Thursday, February 24, 2011

Stupid Criminals, I love eating PIE.

So here I am, minding my own business trying to catch up to my fleet when an Astarte command ship jumps into Kourmonen star system and proceeds to lock my rupture up. He was a neutral pilot so i wasn’t sure what was going on until he unleashed a flight of drones on me and attacked. I was aligned to the station and he could not get a scrambler on me, but I had a tough decision to make. Do I fly in guns blazing or do I wait for backup?

It wasn’t really a tough decision to be honest. I may have lost the rupture but Smith got out (that girl is quick with the escape pods I’m tellin you) and the criminal was served justice.

A little while later I was flying around in my newly fit up rupture when one of our Non-Militia fleet members caught up with some Amarr militia assault frigates hanging out on a gate. We scramble to get there and our friend initiated an assault on the enemy assault ships while tanking the stargate defense guns. They all died for their hubris thinking we would not support him. Efficient salvaging of the ships and their modules more then made up for the previous loss of my rupture from the command ships aggression.

Less then half an hour later in the Auga star system, the same pilots come back, with the same ships. Our fleet had dwindled down as everyone had docked their ships up to get some shut eye. I find them on the Amamake stargate, and, being my communication implant has still not arrived, and no one had seen me warp into their fleet, I thought I was on my own.

No worries, I will happily JIHAD on Amarr slavers any day of the week, and I ROLLED THEM HARD. I got some help from a fellow militia member in a Caracal class cruiser, and my fleet had landed just in time to clean up some of the left over frigates. As a side note, I may not want to do that again, I left the field with only 22% structure and some broken guns. I guess that will happen when you take on 4 assault frigates pretty much solo. I give a salute to the caracal pilot though, I would not have left the field intact had it not been for him.


On another side note – I may have a potential new recruit. Long time New Eden friend Shane Wolfe has asked to have a meeting regarding his employment. I’m gunna have to check the corporation wallet but I think well be able to squeeze him in.

On one last side note – It seems the Militia is starting to see that I am with them, not against them. They have allowed me access to certain intelligence channels and this will GREATLY help in the fight against the slaver empire.

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