Thursday, May 5, 2011


Sorry the updates have been short, but my EVE time is gone from a lot to very little rather quickly. I finally got a job and that's awesome, but 8-6 M-F is gunna crush my euro + aussie time zone playtime indefinitely (can't stay up til 5AM anymore).

On top of this I have several repairs I'm gunna have to make to my car, I just got home and have to do birthday shopping for my girl (her birthday is tonight, I suck at using time effectively), have to leave work and immediately go to a family thing tomorrow, then help my girls friend move on Saturday. Perhaps afterwords (unless there is pizza and beer, OFC) I can come home and play internet spaceships.

Anyway, it seems Rendeath went out in a fleet by himself last night (I am so proud, they grow up too quick) and helped to cause some mayhem, so at least the KB looks like its getting used.

Cheers to my first 2 months of paychecks going towards fixing my car/paying back my girlfriend, and the next 6 months to paying off credit card bills. Then maybe she can get her rock and I can get my house.

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