Thursday, May 19, 2011

Sorry Smith, Order Another One

Lately I find myself running around Heimatar By myself, trying to find some Amarrians to kill without backup. Seems the Amarrians will have none of that, and I have been losing ships left and right. Smith is not pleased as she fill out all the request forms for new ships, the insurance claim paperwork, as well as letters to the dead crewmens families.

First up was the Domi. I knew the proteus was bait. I knew he had a gang with him in the vicinity. I watched a brother aggro, and when he aggroed back, I knew I should bail. I didn't, and my first dominix exploded. However 85% of the crew as well as Smith got out quickly, as there was ample time to call an evac once I saw the WT spike in system. Almost got the ship out too, damn shame.

The next day, I decided to take out the Thorax. After sucessfully helping to hold down a vagabond and one-shotting a newer pilot in a velator, I attempted to shoot a prophecy on the Huola gate in Kourmonen. I was slowly whittling down his shields when three other enemy battlecruisers as well as a battleship jumped in and attempted to pop my cruiser. I opened up local communications and demanded an answer as to why they needed four battlecruisers and a battleship to shoot my lone cruiser, and they sheepishly replied that they came in to fight the battlecruisers that had just shot killed their vagabond. I stated that it was only the two battlecruisers, why so much firepower for that and got no answer.

Anyway I was 30ish KM from them when they entered, and successfully warped to station. Furthur aggression from a WT in an ishkur ended with local spiking by 20, me seeing 20 frigate to battlecruiser hulls MWDing at me, and him screaming away in 30% structure and myself furious I did not kill him in time.

After ten minutes and the WTs out of system, I decided to take a peek in Huola and POOF, thorax down. Reshipping immediately to a Rupture in an attempt to kill SOMETHING, I jumped back in and put the Keres in hull before succumbing to the DPS.

Ahh well, cant make an omelet without breaking some eggs right?

On a side note, corp member Shane Wolfe has provided me with a link to a NOIR parody music pack, which I am currently about to download into my interface and listen to when it is convenient. Check it out here.

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