Sunday, June 19, 2011

Whats in my hangers?

Recently I've traveled all over New Eden scooping assets from various places and closing down hangers I rarely use and either brought it to Auga, reprocessed/trashed/sold or (in the case of my entire Rens hanger) transferred it over to Newports.

So currently in auga I have all my modules and most of my ships (save a new typhoon contracted over from newports since I lost Azns last nite) are there as well.

I'm a little low on ships right now but I got a little gift from a friend (love you ferg) who gave me 40 rupture hulls, so those will be smashing you in the face sometime soon.

I just completed Medium hybrid turret so I bought myself a new brutix and took it out the other day  engaging a GCC drake on a gate and it tested marginally well despite my being an idiot and burning out two of my guns, but the fleet saved my ass

Also bought A ferox for Lulz, fit it up like a cyclone, pretty much the same thing in terms of tank/DPS, with the cyclone edging out in actual tank/dps and the ferox with much better resists. I also want to fit up a passive tank ferox and an AC ferox, and will more then likely be doing that shortly.

x2 Hurricane
Battle Wreathe

And pretty much Every t1 frigate in the game except for Amarr, which, being that I trained amarr frig to 4, I guess I can buy one now? IDK well see I hate amarr ships. Soon to be in the queue is amarr cruiser (gunna go to level 4 i think). I can not be descripive on Azns fittings as there be dragons, but I'll tell you the general fit of newports ships.

Is their any particular ship you guys would like to see me fly more? Post a comment and I'll see what I can do.

In terms of newports I have

Cyclone (boosting)
Drake (HAM)
Maelstrom (boosting ofc)
Hurricane (nano)
Crapracal (AML)
x2 Rupture (shield gank doing about 650 DPS, or 700 with Hail) (Frig Killing armor tanker)

And thats that!

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