Monday, June 20, 2011

Ganking IRL pt. 2

[01:12:14] Sparkus Volundar > gn all o/
[01:14:32] Lord Kreza > nn o/
[01:15:16] Warp Darkmatta > night all im off o/
[01:16:08] Lord Kreza > nn man
[01:21:01] Newports Indeed > i just died in ur arms tonightttttttttttttttt
[01:21:14] Lord Kreza > tune
[01:22:43] Sparkus Volundar > It must have been something she said
[01:26:25] Newports Indeed > dude
[01:26:40] Newports Indeed > i just came back from my moms, apparently every electrical device she owns has turned to shit
[01:27:02] Lord Kreza > maybe her house is haunted
[01:27:07] Lord Kreza > does she have any pets?
[01:27:22] Newports Indeed > yes
[01:27:32] Lord Kreza > were they going nuts and barking at the wall
[01:28:22] Newports Indeed > but her comp got a virus, then her wireless router died with it, then the dvd/vcr combo demands a parental PW she doesnt have, then she wants me to hook up a dvd player TO A FUCKING TV WITHOUT ANY RCA HOOK UPS WTF
[01:28:46] Lord Kreza > ahh parents
[01:28:58] Newports Indeed > then suddenly her bfs laptop is broken and im covered in wires.
[01:29:00] Lord Kreza > did she ask you for a recent copy of the internet
[01:29:06] Lord Kreza > jesus
[01:29:23] Newports Indeed > im petitioning life. this shit is bullshit
[01:30:28] Lord Kreza > :P
[01:34:02] Defiles > wait time on tickets are long.
[01:34:10] Newports Indeed > mmmhm
[01:35:54] Defiles > i spent 3 hours cleaning up my mates computer he had a right nasty fucker of a virus on it. I'm more or less a complete dunce with computers. was looking shit up on mine off the internet and hoping for the best on his :)
[01:37:24] Defiles > he had no antivirus or malware protection. i put him malwarebytes/AVG free/spyboy/adaware/spywareblaster and ccleaner on...he has now :)
[01:37:32] Defiles > is that a good mix by the way^^
[01:37:42] Lord Kreza > i'm off to bed, nn all
[01:38:16] Defiles > seeing as newport is the computer guy :)
[01:38:21] Defiles > gn
[01:39:54] Newports Indeed > lol
[01:40:01] Newports Indeed > i fix cars, not computers
[01:40:12] Newports Indeed > fuck it, i do it all, with my handy dandy cell phone and an IT guy.
[01:44:09] Defiles > should have put all your learning points into mechanic and never touched electronics.
[01:44:26] Defiles > even lv1 electronics is enough to get a call from mom.

Other channel

[01:10:38] EVE System > Channel MOTD: Fuck you your paying for your own god damned beer.
[01:11:32] Newports Indeed > RENDEATH LIVESSSSSSSSSSSSS
[01:12:25] Rendeath > hey man
[01:15:01] Rendeath > pretty good man. been busy
[01:15:32] Aznwithbeard > yea but meeeee too
[01:16:00] Newports Indeed > everyone is breaking myy balls yeyyy
[01:28:10] xxx > Azn
[01:30:03] Newports Indeed > yeo
[01:30:16] xxx > So wife is being a byich again
[01:30:21] Newports Indeed > why
[01:31:21] xxx > She is mad because I told her she uses sex to control our marage
[01:31:57] xxx > WOw she was mad
[01:32:01] Newports Indeed > all women do that.
[01:32:34] xxx > ya but its bad she has some strange reward system
[01:33:20] xxx > I told he that is stupid and damn MAD
[01:33:28] Newports Indeed > tell her fuck u, i married u, u give me pussy, u dont have to like it, u just fucking do it
[01:34:45] Newports Indeed > great 100 navy cap boosters are missing, wonderful
[01:34:54] xxx > Hahahahah that will go over well
[01:36:17] xxx > I think she is pissed because she knows I no longer want to be with her
[01:36:54] Aznwithbeard > then divorce her man, u dont have kids right?>
[01:37:32] xxx > no
[01:38:43] Newports Indeed > so then fuck it, walk away if ur not happy.
[01:39:08] xxx > Ya probly what is going to happen
[01:39:19] Newports Indeed > u own a house or anything expensive/
[01:39:21] Newports Indeed > ?
[01:39:29] xxx > no
[01:39:48] xxx > its been over 5 years so she will probly ask for alimony
[01:40:24] Newports Indeed > does she work?
[01:40:33] xxx > no has not for 2 years
[01:40:44] Newports Indeed > well
[01:40:51] Newports Indeed > here is azns x step program
[01:40:54] xxx > she keeps saying she is going to get a job but doen not do anything about it
[01:41:14] Newports Indeed > step one - tell her to shut the fuck up, she doesnt have a job, and is not pulling her weight
[01:41:25] Newports Indeed > step 2 - tell her if she dont give u sex, ull get it elsewhere.
[01:41:46] Newports Indeed > step 3- tell her u have no kids, no house, and no money, and she will live in squaller if you leave her.
[01:41:58] Newports Indeed > step 4 - accept the incoming blowjob
[01:42:06] xxx > Hahhahaah
[01:42:34] Newports Indeed > no seriously fuck that shit. terll her to stop hert bitching if ur doing everything
[01:43:22] Newports Indeed > brb, my girlfriend wants me to take her to CVS so she can take a pregnancy test. FML
[01:43:36] xxx > OH Shit Azn
[01:59:18] Newports Indeed > back
[01:59:29] xxx > a test?
[01:59:38] Newports Indeed > ?
[02:00:00] xxx > the test she is going to take
[02:00:16] xxx > what do you think are the chances?
[02:00:44] Newports Indeed > 0%. but theres always my brutally horrible luck
[02:00:56] xxx > :-(
[02:01:09] Newports Indeed > well know soon!  lol

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