Monday, June 20, 2011

Wormholes are dangerous (OOC)

A friend from an Ex corp of mine (Twin Paradox) Found a random abbadon  i nthe middle of nowhere in his wormhole. He then asked me to draft a letter to the CEO of the corporation who owned said abbadon. This is it. Not really worthy of a post but for some reason it was in my draft box (I think I typed it here and it just saved it as a draft), and I figured since it was here, and kinda funny, I would post it. This happened sometime way earlier in the year. (january - march)

While piloting around in unknown space (Wormhole Designation J134xxx) a pilot came across an Abaddon class battleship on his directional scan. Probes were launched in an effort to narrow town the targ.... pilot and escort him to safety, after all, wormhole space is dangerous. Upon a signal match of 100% ships were launched immediately to the area in an effort to do the aforementioned.

Upon landing, it had become apparent that this was a ghost ship which had your corporations ticker emblazoned on the rear quarter panel and several panels under the ship. One of our brave capsuleers decided to enter the Amarrian vessel, and upon a full systems diagnostic came to the conclusion that all systems were operational and in fact, fully functional. No crew remained on board however, and there were no capsuleers or escape pods in the surrounding area. We have taken the battleship back to our Corporate hanger array for further investigation.

Sincerely yours,

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