd never heard of, and is REALLY REALLY lame. However, when they declared the war mutual (dec shield, not the lame ass wanna be pvp corp that joined them) and I started getting random "xxx corp surrenders" etc. etc. I found it kind of hilarious how many PVP friendly corps run and hide, so I figured I'd share their names and corp bios with you, (some for humor, some for "seriously? and you Joined dec shield?"

The Swarm Empire - 33 members

We will keep coming, wave after wave.
Fearless zealots all.
We know no pain, we know no mercy.
Our Numbers will blot out the sun.

Bacon Chip Cookie Ice Cream Sammich - 4 members

mmmm bacon

Instant Reaction Corp - 11 members

We make things that go BOOM!

Angels Academy - 56 members (this is the corp that hid under decshield against my one man corp)
Welcome to Angels Academy,
a sister corp of Hendrix Angels

meet us in our ingame recruiting channel: Hendrix Heaven
or online at

Angels Academy is Hendrix Angels little sister and the best way to learn the basics of EVE,  make new friends and enjoy the challenging environment in EVE.
 It also is the stepping stone for a full membership at Hendrix Angels once some basic experience is gained.

■ Enlist in 220member strong and growing gaming environment with experienced Players all around the globe who are happy to help you making your way in EVE
■ Collaborate with friends to gain experience, make ISK, or PVP.
■ Participate in lucrative mining and industrial operations.
■ Become a part of our active community in EVE-Online and beyond (TS, own Forum and WIKI)

Get your wings! Join ◄ A N G E L S - A C A D E M Y ► today.

We offer:

■ Lots of active members in high & lowsec
■ Great game community on Teamspeak, Forum and Wiki

■ PVE:
- Teams for daily LVL 3 and 4 Missions
- Incusion OPs, LVL5 (late once u have the skills)
- Only 4% tax

■ Mining and Industry:
- Mining OPs on a daily basis
- Full ORCA Support
- Sophisticated ORE system to get the max out of your mining, paid in ISK or Minerals
- Freighters and lots of BPs available.

■ PVP:
- Experienced and top ranked FCs
- Willing to teach
- PVP training OPs
- Tournaments
- Low sec OPs
- Extensive ship program to finance your PVP

■ For more info on what we offer:

We require:

■ No minimum level of participation (RL is first)
■ Mature & friendly players
■ Use of TS

How to apply:

■ Join Hendrix Heaven channel if you have a question or
■ Send us a application right away
■ come to Bereye
■ and have fun!

I've been decced with decshield for 3.5 days, and to date, 23 corporations have surrendered to me.


  1. decshield is joined somewhat often now by pvp corps wanting easy targets. I expect every PVP corp in dec shield were hiding from something ;)

  2. You do realize the surrender mail you get is a corp leaving the alliance. They do it to drop the wars that they receive.

    1. Yea I know, I just thought it was sad, funny, etc, the amount of people who use this "service".