Thursday, February 24, 2011

Logistics and Other Annoyances

The past few days nave not seen too much action on the front other then me trying to take some of my ships out from Rens star system and into Auga. Well, I haven’t been working too hard on that either, as the only ships I’ve actually brought in is my Cyclone class battlecruiser and a Hound class stealth bomber. I’ve also fitted a Thrasher and a Hurricane class battlecruiser as well. Maybe I should have Smith arrange transport for me, as it bores me so.

Today was a first for me, as I participated in the taking of Oyeman system from the Amarrians and claiming it as one of our own. It was not unlike the sov. war that  I was part of in nul-sec space. You have to destroy a bunch of your enemies ships/towers/SBUs/etc. until you finally take their station. A little different, we just had to blow up a bunker after destroying all their complexs  (which I obviously did not take part in) and with a fleet of about 15 stealth bombers, assorted other ships, and one dreadnaught, It only took about 30 minutes.
One the fighting front, I haven’t had as much activity. Had an enemy gang jump into our much bigger, stronger, quicker gang and rolled them. They had a few more ships that got away, so they will not show up on the battle support, but it was mostly just a turkey shoot.  I had been chasing a few Caldari militia members in a gang of about 6 assault frigates and interceptors for about an hour, with my only kill being that of a crow, which fell to my mighty rupture.  All of a sudden Missy Lorelai opened a comms channel with me and demanded i get to the Sisiede gate in Auga system, which I promptly did. He was getting shot at by the Caldari scum, and I landed along with a few more pilots to save Missys Prophecy class battlecruiser. We only downed three of their pilots, as the rest ran away, but it was a good fight none the less.

I had to replace yet another rupture yesterday after a pirate corporations cowardice attempt at PVP in the form of artillery fit battlecruisers camping the Houla jumpgate in Roushzar system destroying it. 22.5 Million lost to cowards, for I am shamed.  Ehh, I guess it really does come full circle, as I destroyed one of their pilots a few days ago supporting two of my militia members.

I guess the last thing I would like to talk about would be Amarr militias poorly laid trap/bait/blob tactics that I have seen so far. I was in my cyclone when I saw on my ships scan log that an enemy militia member was in a vagabond class heavy assault ship in Huola. I searched for a bit but gave up when he refused to creep out of his safe spot, and eventually made it into Dal system. A few minutes later, the vagabond pilot entered local, and a squick scan showed him at the Auga stargate in a hurricane. Would rather take his vagabond out,  but I was more then willing to test my tank against a more formidable foe. No sooner had I landed on gate had the hurricane pilot scrambled my engines and had a friend jump in to help him. I had not aggressed the hurricane yet, and had let my shields freefall to save cap, and jumped into Auga thinking I had evaded a trap.  However as soon as my brain resumed functioning (I get a little scrambled when I jump star-gates, I am not sure why) and I opened my eyes, I saw yet another Hurricane right in front of me, 15km off my rear. I decided I needed some range and aligned for a astroid belt in my line and overheated my microwarp drive while boosting my almost non-existence shields, but in an instant the hurricane pilot was on top of me, neutralizing my energy and tearing my shields a new one. I decided to try to take him down and spun around at about 50KM off the Dal gate to get right next to him and slug it out. Bad mistake, 2 enemy hurricanes landing on the gate with a malediction class interceptor, as well as the other pilot who originally shot at me in Dal system coming through. Time to leave. I aligned for a station and prepared to warp, switched my 5 warrior II drones for 3 EC-300 jamming drones, Capacitor was dead, I was reloading a cap booster and my armor was gone, hull starts dropping when i can finally hit my booster, one more shield cycle, overheat the Microwarp, kill the hurricanes engines with my scrambler, other hurricanes catching up, no idea what the malediction is doing but he isn’t pointing me, jam drones  hit and i screeeeeeeeeech into warp.

Fall out of warp halfway to the station, cap booster reloading, again, take a look at my modules and tank. MWD almost completely burnt, 3 drones abandoned, armor gone, 23% structure, 13 % shield.  Align for the station, pop a cap booster, rep some shield, local comm chat blowing up. I say good attempt, enemy rages about 3 small jam drones. 40% luck, 60% competence. My cyclone lives to fight another day.

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