Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Not Starting Off Well

I decided I would start to test my merit by joining the Red Federation of RVB (Red vs. Blue), these pilots are mostly newer capsuleers and have a blood lust so fierce they fight only to fight, without reasoning. Seemed like a good place to start.

I set up a contract with Red Frog Freight (Azn told me they were quite quick generally and reliable)to move my Cyclone, 3 ruptures, a thrasher, and my flagship "Generational Transit" ( the maelstrom that was given to my by my brother for my graduation) and I flew my Typhoon out to the area where the fighting generally happens while I waited for my other ships to be delivered. A few hours later and the contract not arriving, I decided I would need something to poke aorund in, and the Typhoon just screams "KILL ME", so I built a Shield tanking long range Hurricane to pass the time and while waiting for my application to be accepted.

Shortly after I commenced my employment with the corporation, I undocked and warped to the Bereye gate at about 30km in Halle and landed on a sea of about 20 enemy frigates. Well, guess I'm not getting too much time to get my bearings and have been thrown into the fire of PVP. Thinking quickly and (at that moment) completely by myself I spun aorund and started locking the nearest frigates. One pop - two pop - three pop - four, Uh oh, I am tackled, but its okay, a friendly fleet just landed. I try neuting my way out, but its useless, I am tackled by 4 frigates and my corporation is not coming anywhere near me. Interesting. One of the guys I popped comes back in an Armageddon and rips me apart,  to which I come back in my typhoon to kill his ass, but he has disappeared. I wind up JUST BARELY killing more then I lost (about 11 ships total for the engagement).

Later in a freshly built rupture I get tackled by a Crow whos gang of about 8 jumps in and engages my solo self. Good times. I pop one of the T2 frigs, a Rifter, and a thrasher before they take me out, again just barely scraping by efficiency wise.

I build a (mostly) T1 fit rifter and get blobbed by the same gang while attempting to take out the bastard in the Crow ( but not before I got tackled by him 150 off the gate, at which point he had his gang warp on me, at which point I MWD and armor repped the full 150km while under fire from enemy destroyers and frigates, jumping out in 50% hull, repping up, and going back for seconds [yes I realize only three got on the KM, but there were eight, TRUST ME!!!]).

A little while later I build a myrmidon for the sole purpose of smashing the frig/cruiser fleet, and wind up playing bait for a friendly gang, which works, and I wind up tackling an enemy Myrm ( our fleet is 2 BCs, including myself, and 3-4 cruisers) and calling in the back up, while he calls in his backup ( a Dominix, and about 8 cruisers). Both Myrmidons die, as well as two of the enemies in ruptures, while we take no further losses. The Dominix jumps in low armor, and the Myrmidon reships to a Megathron,  but the entire gang misses tackle on BOTH battleships, and they get out safely.

Report (includes two frigates I killed later in a rifter).

I also killed a WT rifter in Halle, and lost my rifter to another rifter in Halle shortly after.

At the moment I am only at 60% efficiency despite killing 17 ships last night and losing only 5. It seems I have a lot to learn.

PS. It seems my corporation does not like giving people back loot after they lose ships. Which is fecking annoying.

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