Friday, May 27, 2011

Finally a new post (OOC)

Damn its been a little over a week since my last post, RL has been kicking the shit out of me. 50+ hour workweeks + girlfriend and I have been looking for a new car for her (test drove a 3 series BMW last Saturday, fecking nice) and also the weather has been nice so I have been running out of work, running to play basketball, running home to eat/shower/pass out.

On the eve front I have been cross training a bit, and can now fly all races frig and everything but amarrian cruisers, which I currently have no desire to fly. Currently working on caldari cruiser 4, think I am gunna throw Med blaster 5 + Gallente cruiser 5 up next. Can't wait to fly a 800+ DPS thorax. May also do caldari cruiser 5 so I can fly a boost tengu for newports, who seriously, should just get into militia already so I can rape face.

Took my first drake out on Azn last night and GCCed on a retriever and a punisher. Retriever off a gate in lowsec + me bored = BOOM. Punisher was semi-expensively fit (meta 4 crap) but didn't even make a whimper and just rolled over and died, poor bastard followed me to an astroid belt and didn't GTFO.

Anyway just a quick update, I am going to attempt to do an IC one as soon as something interesting happens.

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