Wednesday, June 13, 2012


Wow, its been a while since I posted anything of actual merit.

I guess I am kind of in between a complete restructuring of my EVE life and my real life. Job hours are long, and adjusting to my new life of perpetual marriage.

In terms of EVE, I have been trying to log in whenever I can, and actually undock sometimes too.

I've been trying to mess about with a plethora of ships, Aznwithbeard just recently completed Amarr Cruiser 5 and is currently pushing for T2 Med lasers. Then on to racial frigs (can only fly T2 Minnie atm).

Newports just finished his long skill queue of leadership skilling, though I am far to lazy to actually dualbox, I think maybe, just maybe, sometime, it will be useful.

So I am kind of at a crossroads and trying to experiment with some ships I have either
A: Never flown or
B: Haven't flown in a while.

Been messing about with armor buffer cruisers, a curse, some T2 cruisers here and there, and thats about it. Debated seriously buying some T2 frigs, but at those prices,  maybe I'll just get some rifters.

I don't really like the new modules introduced in inferno. The ASB kind of gets in the way of using your propmod (once your neuted, you're done) and while they tank like crazy, there's really no defense against curses or anything nano once your neuted. Hell you can't even really keep an invul on.

I've also been on a losing streak because of my ship choices and just events in the game, and my new policy of "engage everything you have some possibility of winning" definitely is not helping the situation.

Cases in point -

Cyclone Vs 100MN Tengu - Had a gang with me (sort of) and got tackle on it, then he quickly moved away and I DIAF while the rest of my gang was making a 50AU warp.

Rupture Vs bait drake + Pilgrim - This one I was actually winning, when the pilgrim uncloaked I really should have primaried it, but with the drake under 33% shield I stupidly didn't Drake didn't have a point, pilgrim did, so a poor choice on my end.

Harpy + Thorax Vs Hurricane - Saw a corpie had a cane tackled in local, his pod warped out as I landed. Went for it anyway, dropped dishonour drones and could have gotten away, but I thought I may have had a chance. I was wrong. I didn't know people still flew armor canes (besides me, that is).

Rupture Vs Thorax + Rupture + Dramiel + Merlin + Vengence - Was just merlin and the two cruisers at first, I was kiting the vexor and trying go get the shield rupture to come in. By the time I got scram on the shield ruppy the merlin also had me tackled and when the dramiel arrived I was capped out by the opposing rupture and could not MWD back to the gate. Vexor was no where near and TBH i think I pretty much died to the dramiels drones.

SFI Vs Mach - Yea, I know. We were playing with him for an hour and I finally landed a scram on him. Back up was too far out / took too long and I lost the oldest vessel in my fleet :( 

I didn't link any blobs/ECM crap because TBH, its mostly expected at this point. PIXELS ARE EXPENSIVE etc etc. I am trying to fight the good fight, outnumbered, outgunned, etc and while its fun, its also making me lose a LOT of isk. this tends to be a problem when my only source of income is PVP and I absolutely HATE plexing/pveing for my money. If I did that EVE would no longer be a game, but a part time job.

- Azn

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