Thursday, February 24, 2011

I'm In!!!!!

Quick update, I woke up after a rough night in my Sleipnir class command ship, checked my mails and saw that my 24 hours had been set back by about 16 hours and that fighting had commenced. No idea what happened there, but you can’t look a gift horse in the mouth. Checking locations of my one and only loyal employee and opening my corporations standard comm channel, I discovered that he was being chased by enemy frigates in a system not 4 jumps from my own.

I prepped my rupture for launch, screamed at the docking manager and warped to the outbound to help come to Rodensteiners aid. Alas, before I got their rodensteiner had been caught by an enemy jaguar on the auga gate in amamake and was consequentially eliminated. I vowed revenge and warped in a few minutes after. Landing on the gate I saw a friendly zealot in need of assistance, seems that these amarrians were not fearful of the sight of me in local and had engaged. Interesting. 6 faction, tech 2 frigates against our lonely the zealot  had been taking fire but I wasnt sure if he was aggressing at that point, but honor of my corporation and revenge for Rod fueled my fire and I blasted down my enemies without remorse.

Seems they thought my rupture was a better target then a HAC worth 5 times my full fitting, and I went down mid fight. FO Smith assured me she got out in time, and as I was warping out a friendly Fleet issued stabber landed on the jumpgate to help us win the fight. Fleet issued stabber? That pilot must have done something amazing for the Minmatar community. That or stole it, or bought it off the black market. Whatever.
Anyway just my first fight against the amarrians, this should be fun.

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