Saturday, June 18, 2011

Warp to the titan?

It feels like I haven't flown a ship in a week. Sure I sit in them, mainly to surf through the Galnet channels and see whos pissing who off, how the action has been, who the newest member of the "she looked like a nice Gallente girl, but now I have this rash" club is, and most importantly, if there are any fleets up.

I plugged in my chip today in the hopes of killing some biblethumpers, but got real lazy and just bullshitted with my brother for half the day. He helped me sneak my first Brutix into Auga the other night and wanted a tour of the station. He seemed a bit concerned about the lack of open shops on the market level and that the entire station smelled like piss, but I think this was his first time in lowsec and he doesn't know any better.

So we're at Slavehound's near my hanger on level four slamming back shots that I don't even know what to call, and my brother kept blabbering on about some ninja salvager he took care of the other night. He talked about his baiting, general strategy, and explained when to overheat to me like I've never flown a gank cane, what a jackass. Seems to know a lot about fighting capsuleers for someone who hasn't left highsec since he graduated, interesting.

Seems he was running a mission for some faceless corporate manager in Frarn when some guy in a hurricane took some modules from a wreck of his. Ripped him a new one too, I'm proud of him.

Suddenly my Comms chip started buzzing, and my Ocular filter projected the grizzly image of Bald Beaver (A a gallente militia member frequenting these parts) requesting me to join his fleet. I told my brother to take a few shots and keep my seat warm while I figured out what this was all about.

Seems they needed some Armor battleships for an engagement about 20 jumps away, and I was not looking forward to it. Took me a little while, but I warmed to the idea, The insurance on the Typhoon was up in a few days, I rarely use it, and since I had no idea where the fleet was actually headed and was already in my cheap clone (slow response time, shitty implants, can't boost a powergrid for a damn) I decided to go. Late last night I decided to close down my Hanger in the curse region as ratting out there just isn't practical anymore, sold off all my ships, BPOs, crappy modules, etc. loaded up my Hurricane and set destination to Auga.

Seems AAA didn't want me to go.

Suddenly I'm in Rens puking my brains out and trying to breathe, the Clone operator slapped me on the ass, threw some clothes my way, and jammed some shitty implants in my head. Makes me feel like a 30 ISK hooker every damned time. Whatever.

Anyway, got kinda sidetracked there, undocked my pod from auga and hit the kourm gate en route to get my typhoon. Landed on the station in Kourm just a little off and next to a cynabal, suddenly I wake up in rens puking my brains out and getting slapped on the ass again. FFS that clone couldn't even land on a station right? Put my pants on and kicked the clone operator in the dick, guarantee bitch, your upgrading my clone for free this time.

Got the phoon a few minutes later, dest was Villore, some shitty corner of gallente space. Hit lowsec with the fleet and now we're... warping to a titan? Great. Seems the fleet is a mix of minnie/gallente militia and some randoms who were dropping caps on some corporations POS I've never heard of. For fucks sake why did I even wake up this morning?

Dreads hit siege, Carriers hit triage, and like clockwork Enemy fleet cyno drops in, to which we counter drop our BS fleet. Targets called, torps launched, Dammit I hate fleet fights. The only saving grace is the assorted faction/navy battleships on the field, like this Four Billion ISK Bhaalgorn.
Their fleet bails or goes inside the POS, We start looting the field, when suddenly Abbadons. Tens of them. Shooting at me. Feck. Broadcast for reps, Seems the Carriers ran out of stront and bailed, wonderful . Explosions, in a pod, warp out even though home is 16 jumps away. Vomiting twice in one day is my limit. We won the fight, but they held the field. 

Forgot to tell my brother to go home, dickhead's definitely falling off the barstool by now. Mom would be so proud.

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  1. once that bhaal landed next to me he wasnt getting away!!