Saturday, May 14, 2011

Dominating in the Dominix, drunken roams, and a Fleet fight

I have had enough of this planetside bullshit. Smith convinced me we needed a vacation and who can refuse the thought of a beautiful woman in a tiny bathing suit on the black sand beaches of Pator? Should have taken more pictures of Smith to be honest, gunna miss the visuals.

Toured the cities, swam in the crystal clear oceans, preyed at the holy sites of my tribe, visited the memorial dedicated to all the brothers who were abducted by those arrogant Amarrians oh so many years ago. After seeing that, I knew it was time to go back, my mind would not let me relax while my brothers were still in captivity.

Took the Interbus shuttle back to The Pator IV - Moon 1Station and made my way back to Auga. After a quick check of my local assets and seeing nothing missing or tampered with, I decided to undock my new Dominix and give her a shakedown run.

Jumping around for literally five minutes proved fruitful as I caught a Enemy in a Typhoon landing on the Kourmonen gate in Kamela.  I locked him up and hoped he would jump through to the other side, but instead he aligned away from the gate, and as soon as I realized he was actually off gate, I tackled him with my scrambler, Stasis webifier, and gave him a nice solid DOMIBUMP for good measure. He reacted by target painting me, and throwing torps at me. No scram? No problem. Not knowing the strengths and weaknesses of the Domi yet ( literally first time taking it off the station) and only fairly confident in its tank, I proceeded to tell the militia of my fight after getting the typhoon down to less then 50% armor (shame on the three Minmatar Militia members in stealth bombers that just passed right on through).

It appears the brothers were not needed, and as Manos Kdo pointed out, I could have pretty much soloed him.

Shame about the Ogre 1s tho.

Afterwords I formed a fleet and we went out roaming as I throttled back a few bottles of spiced wine and the like. After smashing into a few stargates and scratching up my Myrmidon, smith thought it would be best if she flew, and I pointed which direction to go, I happily agreed. Turns out I pointed to the direction of Providence, and got my Myrm blobbed to shit and a shiny new clone activated, which was okay in my book, after two weeks in Pator, that clone was far too dirty to ever be clean again.

Woke up in Rens, threw some new implants in my head, shuttled back to Auga. Took smith a little longer. Grabbed the OMGROFLSTOMP ™ (HELL YEA TRADEMARKS)  Rupture and smashed some more criminal scum around the area as well as traded a friendly Hurricane for a Drake while under heavy fire from an Amarrian BC fleet.

After that the Amarrians chased us off with logistics and battleships, so we went back to Auga and got our own battleship/logi fleet and absolutely rolled them.  Knowing the Amarrians were not coming back any time soon, and checking my watch and freaking out, I unplugged and rolled into bed.

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