Thursday, June 14, 2012

The thing about PVP videos

I don't know how many people share this in the EVE community, but I really enjoy watching Eve solo/small gang PVP videos, and browse the "my eve" section of the forums at least once a day.

You know that feeling you get, in the back of your throat, when you see one ship bait-tanking like 5 ships of the same class or higher, and killing them all?

Case in point, I just x'ed out of a link I was really kind of excited for. The guy was flying one of my favorite (albeit expensive) ships in eve, and for the first scene he was fighting a gang consisting of 2x bcs, 1x BS, and two frigs. halfway through the fight another two bcs show up. He bait tanks the whole time. I immediately clicked the "x" button. It's just not enjoyable to watch. Why would you have that as your intro piece?

What ever happened to videos where you're fighting outnumbered, outshipped, unlinked, and you're fighting people who (at least sort of) know how to PVP.

Garmons early stuff with the ruptures was pretty awesome, Kessas domi videos, F Mercury, kil2, ancy denaries etc. I really can not recall the last time I saw anything like them. It all seems to be faction fits w/ links now-a-days.

While some of the fights are still cool in their own right, I just wish when I see active shield tankers start bleeding armor, its cuz they may be about to die, not cuz they're baiting.

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