Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Why did I join FW?

Mara Abraham has a recent post on her blog asking pilots why they joined faction war. I am going to pretty much copy/paste and answer here in support of her blog, and to make a new blog post with at least some sort of meaning. 
Blue = Mara 
Orange = Me

Why did you join faction warfare (any faction, any branch)?  Why are you looking to join faction warfare?   What are you hoping to get out of faction warfare?

If you join faction warfare, and you are looking for a player run corporation to join, what are you looking to give to the corporation?  What are you hoping to receive from the corporation?  How closely do you want the corporation goals to follow your goals for joining (or looking to join) faction warfare?

I ponder these questions in my journal as I look at my own journey, the journey of a number of others I know and communicate with on a regular basis, and hope for positive changes in the factional warfare space.
As I ask these questions, for which if you are reading this journal entry, I do hope you take the time to comment, I ask them of myself:
  • Why did you join (or look to join) faction warfare?
To become a better pvp pilot — both in practical terms as well as being able to self fund pvp activities from solo to fleeting with others sharing the same goals.

Constant PVP without looking hard ( or at least, supposedly ) 
  • What are you hoping to get out of faction warfare?
I’m hoping to learn various pvp strategies and tactics, both solo and in fleet.  I’m hoping to learn how to be more efficient at earning ISK to pay for ships lost as well as ships to test out in pvp.

Less blobbing more PvPing. 
Explosions. (theirs, not mine)
  • What are you looking to give a player run corporation?
My time, my experience, my ships that I’ve self supplied to be used in battles for which they fight.  To help members with ship fitting, learning combat, and learning to be self sufficient to earn their own ISK to pay for their pvp.

I came in with my own corp. NPC corps have too many newer pilots I wouldn't wanna deal with, plus I like to do a little wardeccing on the side if things get stale. 
  • What are you hoping to receive from a player run corporation?
To find a group of hopefully like minded people who share similar goals — eradicate the enemy via pvp either by the freedom to run solo as well as corp run fleets or three to several members of the corporation being a part of a mixed (player and non player corporation) fleet.
A corporation that would not hinder, through high taxation or large government (so to write), the growth of individual freedom to earn one’s ISK to pay for PVP.   I.e. empower the player (not empower the corporation) to be self sufficient.

Peace and quiet? 5 man corp FTW 
its also nice to be in a smaller corpoiration because I don't (generally) have to deal with the drama of the bigger guys, or listen to what anyone has to say, or help scrubs with fitting advice. etc. I am jaded. I know.
Lastly, if you could help me by answering the following questions:

What are your thoughts of joining a faction warfare corporation whose practice is to pvp no more than six days a week (it could be less than six days, but not greater than six days)? Where one day a week, if you wanted to pvp, you would be by yourself with no corporation support?  Where that one day a week the corporation had a 75% tax rate (impacting rat bounties — which can easily run 10 million isk per hour — as well as TLF mission ISK — which can easily amount to 3 to 5 million isk per mission if you have high social skills and get the bonus ISK), and the expectation for that one day a week is that you would PvE in high security space turning in all loot and salvage to the corporation to fill the corporation coffers?  

Yes?  No?  Maybe?  Why?

Well, to be honest, I think that's a pretty decent idea. However, in EVE it would probably work out that none of the corp members would log in that day, or they would ALL just PVP. You may want to do it the other way for a primarily PVP corp. 6 days a week = 75% and 1 day a week nothing. They could bear til the cows come home for one day, while the remaining 6 days you pick up rat/mission isk (which really isn't worth it in FW, at least not as much as the loyalty points, I guess)

Would you join such a corporation or would you look for a corporation that had a seven day a week pvp plan, believed in empowering individual members, and had a more normalized tax rate seven days a week?

It wouldn't really matter to me either way TBH, I don't bear.  Guess it depends on the person. If I wanted to mission, I wouldn't be in FW, I'd be in Balginia.

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  1. Good post with thoughtful answers.

    I look at TLF mission income broken into two parts -- lp which typically is a long term income in that if you use sell orders, it can take one to three months for the lp to convert; and immediate isk.

    I use the latter for modules and even bc on down ships, and the former for goodies like a Cynabal when the lp conversion finally pans out.

    Thank you again.