Monday, May 30, 2011

A new Pilot

Having Graduated from the Republic Military School (my grades and lack of an attention span did not get me into the more prestigious Republic University like my brother, Azn)  approximately one year ago, I took some time off to see the sites, meet some women, and try to figure out what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Azn has been messaging me a lot lately, telling me it was time to make a plan for my life and stop screwing around. He's a pain in the ass, always talking about "Free Matar" and all that type of shit. He has been good to me though, to be honest. He graduated a few months before I did, and after taking time off from his (then) responsibilities with Ushra'Khan he actually made it on time to my graduation, which was a nice surprise. Our parents have been dead a while now, and he is the one who put me through school.

He pulled me aside after the ceremony and handed me a sheet of paper with the start  up codes to his Maelstrom class battleship and said it was mine provided the next time I saw him I would show him Tech Two 800mm Repeating Artillery  mounted on it. He never took the time to study and train things properly, and was kind of forcing the issue on me.

The next time we met I did in fact have those mounted on my Maelstrom, and my brother gave me a hug, told me not to lose it, told me to insure it, and reminded me of its various "character flaws" (don't boost shields while loading ammo, for some reason it forces the guns to lock up, top wingy bit needs to be rewelded, etc.) He has been very cool about me going my own way, every once in a while he'll send me on an errand to Jita (He hates Jita with a passion, even before he was in the militia) to pick up modules, or a ship, or move some crap around for him. He gives me a ship every once in a while as payment, which has been nice. Currently I own the aforementioned Maelstrom, a Typhoon class battleship, a Drake class battle-cruiser, and a Stabber class cruiser.

One one of my Jita runs for Azn, I ran into a shady character in a backroom of Jitas 4-4 station while chasing after a fine piece of Gallente ass. I was looking around for her when suddenly I was cracked in the head by some humongous Civire. When I came to the Caldari asshole was sitting there, laughing at me. Seems he had a device that can monitor and copy what his target has learned and trained for, and send it to the impants in his own head, remapping them, and having him learn it instantly. The reason he was laughing was because I apparently "didn't know shit" and he just wasted 20 minutes of his (worthless) life waiting for me to wake up because he apparently hit me far harder then he should have.

Needless to say I hit him with the nearest heavy object (born and bread Minmatar Dueling), which stunned him just long enough to grab his device and run like a wild Slaverhound back to my hanger.

Needless to say when I delivered the modules to Azn, I got him extremely drunk to the point at which he passed out, and used the device on him. Knowing what he knows has fueled the fires in my heart (and taught me how to fight a lot better) and has pushed me to stop the station trading, the missioning for unknown faces in a random corporation, the tail-chasing, the lethargy, etc.

But where to start?

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