Thursday, February 24, 2011

Ship Fittings and What They Mean to You

Obviously there are going to be newer capsuleers or even older capsuleers new to fighting in the militia, that much is known. Its up to the veterans of war to teach these newer players how to fight and fit ships effectively to save their capsules, their crews, and their ships.

I am going to list some rules to ship fittings that every pilot in New Eden should adhere to.

Part I

Topic: Basic fitting rules

1. Never fly any faction or tech II(t2) ships that are not completely t2 fit. (unless you have to use meta items for powergrid or CPU issues)YOUR PRIMARY DPS ( guns, drones) NEED TO BE T2, DO NOT USE LESSER ITEMS

Example – fitting a Stabber Fleet Issue (SFI) you should Have T2 autocannons. Your tank should be as much T2 as possible as well.

Things you can go meta on: Warp scramblers, Stasis webifiers, Microwarp drives (T2 MWDs are next to useless, don’t use them at all), Target painters, sensor dampeners, tracking disruptors, armor plates (another thing you should never use t2, the meta4 variant tungstens are superior, and should be the only armor plating you use) energy neutralizers or nosferatus,  or any other EWAR you can think of.

If you are using a long point (warp disruptor, not scrambler) you should ALWAYS use its T2 variant. Scrams not so much.

Secondary DPS (like the missile launchers on a hurricane) may be meta variants if you
a. do not have the skills for T2 or
b. can not fit them

Why is that ok? Because it is not your primary damage dealing weapon. Its just something to compliment your already awesome turret DPS (damage per second) if you are flying a Minmatar hull.

Final thought – ALWAYS use rigs on your ships. If tanking frigs are too expensive ( trimarks, Shield extender rigs), then find something else that will fit.

Examples – locking speed rigs, DPS rigs, speed rigs, tracking rigs, etc.

All of the above mentioned rigs are cheap and may help you win a fight against an enemy. Please remember that.

Now some may say that trimarks on an armor tanked Rupture are a great addition to its tank, and I would agree with those people. However I would also say that a T2 fit, trimark rigged Rupture costs almost the same as a t2 fit shield resist rigged Cyclone class battlecruiser, which tanks MUCH more dps and also deals more. You also get more back from your insurance company in the event you lose your Cyclone.

Part II

Topic: Fitting ships the same way that another ship can do better.

Example – fitting a shield tanked long range Stabber Fleet Issue (SFI)

Why do I say this is a bad idea? Because a Vagabond class heavy assault cruiser can do the same thing, with more DPS, tank, and speed.

The SFI may have better agility and tracking, with a slightly larger drone bay, but It is also lacking a most important thing to any speedy/shield tanked ship there is, an energy neutralizer. With a combination of 425 autocannons with a problem tracking smaller targets combined with no warp scrambler or webs, or energy neutralizer to shut off an enemies propulsion module, an enemy frigate could easily hold a scrambler and orbit you for long enough to let his companions into the system you are in and blow you up.

Another ship that this ship is similar to would be the Hurricane class battlecruiser, which does roughly the same thing as the previous two ships, but with more DPS and tank, with less speed and at nearly half the cost of the Vagabond or SFI.

In conclusion, it is just a bad idea to try to use one ship in place of another that is far superior. A rifter will never be a Stiletto, no matter now many nanofibers you drop in its lowslots.

Part III

Topic: Not utilizing a ships bonuses while flying it

Example – Buffer shield tanking or (please god no) armor tanking a Cyclone class battlecruiser.

“The Cyclone was created in order to meet the increasing demand for a vessel capable of providing muscle for frigate detachments while remaining more mobile than a battleship. To this end, the Cyclone’s eight high-power slots and powerful thrusters have proved ideal.
Battlecruiser Skill Bonus: 5% bonus to Medium Projectile Turret rate of fire and 7.5% bonus to shield boosting per level
99% reduction in the CPU need of Warfare Link modules.”

The above is the description for your standard Cyclone. Notice that as you level up your skills, your rate of fire (ROF) increases  as does your bonus to shield boosting.

What does this mean? It means you should use a shield booster on your Cyclone, as well as all five turret slots available to you for for projectiles. If you want to fit a passively shield tanked Minmatar battlecruiser, use the Hurricane, as stated above.

If your ship has a bonus to rockets (Vengeance class assault ship), use rockets. If it has a bonus to missiles, and an added bonus to Kinetic missile DPS (Drake class battlecruiser), then launch kinetic missiles through your missile launcher unless your enemy is shield tanked.

There’s probably more, but just some basic advice from a semi-seasoned pilot.

On another note, my Comms implant came in today, so now I can return to FCing duties

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