Saturday, June 25, 2011


I took a walk down to my hanger today to take an inventory of what ships I have collected over the last few months and noticed a cargo box with the word "THORAX" stamped on the side in black ink. I bought a few of them and built a few nano/shield/autocannon thoraxs some months back to experiment with their longevity, and apparently this one never got built.

The shield/nano/AC thorax held up decently, less DPS then a rupture but able to hold a flight of ec-300s in addition to a flight of warrior drones, and longer lasting cap with MWD on, its a pretty decent trade off. However with the recent completion of the requirements needed to install and use tech2 blasters, I decided it was time to test a gallente ship with gallente weaponry. After conversing with my chief about the various pros/cons to different fittings, I selected a fit I was happy with and undocked into augas black sky.

After picking up some necessary modules and ammunition in Vard, I headed around into Kourmonen, which had a healthy amount of biblethumpers floating about. A few warps and some scans later, I had a mostly complete list of that was in the system (war target wise)


I was with two pilots in frigates and decided that the above listing was a bit too much for us. I few warps later and I noticed the drake pilot was nano-fit (MWD, nanos, capable of going 1400 m/s) and had either
A) a faction warp disruptor
B) a very healthy fleet booster or
C) both, as he was pointing me at 35 KM.

I noticed that he was also using HMLs and not HAMs, so the DPS was not very high, and I decided to ask the pilot to fight me by himself, in the same ships, away from our respective fleets.  No answer in local communications, so I attempted to open up a conversation with the pilot "Lugalzagezi666". Not allowed to contact? He blocked me? The nerve. Made fun of him and asked any Amarr capsuleer to open communications forwarding my request. 10 WT in local, all very much active, and no response. Interesting.

Checked out a beacon in the system, landed on the aforementioned pilot, who quickly warp disrupted me and opened fire. Seems that while he can not be bothered to speak, he can shoot, and my scanner looks kinda full. Hit the MWD, aligned for auga, burnt out of his (very) long point range and warped to a safe near Auga.

Opened communications with my brother, asking him to talk to the pilot. Tells me the pilot said " I tried to 1v1, but you warped off" followed by a closing of the communications channel and (more then likely, not confirmed yet, just judging by the actions of the pilot previously) an additional block.

Coward, even with bigger + tankier cowardly Caldari ships, fleet boosting, and long range weaponry, he will not engage in an arranged 1v1.

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