Thursday, February 24, 2011

First Few Days

Damn the militia is weird….  got the silent treatment until I personally opened communications with known pilots and asked for proper intelligence channels for me and mine. Got one.  Its so loud and disorganized in here…. Lots of green pilots asking questions and lots of ships blowing up needlessly. Apparently the militia is full of spies from the enemies militia, and they trust no one. You would think my background as a freedom fighter for the Minmatar while in Ushra’khan would make me instantly accepted and promoted, and that is definately not the case. My employee is having a bit of trouble with adjusting to the militia rule and regulations and has lost a few ships, but he will make adjustments and figure it out,  I am sure.

It seems the Amarrians like to use honorless tactics such as station camping and sensor boosted Minmatar battlecruisers with artillery on stargates. I expect no less from them, as they are the bottom feeders of New Eden.  A strange sight, to see an Amarrian loyalist in a Minmatar constructed ship. Thought their gods would not allow such things.

Been flying around low security space, checking out how things work. Not too many kills but need to get my bearings so I do not die all the time. finally joined a Militia fleet, about 25 militia members strong and killed a few slavers. Not too happy on the work of the fleet commander I was acting under. Very disorganized, didn’t seem to know what was going on a lot of the time. My communications implant is messed up again, gunna need to buy a new one so I can partake in commanding fleets again.

Another problem with living in low security space is the logistics end of things. Rens system is only 4 jumps away yet a pirate corporation is always in my way, preying on the weak and stupid. Going around them is easy enough but takes me around 5 extra jumps, and that could be annoying.

Found some war targets in Lantorn trying to take out one of our nations strongholds. The acceleration gate we had to use to save the stronghold could not support the weight of battlecruisers, so our lighter cruiser and frigate hulls had to jump in without our heavy support. I was immediately aggressed and told smith to man the 220s and defend as well as possible. I was to take out the enemy frigates while everyone else focused fire on the Arbitrator class cruiser. My  armor was pretty much free-falling as I was pulling all damage from all the enemy ships. Smith does what she does and we held down the stronghold. I salvaged all the modules I could and then immediately docked for much needed repairs and then set destination to dock and drop off my full cargo bay in Auga star system.

A little while later they came back, and we stopped them yet again ( note it may look like the same battle report, as it was same system within a 20 minute time frame)
The first fight was pretty much me, a fleet stabber, a stiletto, a blackbird, and a slicer, and we engaged thrasher, ishkur, slicer, incursus, arbitrator.

Second fight was pretty much cruiser on cruiser love. There were more of them, but for some reason, they got wasted.

Ahh well, long enough post, If we get more action I’ll post it tomorrow.

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