Friday, February 25, 2011

After Action Report Saturday 2/26 GMT

Took a fleet out today. I think the militia members I invited were a little confused with how I run a fleet, like utilizing secure communications channels, and creating fleet adverts for people to see. Seems they're used to screaming at potential FCs in unsecured channels both to join fleet and while in one.

After setting up the fleet properly and made sure our comms. were in working order, we were all set to go and were just waiting on one fleet member to arrive from Dal system. We had 10 trusted pilots flying 7 cruisers and 3 interceptors. As our last pilot landed on the Auga stargate, an enemy in a Imperial Navy Slicer (Slicer) class frigate proceeded to shut off his engines and otherwise initiate hostilities. Now of course the pilot could have just jumped safely into Auga, but instead I told him to stay on the gate and ordered the fleet to undock and warp to the Dal stargate, making sure the interceptors immediately jumped upon landing and getting secondary scram/disruptor (points) on it. The enemy slicer had been joined by another enemy slicer as my fleet jumped through but quickly bailed on his comrade when he saw us coming for him. The slicer had pulled our interceptors far off the startgate but not far enough for a few of the cruisers to send our drones after it as we tryed to catch up, however we really didn't need to as his fit was horrible and he died rather quickly. We all burned back to the Auga gate as an enemy Coercer class destroyer jumped through who pretty much had no tank and was destroyed in two volleys by one of our pilots in an omen. His capsule was also quickly dispatched.

Wow, what horrible fittings on both pilots ships. I guess they didn't read my previous entry.

Entering the enemies home system of Huola  my scout found a Griffin class frigate who he quickly pointed and dispatched of, once some secondary points had landed. Seems the griffin was ECM fit, sure didn't help him that time.

We chased some other enemies around the Huola and Kourmonen systems, however they would not fight and chose to evade us. My scout then sees a Vengeance on scan, which promptly lands next to him on the Kourmonen stargate. The scout quickly points the ship in question which makes him jump into the entirety of the fleet. The pilot burns as fast as possible back to the Huola gate in an attempt to evade my gang, and promptly goes back through into his home system.

He did pretty well for a second, but me being... well... me, I had not aggressed on the other side and me and my scout absolutely melted him along with some non-fleeted friendlies.

We had been sitting on the gate for a little while, watching our scanners and seeing both Kourmonen local and Huola local comms channels build up with enemies and I had called for the fleet to align to the auga gate on a few separate occasions. Just when I was about to have our fleet warp out, Eran Mintor, Ex-Minmatar militia pilot, also the pilot of the vengeance i just killed, landed on the gate in a Zealot class assault cruiser with 4 other support cruisers and jumped through. After a quick one sided debate of whether or not we should jump in after the obvious bait was settled by me screaming "F*CK IT, jump through, point the f*cking zealot, and my entire fleet following them in.

My scout on the other side quickly pointed the zealot and held out long enough for us to get more points on it, while his buddies actually left him alone on the gate instead of fighting us off. Must have been meeting up with  the even larger gang that dropped on top of us 30 seconds later. As the Heavy assault Cruiser (HAC) gang landed I immediately called for everyone to get the hell out, with or without the zealot kill. I hate it when my fleets lose ships. Everyone had gotten out except for an awesome LEEROYYYY JIHAD pilot in a stabber, which traded his ships life for the zealots.

Seems Eran Mintor likes to die a lot, at least today. Serves him right for turning on his brothers.

I had a "meeting" with Smith so I had to turn the fleet over to another pilot and docked up to repair my overheated turrets and unplug.

Final tally -

Losses - Stiletto, Stabber
ISK lost-  - 41 Mil

Kills - Slicer, Coercer, vengeance, griffin, zealot
ISK Destroyed - 209 Mil

Nothing too awesome, but good none the less. I'd like to see more pilots stepping up to FC fleets a little bit. I'm quite lazy and probably will not be FCing many, but every once in a while, its rewarding.

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